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  1. -He was paying his attention on her explanation and look how she started to cure his wound. He complained in pain sometimes when she was treating the wound. When finally she left his hand. Nak looked at her- ''My name is Atwood Nak... But everyone calls me Nak. I think because is shorter... and...'' He looked at his baby ''She's Adelis. Still five months of life'' -Adelis was looking at the stranger with curiosity. Nak sighed and looked at Adelis, he smiled- ''She's all my life now...'' -Looks at the women again and raises an eyebrow- ''And... What are you doing in middle of woods, lady?''
  2. -Confused he looked how she approaches. Sighs grabbing his own hand- ''When i was grabbing branches i broke one and i hurt myself accidentally...'' -The wound is very deep and serious-
  3. ''I'm not that stupid to fight someone with a kid. If you have problems about my knife, leave. I have more daggers on my bag. I have to be safe and i have to protect my daughter'' -Talking with a serious voice. He's more mistrust now. When he's sitting again he complains of pain. His hand is hurted. Sighing he hugged his baby with a protective behavior- ''What will you do? Leave or stay? I don't recommend you to leave with a kid in middle of forest'' -He closed his eyes again. Waiting to her answer-
  4. @The North Wind -He'd look at the kid and he just relaxes. He sighs and puts away the dagger. Carefully he lies his baby on the blanket and open the barrier of branches, his little girl starts to cry. Nak quickly looks at her and carry her up again, when the baby feels Nak's heat, she stops cry and falls asleep again. He smiled at see his little girl sleeping- ''Come here, lady, is a bit warm behind this barrier'' -Nak still looks mistrust but his heart softens when he sees someone who needs some help-
  5. @The North Wind -He was asleep for minutes before that woman started to approach them. At the moment he heard the voice and the steps, he woke up- "Huh... what was that...?" -Carefully he sat down behind his little barrier of branches, the only thing uncovered for it, is his head. Paying attention at every sound of the leafs and branches on the grass of the forest. He have to move completely his head because of his blind eye. Finally he saw the woman who's approaching them and totally suspicious. He grabs one of his daggers while he looks at her- "What do you need, lady?" -That's the only thing he can say and ask. Even if she lies, he want to know. Totally mistrust-
  6. -Nak had been walking for hours since he arrived at Genesaris. He found a spot in that forest with lots of trees and rocks. Sheltering her girl well with the coat he found, he takes out his eyepatch and begins to make some walls with branches and ropes. Nak spends several hours looking for enough branches to be able to cushion the cold, concerned about his daughter's condition. Occasionally he comes to look at the baby in case he needs to cover she more. When looking for the branches, pulling out a nearby one cuts when breaking one of them. He complains of pain. Sigh and get on with the job. After a few more minutes, he finishes the little barrier and enters with his daughter. He hugs snuggling her up and uses the blanket to cover them both. Once the baby is well placed on his body, he begins to bandage his hurted hand- ''Hey Adelis... We will be fine now... We're camouflaged...'' -Smiling at her, Nak closed his eyes. Finally them went asleep-
  7. This is the walk way, in middle of forest, since Union Capital to Cold South. But the mark on map is Nak' spot, i mean. My character Atwood Nak made his campsite on there. Everyone can use this for rp in this part of the forest... So... The rp starts below this post:
  8. @Csl -He'd looked at her- ''Thanks, I know where i have to go... I feel i need to go in there...'' smiles ''Bye, Lady Beatrice'' -He hugged his little girl and entered in gates to go to Genesaris-
  9. What does Atwood Nak think? ''Why should you smile at being a good person? Not for being a good person you should smile. People who smile, are smiling because they are happy. Not for being good I have to trust. Trust is because someone has given you reasons to believe him. And why am I like this? Because people think that I must exist to be something. You aren't born with the goal of being something. You're born with the aim of building who you are, what you want to do and who you want to trust. If you think I'm wrong, that's fine, it's your opinion... But never try to make someone do or think what you believe. Just be yourself..'' - Atwood Nak
  10. @Csl -Smiled to her, with a precious face- ''Okay'' he pay it ''My name is Atwood Nak, but everyone calls me Nak'' -He'd get up for tie his baby with the scarf again and grabs the bag- ''Where can I go now?''
  11. @Csl ''Sorry but now I can't do that... I have things to do. But i have money for pay you'' -He carefully carry Adelis again and open the bag. Grabs a sack, it sounds like coins when he moves it- ''How much?'' he smiled looking friendly again ''oh and... What's your name? sorry to be so rude'' -He chuckled while he was looking at Beatrice-
  12. @Csl -Nak removed the scarf ties that held his daughter, grabbing her to keep her from falling. He sits her carefully on the table leaning her on the bag. The baby started to touch it- ''That's all, yes... Thank you again, lady'' -He started eating with her arm close to her daughter to keep her still and safe- ''I have to pay this, right? How much?'' -Looked at the women again-
  13. @Csl -He looks at her, the feeling that the redhead gives is of emptiness, loneliness or something similar- ''Do they have lamb meat and whiskey?'' -His voice sounds weird too, monotonous. His behavior changed completely, something isn't good inside his thoughts-
  14. -He has been sitting in the same place for hours, since he arrived he has not eaten anything. Her little girl is curled up on her chest and in the scarf looking at her stuffed animal. Nak sighs and deep in thought closes his visible eye. Adelis the baby looked at him and started talking. She's trying to pronounce the word dad, Nak upon hearing that, he looked at her quickly- ''Yeah?... what are you trying to say?...'' -The little girl managed to say dad while looking at her father, Nak could only smile from the happiness with happiness when he heard it- ''Yees!'' he mutter to the baby ''You got it!'' the baby smiled with her tiny mouth, Nak chuckled ''Yes! Adelis, you did it!'' -He brought his face close to her to pamper Adelis with kisses and caresses while she laughed. Nak chuckled again and caressed her hair- ''Everything will be alright. I promise'' -He put his finger to the baby's little hand. She looked at his finger and she grabbed the finger. He's so happy right now, his baby just said dad. Nak smiled sweetly and closed his visible eye again-
  15. @Csl -Smiles at her and sighs- ''Thanks... that's what i hope... I want to live in peace...'' -He looked at his baby- ''I want to give her a good life...'' a tear falls down his pale face ''My poor kid...'' -He started to caress her hair again, sadly, tired and destroyed inside. He just close his visible eye-
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