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  1. Houghton leaned against the side of the ship, he began to feel his heart beat through his head which was something he had gotten use to long ago. He looked to the lieutenant and grabbed his colt walker, taking the wondrous old-style revolver out of its holster and grasping it in his real hand. His metallic hand now gasping the handle of the sword tightly, but soft enough to not make a sound. He nodded to the lieutenant as he took in a faint and subtle breath, bracing for what is and isn't to come in these next moments. The red feather in his hat slowly slumbered beneath the charcoal flaps of the hat,, out of view of anyone. You know what needs to be done.
  2. Toast

    [GS] Taurus

    " Good, now hold on to your pretty hat! " As soon as he felt Kyoku get on the back of the bike, he let the gas flow through the engine. Sending them off as Houghton began to join the pack as they circled Taurus, keeping the bike steady and fast enough to hopefully not have messed anyone else up behind or before them both. He kept the bike at a steady speed, hopefully close enough as well to allow his passenger to cast away whatever magics he could. He roughly followed the path the bike(s) before him had taken, slowly digging its wheels into the faint lines of the bikes before them. Houghton's crimson red feather continued to slightly flow throughout the breeze it could catch beneath the folded up ends of the tricorn hat as they rode.
  3. Toast

    [GS] Taurus

    Houghton quickly ran over to his motorcycle he had used to get to this damned place, grabbing the handlebars as he forcefully kicked up the kickstand beneath it. After he had successfully forced the kickstand to where it should belong, he got on the seat and attempted to start the contraption. After failing on the first attempt, he tried once again. Forcing his foot against the small peg and the engine had completely started successfully this time. As he revved the engine to keep it going he waited for Kyoku to hop on the back of the damned contraption. "Kyoku hurry up or I'm leaving you here!" He shouted over the engine to his friend, keeping the bike steady with his feet as he was forced to wait for Kyoku. He gripped the handlebars tightly with both of his hands, his metallic one having a decent grip on the bars so it wouldn't slide off. The faint crimson feather continued to blow through whatever faint kind it could catch as it rested on his tricorn hat.
  4. " Lieutenant, let's just get whatever it is out and then we'll decide if we kill it or not, deal? " He muttered under his breath yet loud enough for the lieutenant to hear. He continued staring at the flames but then returned to the ship, continuing to walk towards the damned object. Gripping the sabre's handle tighter and tighter with every passing step to the ship. His boots continuing to hit the ground with faint thuds as his metal arm continued to flow about the solid steel joint connected to his shoulder.
  5. " Why should we not help them, you think we came out here for almost nothing Lieutenant? " He looked to the lieutenant like he was a mentally insane person. Glancing back to the ship he began walking slightly faster towards the ship, his feet now audibly hitting the ground heavily. He stopped twirling a sword like a simple toy, but now grasped the sabre like sword tightly with his human arm. He was terrified of the fire before him as he stared into its open flames but he continued on since he needed to keep his reputation, even if it was only the lieutenant. His hat collected a little ash on the inside of its folded ends, the feather matching the color of the flames that had burned the nearby forest. " Well then.. let'sss have a look then, no? " He muttered as he continued walking towards the fire completely terrified and slightly stuttering on his words.
  6. " The crash happened a small while ago, I don't think the fire could have spread that fast unless everything up here is dry or dead " He continued wandering throughout the forest with the lieutenant, a little more on edge from the snake that had fallen down from the trees. He elegantly twirled his saber without a care in the world except for what was in the trees above, keeping his eyes pierced towards them like sharp daggers. His feet lightly tread against the ground occasionally steeping on a stick or stone, however none of it had scared him more than it had made him interested. " If you wish not to continue lieutenant, you may return to the boat "
  7. " What the ever loving hell... " Houghton was fascinated by the serpent rather than scared, yet he still stopped behind the lieutenant. Keeping their distance from the snake he drew his old saber, it still faintly shimmered in the faint sunlight through the trees surrounding them. He grasped the simple handle of the weapon in his human arm, letting his metallic one hang beside him as he just watched. He had no clue as to what to do about the snake, nor what he could do if it came to that circumstance. " Lieutenant what the hell am I looking at? " He questioned with a slight hint of visible concern on his face as the snake continued to slither around. Slightly gripping his sword tighter as he could hear the snake through the faint grass his heavy boots lay in.
  8. " It has been a good while... " Houghton had stuffed the new explosives within his cloak, hidden from view yet easy to activate and throw. An old yet extremely cleaned colt walker rested in his left holster, not the most reliable gun but hell it worked enough for him. On his back there would be his old Atlas officer's sword, in all of its faint shimmering glory through the trees it rested. Houghton refused to believe much danger lied before them, leaving the weapons sheathed and holsters as his jet black boots lightly kicked up against the dirt and stone beneath him. " I doubt there is anything here... yet you may continue acting accordingly lieutenant. "
  9. " Let's continue the course for now.. " He then returned to the map, running his finger along the outlines and names. Continuing to memorize the names and such before him as he attempted to ignore the feeling within his gut and the guilt he had slowly built up from his remark. " No need for lying... we know what that is do we not? " He gazed up upon the mountain, taking his slightly sore finger off of the damned parchment as he looked to the smoke billowing off the side of the mountain. The guilt slowly started to fade as he wondered about the few options he had currently to do about the fire. He looked to his lieutenant with a faint smirk, trying to lighten up the mood from the fire before them. " Lieutenant, you said I am roughly three days early.. correct? Well if so we surely have time to check out the crash before us do we not? "
