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  1. "you might want to tone down, Mr. Cochrane wasn't it? Everyone (of the frost fleet) could hear every one of your word, you don't want us to do what I'll think we'll do, right?" The teasing, playful but somehow eerie words came from a lady in a red kimono with her long black silk-like hair swaying due to the gentle coastal winds, her blazing red eyes stares directly at Cochrane, trying to play with his mind "Tairyuu don't mess with their heads please, we're their guests not the other way around, besides we owe them an apology so keep it to yourself for now, alright" The lady was right behind the young boy that is Otto Ferdinand himself, it is quite a rare sight that an 18 year old could lead a small flotilla by himself, his black uniform looks similar with the Howardian officers at first glance but with the iron cross hanging on his pocket and a brown eagle insignia pinned on his hat it is quite obvious that this little guy is not from the same navy as they were. His gaze innocent, faces the lady behind him and then the officers as he is now standing at the docks "If it is true that your leader wants a word with us, then I would say we could say otherwise, we'll be happy to talk to him" His tone is as sincere as his smile as it is what he shows to them, but wether this was a trick or the truth, only he and fate should know @Jack Howard
  2. @Lucinda Valentine "We'll be looking forward to our or......Der...... Miss... Va..... Rrrggggghhhh no.... Don't... They have done.... No... Wrong.... don't" Replying to Lucinda feels heavy and hard as he begin to writhe in pain as if someone is there to seek vengeance and Maelstrom's the only one in the way. He begins to slowly and painfully curls to the ground This attracts the attention of some of the guards and a little numbers of them tries to help but this is immediately rejected by Maelstrom, the wind moves faster and more violent as lines of energy begin to fill the gold plated grooves of his armor "Don't.... Help... This.... Is.... My.... Fight... Keep your distance" He kept grasping onto his head and the sounds of metal bending due to the sheer strength begin to grow louder and at last, Maelstrom unleashed a thundering roar as he threw his face to the sky with his eye shining brilliantly He stared down at the guards and said "That was nobody...... Don't worry"
  3. Tairyuu discreetly probes around the automated dreadnought, playing around with it's systems, seeking intel for herself while keeping a calm and collected exterior. As the only one who ordered her was her own admiral. "Data collected, shall we move to port, admiral?" Seeing the mental model face to face Otto nods as a sign of agreement. As the Tairyuu moves with her convoy around her with speed impossible to reach as they rockets across the distance along the azure blue seas of the coast. They would almost certainly crash into the docks but stopped just in time, barely touching the edge by using their maneuvering jets. These ships are clearly not from this world.... "Tairyuu with me, the rest could just stay here and do not let anyone board you unless I grant permission, got that?" Tairyuu taps Otto's shoulder as she went forth and took him by the hand "Let's not keep the host waiting shall we?" The two comes out of the command bridge and under the deck, right near the exit. @Jack Howard
  4. "So this is how you treat your guests, how impolite of me to come with this small ship, huh? Pfft.... Hah automated ships and by the looks of it.... The weight is a bit....uhhh... Unique" As they saw the sign of hostility the barrels of the battlecruiser's guns open up showing that they were not of ordinary construction and turns towards each of the target, their decks opens up showing countless missile launch platform primed and ready "Phobos, Deimos, stand down we're not here to split the ocean in two, Tairyuu.... Should we?" He stopped speaking waiting for his carrier's mental model to speak up, but she just stood there feeling as conflicted as the admiral. A decision need to be made quick.... But what should he do.... "Train your guns away from us, were lost ships trying to get home, but it seems that we are stuck here, so please can we discuss this like civilized men? Or are we just going to Duke it out here?" He gave a broadcast message to all vessels in the vicinity, no the entire port knowing this would provoke anyone with temper that are as short as his fleet is small The whole fleet could only stand still, with guns primed and ready to fire, he sent another broadcast "We need supplies, can we just go and trade instead of this stupid flexing of power? We have seen larger fleets and ships but this one is uhh....." The transmission were cut short, baiting them to come onboard
