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  1. Good luck on your exam!

  2. Hey guys, sorry am so silent. But I got some little sad news. I'll probably not be coming back to valucre in a while. I got about 7 months to prep for an exam, and I need all the time I can get. U can ask Dabi about the details if u want, he just wrote the exam as well maybe a month or two ago. So any way, I'll be giving my phone to my parents, so as to fully concentrate. Thanks for the fun i had, and really wish I could finish up the fun with u guys. Hopefully when am back, I'll be coming back with good news of my success. 😁. Ait, see y'all when i see ya. Peace
  3. A meddling blade! A blade!? In Daemon's feeding path? Now he wasn't gonna like that. "Why in the world would you do that?" His voice had a spot of confusion in it. Most people would run for their lives, considering the carnage, but hey, this guy wasn't 'most people'. "Sure I'll indulge your question." He replied, stepping back in a dash, avoiding the blade flying towards his right shoulder. "But do make your question quick, all this blood is intoxicatingly sweet." Daemon added, sniffing the air. Meanwhile , the dogs had made a mess out of their master. As they scattered his bits about, Daemon decided to send them on more bloody errands. Snapping his fingers, he calls two of them to his side, then two run out the tavern, to tear up any in their path. "Lovely creatures aren't they? Daemon asked, touching the floor boards of the tavern with the tip of his katana. "Now, your question?"
  4. With a smile, Daemon would normally be engaged at Cragmar's attitude, but he wasn't all too surprised. "Am not here to steal your job" said the 18yr old vampire/werewolf hybrid. "Am just looking for an adventure." He added. "Nice to meet you Sarah, am Daemon. And am for somewhere in Terranius, but I have no exact knowledge." Daemon answered the woman. "May I have a seat?" He said gesturing to the empty fourth seat at their table
  5. With all his companions beginning to have fun in the killing, Daemon quietly walks into a tavern. With the tavern busy and lively, he gets everyone's attention by yelling. "Excuse me!" If any of you wants to leave, now would be the time, cuz those who are left, will die!" With these words, some individuals laugh at the sight of the young teenager. "Get out of here young man, before I feed you to my dogs." A bearded man in his 40s said to daemon, while alsso pointing to his specially bred hunting devil dogs. "Feed to your dogs, a fine idea indeed." Replied Daemon, in an evil grin. With this, Daemon opens his eyes which were closed the while time. Now looking at the man with red colored eyes, then to his dogs. These animals could not resist the command from their supernatural counterpart to tear up their master. As they feasted on their screaming master, the whole tavern saw the threat real at this point. Rising from his seat, a soldier of the town draws his sword in an attack attempt. Quickly blocking this with his own sword, Daemon pulls his katana from its sheath and swirls around with wicked speed, slicing off the man's head. The blood from the falling body splashed on the walls and individuals. "You should have heeded my warning, now there is no escape for you." He said with an evil grin. Dashing to the left, he plucks off someone's arm, dashing to the right, he plucks off another's head. The with his super speed, he slices of the leg or hand of every individual there. Biting on to a female, Daemon takes a quick snack. "Mmmmm A+, my favorite." He said with a an evil laugh, then continued on his feeding. From outside, all you could hear was screams. But no one could enter.
  6. With her wings now out, and her shadow chains shattered, Luna watch the huge monster materialize before her. The witch's surprised words almost didn't come to Luna's attention. But hey, who would miss that? "Hahahahahaha I bet you we're just dying to know." Luna said in a huge laugh. Now the monster went for an precious wings. "Oh no you don't." She said with a quick flap out of harm's way. Quickly circling round the monster, she summons her sword. She takes in a breath, sticks her sword into the beast's back, then slices her way down, making a lading. Streams of light flashed all round her as as wings came forward to touching the earth as she crouched. Spreading her wings open again, a burst of energy pushes the beast miles away, some of it hits Pyrrah as well and even the witch. Now her dressing change to, short gown reaching only her laps, her feet covered in boots, hands in gloves, armors plates on her belly and chest. Her sleeves split, but long, from shoulder to knee length. "I think am in suitable attire now." She said as she waved her buttocks length blue streaked hair.
  7. Reaching town, it was average for a town, but what stood out was the strange populace. A mixture of all sorts of individuals. Most of them looking like wonderers looking for quick money, adventures, explorers, and mercenaries. warrior types! Daemon thought. The old man tied his horse to a pole infront of a tavern. "Come now," he invited to Daemon, "it'll be warm inside." Looking up at the post hanging from the tavern entrance, it read, 'The Poison Daggar'. neet name. Daemon thought, as he smiled and followed the man in. Stepping in, it was was indeed warm inside. The familiar smell of ale, beer and all sorts of asorted drinks filled the air. Walking over to the bar, both men take a seat. "Give us two mugs of your finest ale please." The man ordered to the bartender. "Relax, the bill is on me." The old man added, turning towards Daemon. The ale was served, and the man took his mug and stood from his seat. "It was nice meeting you young man, but i have to attend to some matters." After saying this he raised his mug slighlty, then walked away. that was odd!? Daemon thought as he drank his ale. Many people aren't that kind. well am here, where ever here is, I might as well make the best of it. "Please, where might i find a small adventure. I'd like to know this placd." Daemon asked the bartender. "Rumor has it, of a strange mound of amber that appeared in the Wetlands. The exploration committee is looking for adventurers to investigate." Said the bartender. "Well that's nice, i think I'll take that." Daemon said with a smile. "Good, because you already have a small group of three on that quest as well." The bartender pointed to a table of three odd looking individuals. Three undead looking people. Walking over, Daemon salutes them.
  8. Oh uhhh by the way, I forgot to show u this. Here's a list of possible series of events and obstacles you can overcome in the resin quest btw. Characters/party meet up in Arcturon for briefing, get supplied with equipment (pickaxes, gasmasks, walkie-talkies, a map, etc.) They use a canoe/boat to row out into the marsh. They could encounter a Marfa and be attacked/warned, if you like. Upon reaching the amber island, they collect samples of the amber. The amber breaks while they're chipping at it, releasing either kelpies, giant dragonflies, a loch ness monster, or any other swamp/marsh beast of your choice. The beast(s) may attack them or not, but at the end it retreats into the depths of the swamp. The party escapes with their lives, with samples of the amber, and report their findings back to Site Coeus. I sent this to the previous user who took up the quest but they didn't end up finishing it, so do with this as you want. If you'd like other people to join you on the quest, you can throw up an interest check in the Water Cooler or invite people in the Taen OOC. I think there's someone playing a sellsword character for hire too, you might want to reach out to her:
  9. @Zigzag, am a little confused. Which town are the mercenaries in? Cuz I expected them to be in Kuiperal
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