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  1. Otto, kept his cold confident gaze as Valentine showed him the error of his ways. the idea of this insane admiral coming to the enemy's face and meeting them head on and unarmed were well known by the ranks of the Frost fleet, this is his ways of showing respect and admiration, yet also shows how stupidly daring he is to either give or ask for apologies, because if he came armed it'd be assumed that he is here for an assassination contract. seeing That Lucinda Valentine is not afraid of him he smiled and chuckled as his opponent dares to assume that he is an intra-terrestrial visitor "Miss Valentine, did you not see your captor's base or ships and compare it to the locals? Such fatal error could cost you your life back in our world. hahahah.....aaaaahhhhhh anyways I had the feeling that you guessed too far ahead and ended up in the 'less-than ideal' scenario, as far as I concerned that is" (give me time...... things tend to go haywire inside my head-fruit)
  2. Otto could only stood on the deck of the ship, staring at the azure blue horizon, taking a slight gaze at the trio before turning and fully facing them and stood straigh proudly before uttering his standard introduction "The leader of the frost fleet Otto Ferdinand, is honored to meet you" His sighed as for his own reasons, he only wished that he could just forget that he ever have to do this. After the intro he looked into Luca's eyes and scans her thoroughly without moving a single step onto any direction "Duchess Lucinda Valentine, I believe that you have met Phobos, one of my vessel. I am sorry that she had to resort to such means, it was not meant to be this way.... To be honest I don't even know your party would be here, and by that... I should deliver to you my sincere apologies" He gazed at Asher as he said his words and couldn't help but relate to his condition and also giggles " You know sir, you don't need to be here if you don't want to but then again your presence here must have something to do more with principles and loyalty more than the wellbeing of your master over here, pardon this mockery but I never liked being around knights..... So If I were you I'd already left and eat since neither of us have the time for this bullshitery" Awaiting further response he couldn't keep his focus and looked at Garcia with a hint of annoyance and disgust but then quickly returns to his cold stare "Just so that you know we never wanted to fight anyone in these foreign waters but then if that what these two parties want we have no other options but to oblige in this conflict" He sighed again and looks at luca "Your call, ms. Valentine...." @Lucinda Valentine @Praetorian
  3. Feeling at least a bit of guilt in his heart, Otto can't be at ease for his inability of controlling his subordinates and not say anything, calmly going alone and off, judging from her own subordinates he would only need to find a wooden plank in a stack of steel beams, and so he walked along the docks till he find the georgina, a wooden ship reminiscent of an exploration age merchant ship. He walked onboard just to be stopped by the guard asking for his purpose for his black attire is quite suspicious "State your business and reason of visit" one of the guard said, calmly with a smile and an assuring tone with a slight sarcasm he replied "I am here to apologize to your leader for what happened the other day... After that nothing else" The guard did not buy it and he is forced to wait as one of them came inside and spoke to garcia "Ma'am someone wanted to meet lady valentine, should I let him through @Lucinda Valentine
  4. Inspecting the spell and the hand gestures he saw, he is struck with curiosity since it's been a while since he saw such spell done with ease "First of all.... Is that some kind of negative gravity spell or just you flicking your hands with silent cast for levitation?" The small conversation was abruptly stopped by the arrival of Cal and the only response the old spirit has after seeing the interaction between these two is just a small rumble inside himself that hides something like "youth nowadays are full of energy" "Indeed mr. 'Calcium' the faster the better, but let's just stop simmering my funny bone... I don't want it to turn to a laughing stock. Those bone hands of your should be handy on assembling the carved and polished stone to their respective places besides, I believe such task is but a simple one for an osteomancer like you, and yes I am Maelstrom, nice to meet you" After saying those words he sent a telepathic message to Lia saying the following with a small giggle "Quite the Humerus fellow we have here with our crew, this should be fun" @Elle @Cal
