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  1. Mina let Montoya speak as she grabbed the red vial carefully out of the case. Seeing that it was all well, she grabbed for the mans good hand and planted the vial in his palm. “A’rite, I’mma need you to drink this like a good shot of absinthe and breathe, okay?-“ Mina was caught off by Aden, who stood off to the side with his hands out as if trying to get their attention. “A-are you sure you want to do that right now?” He spoke out, his voice clinging to the same shaking nervousness. Mina’s eyebrows furrowed and looked at him with an expression of shock. “I think it’s just fine!” She let go of the vial once it was in Montoya’s hand and stepped back. “If he doesn’t want to drink it, he doesn’t have to.”
  2. Mina glanced behind her to see the three vials side-by-side within the case. She then began to make her way over to them and lift them, looking at them carefully. “Oh, these.” She then looked to the man and spoke casually, “Sir, I must ask. Which color do you prefer, red, yellow or blue?”
  3. Mina’s giddiness calmed as she began to walk back to the shield. She gave a little pet in the top if the beetle’s head and the shield shrank back within it, leaving behind the thin but deep crevasse in the wall. “Basically,” she started, “Photons are the fundamental particle that make up light, right? And are the most visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum” She slipped off the cuff and walked back to Esstevan with the beetle in hand, “Essentially, what we see around us everyday. But while it is normal for light to shine through crystals, I have found that its possible for light to *become* crystal.” Mina grinned as she placed the gadgets into his hand. “Photons *do not* interact with each other BUT by assembling a kind of artificial atom made up of a super conducting material and placing this near a super conducting wire containing photons, the photons in the wire take on the characteristics of the artificial atom. This means that the photons begin to interact with each other just as particles and essentially just like particles, visible light can become solid..” She stood staring at her creation in his hand before looking up to him with a smile, “For the beetle, in this case, it can be programmed to reach out a certain distance and eventually, thats the magnetic field that the hardlight uses as a frame. Like a boundary. But though it was meant to be my most successful attempt at hardlight, for now it can be a ‘Welcome home’ gift.. what do you think?”
  4. In the middle of lowering a small lighter flame into her pipe, she stopped and looked wide eyed to Montoya as if caught in the act of smoking during a meeting. Maintaining eye contact and continuing her toke, she then remembered what she brought as Aden placed the bag on the table. Expelling smoke and getting on her feet, Mina brought out a case and lifted the lid to reveal a metallic cuff, a small metal beetle-like object and three small vials. Picking out the cuff and putting it on, she then placed the small metal beetle on to the cuff. Aden began to take a step back as Mina gleamed at Montoya before giving the empty space in front of her a good punch. In an instant, a blue beam sprouted out almost like a flower to form a shield of light! “Aha!” Mina exclaimed with grit, eager that it worked, “How do you like that?!” She gave a giddy giggle before taking the beetle off the cuff. Aden, just finishing his sigh of relief that it didn’t backfire, then noticed Mina taking the shield off the cuff. “U-uh- Mina-“ Excited to show its durability, Mina flung the shield across the room. Screaming out and cowering down, the shield had barely missed Aden’s head. The boy looked up slowly to see the shield imbedded into the wall above him. He gave out a whimper of shock before looking to Mina, who was grinning from ear to ear. “So?” She bounced on her tiptoes, “What do you think?”
  5. Aden’s already magnified eyes grew wider and glanced between the map and the man, “W-wha-no! I-“ “Aden, it’s perfect!” Mina looked at him with a beaming glance and looked to Esstevan, “Is there other things we should cover?”
  6. Mina gave a faint giggle and quirked her brows at Esstevan as if he made some sort of funky statement. “well, Sir, the desert certainly is no biome for just anyone.” Aden’s glance was a bit more concerned as if he had gotten a flash back to a previous memory. One that may be hard for him to swallow, gulping down what he had in his mind and speaking an an almost wimpy manner, “You survive there, you can almost survive anywhere.”
  7. Mina glanced at the blueprints and noticed that this was mostly an open canvas. The page was without complete calculation, it was a clean slate- her senses tingled in sudden childlike wonder. This is no doubt a concept that she had juggled in her mind before. This was no prank. This was a playground with a Help Wanted sign and by God, did Mina want the job. The woman sat up more, picking up her dirty boots that previously rested on the table. Leaning forward and analyzing the idea more closely, it struck her even harder that she AND someone else had some form of idea and experience with inter-dimensional travel. A grin came on her face, a mischievous smirk almost, and she spoke up with a relaxed tone. “Or you can hand it to me?” She leaned back in the chair and rested her feet on the table, “ Give me time and some stops to get some needed parts and we might be seeing “home” in no time.” She ended as he placed her hands together on her stomach, giving her old friend, Montoya, a good ol’ shit eating grin.
