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  1. Shal

    Zack Morgan

    ~General Information~ Full Name: Zack Morgan Nickname: Quickhand Aliases: Many false names. Age : 20 Current residence: The Garns headquarters Status/Rank: Player of The Garns ~Physical Description~ Height: 1,85m Weight: 76kg Posture: Proud straight posture, limping on the right leg Body Build: Slim mesomorph Race/Species: Stellaris Blood Type: 0Rh- Blood Color: Red Skin: White Gender: Male Nationality: Nehalen, Rath Lux Hair: Black, sides and back shaved short, top longer, brushed aside Eyes: Blue, cold. Face shape: Square Expressions: Serious, confident Tattoos/Scars: Black wolf's head with mouth open tattooed on the wrist ~Voice Traits~ Accent (if any): None Language spoken: Unii, Renovatio Other languages known: Secret language of criminals Style of speaking: Arrogant, confident ~Personality~ General attitude: Distrustful, proud Character/Personality/Mental/Social Strengths: After traumatic experiences, hardly anything can frighten him Character/Personality/Mental/Social Flaws: After traumatic experiences, he shows no positive emotions Biggest Vulnerability (nonphysical): Hemophobia, if the blood touches his face or hand Optimist or Pessimist: Depending on the situation Introvert or extrovert: Introvert ~Fashion~ How does he dress: Elegant clothing. Most often a white shirt, a gray vest, a red tie, black suit pants, black low-heeled shoes, a black coat, and black, leather gloves. Jewelry: A silver signet ring with a wolf's head for official occasions. Other accessories: Walking cane with a silver wolf head. ~Dreams and Talents~ In his youth he became interested in magic tricks presented by street artists. Thanks to his insight and perseverance, he managed to master most of them and even developed some of his own. In the ranks of The Garns, he developed many of the magic tricks to use them for pickpocketing, thanks to which he gained the nickname Quickhand. ~Relationships~ Relationship Skills: Introverted, does not trust most people, the exception is part of the newest members of the Garns. Hates: Baron Tyros and his subordinates Dislikes: Cold Known Associates: The Garns Best Friends: Himself Friends: Newest members of The Garns ~Family~ Parents: Both dead Siblings: None Familiars/Pets: None Children: None Relatives she looks up to: None Relatives that she strives to be the exact opposite of: None History of family: His family was moderately wealthy residents of Rath Lux. They were all kidnapped at the very beginning of Baron Tyros's experiments. ~Mannerisms~ How does he deal with or react to… Anger: A cold approach Sadness: Hides it Conflict/Danger: He tries to eliminate the threat before it gets out of control Fear: He tries to move away from the source Change: No clear reaction Loss: He gets angry Pain: Minor Injuries: He ignores pain, he suffered worse torture during experiments; Major Injuries: He ignores pain, he suffered worse torture during experiments; Critical Injuries: He tries to withdraw from the dangerous situation and deal with the wounds as soon as possible; Emotional Pain: Hides it. Stress: Hides it. Peer pressure: He disposes of it with sarcastic remarks Guilt: Trauma made him ignore the feeling of guilt Being wrong: He admits his mistakes Being criticized: A cold, sarcastic approach Praise: A cold, sarcastic approach Love: A cold, sarcastic approach Being hated: He is aware that many people hate him and accept it Humiliation: A cold, angry approach Habits: Frequent washing of hands and face ~Secrets, Regrets, and Fears~ Hemophobia, if the blood touches his face or hand ~Emotional Characteristics~ Emotional or Logical: Logical Sense of morals: He got rid of morality Self-control: Very good. Public appearance: Cold ~Combat~ Affiliations: The Garns Peaceful or violent: Violent Weapons: Favored: His cane Proficient: Revolver ~Abilities and Equipment~ Abilities: Very fast and agile. By mastering the tricks of magicians, some of the things he does with his hands can be considered unbelievable. Equipment: Walking cane with a silver wolf head, revolver. ~History~ Zack Morgan is the false name of a young man who lost everything. He was born in Heavenshire and was the only son of a pair of middle-class burghers. As a child, he showed great interest in everything he did not understand. He spent most of his free time learning new things. Focused and persistent, he learned the secrets of the trade, history, literature, but what fascinated him the most was the innocent tricks of street illusionists. He grew up peacefully, prepared to take over the family store. He was well-liked by regular customers, although many of them complained about his gaze, which pierced like a needle. At the age of 19, he and his family were selected by Baron Tyrios' subordinates. They were kidnapped as one of the baron's first laboratory rats, and to conceal their disappearance, an attack on their family store was faked. His parents did not survive the experiments. They died after the first day. He, however, endured torture for several weeks. Finally, thanks to the inattention of the guards and his illusionist abilities, he managed to escape. During the escape, however, he hurt his right leg. A broken bone never grew well. He holed up in Port Reach, where under a new name, he lived from petty theft until he was noticed and recruited into The Garns gang. Starting from the very bottom, as a Dog, he climbed the ranks of the gang, becoming its recognizable member, the Player nicknamed Quickhand. The torture left a mark on him, he hid his emotions, showing them only to selected members of his new family. Memories of the baron's experiments also become a burning fear every time his face or hand is touched by blood. Zack is a ruthless gangster who will do anything to get revenge on his torturer.