  5. Sitting on one of the chairs Phobos gave a slightly irritated look at the duchess, knowing what are the fuss is all about. She looked down upon the duchess as she walks closer to her "Those guys outside.... Your escorts? Fufufufu if it wasn't for Otto's order to remain civil that I just received maybe we could lay the continent bare, lucky you. Anyway it seems you have no further use for us here... Then I guess as a farewell gift I have something in mind" She goes behind Lucinda and the sensation of cold steel ran up her spine and freezes Lucinda for a moment "I guess that just suits you a necklace belonging to a girl I know long ago, now.... Let's get this shit over with and get you down there shall we?" She laid her hands open in front of Lucinda with a wide smirk on her face, a bit sinister but at this point she just want to have her peace back after getting disturbed by the rescue party. She walked down a few levels and reached the deck where she just let Lucinda wander around and look for a ladder down herself @Lucinda Valentine
  6. A moment of silence out of the intercom as a small bit of sympathy begin to grow out of nothing. Contemplating that a speech from Otto seems like nothing compared to being scrapped for almost killing a VIP, Phobos spoke through the intercom "From you I already have what I need, you are no use for me anymore.... I am just keeping you here for fun... But things do get boring when it ensues for too long... Alright... I'll let you out... Walk out that door and then the second door from the end of the hall to your left and then, climb up the stairs and meet me at the command bridge." A faint boom and the sound of metal clanging and grumbling came from the hull as the gravitton levitation device has to be employed to keep the vessel stable. This however does not stop the ship from listing 10° out of the 0° axis to the left at the beginning of the attack, Hexagons appeared, dampening the attack, klein field has been activated just in time for the hull to appear unscathed. "That was uncalled for... 10% klein field saturated... What is this?!" A quick scan has spotted asher and Garcia. Immediately, Phobos pointed a few laser pointers at their head and chest. Guns turned, silos opened and cannons loaded they made their way on the general direction of the rescuers. Through a speaker Phobos have something to say "I know who you're here for and I have to say... Impressive good sir, but please don't do anything too rash or your dear Duchess here is going to die from your attack, she is relatively unscathed as far as things go" The guns opened revealing that they're not some shell launching apparatus but these works are some odd stuff that these people had never seen before. "Lucinda Valentine.... I believe there are some remedies that you could take from the medbay, but first... I'll need you to come up here" @Lucinda Valentine @Praetorian
  7. Hearing such answer she immediately terminated the torture, untying her and going as far as giving her a new set of clothes. But, it's not Phobos if she let her prey out so easily, she only led Luca out of the chamber. And thus begin Luca's quest to find the way out Some hallways are pitch black and some would only have a very dim red light, giving the impression that this is the bottom of the ship, the countless doors and long hallways would send anyone without a guide crazy, Phobos intentionally let Luca out, she just wanted to play with her new pet. She tricked luca to walk in circles, ascend 2 floors and descend 3 repetitively, she smiled from the command bridge as her toy slowly begins to be swallowed by despair, she would not allow Lucinda to rest as she intentionally gave false hope by opening a door and luring her in before locking Luca for some time and letting her go just to repeat this vicious cycle. She then jokingly spoke through the intercom "Come on you are so close to the exit, just a few more steps" The comms always ended with a small sinister giggles before shutting down completely @Lucinda Valentine
  8. A small smirk emerge out of Phobos's mouth, at last a clear answer, but still she needs answers... But as she promised she loosened the ropes on Lucinda's elbow, just enough for a slight movement of the arms, the left arm to be specific. "See.... That wasn't so hard, now now... Are you thirsty? Here I have a reward for your honesty" She poured a glass of scalding hot water directly from the thermos into Lucinda's esophagus through the poor woman's mouth, leaving burns all over the mouth and the esophagus, not being done she smiled and sarcastically apologized "I am sorry, is that too hot for you? Here have some cold drink" She took a glass of lemon juice out from another thermos she had prepared for this and forced Lucinda to swallow it, leaving a stinging sensation as it runs down the burned area. Curious, she asked again "Lucinda Valentine, what is your rank in this world's society? A few more questions and I will guarantee your freedom. And oh yeah... What are you doing here, in this city?" Phobos begins to turn the jolt back on to a more mild setting and climbs up as the tortured took her time to answer @Lucinda Valentine
