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  1. Seeing the monstrous bat look at her and opens its jaws once again, Lia walks backward a few feet facing the creature and pulls her arms in to her torso. Knowing that the scream would be coming too soon for her to launch another boulder in hopes of deterring the bat, she begins gathering as much rubble as still around her. Although around her, there was not enough rocks to build a tall wall to shield her. Noticing this disadvantage, Lia looks around and raises her hands up and piles the rocks gathered in front of her into a wall, shorter than the one she built at the beginning of this battle. Crouching behind the stones she holds her hands up to keep the stones in places as best she can during the bat’s attack.
  2. Chuckling at the dramatics of Mism, Lia sits back and finishes off her drink of whiskey. “I’m a librarian from Gallia. I doubt you’ve heard of it, it seems not a lot of people have other than my..” she paused before she could the sentence with friends. Lia didn’t know what any of them were to her anymore. Just people she knew until she could talk to them more, she supposed. “Colleagues,” she finished. Setting her drink back on the table she opened her notebook, quickly flipping through the pages filled with words and drawings. ”I’m looking for a life here. My old one was disrupted and now I’m here, hoping for the best,” she chuckled at the last line. “Maybe I’ll do some sightseeing or getting some money. Who knows?” She asked out loud. @Csl
  3. Taking a few steps backwards when the bat turned towards her, Lia clenched her fists and called more pieces of debris and rubble midair to circle her body. Taking her focus off the circle around her, she looked to a small boulder and slowly lifted it up to not gather the attention of the bat while it was focused on Addison. The strain of using her powers so much in a short amount of time was unfamiliar to Lia and she took a little extra time in lifting this boulder as she concentrated. Raising her arm with the rock, she flung it at the the bat’s uninjured wing, in hopes of hurting it even more so.
  4. Standing off to the side of her companion, Lia noticed all of the bat’s attack was focused on Addison and she was instead left alone. Lia looked to the side and saw a large piece of rubble at least 15 feet away. Turning her body to face the rock, she focused her mind’s energy into lifting the rock and held her hands in tight fists. As the rock lifted upwards she spread out her fingers and flung her hands in the direction of the beast. The boulder followed at a high speed, flying in the direction of the bat’s head Lia let her mind release it’s hold on the rock. If the boulder hit the creature squarely it would hopefully cause it to lose focus and stop it’s assault on Addison.
  5. Snapping out of her shocked state, Lia turned and rushed to Cal, kneeling beside him slowly after realizing why Addison had stopped. ”Are you alright?” she breathed, “Okay, I’m going to move you a little bit, don’t wiggle around.” Holding her arms out to her sides she flicked her eyes between the bat creature to Cal and Addison. Then focusing on Cal, she rose her hands and used her power into lifting his body a foot off the ground and moving him further back and to the side by at least 20 feet. Away from both them, and the creature. Placing his body back onto the ground gently, she brought her hands to her side and stood up slowly, turning to face the creature.
  6. After seeing Cal collapse to the ground next to her and feeling the force of the attack dissipate, Lia brings down her arms and the rock shield disassembles onto the ground. Breathing hard, she looks at the creature in front of her with a mix of shock and fear written on her face.
  7. When the creature howled Lia brought her hands closer to her torso as her mind grabbed more and more rocks from around her. The rocks crudely came together into a tall shield in front of her just as the unnatural scream from the creature hit her. She gives a light shriek and clenches her jaw, struggling from the force of it, she braces her legs and leans forward, trying to keep the rocks from bursting apart around and in front of her.
  8. “I’ve been to a lot of places by my standards but here it’s like I’ve been nowhere. So I guess I’m from another world,” she took another drink of her whiskey, “I think.” Lia leaned back in her chair watching him look around then sit at the table with her. She sets her drink back onto the table and closes her notebook, then mirroring him and leaning on the table. Laughing with a smile following along with his stream of questions, “I do plan to pass through to Valucre, it’s not like I can just stay in this tavern forever. And if I draw people it would depend.” She opens up her notebook to a scene of an old well, children running around with buckets in their hands. “If it interests me then I’ll draw people. Or if I’m bored and I have the time.” @Csl
  9. Lia looks to the creature with wide eyes, darting from Addison to Cal and their surroundings. Taking a deep breath and exhaling softly her gaze stops on a pile of rocks, each one the size of her head or bigger. Flexing her fingers, clenching her jaw, and keeping her arms at her sides, the rocks rise and float quickly towards her by the power of just her mind. As she steps forward, she shifts her focus from the rocks back to the creature and Addison in front of her still. Murmuring under her breath, ”Okay, guess I’m doing this now.” The rocks reach her and circle her body mid-air, as she brings her hands up and bend her arms so they’re more in front of her.
  10. Looking after her two companions walking out of the cafe, Lia picked up the front of her dress and followed behind them and stayed inside the doorway. “A kitchen knife is going to help you fight that? At least she’s got a big sword,” she then looked at the creature and shuddered, “This is one of the reasons I don’t like fighting..“
  11. Lia’s eyes flicked to the whiskey placed on the table before returning her attention to her notebook, not registering that he was lingering. Startled by his words, she jumps a little in her seat then turns to look at him. ”Oh, thank you. They’re just old drawings of where I’ve been,” she chuckled, leafing through her past pages with a small smile, “If I ever go somewhere new or overwhelming I like to draw or write about my surroundings.” She opened the book back to her current page and rested her pencil on the table. Grabbing the newly placed whiskey glass and taking a sip, “I’m Lia, by the way. I suppose I’m new to the area, you are?” @Csl
  12. Startled by the explosion, Lia puts her cup onto the table and looks around at the forming cracks. Turning to Addison, “You deal with this sort of thing often?” She stood up and held onto the back of her chair, tripping over the end of her dress a step. “An explosion at a bank, I mean.”
  13. Lia blinks and turns to the young man, chuckling, “Oh, well thank you. I like your hair as well, it’s very bright.” She looked at him then back to the multitude of tables. “If I could just have some whiskey, I’ll find an empty table, thanks.” She smiled at him and walked to a table not to far away and sat down. Laying her cloak across a seat next to her, she takes a small notebook out of a pocket. Opening it to a blank sheet flipping past filled pages she begins to write about her surroundings in the tavern.
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  15. Lia walks down the path to the tavern next to some trees, picking leaves off the branches at random and folds them misshapenly only to drop them after. When she reaches the door, she stops and looks up at the building before her and walks in. As she steps inside the door of the tavern her long dark purple dress drags softly along the floor and she unbuttons her light cloak. She slows down moving forward and looks up at the rafters reaching up and up, then to the multitudes of tables surrounding her. Fixing her long lavender colored hair out of her face she exhales and looks around, “Let’s see who I know here..”
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