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  1. I'd finally arrived to Roselen, this time having a horse with me as I lead it forwards through the grassland. My feet sank down into the grass with every step, however the grass did not latch onto me as it simply seemed to flow around me, the grasslands like a great green sea as the winds pulled it about. I seemed to be following a breeze as I'd almost ran into Maelstorm, however to my luck the wind stopped as I did so preventing me from causing an accident. I tore my attention from the winds now, it had been a bad habit of mine to space out, especially when I travel alone. Due to my oblivious nature I had not noticed the knight I'd nearly ran into had been one I'd known. I took a few paces back, taking my place behind the knights that had already arrived, looking around to see a stable. I lead my horse over as I left her at the stable for now, I planned to retrieve her shortly or rather visit. I then returned to the group of knights as I looked off into the distance, my nodachi within my left hand, sheathed of course as I held it in the same traditional way many before me have. The blade perpendicular with the ground as hilt veered forwards with the end of the blade curving behind me and outward. I showed no intentions of using the blade as I sat down in a half lotus position, my nodachi lied down upon my lap as I shut my eyes. I had an ever so distant and calm feel to me, like a wind I seemed to come and go as I did it all in smooth silence. A slight wind made itself at home with me upon the ground as the spirit within the wind flowed around me softly. @Maelstrom
  2. @Praetorian I watched as Asher showed us a beautiful display of his power, but most of all his knowledge of making the most out of the things around him. I stood in awe as I watched him turn our comrade's sacrifice into something meaningful, something I had failed to do in the past as I found myself looking up to him now. I listened closely as he gave us orders, and hearing his need for someone with some sort of explosive magic I spoke up. "While I do not necessarily have explosive magic I can make flames in an condensed area, and with enough time I can cause said flame to combust our enemies within said area of effect. I only hope you all keep a fair distance as fire is not something to be toyed with, the spirits within it are quite restless." I spoke with a confidence in my voice, I wanted to get this mission done as soon as possible as I didn't know how long the other's could hold. I had confidence in my fellow knights of course, but I can't help but worry, bad habit maybe but it can save lives. Seeing this man's electric power an idea sparked within my mind as I pulled my right hand back to touch Maelstorm's blade. He said to find Asher and he could revive him with this blade. I added to my previous sentence quickly before he could respond to my previous statements, "Sir, might your name be Asher?" I asked in a calm and respectful tone, a slight rushed look in my eyes as I wanted to bring my friend back as soon as we could, he was quite the asset after all.
  3. @Phoebe I had not said a word as I immediately carried out the orders Addison so kindly barked to us. That's right, this is what it is to be on the battlefield. We had no time for sorrow or to think of Maelstorm's sacrifice as we readied ourselves for the next attack. I reassured myself that things would be different this time because this time I am here. Though I could not promise I could keep everyone alive, as I do not make promises I cannot keep, I can promise that I can make them survive just a bit longer than usual. I could support them thousands of times, but my help means nothing if the soldier I was to be supporting had no will left within them. I could only hope that hope still had a place in our hearts.
  4. @Maelstrom I simply nodded to the sword's request, a bit out of it as it took me some time getting used to the electric feeling of his blade upon my back. @Phoebe @Praetorian After standing for a moment getting used to said feeling, I turned to see Addison and someone along with her, just behind come out from the tree line. My eyes curved into a rather curious and impatient look as I wondered if the man behind her had been this "Asher" Maelstorm spoke to me of. I said nothing, a but unsure of my own thought as I decided I'd wait to see if Phoebe had anything to say to us all, if not then I was to locate this "Asher" among us. Seeing that I only met Maelstorm really during the congregation it gave me a slight awkward feeling towards talking to the others, besides our leader Phoebe. I know we had introduced ourselves at the beginning, however I hate to admit to myself that I am terrible with names, especially one's I do not utter often. I sometimes find myself forgetting my own name because I hear it barely seeing only a few mouths of the ones I know have uttered it. I myself have to remind myself of my name from time to time. (woops)
  5. @Maelstrom I watched as Maelstorm illuminated the world, it reminded me of the beauty spirits can be. I sheathed my nodachi as I watched the carnage and heard it too, holding it traditionally once more within my left hand. I simply looked forward as I felt even the wind spirits leap around excited by this burst of energy as the winds pushed and pulled me. I looked to the piece of armor that had been tossed to me. However I'd been unable to read in the english language, so I had been confused. I had however grabbed his sword as it was a custom of my people to honor a warrior's sword after death. I placed the sword upon my back using a rope I made from nearby moss and plants. I strapped it on tightly reclaiming my nodachi from the ground, I was to avenge my friend.