  9. "Correct, but am I that stupid to just notice that?! Where are we?!!! What is this world?! Are you that stupid princess????" Furious, that is the only word to describe Phobos's emotion. The answer she got is unsatisfactory, she reached for the oscillator and activated it at the highest setting and sending her to a near death sensation. She quickly deactivated it and washed Luca again with heated saltwater dragging her back to the realm of the living. "Again, what is this world? Who are you? And where are we, the faster you answer the faster I'll let you go" She is irritated by Lucinda's antics the thought of killing her begins to rear it's ugly head, but for now.... She has to juice every info out of this prey of hers @Lucinda Valentine
  10. Back on the ship, Phobos have tied Luca's limb onto the corners of a bed with her ankle tied to her thighs and her wrist tied to her upper arms, knees and elbows turned anchor points as the ropes tied around them and knotted back at the bed. The feeling of cold, wet, and heavy washes over Luca's skin as the smell of the sea stung her olfactory bulb, the sudden inability to breathe shocked Luca to consciousness. She swiveled her head left and right too see Phobos had tied her down and is now sitting pretty next to an oscillator. Phobos smiled widely, as Lucinda is her first prey for eons of her service life. She greeted the now awake lucinda with her red eyes glaring at her. "Good morning sleeping beauty, well... Not so beautiful now since your makeup is wrecked, thirsty? Don't worry I have some drinks in this Thermos" She walked around the helpless Luca and checks if all of the electrodes are firmly in place, poking it around until she is satisfied "You'll be safe as long as you are telling me the truth.... Okay.... So the first matter of business, where are we?, Who are you?, What are you? Come on... Answer up... The longer you made me wait the more painful it will be" Roon said that as she begins to ramp up the power of the oscillator, the shock begins as a mildly discomforting jolt @Lucinda Valentine Meanwhile Otto and Tairyuu were still at the parliament building, waiting for Howard to return, although the constant tease hasn't been so fruitful, Tairyuu didn't give up. Otto sensing something strange suddenly gets up and begin talking to Tairyuu "Something is off don't you think?" Tairyuu replied with a confused expression "Huh? What is it, admiral?" "Connections with the whole fleet is cut off, there is definitely something" The two begin walking and then running towards the dock
  11. Bored would be what the rest of the fleet felt as they wait for the two "lovers" to go on their merry "date". Phobos who are used to constant movement and action felt this the worst and decided to act on her own. She turned her gun to the direction of the parliament building and her warpaint glows brightly. This of course alarmed most of the stationed forces but this is immediately managed by her sister so that nobody can come on board any of the ships. Phobos teleports herself into the hotel in which VIPs are resided on, stealthily walking around the secured building. Luca being of an elven race begin to hear loud clicks that are not audible to both Howard and Asher which came at a constant interval. Phobos is now standing on the end of the dining hall, invisible by her cloaking ability Luca can only hear as the clicks are getting louder, silently walking behind the individual with pointy ears, she had to sacrifice her cloak for the extra power to knock her out by delivering a blow to the nape, causing Luca to get knocked unconscious. In a state of panic Phobos looked around now with Luca on her shoulder carried like a luggage she engaged her warding halo protecting her from what she is going to do next. She spotted a window and rammed elbow first, shattering the glass with her halo protecting both of them from shards both managed to get away unscathed. Phobos now have to go back, with the whole security forces and even the army hot on her tails she had to find a way to shrug them off. Teleportation would took some time since she is far away from the port and anywhere near it would not be safe. She immediately ran away to a remote alley in which she teleported themselves back to the ship @Lucinda Valentine
