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    Tozwad, would take his Chained Axe and let out a large nervous breath as he weaves his his body. His eyes would close and reopen only to be seen as a dark black glow, it would be like staring into a gapping hole of nothingness. The ground beneath his feet would crack and glow as he would burst up into the air as pebbles and dust flies behind him as he swiftly flies slightly closer to the god like figure. he would stop as his head would strain and his skin slightly blushed in a red matter, his horns would burst out a few more inches as they switch to a slightly darker gray compared to the lighter color on the horns. His mouth would foam with black liquids dripping from the mouth onto the harsh dusty ground and He'd look up at everyone behind him slightly caught up, his feet would boost him up as he placed down pads of crystals going upwards, He would be standing higher in the air, looking at all the people fleeing to fight for there lives, and then look back to the beast as he sprints in the air with the pads still placing as he goes. He'd wield his Chained Axe and swing it slightly on the chain connected to the inside of his armor, The Axe would glow a Bright silver as it would be flowing with a hot energy.
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