  6. @Maelstrom @Phoebe I saw the great light from my position, pulling my blade from the ground as I held it back as I ran to it. Seeing Maelstorm within this form I felt some hope within the darkened woods. I ran to join the others in person now as I chose to stay along side the flaming spirit Maelstorm now was. I had trusted many spirits in the past with my life and I have no problem with doing it once more. I called upon the wind spirits as I noticed some of us were not here along with us, the spirits seeking those who are behind or lost.. directing them to us. I then looked to the monsters around us as a cold sweat was upon me, grasping my nodachi firmly as I was ready to fight this battle, but honestly what's one more battle to a knight. I pushed my blade into the Earth, my hand upside down as I grasp it vertically pushing it forward in a sweeping motion as a fissure of Earth was sent out casting aside the tree's that blocked out view. It too many a way up for any of our knights who preferred an obscure angle of attack, or to be at range. I had changed the battlefield to suit us far better than the forest had, though the trees still remained alive as I had merely moved them. The monsters still able to lurk from deeper within. I now once again held my blade in a strong and suitable battle stance, ready to defend or to strike. I could only now pray Maelstorm wouldn't wipe me out on accident.
  7. The spirits screamed to me as this beast made itself presence, I picked up my nodachi from besides me as I had been lost in thought before. I ran towards the other knights swiftly, a violent breeze following me as the leaves behind me were send into a wild dance. I finally made, pivoting as the winds too froze in place with me. I opened my nodachi slightly, the winds growing in power as my blade seemed connected to this sudden breeze. I faced the monster as I gulped, I feared my life, but most of all the other's lives. My calm eyes did not waver however as I looked the beat in its eyes, admiring it slightly though I had to quickly pull myself from its gaze as it posed a threat to us here. I stood within the back line, ready to play a supportive role within the fight that may come. Though with my large blade's reach I would never be quite out of the fight either. As the others knights went in I pulled my nodachi fully from its sheath as a violent wind emerged for a second, pushing back the parasites that came from the woods around me. I then took my blade drove it into the ground. The other knights found that the Earth seemed to bend to their movements, as I called upon the spirits within the Earth help keep them in balance, but most of all alive should anything catch them by surprise. I kept my left hand upon the blade as I used it as a bridge to the Earth spirits, a bridge I can communicate to them through. My right hand held a wakizashi, I had been weary of any attacks that may be directed towards me. All I could do now was stay alive while the others made use of the support I could give out to them.
  8. @Maelstrom I had ignored the spirit earlier when he had tapped upon my shoulders, and he was right as my head had been else where. I'd walked along with them however as we entered the camp, my feet sinking into the hallow forest ground. With every crunch I heard within the leaves I knew something else had heard it too, I was distracted and rather paranoid. As we settled in to the camp, I simply hitched my horse next me by an old twisted tree. I looked to Maelstorm as I approached him, speaking to him with a calm and collected voice. One that told you I'd been giving everything quite some thought as I said to him. "The winds are restless, Maelstorm. I do not like it, something is in this woods. Something I am not sure as I a human being is ready to take on alone." I looked to Maelstorm where his eyes would be if he had any as I said in a worried yet eerily calm tone, "I can't always count on the winds to have my back, seeing sometimes the winds push me back. This may be a little bit too much to ask of you but... know that I will be relying on you in the future here. While you can't see words with your vision I feel you see much more than I do. Actions are always louder after all." I was obviously afraid of the unknown. Human nature was quite odd wasn't it? My eyes looked else where now, my eyes still ever so calm and still. Their enchanting yet dark green color scanning out the darkened treeline around us. I'd been a very observant fellow. I listened to every little thing, the spirits around us all speaking to me in their distorted murmurs. I had heard so much yet knew so little at this time, I found it hard. The suspense had been killing me really.
  9. I'd didn't really speak to the newcomer, or anyone around me. My eyes wandered as I found myself trying to find the actual monster. Call me paranoid if you wanted to, but I think I'm just smart.
  10. @Phoebe I'd looked forward to the creature, I had no drawn my blade I had no idea of its intentions. I simply stood tall as I stared to one of the many beautiful things life created. I tore my ever so hungry eyes away from the creature as I looked to the other knights and mainly Addison, I awaited our orders.
