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  1. Mozart takes a deep breath, like it isn't easy for him what he is doing. "No, I really am thirsty, haven't drank anything in about 36 hours. And it is an easy way to be alone for a while." He Nods. "But before anything, please finish listening, don't draw half conclusions please. Usually that ends in unfair deaths..." He takes out a glowing orb, anyone could see that it is a primitive form of light magic. "You may have noticed, but i'm not really ready to trust people i just met yet, the older they are, the more dangerous in my experience. So just to be sure i placed a spell on Shaym, Normally this ball of light would go out if the target dies. Useful when sending someone into dangerous territory, but after a bit of tinkering i managed to connect it to a personal attribute of mine." The moment he begins talking about the spell, his speech changes into one of excitement, explaining his spell without any worry at all. The glow between the cracks of his glasses have changed to a bright orange. "The personal attribute that i added to it, allows one to see the emotions of the target shown to the user by colour. although i don't know what all mean yet, i know the following: Yellow is fear, green is curiosity..." He hesitates on the next one. "red is anger... and light blue is calm or something similar. i have seen some others, but i'm not sure about those yet. the ones i saw where orange, which i expect to be something akin to excitement or just joy. and dark blue, which has something to do with sadness or pain, not sure about them though. I've seen two ways of displaying multiple emotions at once, the first one was alternating between them, the second was a mixture of the both" He pauses a bit, making sure everybody takes in what was just being said, the colour between the cracks of his glasses change to a light blue. "I placed this on Shaym, if something happens to him that causes either fear or anger, then i won't just sit and wait. if i wanted him to be in danger, i wouldn't even have tried to get him out of the commotion back where we met. So I ask you to keep this hidden from them, and help if it is needed. If it isn't needed i'll just break the spell and no harm is done ,unless Elkar finds out of course. Just in case something does happen, i would like to ask for your help." He holds the orb in front of him, it shrinks a bit in size so it fits in the palm of his hand, unless someone would pay close attention to it, they could easily mistake it for a common light spell. It takes a bit, but after not too long the butler returns with water.
  2. Mozart lays his head in his face due to the pack of tact of Destas. But atleast things are moving along right now. Apparently this Guy was like a father to Shaym, but why did he go missing if they all atived here this easy. Probably Just the build up paranoid feelings that hé build up while running. Rev seems to trust him, asking for Them to speak alone, if that's the case the others wouldn't mind if he put one on Shaym. Behind his back he hides a small light not visible to the others, some kind of thread seems to be connected from his body to this light. After a bit the thread disconnects from Mozart, and connectes to Shaym before disappearing. After going outside he'll tell the Destas and Rev about it, although There is a possibility one of Them noticed already. After all, the focus was on hiding It from Shaym, Elkar and the servants. Just as he finishes his spell, Elkar speaks up. Might be a bit of a problem if the servant stays close, but It doesn't seem like There Will be a big problem. "Alright, i have something to say to these two anyway. " And he follows the servant. The garden indeed has a Nice beauty to It. The light wasn't cold like he expected, but actually pretty Nice. But before anything else, it's best if the servant left for a bit. "Uhm, sir, is it possible to het something to drink like water, i haven't had a drink in what feels like days. " Hé wasn't completely lying, but It should work.
  3. After seeing the man, Mozart quickly puts on his Hood again. But this isn't the time to hide, it's too late to run, so he takes the Hood off again. The light between the cracks of his glasses chances from yellow to green, although it quickly changes to yellow again when the door slams shut after them. The house was bigger than expected. Mozart was completely taken back by the paintings. Although they didn't look familiar, they did give a feeling of some old friends, if they are still Alive. When reaching the final paintings he looks a bit uneasy, wondering if Shaym also was taken away from his home, or if he had encountered something that shouldn't be encountered. While looking around he pokes Destas on the shoulder and asks him in a quiet way: "Hey, Just who is this Guy, and are You sure Shaym is safe here?" Something felt Just not right. Coming across friend after friend. Experience told him that something is bound to go wrong, yet There weren't any clear signs, atleasy not while wearing the glasses.
  4. Destas didn't even give Mozart any room to answer. And just before he could stop him, he flew off. For a moment it looks like he wants to jump after him, but he stops after thinking a bit and gets back in his spot. "Full of energy that one." he looks a bit anxious if he manages to get this person with him, but still has a small smile. It's no use to worry about it too much for now. if anyone new him, it would've been too late anyway, Shaym looks like he won't find out anyway, he has different problems. Rev looks like she may be a problem, But she doesn't seem to know yet. and Destas... well, He is Destas. even if he knows he'll probably just laugh. He takes of the hood of his cloak, beneath it is a pretty usual face. One that looks human. His hair is a mess like he hasn't taken care of it for weeks. And the glasses that he wares are cracked. even though you can see blue eyes through the glasses, there is a weird yellow glow coming from between the cracks. "much better." for a moment he enjoys the wind in his face before continuing to walk with them. there is still a certain tension coming from him, and it looks like he is trying to cover his face again. "Who knows, maybe he'll bring his entire friend list." When arriving at the house, he walks to the side, not visible when someone opens the door without looking around carefully first. When the old man opens the door and looks at shaym with his mouth hanging open, Mozart chuckles a bit. "Did you come back to life or something."
