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  1. Hey guys, this os the character sheet for Luna
  2. Hahahahaha interesting dude. But why don't we pick somewhere else, for the sake of new comers to Val. U know, somewhere more general.
  3. Well its already night time for me and @Dabi, so in like how many hours time
  4. Wonderful. So then, pls guys bring up our location.
  5. Hihihihihi my character is an absolute hunter
  6. Damn this is really boring

  7. BASICS]First name:LunaSurname: MulaikaNicknames:LuAlignment: Neutral good Race:AngelMarital Status: SingleGender: Female Age: 20[PHYSICAL]Voice:Eyes: BlueComplexion: Light skinned Height:5'11"Weight:130lbsBuild: Average Hair: Blond, with a few blue stripes and long reaching her lower buttocks. Tattoos/markings:[MENTAL]Demeanor: Warm and welcomingFears: She fears being captured. As a child, she was exploited alot for her healing powers. Likes: Music, nature, good food. Dislikes:[GEAR] She would normally wear a white loose-fitting silk robe like garment. Which is what she wore at most times. Only the color would change if need be. On the robes, she wore a velvet satin hooded cape, which was either white or grey. She walked bare foot near most all the time but her feet never blistered, or sored, or became tough and never got dirty, no matter the terrain she walked on. When in battle mode, her robe tightens and shortens to her thighs as well, her feet gets covered with battle boots, white and blue in color. Her arms are exposed right up to her forearm. Light armor glads her belly and thighs. White leather gauntlets cover her hands. [WEAPONS] Medium siezed sword, normally hanging across her back when in armor. But she can also summon it from thin air anytime if need be. She also has 8inch needle like pins, which she uses for healing, however she also uses them as deadly progectiles, targeting key nerve points on the body. [STRENGTHS] Super human speed, strength, senses and reflexes. [WEAKNESSES][SKILLS] Has incredible eye sight, and can almost see in the dark. She also is a skilled user of light and shadow magic, with the ability to manioulate them in various ways to her advantage. An expert in the use of progectile weapons, and an advanced knowledge in the art of swordsmanship. An adept knowledge in healing techniques, allowing her to help those who need treatment wherever she goes. She can also shape shift, but only into animals. This trait also warrants her to communicate with animals. She also has retractable wings, which she opens, or closes them when need be. Growing up, Luna never knew her parents. This left a void in her heart, which sort to fill. As a result she made a habbit of helping people where ever she went. Living with the angel monks on Mt Damascus, in the world of Tera, she grew up learning the ancient ways of the warrior angels. How to eat, sleep, think, fight like an angel. She is graceful and kind, but also cunning and dangerous.
  8. But I'll get it to u guys soon enough
  9. Hahahahahaha sure, I haven't quite drawn up her sheet yet
  10. Say, I would really love to join u guys. I hope am not intruding, but I just finished building a new character, and would like to try her out
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