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  1. "Interesting." Shal hovered over the island, watching the baron's anger explode. "Maybe if I push him a little more... I have to think about this seriously. I will also need to pay a visit to the witch. I wonder how long it will take me to get him to this state?" A smile appeared on the cat's face. "In the meantime, has my package already been delivered? It's time to visit the shop..."
  2. "Can no one on this damn island take a joke?" Shal wanted to breathe, but a better idea came to their mind. Natural Energy used by Sprites and Druids is different from Mana. If someone ever managed to create an exact spectrum of power in the universe, these two would certainly be on opposite sides of it. If we consider Mana as the power used to bend reality to the will of the user, the Energy of Nature will be the power of reality, assisting the user in performing the given action. Of course, Mana and Energy of Nature are much more complex and have many more functions, so these explanations are not entirely valid. They serve only as a seed of truth, intended to help simple people understand these phenomena, even if just a little. For a simple man, both these forces serve to create miracles. And although the result seems to be the same, the process is quite different. That is why Shal has difficulty detecting Mana. However, this is not always a weakness. Because just as Shal can't sense Mana, so many wizards can't sense Natural Energy. Only a few chosen mastered both arts. Therefore, Shal's illusions are very effective against Mana users. And this fact, they intended to use. The cat surrounded themselves with a mantle of the trickster. Immediately after Tyros, a young woman with skin white as the milk came out of the forge. She was wearing a loose, black dress, and long red hair fell on her back. She walked bare feet and leaned on the baron's shoulder. "You will tell me the rest when the witch gives us some privacy again." The woman kissed his cheek and fled giggling before anyone could react. * * * Shal flew aimlessly over the island. They were thinking about their next move. "I do not understand Heartweald? Of course I don't! Nobody understands it. Even the inhabitants of Rath Lux, boasting of their connection with the Will of the Island, do not understand it. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either a madman or a fool. Rhean included. I am sure that even Heartweald does not understand itself."
  3. "Let me ignore comparing me to these weeds, so as not to spoil the friendly tone of our conversation, Rheanny." The cat jumped up and hung in the air again. "But you are wrong about human nature. People are not afraid of real heroes. They are happy that they are on their side, but with admiration. They do not want to be against them, not because they fear them, but because of an internal sense of justice. They would feel bad, being against a heroic person. But what can a person without a conscience know about it?" Shal returned to the table, and as the cats do, they knocked something off of it. "When the object falls to the floor, it makes a sound. Same with every person on the island. Every move you make puts natural energy into vibrations. With a little practice, you can distinguish between those vibrations. Here being spirit is useful. I had centuries to learn useful tricks." "You don't have to worry about me, Rheanny. I know perfectly well what troubles await anyone who tries to approach the Red River. From experience." The cat looked at the baron again. "That is why I want you to tell me about your meeting with the Red Priest. Of course, I won't force you to tell me anything, but if I have to, I will look into your memories myself."
  4. The village was calm. Too calm. Was Vytar not going to get involved in the coming conflict? She could gain a lot by helping or defying the Baron. But he seemed to be waiting. Unless she already gathered her people and hid. Or maybe Shal thought about it too much, and nothing suspicious was happening? Dryads. They are always up to something. Or not? Perhaps the Cat's hatred for the forest guardians is exaggerated? Absurd! They are definitely up to something! Shal did not want to draw the attention of her enemies, who just as they were sensitive to the energy of nature. After a short moment of flying over the village, they returned to Port Reach, where the debate was taking place. Using sharp arguments, and even more sharp objects, mercenaries were deciding who should have higher ranks. It looked comical, and the Spirit Cat stopped to observe the chaos for a moment. In their head, they started to bet on who among the gang would die first, who would be the strongest and how many teeth they could later find and throw under the pillow of Tyros' witch-lover. However, this stop was short. They can check results of the bets at any time, but catching the Baron alone is a rare opportunity. Shal hoped to meet face to face, and that's what happened. Shal flew into the room where Rhean dressed in new armor. "You won't win the love of your subjects with this behavior, Rheanny." They landed on the table and sat down comfortably. "You should show that even as a nobleman, you can thank the middle class. Show that social divisions mean less than the value of the work done, and you'll earn everyone's respect." Shal stretched and walked around. "But I didn't come here to study people management. You met the Red Priest during your escape." Big blue cat eyes pierced like needles. "Could you tell me about him, Rheanny? Pretty please."
