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  1. @Magmy105 @vielle Reven nodded with curiosity at the mention of the Mission Board, and got up out of her seat to read the pinned parchment; she had only skimmed a few lines before the sudden, jarring sounds of breaking glass and screaming caused her to flinch and whirl around, scanning over the source of the commotion, taking swift notice of the shards of glass on the floor, the purple-cloaked stranger, and what appeared to be Shadow Magic... A wave of uneasiness washed over her, and she took a few steps back, her eyes darting about cautiously before they returned to look at the whimpering young girl with suspicion. There's definitely something more to her, and I'm not sure that hidden aspect, whatever it may be, is going to be used in a morally good way. As the tension dissipated, she turned back to the Mission Board, but kept a close eye on the girl, now called Nightshade; her eyes narrowed as she noticed the vials Nightshade had been fiddling with.
  2. @Csl At the mention of artifacts, the young woman tilted her head with interest; she glanced briefly at her sword, which she had added to the growing collection of weapons on the counter. "Sparring? That would be good practice, yes. As for artifacts... I think there may be one embedded inside my sword. It has been showing signs of reactivity whenever I am around certain people or walking on certain paths, the reason for which I have not discovered yet; in fact, it was vibrating all throughout my journey to the tavern. These other artifacts supposedly being nearby could be related to this phenomenon, assuming that the sword does contain an artifact..." She paused again, looking quite thoughtful. "Could you provide me with more information?"
  3. @Csl Ah okay, sure! She's a slightly taller than average human with a slender build, appearing to be in her early twenties; of ordinary appearance, she has straight, dark brown hair cut just above the shoulders and eyes of a similar, albeit somewhat lighter and redder shade. Currently, she's wearing some light pieces of leather armor over a woolen tunic and trousers, boots of the same material as her armor, and a hood to keep herself insulated from the freezing, snowy weather outside; her weapon, a sword that appears deceptively simple in its construction, is strapped to a belt at her waist. As for her personality, Reven's pretty quiet and reserved, preferring to keep to herself and observe rather than joining in on the action - though, if she does, she's usually quite skilled in reacting to her environment in the moment and improvising as needed. She is somewhat awkward when it comes to social interactions, and would much rather be exploring the world on her own than with others; however, once she becomes comfortable around someone, she tends to value them a lot more than she does herself, placing them and their approval of her on a pedestal of sorts. Let me know if you need me to go into more detail about her character, I'm happy to elaborate 🙂
  4. Hey - I'm a newcomer to this site as well. Welcome aboard! Looking forward to seeing you around 🙂
  5. @Csl "Th-thank you, madam," Reven replied shakily, feeling awkwardly self-conscious from the spill that she had caused. Running her fingers through her hair in an attempt to soothe her embarrassment, she turned to Wentree and returned the smile, grateful but somewhat unsure how to respond to the barmaid's hospitality. "Oh, and, thank you for your offers, but I'm sure I'll be fine without" - she paused for a moment - "and, yes, I suppose you could say that." She hadn't noticed Cadriel's playing until now, and felt the tension in her body begin to relax a little - flute music always seemed to have a calming effect on her, and his melody was no exception.
  6. Alrighty, sounds great - thanks for letting me know. ^^
  7. Meanwhile, Reven was listening intently to their conversation, her chestnut-hued eyes widening with intrigue as Nilan quietly stated her request. 'The ways of the swords'...? Looks like whatever she's preparing for must be be pretty heavy in specialized skill requirements. Hm... I wonder why she's taking on such a task. Mumbling something indistinctly to herself, the young woman shifted in her seat, not noticing until it was too late that the movement had knocked over her drink. She yelped in surprise, hastily attempting to mop up the spill with a spare cloth that she had been carrying. "Oh - I'm sorry! I-I didn't..."
  8. Ah, thank you for the recommendations! I'll be sure to check those out, they all look pretty interesting.
  9. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you around, also 🙂
  10. Thank you for your kind welcome and for your offer - feel free to provide any suggestions that you may have. ^^ I usually stick to a blend between medium to high fantasy and science fiction, with an emphasis on worldbuilding and character development, if that helps. From the lore that I've been reading, Lagrimosa looks like a good place to start, though the other continents seem promising as well.
  11. Hello everyone, How are you? New user here. This is actually my first time joining a forum-based roleplay, so I'm excited to see how this goes. I've been reading the New Member Guide, browsing around the site and looking at characters and RP threads, and I'm pretty impressed by how well-organized and moderated this system is. The community seems really welcoming, and I'm looking forward to joining it and roleplaying with some other members. Overall, a positive experience so far. 🙂 - Lychee
  12. Welcome to Valucre!

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      Thank you! I'm excited to roleplay in this community. 

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