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  1. “Jesus, Aley! When the hell did you have acid in here?! God... Well, there is a lot of weird shit in here in the first place. You okay, man?” The tall man seemed concerned. Although, he acted like she had just fell and didn’t consume actual corrosive acid. He looked like a regular college frat boy, but definitely had some kind of history. “Oh, I’m probably really confusing aren’t I? I just waltz in here without any explanation, huh? Uh, any specific questions?”
  2. “Yeah... All of us.” He tiredly smiled. “Oh,” Turning back, he continued. “I’m sorry, I haven’t explained a single thing, you must be confused, huh? Should we go outside so we can meet your friends and talk to them?”
  3. "Aley, no you're fine. I know you didn't mean to do this." He turned to the stranger. "W-We'll try and get you out. I've been through this before, but it's been a long while. And we're gonna need your help Aley. You can't hide." Looking back at the coiled girl, he sighed. "Especially when you have Mike and Otto waiting for you."
  4. The man’s eyes slowly filled with tears as he took her hand. Before she could even fully stand, he pulled her into a loving hug. Burying his head into her shoulder, he tried to hide his face. “N-no... You’re not... I’m here.” Sniffling, he looked back at the stranger. “D-did you make new friends while we were gone?” He chuckled, although his voice was hoarse. “Sorry, I kind of ignored you. I was just so excited to see her... Or did you get stuck here..?”
  5. It slowly made it’s way inside, familiar with the building. It seemed cautious of the strange man, but went directly to the martyr. As it got closer, the slime built onto itself slowly forming a human. Stopping in front of the woman, the slime had actually made a man, flesh and all. He was a large man, although he didn’t look to be at his best. Seeing the girl on the throne, he smiled out of pity and laughed. “Yup, it’s me. I’m not exactly sure how though.” He talked as though the martyr was a familiar friend.
  6. Outside the cathedral, a small, quick flash would be seen. At first, it seemed like nothing came from it, until something large and inky black slithered from behind the fountain. Like a shadow, it ran across the ground to the cathedral. It seemed to stare at the doors… Actually, it was! A large, yellow eye popped from the inky slime and looked up at the magnificent building. Even without a real face, one could tell that it felt despair and fear.
  7. Welcome to Valucre!

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