  5. He jumps a bit after hearing this and then nods. "yeah, i'm coming with you." there is a bit of uncertainty in his voice. "And i've got nothing hidden under the hood. it's just... i'll tell if we indeed have to travel together." With that he follows the group. He is almost happy that the other people in this place seem to know Shaym, Less attention to him is better. now just to keep the attention of rev away from him So much for that. "Call me Mozart. That's what i'm called at the moment. And i don't think we met before. Unless you visit small islands outside this one, there is a small chance." Even though he says this, it almost looks like he is prepared to jump down and run away. there isn't any sign that he wants to fight the people here, but it's hard to read if it's fear, or something else. "By the way, do you have any posters about hunting monsters? if you have some i'd like to look at them."
  6. At the appearance of the woman, Mozart quickly hides his face. Hoping that she isn't hired yet while listening to the conversation between the others. It seems like a lot of the tree is closed off, so maybe it's better to just leave, the half demon seems to be among people that know him, so it's probably safe. Time to cut the losses and leave the group. But the moment he turns his back... Mozart glances at the Rev. It seems she isn't interested in the slightest in who he is, so maybe Shaym's, or Vohamanah's situation can still help. Now to choose, Shaym is with friends, so his safety is guaranteed. If anything goes wrong, there is no easy way out. "Maybe..." Mozart let's that one word slip. His thoughts all over the place, he even dropped his guard.
  7. It didn't take long before the the person in question answered. "Then lets hurry." Even though Shaym's glance made a few people go away, it wasn't enough for a clear path. He looks ready to clear the path more if needed. so he quickly lays a hand on his shoulder. "If you do anything now, you'll only invite trouble. Everyone already knows the faces of you 3." As if on cue, it feels like wind begins to blow, but the wind comes from the people in front of the group, it only takes a few seconds until they fall down. although it isn't clear how they did it at first glance. if one would look closer they would see that all kinds of roots stuck out of the ground, some entangling the feet of the ones in the way, some just behind them, pushed by a gust of wind. The hooded figure waits until the others are ahead. Yet the moment he starts to run the roots that caused the falling of the people disappear. When they finally entered the tree, The figure looked up in amazement. not noticing that his hood fell of, revealing a person with middle-length, messy hair and a pair of cracked glasses. "How did they build this place without killing the tree." He mumbles to himself, completely ignoring everyone around them. it takes a few seconds before he hears the others again. He snaps his head back to the group. curious about what they will do next.
  8. The discussion continued even though many people kept getting closer to the trio. It took a bit but he recognized the anxious look on the face of the one that called himself 'Shaym'. He put the hood of his cloak back on, covers his face a bit and approached the trio. trying not to stand out, and holding his hand on the holster for his knife in case this is a bad decision. Not realizing that he looks quite suspicious right now. "you all are getting a lot of attention, and our friend here looks like he's about to run away from it all. Let's move somewhere more private with this talk."
  9. After a long time, Mozart finally had reached the tree of memories. Hoping that it could give some insight on the empty spaces that once occupied important parts of his memories. If what was written in the journal was true of course. But even after reaching it, there was no reaction. Yet he saw something that might help, A person with white wings. Something he knew all too well. But one glance and he saw that they were still different. But who knows, maybe this another chance to find the truth. Thus he approached him, to his surprise two others also walked towards him, a demon who looked like his friend, and someone who seems to be interested in the two. Not knowing if they are friend or foe, he calmly approached them, still on guard.
  10. so that is about 5 in the morning. i'll try to make it, if not, i'll join later.
  11. @Mickey Flash Also interested to join. My character isn't officially an angel, but has wings thanks to creatures related to angels. (Creatures unnamed for now.)
  12. Meanwhile in the basement the teacher is done with writing his notes and puts it back in his pocket. He puts his glasses back on and walks upstairs. When gets close to the door he is just in time to hear the final words of the cat, and thus he enters the room. "Good to hear. He won't die easily. Miss, is it alright if i take a look at some of your books in the shop? at least until you need something from me of course."
  13. He hesitates a bit. but instead of sleeping he decides to sit in the hallway against the wall. after a short while he takes out his notebook. "i guess i need a new hiding spot for you." he carefully looks around if by any chance the girl will return. after he is sure that the son is asleep and the girl won't be back in a while. he takes of his glasses, revealing an unnatural glow. he takes out his pen and starts to write.
  14. "It's unusual to be affected like this? it felt so real, that i almost revealed my... nevermind. let's just say that i suspect that i'm quite susceptible to mental attacks, so i'll ask you to avoid using any on me in the future." They follow her to the basement. He looks around with interest. When they reach the room he stops. "I thank you for your courtesy. But i'm not tired at the moment. Before i rest i'd rather find the whereabouts of the baron. Now that the young master is safe I think that it's more important than resting." But still, they have been travelling a lot, and he does look tired. But refusing to enter the room, even with the words that it won't close.
  15. After looking at the invisible cat while it leaves, he turns back to the girl in front of him. "Like that cat said, the villagers decided to take action and attacked the mansion. Because Dray and i were in the tower, we weren't found as easily. It was quite easy to deceive them, most thought we were with them after getting in the tower. A few followed us, but thanks to the one in that pot over there they quickly left us." He points at the pot, not sure if others saw the cat leaving. "after escaping we went through the forest and decided to go here. had to deal with some bandits on the way. By the way, does that cat always have those illusions? Made me ruin my suit." He turns around to display the tattered back of the suit. "you know the rest. Almost assaulted by some guards, and then we met you."
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