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  1. He pulled a chair up and sat next to the madam. As soon as she set the glass down, he slid it away "Lucinda, its not great to get that drunken, its unsafe." he softly chuckles "remember the last time we were together and you got very drunk." @Lucinda Valentine
  2. "Well its always a wonderful sign to see a friend of old, the fate always has its way of mystery." he grinned at her drunkenness "shall we have a seat and speak of what we hath beheld in the time we had apart" @Lucinda Valentine
  3. He hears the melody and glances at the Woman playing the song that has engrossed all those around him. he thought nothing of it and turned back to Lucinda "Madam, how has thou fallen upon this place and area?"
  4. He Nods to the women as she leaves "Good day and farewell"
  5. @Csl I have a description @ReachForStars Jack is just like this he doesnt really flirt as he does so whats on his mind in a way he doesnt know what love nor flirting is
  6. he suddenly looks at her and chuckles "Lucinda" he walks over to her "Its a pleasure to see such a beautiful face once again" he gives her a charming grin @Lucinda Valentine
  7. "Or maybe perhaps another who could tell of such a thing as I mention, for what a wondrous journey it has been to come to a place of not a thing I search for" He pauses "how well do thou know of each being within this hold of wood?"
  8. He says without turning his back "Perhaps, but yet i hath not come from a far for mere drink from a simple tavern, maybe you good sir could inform me of any mystical happenings"
  9. Welcome to Valucre Jack 🙂

  10. He Leans against the Counter looking about the crowd to see people of various kinds and types alike
  11. Walks in and towards the counter for a drink to quench his thirst.
  12. Welcome 

    1. Ataraxy


      Welcome to Val dude!

    2. Jack OF Realms
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