  5. "Maelstrom, reporting for duty, lady valentine" As a spirit he rarely address someone by their ranks let alone serving one, hence the slightly heightened pitch at the word "valentine" He walked away from the crowd and stopped where he think is comfortable and sits there an recites some prayers that no one could hear but can be felt as if the winds direction and strength becomes more and more intense and circles around creating a small turbulent winds sending debris of leaves and dust flying around Maelstrom amidst his prayers he contacted valentine "The man with the eastern sword is Hyouka, Mr. Nightwalker have not talked much after our initiation" After that he returns to his prayers as the cracks glows brighter for unknown reason
  6. The sightings of a ghost fleet has scared some civilian vessels from going to the open seas, some described it like someone took their ship and recoloured it to something scary, their mast waves no flag and their insignia is nowhere to be found, suddenly one of the fleet's aircraft carrier sent a detachment of it's fighter wing to scout the shore, soon enough the thundering sound of the engine can be heard, but there were no sightings of the said aircraft... This is indeed strange. After said phenomenon, a transmission came through the radio saying "This is Admiral Otto Ferdinand, leader of the Frost fleet, we came in peace and we ask for your permission to dock, we came in peace, do not engage, I repeat do not engage" One by one the whole fleet came into shape, as it was not a very large surface fleet to begin with consisting of 2 battlecruisers, a fleet carrier, 2 heavy cruisers, and 4 gunboat destroyer What are these vessels capable of struck either curiosity or fear to the ones who saw it first hand.... @Jack Howard
  7. "aaahhhh.... I guess that is what they're talking about.... The rebuilding,my bad for not listening" Being too busy repairing battle damages from his armour he could not spend time with the others, his own work has made him too focused he won't listen to somewhere else "I was repairing my armor.... ... Duchess? How should I address you ma'am?" This female figure he's talking to... He can't be as bold as to invade her mind like before, that would be too impolite even for his standards "As for my armor.... it's because of battle damage I inflict upon myself... So I decided to piece it back together with the metals of my previous armor if this is not up to your standard I'll have it addressed right away" He sat down and looks around, keeping himself vigilant but not too tense so that everyone would stay on high alert "This place reminds me of something... I wonder if this is that place..... Yan, the place where Nian and the hero fought to their end" He tried to tell an old forgotten story, but feeling that no one is listening he stopped.... The pattern of his armor is weird as if it's all cracks from an aging armor.... "Hyo, please be careful and listen to the winds.... I have to look for something" He stood up and walks to the middle of the field and begin reciting a spell as if he's trying to summon something or someone @HyoDoin
  8. The horse races to the place where his rider were summoned to, Maelstrom with his human sized armor begins to search for the group as he leads his horse by the rope decided to let it graze near the others of it's kind "I've heard heard some rumors around the guards, why are we here?" Maelstrom opens with a question of his to everyone nearby, needing to know that the rumors that had flew around the town is true, something big would be constructed soon. his eyes seems more empty due to the daylight diminishing his shining eyes the armor has taken a gold-ish accent taken from copper, brass and gold taken out from his old armor for conductivity and higher charge capacity Being in a peaceful grasslands such as this get him very excited to see what would unfold upon this stretch of land, he walks around the opening wandering aimlessly, scanning his surroundings before stopping near the group of knights and sits down and enjoys the sounds of his surroundings
  9. The Lightning spirit Maelstrom had enough energy to travel back to his old armor back in the castle of rose keep. His old "body" started to move erratically at first, and as it became more synchronized his pieces started to piece back together one plate at a time. It took him no more than 5 minutes to return to his old hulking piece of moving armor. Wandering around the small town he saw the contrast of it, the streets and alley, the market, the castle and the wall. He wandered around aimlessly until he sense and heard something like a woman being robbed of her possession by a bandit, like lightning he sprinted across the town, through the crowds and in between buildings he finally caught up in a stand-off as the bandit decided to took a hostage when he were surrounded by the local authorities "One step closer and this child gets it!" The bandit held a knife to the neck of a small child, quite repulsive seen through the eye of a Maelstrom, but here is no place to be rash as the guard's captain said the following "Let go of the child he has nothing to do