  2. "So do I." That said, the cat disappears.
  3. "Hoho... great. So listen carefully. Old Red is almost brainless, almost. You can compare him to a child. It's inside the island, and the Red River is its blood. At one time, I had the opportunity to see River closely. I do not recommend trying this." The cat didn't seem to be lying. Has Frederika gained its respect? Or maybe it just used all his jokes? The cat came flying closer again, but this time it kept a distance that could be called a comfort zone. It studied the woman's face. "You can call me Shal if you want. If you don't want to, I don't force you. I will call you Freddy. Given your reaction to my jokes, you're quite smart. So I will consider this meeting as the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
  4. Shal sighs. "You think that I help you with kindness, don't you? Ugh... it turns into a lot more work than I wanted. Follow me, quick, before I change my mind." The cat leads you to the beach.
  5. "Baron probably..." The cat looks at Dray for a moment. The idea comes to its head to deceive him and tell him about his father's death. "got out and escaped." It rejected the idea, momentary amusement may not be worth losing the child's trust. "I have no idea where he might be, maybe he is bleeding out somewhere in the woods. But we won't have certainty if you die here now. So move your three letters before the garns come here."
  6. "I don't take orders, especially not from people who didn't get mice. You, kid, the mouse is a sign of friendship. You got it because I thought you might be interesting. I do not hide that mainly for the sake of your father." Shal smells Dray. "But at first glance, I don't see anything special about you. I was hoping your father would give you wings or a tail." It sighs. "You will stay here, you will die. It is certain. As much as letting the garns tear you apart to see the kid's entrails is tempting, I prefer to have him alive, at least for now." The cat makes circles in the air again. "You will go to Port Reach under the cover of night. You will find @Frederika's house, she is a baron's subordinate, she should shelter you."
  7. "Do you know you could cook it first? The mice are quite tasty fried with herbs. To be honest, for a moment I thought you wouldn't do it at all!" No matter how Frederika had mocked the cat, it laughed anyway. "I was right when I got interested in you. Say, would you eat a rat? Ah, no... it wouldn't be so funny the second time..." Shal began to levitate again, flied close to you and looked into your eyes. "By agreement, I'm your friend now. Because of this, I can sleep at your home whenever I want, eat from your pantry when I want and give you mice whenever I want. Not that I wouldn't do it without being your friend..." The cat turned around, its soft, downy tail ran over your face. In a few jumps, Shal found itself on your desk. "In return, I offer my help if I think that helping you will be interesting."
  8. @Phosfasium @Dray "Oh please. If I wanted you to die, you would still wander around the burning mansion. No. I didn't bring these people here, but Old Red. I helped because I felt like it, nothing more." The cat spun in the air, then flew to Drey. "You... I assume you found the mouse I left you a few months ago." The cat was talking about a small white mouse that you once found dead under your door.
  9. "The mice are very little, did you notice? They have small bones and thin skin. Not much meat..." The cat jumps off the bed and walks around the room. "But it's easy to hunt them. If you know what you are doing, of course. If you choose the right spices, it will quickly go through your throat."
  10. "You want my information, yet you didn't accept my friendship..." The cat got out of bed, stretched and jumped on the window sill. It swiftly opened the window with its paw and left, walking in the air. Shal disappeared from your eyes and left you alone for a few minutes. Did this conversation bored it? Maybe it was offended? None of these. The cat returned a few minutes later, holding a white mouse in its mouth. Shal comes to you and gently put the mouse on your bed.
  11. @Phosfasium When you leave the mansion to the forest, the cat reveals itself. Over one meter long Maine Coon approaches you. "Congratulations, you survived. But what next, what next? You should hurry, the smell of blood will lure wild garns here."
  12. "What if I told you that the Red River is part of the Will of the Island?" When you remove the sheet, the cat disappeared to appear again on the bed mattress. Old Red is very complex, even I don't quite understand it.
  13. Shal once again walked through the hallways of the property, guided only by its cat instincts. It soon found a tower in which the baron's son and his teacher were preparing to escape. The cat turned invisible and followed them, until they met a group of villagers attacking the castle. Although the teacher managed to get out of the difficult situation, Shal noticed that the mob quickly realized the lie and began the chase. "It would be a pity if they died now..." That said, Shal used its skills to create a dense fog in a corridor, dividing the refugees and chasing. It also created a small will-o-wisp that led the child and his guardian to leave.
  14. Shal watches a clod of earth fly towards and through its body. The cat's face seems frozen, it is not known whether in surprise or laughter. "A flying cat appears in front of your face ... and the first thing that comes to your mind is to throw dirt at it?" The cat laughed again. "Wonderful reaction!" The cat came closer. "Oh please. I'm not blind. The symbols that Old Red shows are very visible." The cat stops levitating, falls on four paws and lies on your bed. "Soft ... but you could change the sheets, this one has a large mud stain in the middle."
  15. Shal sighed. Its interest evaporated as soon as the witch enchanted the crowd. This duel should remain a matter between the Will of the Islands and the baron. That's what Shal wanted. But it happens that what you want and what you get are two different things. What was it supposed to do... oh yes, the son of a baron. Shal left the fighters alone and went on searching for the child who caused the whole catastrophe.
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