  10. " Well then.. would you look at that.. " Houghton remained unusually calm throughout the entire miniature skirmish with an enemy that never existed, gazing above at the giant titan as it seems to slowly rip itself apart with the fire. To stop the faint panic from spreading further he continued his calm as he watched the structure disappear in a seemingly matter of seconds. Watching as the smoke slowly dispersed into the air and the behemoth that had flown above them left nearly without a trace of any sorts. He took roughly three steps to the edge of the boat, looking over the railing at the small waves assaulting the side of the ship. Ironically peaceful from the matter that had happened moments before. " Seems warfare is abundant here by the looks of whatever just passed over my damn head a few moments ago " He leaned back over the railing and moved his gaze from the water to the lieutenant. Houghton shot the lieutenant a semi-dead stare as his faint oceanic-like blue eyes attempted to lock onto the lieutenants for the moment.
  11. " So I'm early... perfect, for once I will not be late to something of importance " He took his metallic hand and took the paper, using his real finger he began tracing over both the path and the shape of the continents. It certainly was not Atlas so some mental work would need to be done to remember landmarks and continents. He began briefly memorizing both continents and names, occasionally mumbling the word aloud and quickly silencing himself. He had taken his charcoal colored tricorn hat and adjusted it with its small yet noticeable red feather sticking out from behind it, covering most of his hair and head with the hat. " Of course Kyoku would speak of me... poor soul doesn't know how to silence himself when he's around home about this place " He muttered with a faint grin, continuing to focus more on the map and not even the wondrous ship he had boarded.
  12. " I just never would have imagined this under these circumstances.. Everyone's been wrong before however.. " He muttered gently beneath his breath, looking at the fortress in all of its glory. It reminded him of Atlas for a moment before snapping back within his new reality, looking around at the soldiers by the gate. He returned the salute formally for once since the fall of Atlas. He gazed around at the interior of the fortress and was amazed by it in all of its wonders, this truly was something new and wondrous he would most likely end up exploring in the near future. Yet, now is the time to continue with his escort to wherever their destination in mind was. He got a few thoughts in his mind hearing the remark with his former friend and friend of war, he followed the last remark with a faint chuckle. Continuing to gaze about the interior of the titanic structure as the jeep continued moving throughout the settlement. " Well then.. surely will be a surprise for Hawk when he finds out I'm still alive.. not to mention that I'm even here in his fortress... "
  13. " Well that is helpful to keep in mind.. " He turned his head to look straight out the windshield, slightly cracking his neck as he did so. He grasped the grenade within his metallic arm, gazing over the small yet seemingly effective piece of weaponry. He looked at the pin and was tempted to pull it, however he did have his decency around his friends of war and decided not to. He continued his small smile, gazing about at the cows and the man riding the horse. His smile only grew as he now knew the fact horses were here and are somewhat used, having grown up where a horse was needed most of his life helped him before but not entirely now. " Well then.. Addison, Hawk, Howard and Kyoku all within one region... certainly a rare occurrence for people of their nature... " He had one last thing he wished to say but held his tongue, the question wasn't really one for the lieutenant but one for someone who could give one of two answers.
  14. " Fort Solitude... sounds like Hawk- and well dynamite is still the best explosives back home... No ones bothered to attempt anything better so that is what I've been stuck with forever... " Houghton took the hat off his head, laying it on his lap as they drove. His smile continuing as they past trees faster than he ever could on any of his few horses. However one thing had surprisingly changed about Houghton as he wasn't wearing his usual eye-patch which revealed a seemingly normal eye. His smile didn't fade for the entire trip, enjoying every second he spent in the jeep as well this would be his first time and certainly not his last. His metal arm rested on top of the door which faintly shimmered in the sunlight through the trees as it bounced off the slightly dirtied steel. " So.. I'd presume you have something better than dynamite here since you have whatever I'm currently sitting in. " He looked over his shoulder to the lieutenant, trying to look over the interior of the Jeep to match it with the outside. Still marveling as they passed through the forest, after the question he began wondering how this machine worked beneath him.
  15. " Good morning lads... seems you haven't aged a day since Atlas... " He shot up with a smile as he recognized the men before him, fixing the charcoal black tricorn hat he wore over his sliver colored hair. Houghton stood tall among the men, gazing around at the new world he had found himself within. He caught notice of the mechanical wonders before him, studying them from wheel to wheel in all their glory. Having never seen anything like this he wondered what else there was in a world like this. He returned his gaze back to the men however, mostly focusing on the lieutenant and how he had changed since their last encounter. He noticed the changes in the uniforms and even weaponry. Marveled by everything before him he took in a slight breath, trying not to take in too much at one time. " Well then.. I guess I have some catching up to do with you boys.. " He slightly chucked this remark under his breath, still just marveled as he gazed between the men and everything else that was around them. Resting his mechanical arm on top of his head as he slightly spun on his heel, continuing to look around for anything that could be more interesting.
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