with this, are you a man or a coward?" The bandit held his ground, holding the knife ever closer to the Jugular vein of the child, preparing to sever it. Amidst the tense atmosphere Maelstrom decided to took action. He quickly launched the tip of his fingers to the bandit's hand with enough force so that the knife drops from his hand and to the ground and as that happened Maelstrom sprang forward and grabbed the bandit by the neck and held him up "Such repulsive action.... What do you have to explain yourself? The bandit simply replied "My sister..... She needs....money... For... Medicine....forgive...me" Don't want to be involved in the law he tossed the bandit over to the authority and merrily walks away. Puzzled by what the hell is a sister he begins to thought about human relationships as a whole... Rethinking that it's all not just friend and foe he looked back to the castle and asks the only person he know that is currently here as he walked back to his original location
  10. Looking slightly surprised by the rash nature of the Draconian lead Otto to be a bit more cautious towards the Draconian flinging a man to the wall ,cautiously walking towards the armor with his hand resting on the handle of his beam saber he kindly spoke "Excuse me, ma'am this might be a farfetched assumption but I guess you and the man over there had the same thing in common, we all need some money to sustain ourselves, so I suggest you to remain civil or leave, bad attitude would left a bad taste for the customer you know" Trying to suggest the Draconian puts him on a great risk of being flung off to a nearby wall, but to stop this rather annoying problem it's a risk worth taking for.... "Mr. Axel I do believe we had ourselves a little party for this quest, shall we meet the contractor and ask for details?" He returned his gaze to axel, a kind face seemingly innocent but managed to hide a lot of things very well "I might as well asked your name.... Who are you?" As he asked the Draconian in a flat tone
  11. The hospitality of this stranger he met gave him the impression that he had someone who got his back, he rejected the offer kindly with a swift gesture of a hand "Not today, I appreciate the offer but maybe after this one on my treat" He chuckled slightly before looking at the pulverised door, the armor of the creature he faced was rather familiar as he continued scribing in his notebook This behaviour is not strange for a bar or pub where someone would just barge in for a specific liquor or people, but the appearance of a tail made him curious of this bizzare feature of a seemingly humanoid creature He turned to axel waving and walking towards said creature, he had the power to stop him but seeing not malevolence in his eyes, made him sure it's all AOK
  12. Otto pulls out a black note and a pencil, noting down everything important, like where and when is this place, as an interdimensional visitor whether by accident or not. His instinct kept him pinned on documenting the current condition, his calm demeanor and quite a shock came down his spine from the pat, making him drop his pencil "Sir, I am definitely able to read these words fluently, since it's the same words that the British used in my dimension" He picked up his pencil and places it back in his notes and returns it to his satchel, facing the quest board and reads the man's previous inquiries "A thief, huh?.... I guess this world doesn't really have a good police system and had to resort to adventurers and mercenary... Interesting" He turned back to the man', handing his arms over offering a handshake "Admiral Otto Ferdinand, nice to meet you sir.... How should I refer to you?" His brilliant blue eyes pierced through the darkness of his uniform and his hat. He would begin his adventure of this new world here
  13. The smell of ale stung the nose of an Otto Ferdinand, feeling that he landed on this foreign continent by a freak accident still echoes in his skull. Although he had stopped limping in search of civilization came to be in vain since the writing system of this world seems the same with his but technologically this place is.... different He entered the tavern looking around confused and puzzled, he then patted the man near the quest board as his right hand reaches for his knife in case of hostility "Sir, excuse me but where is this place and what year is this" He spoke with a calm collected tone but he is struggling to keep this front up because of his injury. Looking at the quest the man was seeing he assumed that the man was an adventurer, "time to kill two bird with one stone" he spoke to himself "If possible I can help you with that quest but I am going to need your help navigating this place" @Froggychum
  14. My character is a lightning elemental, but also curious about how humans could bend other elements, his goal here is to learn about all elements without actually practicing such bending ability
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