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  1. He looked at the brothy soup and shrugged, pouring himself some of it. "This'll be useful for washing the meat down." A smile etched itself on his frame. "Oh~? Sounds like you've tried really hard for me." Chuckling for a moment, his expression softened into a thankful one. "That is more flattering than you know, Myrinda. I can only hope to return the favor by taking care of you as well, in the future." There was nothing vile in the knights tone this time, no underlining expression, despite what was a probable bad choice of words. Then he returned his attentions back to the meal. "Thank you for the food!" He didn't really care much for ettiquete, as a commoner-born knight, all he asked for was silence at the table, unless there was something of particular import to discuss; and so Rhean descended into silence, focusing on eating as much as he could, for without the assertive care of servants, he would have to look out for himself, and for his companion. Silently, he found himself thanking Primera, and Myrinda; for not being alone in this moment of what could be called his lowest hour.
  2. He returned after a quick bath, thankfully remembering to put on some pants as he used his shirt to dry himself off, before putting the wet shirt on. With a look at the blackened meat, he chuckled and then smiled. "Did you best, huh? Well, I'm a soldier, so you don't need to worry." Not that he would have complained, Rhean silently added to himself. He was of commoner birth, after all, so surviving in the wild was nothing new to him. Imagining her in an apron for the briefest moment, he blinked and looked away in shame. Here was this woman who could have left him to die at any moment, in fact now that he went to bathe would have been her perfect chance, yet she didn't and all he could do is continuously offer her perversion. Shame, a notion he hadn't really considered for years, returned to him in full bloom as he sat down and quietly helped himself to the food, hoping she wouldn't notice his embarrassment. With a bite into the blackened meat, he found himself blinking in surprise and smiled. "You used magic to cook this, didn't you~?" A chuckle escaped him as he quickly continued. "Food cooked over magical flames has a peculiar bite to it, kind of like it was spiced over with alcohol, should you have never tried to eat any of its like before. So be prepared for that."
  3. His head shot up when he saw her approach. "Done then?" He placed the marble pot gently on the ground and stood up. "You can use that to cook something, if you want." He pointed towards the freshly cut slabs of deer meat, neatly lined on the stone, with only its cut off limbs and skull remaining to tell the tale that there ever even was a deer here. "If not, I'll just roast it once I'm done bathing." Nearly taking off his shirt in front of her again, he sighed and walked over to the watery creek and disrobed there, utterly oblivious to her inner thoughts. In fact, the knight hadn't thought about leaving her behind in the slightest, though he was just as capable as she was of surviving on his own. His reasoning for it was relatively simple; he liked her. There werent many out there that he could claim to be the same.
  4. Even though the knight's head didn't physically turn around, she could feel his aura staring at her without a care in the world, for he made zero attempts to hide it. He whistled, as softly as he could as he worked on the remainder of the deer, not really taking great care with his cuts due to the animal being plentifully large, big enough to feed them for a few days. Not that he would ever stoop so low as to force himself, as well as Myrinda, to consume the same type of food for days on end. That was, in his view at least, barbaric. Moreso than that, it was quite unmanly. Blinking as he mused to himself, he exclaimed a question. "How good are you at cooking?" Rhean felt that this may have been a dumb question, not because the target of his inquiry was a woman, but because she was a witch that spent hours of everyday dedicated to the concoction of all manner of potions and reagents. He only hoped that she wouldn't find it offensive. Looking around, he took note of a small outcropping of stone. Marble is, thankfully, relatively easy to carve and shape, so creating a stone pot wouldn't take more than thirty minutes of dedicated labor, once he was done with the deer.
  5. "Would you rather that one of them decided to follow me here, watch me enter this cave and then we wake up tomorrow with another mob on our door?" He sighed and washed his hands, dressing himself as he realized that she was uncomfortable. "Y'know, I was planning on taking a dip in that spring over there once I'm done. The waters are rather warm this time of the year." With a smirk, he continued. "I suppose you want to bathe too, right? Should we discuss who goes first~?" Rhean continued to carve up the deer after dressing himself, but after narrowly dodging a spurt of blood from the deers abdomen, he promptly removed his shirt once again and just draped it over his back instead.
