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  1. "Oh yes, I would love to catch up sometime!" Lia replied just before Lucinda rushed off to speak with the man that crashed, rather awkwardly, into a tree. After looking at the scene and seeing no one outwardly harmed, Lia inhaled, holding her breath and wandered off into the crowd and left the group of people on the other side from which she entered, exhaling when she was far enough away from other people that a normal human couldn't tell the expression on her face. Now standing in the middle of the field, she looks up at the morning sky, the sunlight making her skin look paler and her purple hair resemble more of a rose pink than lavender. Not that anyone noticed or cared but her, taking pride in the peculiar color. She sat on a fallen over tree and took a small journal out from a pocket of her dress. Then brushing off her skirt and setting the notebook on her lap, she began writing in a small and delicate script about her day, looking up at different people or objects ever so often.
  2. "Of course I came!" Returning the hug, and stepping back to look around the field full of people. Feeling the warm morning sun on her face, Lia brought her left hand up to shield her eyes while she looked at the surrounding area. Hearing the knights gathered around the car address her friend formally, she asked, "So am I to call you Lady Valentine as well?" She looked sideways at Lucinda, "I think I've been around books for so long that I might've lost some touch with the rest of the world." Getting the invitation to assist in the construction of the city had given Lia an excuse to take her nose out of her books and a break from trying to learn everything she could about her new world. Even the walk to the meeting place was a short moment to help her collect her thoughts and she wondered how she was to be of help considering her not-so-applicable skillset. @Lucinda Valentine
  3. Facing away from the rising sun, Lia was walking next to the fields of flowers by the dirt road and came into view of the white car and groups of people in the area. Brushing off her skirt as she moved into and through the assortment of knights, workers, and other civilians, she pushed the stray locks of her purple hair behind her shoulders. "Hello? I think I'm supposed to be meeting someone here," she called out to Lucinda in the car with a teasing smile, "Helping to build a city?"
  4. After leaving the gates of the castle, Victoire stayed to the side of the group of knights as followed Addison into the forest that shielded them from the hot sun. She looked wearily around the forest from the tall trees, to rocks, to bushes, and back to the horses around her, one hand resting on the hilt of her shortsword at her side. Upon noticing the foul stench along with the others in her group, she looked up sharply as Addison signaled to stop and dismounted. As she motioned for the knights closest to her to follow on foot, Victoire remained atop Willow and tightened her grip on her sword. Moving forward to go in line with the front of the horses, she looked on at the log that Addison had cut into. Gagging softly as the smell increased and covering her mouth, whispering, "Oh, what the hell is that?"
  5. Listening to Addison's speech alongside the other new knights, Victoire followed in the middle of the crowd to the stables. Keeping quiet on the way, she walked along the horses in the stable, stopping in front of a gleaming black mare, one of the calmest in the room. "Hello there, sweetheart. What's your name?" She spoke softly petting the horse. Noticing a small sign on the wall that read Willow, "Well then Willow, I think we'll get along great, hm?" Humming about the area, Victoire saddled up Willow and hoisted herself up onto her back. Holding the reins comfortably in her hands, she pushed Willow forward and out of the stables. She followed along with the other knights, looking around at the castle she saw and thinking about her first assignment at Rose Keep, when they came to a halt at the gates of the castle.
  6. "Well I suppose I live here now, don't I?" Victoire chuckled as she stopped by Addison, adding onto her response quickly, "Hopefully, of course." Holding her left hand out in front of her, with the small piece of paper of a map printed on it, "So sorry I'm late. I just simply got lost on my way here. It's all quite remarkable, I must say." She let her eyes drift around the courtyard before turning back to Addison. Clearing her throat she spoke, "Ah, I am Victoire Howell. Pleasure to meet you, ma'am." @Phoebe
  7. Walking through the gate into the main courtyard where the rest of the knights had gathered at Rose Keep, Victoire was the last one to arrive. Studying the buildings around her with a lazy smirk resting on her face, she looked at where each everything was built, making note of what purpose each building was for. With the paper that gave her directions and orders on what to do at the newly built castle, she walked forward trying to find someone in charge. Leisurely, she took a moment to study the people around her that she would be working and spending time together with, wondering what they were like.