  8. Reaching the bottom and coming to a halt to see their surrounding, Aden hurried to the tables to take a seat and set up a way to safely stand the canvas aside so that it doesn’t fall and accidentally make something go off. As Aden was in an anxious hurry to not be in the way, Mina was casually taking her time and glancing around. Fiddling with the ends of her neck length hair after cutting off what had melted in the fire, she sat and smirked to herself as she began to take her out a small pipe.
  9. Gripping with giddy anticipation of perhaps seeing an old friend- no, what even felt like a brother to her, Mina lifted a leather-canvas bag on to a table and began filling it with what she believed was “necessary” for a meeting. Dropping things in carefully and trying to place them strategically so nothing gets damaged, a rather tall but lanky man approached her with a button up tucked in shirt and his trousers being held up lazily by suspenders. He seemed incredibly nervous as his goggle-like glasses only amplified the nervous look he had. “Are you sure you should be taking all that-The-“ his soft voice was cut off but the smaller woman’s gruff one. “Yes, it’s perfect timing! Everyone is gonna be there and thankfully, no one cares to bother me here. They’ll see what I’ve got up my sleeve, literally!” She gave a goofy childish laugh as the man just watched. He wasn’t one to tell the future but he has some of the best memory, and this isn’t the first time a scenario like this has played out... badly. He gave out a small sigh and began to help pack. “Am I able to go with you then?” The man spoke softly, unsure wether it was wrong of him to ask. With a shrug while fixing a strap of her overalls, Mina thought for a moment before looking at him and nodding, “You can come, Aden..” The man beamed with a grin as he heaved the canvas bag up, carrying it away as he left to make himself more presentable. • • • The two were running “fashionably late” as Mina put it when she approached the door and began to knock.When let in, the two began their trudging down the bunker stairs, their footsteps causing the wood to creak and let whoever was below that someone was coming.
  10. The woman watched as his figure receded out of the smoke. She enjoyed the man’s presence but felt that something even bigger was coming. Something outrageous and spectacular was afoot and she wasn’t going to just stand by and clean the mess she made. In fact, the Israeli sounding woman slapped her sunglasses back onto her goggles and turned, trotting joyfully into the wreckage she had created.
  11. Mina’s eyebrows raised at the mention of a ship. A sudden rush made her skin crawl with curiosity but she didn’t want to give it away completely. Listening to the crackling of burning shed wood and the clinking of some form of mechanism within the shed drop to the floor, Mina raised her pipe and took a long drag of smoke. Then, giving a nod, she began to sit up and place her worn oversized leather boots on ground. “A blastin’ ship and you chose to not tell me first?” She gave a faint playful chuckle and smirk. Her tone became buoyantly gruff as smoke expelled from her mouth. “I’ll be ready for it!” The girl quickly bounced to her feet and lifted her sunglasses like a shield to reveal they were magnetically held onto a pair of safety goggles. Her smile was jovial but by the borrowing of her brows and glance of mischief in her eye gave Mina a fine look of determination. “I’ll be right there with ya’ in 30 minutes tops, ya’?”
  12. Like a beacon, the smoke eventually led the Captain to a more secluded cabin-like shed. With vines resembling long frail fingers that climbed along the wood, the dense musk of burning hair lingered in the air as the smoke began to clear up. With a moment of clarity, the Captain’s view could now make out a figure sitting in a makeshift fold-out chair. By the main entrant double doors sat a woman who was rather small in stature. Her clothes were singed at the hems and her hair, previously long, fluffy, and resembling a cloud had now been burnt and matted with melted strands up to her shoulders. It was almost comical to look at but the girls face was stoic as she hid behind some rustic sunglasses. Leaning back in the chair with a smoking pipe in one hand and a journal in the other, she rested her feet up on a stump of wood. As the Captain stepped towards the girl, she remained seated and still as she gave out a sigh, her somewhat thick accent rolled out monotonous, “Ahhh... Ramsey.” The corner of her lip twitched upwards at the sudden appearance of a friend.
  13. As the rugged but clean cut man backed away and began his search, there was a sudden large *BOOM* coming from the outskirt area of the site. Flocks of birds abruptly took flight and decorated the sky in panic. Despite the convenience of having an idea of where to go, it was obvious on some faces that this might be a relatively new occurrence. Oh, but of course, as if it wasn’t easy enough to know the direction of where to head, a thin but noticeable upwards stream of smoke began to make an appearance in the sky. With the graceful screaming of a child in the distance crying from the jumpscare of the blast, the mood was set to head out in the direction of what would best be described as “minor chaos”.
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