  6. Time passed and noon was fast approaching when she heard footsteps from the outside, only to catch Rhean walking back inside, drenched in sweat but thankfully not blood. Draped over his shoulders was a runehide buck, alongside a great haul of wanderberries, dragged behind him in a leather sack. "I see you've been busy." He smiles as he placed the berries on the floor and takes out a hunters knife, which was ... Well, lets say "sheathed", inside of his own flesh. His thigh, to be more precise. "Raided a hunters camp along the way, killed them all." He mused with a dark grin. The wounded flesh seemed to weave itself shut. It seems that the baron had gained much from devouring the troll, to the point where it seemed as if he may indeed, have augmented himself with their blood on a high scale. Thankfully, he didn't have their stench, or even radiated any form of smell at all, despite being covered head to toe in blood and sweat for much of the day. Slamming the deer's corpse on a particularily flat slab of stone, he began to carve it up, butchering the creature with predatorial efficiency. He turned towards the witch with nary a quirked eyebrow, holding the deers heart in his right hand. "You need the organs for something?"
  7. With a smirk and then a grin, Rhean threw off most of his clothing, with the exception of underwear, drenching them in a cavern spring and leaving them to dry on the sunlit stones. "Then I'll go hunting and leave you to do what you will." Then, after some quite revealing stretches, the mad baron leaped off of the hill and charged into forest, releasing pulses of magic, rich in mana. So rich, in fact, that to any self-respecting mage, they would seem completely wasteful. To Rhean though, they were merely a means to an end, and in his mind, he figured that the more mana he infuses the spell with, the greater its chance of success, the truth of the matter nonwithstanding.
  8. The mad knight, if he can even call himself that now that he no longer had his silver sword, smiled at her. "They called me a tyrant on the battlefield for a reason. Plus, a troll has to be butchered up quickly, lest it begins to regenerate." He blinks and then walks up to the trolls head, placing hands on both of its ears and channeling magic inside of the trolls body. "... and on that note... Blood Boil." A flash of crimson etched itself into Rhean's eyes as the trolls body cringed and twitched, the mana inserted forcing the creatures own blood to fry its own brain to ash. Rhean smirked, proud of his work, as he let go of the trolls head and stood up. "There, now its dead for sure." A grim, cruel chuckle escape him as he marveled at the sight, the disgusting frame of the troll not marring his delight in the slightest. Finally, after a while of senseless staring, he shrugged towards Myrinda. "At least, I took great care not to splatter you with any of its bits, even if in my own view, the blood would have made you more beautiful~." He walked back outside and observed the forests below like a hawk hunting for prey. "You wouldn't happen to have any spells to help me track down wildlife, would you?" Turning towards the dead troll, he snorted. "Unless, we're eating that tonight."
  9. With a disappointed sigh, Rhean relented, not really having the strength to fight back. "Guess that's my payback~." He mused with a smile as he landed on the ground with a thud and replacing his expression with a rough, familiar brooding grimace, the knight exhaled a heated breath, focusing his rage. She could see the mana coursing inside of him roaring, screeching against his own body. "Blood Boil." He slammed the vile spell into his own chest, the crimson energies reacting violently with his own wounds, consuming everything, even the blood spilled by his landing. Deciding that he's had enough of faking weakness and rising to the occassion, unleashing his own aura upon everything as a familiar dread weaved itself into the very fabrics of their sourroundings, the knight's ravaged flesh pulsed with heat and power, ready to take on anything that the world might throw at him. His grip on his sword tightened to such heights that the handle of the blade shattered from the stress, the holy blade apparently unwilling to serve the mad knight any longer as its slamming against the marble awakened the troll sleeping within. "Cheh, useless piece of trash, I should have melted you long ago." Cracking his neck and channeling his fury just as the troll came charging out of its hiding hole, the beast having been attracted by the commotion, Rhean met the substancially larger monster head on, his fingers digging through the flesh of the trolls hands and breaking apart the bone, only for the monster to be pulled downwards. Ripping his hands out of the trolls arms, he sent his right hand through the trolls chest and impaled its wretched heart, grabbing the trolls head with the left as he climbed it, resulting in the tearing of the creature's throat, as Rhean's bestial instinct drove him onwards, gnashing the trolls throat with his own, wolf-like teeth and draining it of blood. Within moments, the combat was done and the knight looked remarkably refreshed, his flesh singing with the life-essence devoured from the troll as he wiped his mouth. "There we go..." Turning around to face the witch, he took out a golden crusaders cross with a diamond core, casting another spell of dancing blood, infusing the energies into her body and healing her wounds. "Crimson Reprieve." A silent prayer to evil, made with the aid of a despoiled relic of faith, the sheer sin of it invigorated the witch.