  8. In shock of the bat’s body disintegrating in front of her, Lia looks between the creature to Cal. Looking on silently with wide eyes as the flames grew and then died out, she watched as Addison stood up from the ground and walked between her and Cal back into the building behind them. Moments after Addison walks back inside the tavern, Lia follows, shaking the confused look off her face and stepping lightly over the stones and rocks displaced during the fight. Picking up the end of her long dress as she walks inside, she turns around at Cal’s words, only to find he had vanished as soon as he had finished his sentence.
  9. Feeling the force of the attack on her stop abruptly, Lia relaxed her hands while still keeping the small rock barrier in place. Cautious of if the bat had instead focused its attention on Addison rather than her, she peered to the side around the wall at the fallen creature. Seeing the motionless animal, she stood up as the makeshift shield next to her fell to the ground in a heap. Breathing deeply, as she wasn’t used to using her power for large objects or circumstances such as this. “Addison? Are you alright?” She called out in front of her. To the side of her vision she noticed Cal getting up off the ground and looked over to him as he called his fireballs upon the creature. ”Hey, watch out! You shouldn’t be using your powers so soon yet and,” Lia walked over to him as she spoke, “we don’t know where Addison is!” She looked at the creature, wondering what had happened to it to make it collapse so suddenly.
  10. Seeing the monstrous bat look at her and opens its jaws once again, Lia walks backward a few feet facing the creature and pulls her arms in to her torso. Knowing that the scream would be coming too soon for her to launch another boulder in hopes of deterring the bat, she begins gathering as much rubble as still around her. Although around her, there was not enough rocks to build a tall wall to shield her. Noticing this disadvantage, Lia looks around and raises her hands up and piles the rocks gathered in front of her into a wall, shorter than the one she built at the beginning of this battle. Crouching behind the stones she holds her hands up to keep the stones in places as best she can during the bat’s attack.
  11. Chuckling at the dramatics of Mism, Lia sits back and finishes off her drink of whiskey. “I’m a librarian from Gallia. I doubt you’ve heard of it, it seems not a lot of people have other than my..” she paused before she could the sentence with friends. Lia didn’t know what any of them were to her anymore. Just people she knew until she could talk to them more, she supposed. “Colleagues,” she finished. Setting her drink back on the table she opened her notebook, quickly flipping through the pages filled with words and drawings. ”I’m looking for a life here. My old one was disrupted and now I’m here, hoping for the best,” she chuckled at the last line. “Maybe I’ll do some sightseeing or getting some money. Who knows?” She asked out loud. @Csl
  12. Taking a few steps backwards when the bat turned towards her, Lia clenched her fists and called more pieces of debris and rubble midair to circle her body. Taking her focus off the circle around her, she looked to a small boulder and slowly lifted it up to not gather the attention of the bat while it was focused on Addison. The strain of using her powers so much in a short amount of time was unfamiliar to Lia and she took a little extra time in lifting this boulder as she concentrated. Raising her arm with the rock, she flung it at the the bat’s uninjured wing, in hopes of hurting it even more so.
  13. Standing off to the side of her companion, Lia noticed all of the bat’s attack was focused on Addison and she was instead left alone. Lia looked to the side and saw a large piece of rubble at least 15 feet away. Turning her body to face the rock, she focused her mind’s energy into lifting the rock and held her hands in tight fists. As the rock lifted upwards she spread out her fingers and flung her hands in the direction of the beast. The boulder followed at a high speed, flying in the direction of the bat’s head Lia let her mind release it’s hold on the rock. If the boulder hit the creature squarely it would hopefully cause it to lose focus and stop it’s assault on Addison.
  14. Snapping out of her shocked state, Lia turned and rushed to Cal, kneeling beside him slowly after realizing why Addison had stopped. ”Are you alright?” she breathed, “Okay, I’m going to move you a little bit, don’t wiggle around.” Holding her arms out to her sides she flicked her eyes between the bat creature to Cal and Addison. Then focusing on Cal, she rose her hands and used her power into lifting his body a foot off the ground and moving him further back and to the side by at least 20 feet. Away from both them, and the creature. Placing his body back onto the ground gently, she brought her hands to her side and stood up slowly, turning to face the creature.
  15. After seeing Cal collapse to the ground next to her and feeling the force of the attack dissipate, Lia brings down her arms and the rock shield disassembles onto the ground. Breathing hard, she looks at the creature in front of her with a mix of shock and fear written on her face.
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