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  1. Tozwad

    [GS] Taurus

    The giant beast that Tozwad would seem to take form of would rapidly change form for a second as he watches the God tremble. He rests himself trying to become calm and rest his palms upon his face with a slight roar irrupting from his mouth, he looked across again and would just cruse aimlessly around the battlefield looking for anyone that needed help.
  2. "Well, I could trap you guys in Hot balls of energy, and fly to the top, it would cut down a few hours, because I myself can fly quite fast." Tozwad would make a odd hand gesture to the top of the mountain then put his hands on his chin and think for a moment to himself quietly humming quitely*
  3. Tozwad

    [GS] Taurus

    As soon as The God moved his large shield towards the group of people he would swiftly fly over towards the other side of his head and stop suddenly. He would stop to gain energy for a large attack onto The God, you could see the purply energy rushing into and through his large vanes across each and every part of his body, he looked as if he was a glowing puzzle peace with many dark patches within each odd shape cube.
  4. Tozwad would arrive to the make shift dock's just in time so he could help out with the moving of the ships. "Could I be of assistance? I could help you float it down easy in a instant." He would look towards He looks towards the girl slowly walking up to her as he raises his hand for her to see, with a bright glimmering jolly smile
  5. Tozwad would just, Stop. He froze to the man and looked down at his attempt of sadly stabbing him, the material would shatter do to his pure force and Tozwad's powerful armor, would not even Pearce him. He would look at the man holding his Chained Axe and swing straight towards him, the dark glowing Axe was so furiously hot it burned before it touched the skin. He grabbed the man close as it most likely went through the mans body and help him by the neck as his dragon scale like armor covered every last inch of Tozwad's body. Holding the man looking at him through the glass like holes in his eyes staring at him waiting for death to strike a pawn the man if it does. He would do this, all in pure silence, the only sound that was to be able to hear is his Axe hopefully cutting into the mans body as His body would be very Hot, when he grabbed the man he most likely got burned by the neck as well, he chose to do this incase he began to freeze once again.
  6. Tozwad

    [GS] Taurus

    Tozwad would seem to be moving back once he saw the ice beast's movements, starting to create more balls of hot acid with his left hand and throw them towards the Gods face area blinding him with the cloud of balls as he moves his hot dark body, purple fragments would float around him moving ever so slowly with a very dense and muggy musk of aura would seem to arouse around him. Tozwad would throw his Chained Axe harshly towards the god's right arm, the Chained Extending long distance then snapping off flying around him cutting at the top of the shoulder of the beast effortlessly. The Chained Axe would swing in a infinity motion burning most if not anything in its pathway towards death.
  7. Tozwad would be able to exert an endless amount of energy, building the heat up even more, feeding it to him, and giving him the energy to restore, Tozwad would feed him even more, so much, it is concerning at this point, too much energy would cause in death, he fed him more, and more, non stop as Tozwad would close off the section so the man could no longer see him, seeing pure and utter darkness. There would be the two balls, the one around Tozwad and the man, they both where connected through a long thread of fire, Tozwad would cause the mans ball to strike with crystals stabbing towards him inside the ball razor sharp like blades, non stop stabbing into the mans limbs, like knifes being thrown towards him, all stinging with a Acid like material certain for death flying towards him 1000's at a time
  8. Tozwad would swiftly see the mans attempt of death towards him, in a instant, Tozwad's fire would turn exceedingly more black, almost like a shadow, casting towards the man, He would look towards the ice and it would easily melt due to the freakishly hot fire. His body would glow with silver eyes, glowing through the fire, and his body would turn to a hot, magma fire, he would adsorb the fire around him melting the previous layer of ice, and shooting towards the shield, most likely melting it. His Chained Axe would fly forward on a dark powerful chain connected to Tozwad's right wrist, hitting onto the shield and staying onto it, then clinging onto the ground, and burning through the ground, he would pick it up slicing some more grass and then throw it constantly as he does hand motions with his left hand. The black fire was so hot and painful, it might have been dragged from the pits of hell and brought up to seal any light, it would block the view of the sun towards the man as it rose up past the shield moving like it was being commanded, burning and crawling slowly seeping through, as if it never ended.
  9. Tozwad would nod downwards, as his body would start to heat up miraculously fast. Black flames would arise from his body shooting out towards the ice and make a barrio around him stopping from any light or cold around him. this would all happen in a instant, it would be shire fire, nothing more, nothing less, the fire would cast a pawn the man and the ice around Tozwad, barrowing him deep within the fire dome. The dome would be black, like the night sky and had many different words around it that, did not make sense, most likely cursed or slatted words, it was hard to make them out due to them being, well black fire. "If you wish to kill me, it will have to be better than freezing me My body Yields to the Void, the Void is where I die, never seeking you ever so slightly, despising anyone in the path that seeks Peace and Death." What Tozwad said, did not make much sense, due to his voice being dark, crackly, and would echo, but you could make out some of the words he was saying barely, but most likely did not have time to worried on such things.
  10. Tozwad would in a instant look towards the Bolder of ice, taking his Chained Axe as it glows a bright silver and slice it into two as he sidesteps and makes it at an angle. He would not flinch at all just move and scoff at it, being fearless as he faced the Ice bolder. "I gave you a chance for your people to live." He would say spitefully.
  11. Tozwad would chuckle being nervous of his powers, "Not one cent, I am here to help you in aid, this is my job." He would soon relies, that more of the natives are running towards the Settlement, and he would grab Brighton with no hesitation and fly over to the natives with black glowing eyes, and spew out crystal shards towards them with Acid like materials, setting down Brighton near the settlements front gates after he swiftly flew over. Tozwad would go fly over once again to check for anyone left and wait to see movement
  12. Tozwad would point his hand towards the few men with his shield up, his eyes turned absolutely black under his helmet. "Put down your arms if you want to live." He would start to float up and aim his hands towards the men near the camp. "Lay down your arms if they shall live. Only. Warning." He would say, Axe in hand confident at this point. Not knowing what they would do trusting they would call it off the attack. He doesn't really wanna kill them but if he has to he will.
  13. In a instant, Tozwad would pause, seemingly hearing the voices and hearing the arrows like gusts of wind flowing by him. Tozwad in a instant would move upwards, then make a giant crystal ball barely missing a few of the arrows, one of the arrows made it in on time, then hit at him in the leg, due to his heavy armor it barely pierced the skin grassing him. He dismount the ball and rip out the arrow, flitching a bit but looking at one of the men in pure anger. "Die." Pointing his Index finger then swinging it around to all of them, He would exert 90 of Void shards around him, most likely hitting the men. The void shards would hold a type of dark magic that would act like acid, burning through the skin.
  14. Tozwad would look at the men, flanking him, surrounded. In a action of good manners he tries to spin very fast pointing out his Chained Axe where the men are, trying to cut them or their horses. His Chained Axe would glow with hot glowy energy, and would burn through mot anything in its past, as his shield, would be at his side protecting him as his armor would do the same.
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