  10. The baron seemed to blush lightly at her dispositon, then turn away with disappointment. "Ahem, yes, I suppose you do preffer your lonesome more than my company." With a sigh, he began walking up the mountain, motioning once again for her to follow him. "Apologies, I suppose being left a widower has made me a bit, *clicks tongue* desperate." His stance is proud and tall, but he is quite clearly having trouble moving up the mountain with a still-open gut. Not that he would ever admit it.
  11. "I wasn't thinking of any actual changes on my part, unless that'd make you happier." He smirked lightly as the turned his head back to the group of hunters. "Though that would require material." Licking his lips, he shrugged. "A thought for later, if nothing else. And good luck with giving me a boil. *chuckles* My body is quite sturdy, you know?" Regardless, he nodded in approval of her advice. "Hiding out in the mountains, eh? Well, least I'll be sharing a cave with a beauty." Standing up while pressing the herbs she applied into his wound so they don't fall out, he scouts the area like a hawk, first watching the hunters leave, then closing his eyes to sense the lay of the land, turning his head upwards, facing the mountain. "There's an underground cave up above, inhabited by a sleeping troll. I can use its blood to speed up my regeneration and heal your wounds as well." Cracking his fingers and unsheating his sword, he waited patiently for her answer.
  12. Replying without missing a beat, the man smiles and speaks silently. "Wouldn't be the worst way to die." With a chuckle, he takes up his sword and uses it to promptly remove the burned flesh on his left arm, finally allowing it to heal. He briefly considered consuming the meat, but deciding against it, not wishing to disgust present company. "Myrinda, do you still remember what I used to look like as a man?" A blink, then two. "A-ah, I don't mean this in any self-pitying way. Just that your illusion magic could be useful when we reach the port, as there's a bank present in the town." Musing a bit, he continues with a scowl."Even if my tax collector refuses to help us, I've still got enough coin saved to last us a while." Then the knight turned to the woman dressing his wounds. "What about you? Any ideas on how to proceed?"
  13. The mad knight chuckles. "Well, if my reward for overdoing it is having you nursing me back to health, I might start overdoing it even more." He tried to laugh and coughed up blood in the process, laying his head back down onto the ground as he swallowed down hard. "We should be west of Camp Garntooth." Groaning and looking around for a bit, he took a breath and closed his eyes in thought. "How about going to Port Reach? Frederika's going to bitch, but she'll help us get the manor back, to save her own hide if for nothing else." @Frederika True to Garntooth's reputation of being a gathering spot for hunters, several people with tracking equipment pass by close to them, seemingly not noticing the duo.
  14. Rhean himself did his best not to focus on how soft the woman he was holding was, and just continued running forward. "It used to be an escape tunnel, now its more of a convenient graveyard!" With a loud thunk, the pair realizes that the knight had just crushed the skull of a skeleton rising from the ground. "Fuck!" Cursing loudly, Rhean channeled all the mana he still could into his body, moderating it on the fly and stopping the bleeding, charging on through while holding onto the witch tigthtly, causing her no small amount of pain. Thankfully, the light at the end of the tunnel was close as Rhean leaped outside, across several of the undead rising from the ground, landing as gently as he could and placing the witch down before gathering his remaining strength to destroy the tunnel gateway supports, managing to make it all collapse before he himself took his last steps backwards, and promptly fell back-first onto the harsh marble-bound soil with a sickening splat."A-ahh.. s-still alive, witch?"
  15. Looking back at the burning manor one last time, the mad knight thinks of his son and feels his heart tighten, focusing his presence-sensing abilities to the maximum and sees Mozart leaving with the dumbfounded kid in tow. Smiling suddenly in relief, he turns back around and follows the witch through the darkness. "Sorry about that, had to confirm something before we left." Once they're both a few meters inside, the knight slashes at the old, wooden supports at the start of the tunnel, cutting off the raging mob from entry. Alas, it seems that their troubles are not yet done, as the ravenous undead crawl out of every direction, phantasmal limbs trying to grab them. The knight groans and slices at the dead with his silverite sword, exorcising them in the process. "Shit, the undead are still on our heels!" Deciding not to face the undead horde head on, he picks up the witch much like one would a bride, and rushes for the exist, relying on the sunlight to banish the veritable river of tormented souls chasing behind them. "You can slap me for this later, for now, think of some way to buy us time, Myrinda!"
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