  5. "Well, nothing new. I'm used to being ignored..." Shal thought for a moment about impersonating Tyros and doing something stupid, but they rejected the idea. They also didn't want to follow him, and they want to leave Frederika alone until she calms down. They had nothing to do in the square, so they just flew away. They flew to spy the Vytas Village.
  6. The last few weeks have been filled with work for everyone and even Shal, who has no responsibilities, has found a lot of things to do. Heartweald was quiet during the preparation of Tyros, which greatly interested the Cat Spirit. They explored the beach area, looking for traces of the Red Priest who was supposed to appear there during the attack on the baron's estate. The Red Priests were powerful and, like all such strong beings, they left clear marks. Shal did not have the talent to detect mana, especially the one that after a few days after use, slowly disappears from the air, they could sense changes in natural energy. And the sudden appearance of the Red Priest belonged to events that strongly disturbed this energy. Shal could determine where he appeared. What route did he travel and what did he do. However, they could not tell where he disappeared to, and this was the information they wanted most. Another missed opportunity. Meeting one of the Priests could bring them closer to discovering the true nature of Heartweald. Well, they have eternity for more tries. One of them must finally succeed, right? However, not only the Red River and its representatives of dubious beauty occupied the time of Shal. On the island, the branches of intrigue and conspiracy plotted Dryads, the source of all evil. The conflict between the Cat Spirit and the Dryads was as old as the cat itself. Neither side remembered exactly how it began, but it began and continued, and no one could deny it. And now Vytar called herself a goddess and gathered a group of blinded villagers under her banner. If they wanted Shal could easily do the same. Even with a bit of imagination, they could pretend to be Heartweald. But then they would do exactly what they hate Dryads for. They interfered with the free will of others. Shal had to think carefully about what they were going to do with the Dryads. That is why, using Frederika's name, the ordered large amounts of herbicide from the mainland. They could use fire, but the herbicide seems more fun to them. Impersonation was also an interesting experience. The idea of doing it more often went through the mind of the Cat Spirit. The last Shal activities were listening to all the gossip they could hear. And although most of them were paranoid attempts to explain unexplainably, some seemed very interesting to them. It was a busy few weeks. Fortunately, they found time to rest, now having a second place to sleep, Tyros's new home in Port Reach. At last, however, the day came when the mercenaries of Tyros's order appeared in Port Reach. Many new faces flooded the city. Certainly bringing in a lot of money to the innkeepers, a courtesan, croupiers, and pickpockets. Shal watched this band of ragamuffins and rascals, hovering over Tyros's head, invisible to anyone except those initiated into their existence. Pawns are already on the chessboard. And stronger figures are on their way. Time to start the match.
  7. Dryads are responsible for all evil! Join the anti-Dryad movement and get a free mug with the image of a Spirit Cat and a discount at the florist shop in Port Reach. #GetRidOfWeeds

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      Welp, I know that there is a war between dryads and humans here so expect a dryad to comment here as well.

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  8. Short summary: Several days have passed since the attack on the estate of Baron Tyros, the ruler of Rath Lux. When Rhean no longer needs to worry about his life, other doubts come to his head. To dispel them, he decides to visit his associate Frederika. Full summary: After a passionate night with Myrinda, Tyros wakes up around noon. After the events of the last days, his head is full of many matters. Leaving the sleeping lover a letter, Rhean goes to the streets of Port Reach to meet another woman, Frederika, who he hopes will help him solve some of his problems. In the streets, the baron notices that people ignore him, look away from him. A momentary thought of leaving the island crept into Tyros's head but was quickly rejected. Meanwhile, Frederika, unaware of the guest approaching her, relished the taste of Red Belladonna, a drug, knowing that thanks to her resistance to toxins she could not suffer the unpleasant consequences of addiction. Both people were watched by attentive blue eyes. When the meeting took place, Shal, the Cat Spirit associated with Frederika, decided to eavesdrop on the conversation, pretending to be an ordinary cat before Rhean. During a conversation at Frederiki's flower shop, Tyros sensed the drug and was not happy about it. For the convenience of her guest, Black Rose moved the meeting to the roof of the building, where a nasty case of animal abuse occurred. In a discussion about his doubt, Rhean made the mistake of mocking Frederika. The Black Rose showed her thorns, in one fiery speech giving Tyros what she thought were the easiest solutions to his problems, after which she dismissed both the baron and poor Shal from her home. Opportunities: 1. The conversation of the three could have gotten into unwanted ears. 2. The fact of Baron Tyros's new appearance has reached public awareness. 3. A new drug, Red Belladonna, has arrived at Rath Lux. @Ataraxy @Aleksei
  9. "Why do I feel like I have been hit by a ricochet..?" That said, Shal disappeared.