  12. Stopped dead on his tracks, Maelstrom stared back at the lady with his two blue orb he called eyes "It's Maelstrom, nice to meet you Lia and indeed, we'll be working together" He is answering the offer with a firm handshake from his cold hands that gives off a slight tingling sensation to her hand " I am a lightning spirit that has been bound to this suit of armor, this world is indeed unique, I still need some more studying to do" He walked off to help the stone masons with their job, but before that he had to answer her questions, clear and polite answer came out to her mind "A few team of carpenters for the shelves and furnitures, teams of stone masons for the walls and stoneworks, a team of electrician for the powerlines, and a lot of manual laborer, if the question you are asking is how long this would be finished, I would say we would be done in a week if we work 24/7, and in a few more if there is any disturbance an umm.... Ms. Lia if I may ask you a favor, when all of this is finished can you please teach me how to read and write?" He then walk away to some crates filled with books and begin to stack them to form a larger cube to not obstruct the traffic of people @Elle
  13. Hearing everything Cochrane just said, Otto could only listen and could not help but envy the upbringing of Admiral Howard since his own way of going up is paved with naught but blood and gore "You should know Mr. Cochrane, I would consider you people here are lucky to at least have a place to call a country of origin, Tairyuu you might want to listen to this too since I haven't told you how did I ended up in the navy" After a short sigh he pulled off a mask out of his satchel that almost everyone didn't notice up until now, Tairyuu, moved beside his admiral with a curious stare like that of a small child. "I was nobody in the armed forces but a workhorse for my higher ups, I don't even know how I ended up in the army. The long war had consumed almost all grown ups... And children begun filling the ranks, I was assigned as an assistant loader for one of their destroyers. What choices do I have other than dying in the fronts, and of course I'd rather stay there on the boat since I hated the conditions of the barracks there. And then the coup happened, the country split in two severing the armed forces into a tiny fraction of what it was.... And then you guys came and wreck the scene.... Remember that time we first met, eh Tairyuu? You almost blasted me with your secondary guns before I begged for ceasefire and for the both of us to speak" Tairyuu giggled as she recalled that faithful moment when the two finally met and decided to fight together "It was fun untill we realize that only a few of our fleeting forces are either retreated or sunk, and you brought me home, everyone was in awe and decided to pull you away from me because I was too young" Tairyuu then cut his words, unceremoniously " But I do not give them access to order me around" she smiled cheekily and whispers to his ears "As for why.... It's a se-cret" Otto fell silent after the surprise attack that Tairyuu landed onto him
  14. Hearing the thing Nicotine said Arthur could only let out a small sigh, feeling that he would indulge in such a wasteful activity such as drinking alcohol and get wasted
  15. "He is what I was considered lucky, things could go absurdly worse, given that submarine itself is nothing but a submersible torpedo boat destroyer" Arrived at the building that he could only describe as blindingly bright, as he stepped down the truck and so does Tairyuu immediately escorting her "beloved" admiral. Otto can't help but scoff at the description of the dreadnoughts, but without decreasing the amount of respect he have for the chaps who built it he covered his mouth once again. He continues with a small talk "With all due respect, Mr. Cochrane don't took too much pride and resources into a ship because no ship is unsinkable....." Before he could finish his reply, he saw Cochrane going inside the buildimg, the duo follows inside but after knowing that the head honcho is busy his head turned to Mr. Cochrane and his face showed a wide smirk "Well... We have a lot of time to burn, would you mind if we told you the story of our fleet?" @Jack Howard "It is fair to see that your ships are quite magnificent, strong, majestic. But so are mine in their own way.... My fleet took a lot of casualties to be formed. We were called many names... 'frost fleet' is just one of them, many of them were attributed to the operations when we capture them.... I have Tairyuu from operation "dragon's breath", Phobos and Deimos from operation 'crimson calamity' Repentance and Forgiveness from operation 'merciful reaper' and our destroyers and submarines out of the 'silent ultimatum'. And their attack pattern lead me to one conclusion 'the more armored you are, the more fun there would be from them" Tairyuu immediately muffled her admiral's mouth before he said another word with her hands. Her face immediately blushes red, signs of some other things she would like to keep from themselves. Otto does not seem to care like it's a daily occurrence
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