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  1. I mostly avoided stating a genre because I am more interested in variety than a single genre, I didn't want to define myself by any given genre. If I had to choose, I'd like science-fantasy. So presumably I'd start out in Lagrimosa. I like action in my stories, would probably spend time with darker plots. But still, these are just trends, not things I want to commit to. I mean a lot of things by "expectations", some of which won't be that important presumably. Things like...how long my posts are expected to be, how often to post once I've committed to an RP, how much lore I'm expected to read of a city or area before I start an RP there, how much I'm supposed to know about the other members I'm getting into an RP with, even any inside jokes that have developed over the years. I imagine a lot of these will change based on who is starting the RP and where it is starting, but it's worth asking to establish a baseline.
  2. Hello world. I have a passing interest in forum RP. I've done it on and off, mostly off, for over a decade. But all of it was very light, compartmentalized, RP. This forum is pretty light, but it's still a step up from what I've dealt with before. I felt like now was the time to branch out a bit, try joining new communities and see what happens. Valucre is not the only forum I've joined in the past few days, I want to try a variety of forums with different levels of RP to see what fits. Maybe become a part of some RP community I didn't even know existed, learn about some invite-only forums that are a perfect fit for me. I don't expect that to happen, but it's good to have aspirations of some kind. For RPs, I try to have an open mindset to things. I'll try to follow other people's leads, let them take center stage, at least at first, if I think it makes a more interesting story. I'll tolerate basically anything, I'd even tolerate most rule breaking if it only affected me and whoever was breaking the rules. When I do take initiative, I like to build up to singular dramatic moments. Staying in the background for most of the time lets me surprise everyone more when I reveal a sudden twist. Storytelling is, after all, just a way to keep the mind occupied. I want to do anything that can keep things interesting. I've already read through most of the New Member Guide, although I haven't looked very deeply at the actual lore or areas yet. I would appreciate some help getting used to the world and expectations put on me, although I'll probably pick it up myself given time. I'm a quick study and a good improviser. I hope that'll be sufficient for me to have a good time here.
  3. Welcome to Valucre! If you need any help getting around the site, don't hesitate to reach out ^_^

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