  10. The cat flew around the heads of Tyros and Frederika for a moment, waiting for the woman to stop laughing. Although directed against Shal, her laughter was a nice change, so Spirit decided to let her continue. Laughter was one of the things they respected. When it stopped, the Cat lowered the flight and gently lay down on the table. "Well, well, well, Freddy..." Shal looked at Frederika. Their face seemed to be happy, although attempts to read the expression of cats often bring unreliable results. "I didn't know you had that something in you too. Did some ice just crack? Only I heard it? You should laugh more often." The last sentence was uttered in a different tone, less mocking more... honestly. The Cat turned to Tyros. "Pat me? No, you had your chance. Expect a bad harvest and drought, unless you bring me a sacrifice..." Shal stuck out their tongue. "And don't underestimate Dryads. You won't enslave them. Get it out of your head with a heavy hammer, or this overgrown Emberite bar that you call a sword. They are proud, powerful, and have Heartweald on their side. You have two options, negotiate with them or get rid of them. And you can be sure, Rhean, none of these options are easy." "Freddy" Cat meowed. "Don't let him talk to you like that, you're at your own home."
  11. The Spiritual Cat is bullied again! #StopShalAbuse.

  12. Loud laughter resounds among the house. It seems to come from all sides. This impression goes away when Shal, hovering in the air, returns to the roof of Frederika's house. When they appear, it is obvious that the sound comes from them. "I was going to throw a thousand dead mice on your head for what you did." The cat lies in the air. "But you said something very interesting." Shal turns to Frederika. "And you could defend me, as befits a friend! Check the pillows before sleeping so that you don't wake up with the mouse in your hair!" The Cat Spirit is spinning in the air. Circling the talking two. "You don't need laws here. Vytar needs to be uprooted, and her bunch will disperse itself. The rest of the dryads are also suitable for weeding! You heard about the last slaughter in Vitas Village?"
  13. After receiving a flick in the ear, Shal turned to Frederika. The cat's eyes drilled a woman as if to say that she would pay for it. However, this was also part of the game, Shal did not care about physical contact. After a moment, they turned their head back to Tyros, suppressing laughter. When the baron mentioned spying on him, Shal looked so innocent that Frederika was sure they had to use an illusion. The Cat didn't say a word. The game continued. They went to the roof with Frederika and Tyros. And when Rhean took his place at the table, Shal jumped on his lap. For a moment, they knead their newly occupied place with their paws, after a while to get comfortable and start to purr. Shal listened to the conversation. Maybe they could even take part in it ... but it would end the game. And they didn't want to.
  14. "So she has a guest, hmmm... and not just any guest..." Shal, Cat Spirit decided to stay with Frederika for some time. As long as Dray and his teacher remained in her basement. Shal did not hide that they liked the florist's house. It was comfortable, always clean and the plants smelled nice. Shal continued to value freedom, and often disappeared for long hours, doing Heartweald only know what, but always returned to take a nap in the pot, or to play a prank her host. No wonder then that when no one else but Baron Tyros appeared on the threshold of the house, Shal immediately knew about it. It's time for some fun. Baron and Frederika were talking when a big cat entered the room. Over one-meter Maine Coon walked proudly towards Rhean. They walked on the floor, not in the air, as Shal used to. Halfway between the entrance and the baron, the cat stood and yawned deeply. They sat down, put their left paw out, and started to lick it. The cat groomed itself for a moment, then jumped on the counter. They stared their big blue eyes into Tyros's face and mewed loudly, tilting their head to the side.
  15. Shal didn't bother pretending that they had slept peacefully in the pot so far. Those who believe will not notice their return, and those aware will not worry about the sudden change in the behavior of the cat. So they flew in through the window, like to their own home. Flying through the corridor, Shal also got rid of their illusion, still purring on the shelf, in one of the pots. The cat walked, this time on foot, without levitating. One needs to stretch its legs from time to time... Shal entered the room. "I found a baron. Sitting with a witch in a cave. Soon he should appear in town. This is if he survives. Judging by what he drank, at best he will have a long visit to the toilet, at worst you will have to adopt his son and raise him as your own."
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