  11. I'd fallen into a moment of silence as I dozed off, the sound of branches crackling in the distance. My eyes grew tense as the calm boy at the orientation had been no more, with the only look within my eyes being what one could describe as twisted I put my hand upon the tilt my nodachi, opening it slightly as a current of wind emitted softly from the sheathe's opening. My expression complex as you could tell millions of thing went through my head as I faced the trees before me, awaiting a demon to come and rip our flesh from our bones. I had been afraid, however I stood there in dread as I urged myself forward. At this point we all only had one way to go, "Forward.." I muttered as I waited ready to fight with the remaining knights along side me.
  12. @Maelstrom I looked to the sack, my expression remaining calm as I’d eaten one of these before in desperate times. Sure it made me sick, but it was far better than death. I looked to Maelstorm as he wished to kill it, I had been silent for the most part during this time. And there really wasn’t much else to look at anyway.
  13. @Maelstrom "Yes, they have told me. And things most likely will get ugly, but we only have one direction to go at this point and that is forward." I replied to to Maelstorm. I had a slight fire in my usually calm eyes, I was like a different person upon the field. I had been more confident, you now remembered that I was not just a thinker, but a warrior as well. A warrior that once stood among samurai and countless battles with others. I moved silently, watching the area around us cautiously as my eyes swept the forest. My eyes like roses as they planted their roots in everything possible, the sharpness of my thorns coming out through an intensity in my eyes. I held my nodachi firmly as I had prepared for the worst far before we even got this mission. It was very clear that in this moment in time I had one purpose, and I was to fulfill it.
  14. As we rode out from the keep I'd immediately noticed the hot temperature. Luckily I'd been in a fairly light kind of armor, with it being made from wood and rope. I'd been riding along Maelstorm as we rode out, I had been silent as the winds followed behind me. My nodachi rested comfortably within my left hand now, still sheathed obviously. As we trotted along I looked to the forest, I'd been easily distracted by the beauties of the Earth. I listened to the birds as they sang their song, I wish I could understand their lyrics however. I listened to the horses as they stepped upon the fallen leaves, the leaves crunching beneath us. I had been fairly calm despite the knowledge that something horrid may be lurking around, rather I seemed calm while in truth I was afraid. My hands trembled a bit, while my eyes showed nothing but a sharpness within them. While afraid I had been prepared. As we continued on I'd noticed the rotting smell earlier than the others, rather I noticed how the spirits within the wind up ahead seemed to be avoiding a particular area. I tightened my fist as we entered the area, and to my relief it seemed Addison noticed this odd place too. It smelled of rotting eggs, I assume that's what had the others like Addison alarmed. As she told us to halt I had done so quickly. I hopped down from my horse, adjusting my grip upon my nodachi as I held it in the same old traditional manner. I then looked to Addison who ushered us to follow, I quickly went to follow their lead with my blade beside me.
  15. @Maelstrom I smiled slightly, "You know the samurai are supposed to welcome death. They say it's part of us and it's selfish to fear it. To die in battle is to achieve death to the samurai. With time I grew to disagree with their code, my life wasn't something I was just willing to give away for an achievement. That is why I no longer work among the samurai, because to them I am a heretic. I spoke up once more, "Life is so much more than war and bloodshed. I'd decided that collecting heads for respect wasn't something I wanted to be respected for. Any man can lift up a blade and kill with it, but any good man would lift up a blade as a shield not a weapon. I strive to become that said good man with time, yet even now I have my own selfish desires to feed. I am still a human, and being selfish it what lead me to be who I am today. So maybe it isn't so bad, selfishness. Maybe being selfless is the act of a fool, yet I strive to be it." My voice had been so laid back and calm at this moment, I felt at ease with Maelstorm. I viewed him more of a guidance than a spirit, he knew many things I had not yet understood. He was a teacher for me while I had been a teacher for him. Hence I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts with him. I looked forward my slight smile fading as my face entered a moment of calm bliss as I said to him, "Death isn't what's scary.. it's the things you leave behind in death that haunt us." I paused for a moment as I said, "Though it is selfish of me, it is my desire that we all make it through this night. That I, no we can all get each other out of this alive." And with those words I fell silent, allowing the winds to speak for me. As like me they had the same thing to say, nothing.
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