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  1. "And here I was worrying on whether or not it was to your tastes. Turns out I needn't do much to impress you." But she was still glad to hear that her first time cooking was met with some form of praise. She bit into her meat and ripped of a chunk. It was tough to chew yet she persisted. The bitterness of the meat overwhelmed her. She took out several more red stones to show him, "I used these. They may look hard but they shatter like thin glass. A simple speck of dust is enough to set them alight." She spoke with her mouth full of food unaware of her breaking of decorum. She pointed to the pot and offered him some more of her food, "I tried to make soup too if you want."
  2. She waited for him to be out of sight before making a remark, "Well I can't say I'm flattered by the insinuation..." But she figured that making something decent to eat could be payment for all he's done for her; a laboratory, a place to stay, resources for research, and saving her life. Dinner was the least she could do to show her gratitude. "How hard can it be?" She sighed. She took out a small red stone from her satchel and placed it under the pot. The delicate stone shattered at the weight and a fire grew underneath. The stone began to smoke, and she placed the chopped meat over it making it sizzle. She turned them over when they were charred black on each side before taking them off and setting them over the stone. As she waited for him to return she wondered if she needed to do something more. Rhean was a baron and was used to higher tastes after all. She gathered a handful of exotic ingredients that she thought tasted good from her satchel and threw them into the pot. The juices from the meat created a thin soup. The sweet smell danced in her nostrils. She gently blew on the fire but it snuffed out quickly. She looked at the makeshift soup in front her and smiled with pride.
  3. Time seemed to slow down as she bathed in the waters. The warm comforting shallows embraced her like a mother to a child. Around her the waters were stained red. She had no idea if it was from her blood or the peasants'. It did not matter for the moment. She was safe and alive that is what mattered. The birds stopped their lullaby and moved on to build their nests. She took that as her moment to finish bathing. She stood up from her stone and made her way to her clothes. The cold air bit at her warm skin as she walked. Her clothes went damp when she put them on. A discomfort she was glad that would only temporary. But another discomfort bugged her. Rhean was waiting for her return yet she wondered if she should leave him. She knew she could easily do it and quickly forget about him so there would be no issue in her mind. She knew that she had to power to survive on her own. But for some reason she wanted to stay. Sense of duty? Out of friendship? For survival? She wasn't certain. She glided back up the mountain to see Rhean carving something out of stone.
  4. "All I meant was that there is a time and place for such things..." A small amount of guilt passed through her. She promptly stood up and exclaimed, "There is no need for a discussion because it isn't a matter of debate~" She strolled past him catching a small glimpse of his lean stomach, and glided off the edge. The feathers on her robe spreading ever so slightly to slow her fall. The mud on the bank seeped between her toes. She listened to the ballads sung by the birds. She disrobed and folded her clothes over a low hanging branch and stepped into the warm waters. She silently thanked Rhean for his knowledge about the spring being warm. She let the waters rise to her shoulders and soak her troubles away. She found a rock to sit against that gave a wide view to the greenery around her.
  5. She stared at the fresh silent heart in his hands, "No. Thank you. Animal hearts aren't as potent as human ones." Her thoughts went to the hunters he mentioned. While she didn't care what befalls the fate of humans, she did care about senseless killing. There are times where it is called for and then there are times where it is just meaningless and distasteful and a complete waste, "Did you really need to kill them all?" She tossed him his clothes no longer being able to gaze upon his natural form.
  6. She ripped off pieces of the moss and inspected it closely. In the corner of her eye she saw him taking off his clothes. She gasped from shock and immediately looked the other way. Her face was covered in a deep crimson shade. She had never met a man so shameless nor been in the presence of one with no idea of common decency. Her imagination went wild without warning or permission. She began picturing all possible forms to what a feminine man would look like. She imagined that it was slim like hers yet more built like a man. When her thoughts drifted to more private areas, she forced herself to find composure although she could not hide her heavily blushed face. When she felt him leave behind massive traces of magic it irritated her. She grew angry in fact. But the silence of the cave and the howling of the wind calmed her down. It had been days since she last felt such peace. She missed it more than her home. Looking back into the cave she spotted more curious ingredients: a mushroom that grew from hard stone and glowed with like the moon's reflection on the ocean's surface, and insects and spiders crawling in between small cracks and holes. Right in front of her lay sheer darkness. The light of the sun could not pierce through to this part of the cave. After plucking the mushroom she slowly crept back to the entrance weary of what she might find. She thought it wise to not delve alone into the deeps.
  7. She plugged the vile with its cork and then began to scoop some of the ashes into a small sack hoping that one day it would become useful. She smiled and blushed at his flirting. She tried to think of something clever to say back but was left speechless. She leaned against the wall of the cave and sarcastically replied, "Yes I do. It's called looking for tracks and listening for animals." She sighed before continuing, "I'm an illusionist. I'll deal in tricking the mind, not looking for dinner." Her attention shifted to the deeper dwellings of the cave. She wondered if there was anything edible inside. She noticed some moss hanging from the roof and moved to harvest it.
  8. She watched his vicious and gruesome display unfold. It was her first time seeing a creature be killed in such a fashion. It sickened her to her stomach. The contents of breakfast threatened to rise up. She struggled hard to keep it down as she watched. She willed to returned to her human form, the feathers from her wings jolted out and whirled around her body. Milky pale skin rose from underneath and her humanly features claimed their rightful place once again. Her feathery robe resewed itself. The remains of the troll was a hideous sight. A waste of a specimen but needed to be done, she thought. But all was forgotten when the scars and burns faded away from the cursed spell. Feeling the sinful energies made her remember of events in her past where she indulged in such pleasures. She stepped forward into its corrupted embrace wanting more of it ecstasy. It disappointed her that it came to an abrupt end. She looked back at the troll only this time unfazed by its horribleness. She searched through her satchel for an empty vial, "A bit overkill don't you think?" She took out the vial and held it underneath the squirting fountain of blood collecting it's essence.
  9. She watched him walk in pain and could only shake her head at the pathetic display. She wondered if she should let him continue the whole way. It would be an amusing trek up to the cave. But watching he take a few steps and constantly stop from pain made her realize that it would be a long walk. She groaned and grabbed her staff. She held it close to her body and willed her body to transform. A flurry of feathers from her robe began to wrap around her. Her arms shifted into wings, her feet into talons, and her head into that of a raven. She flapped her giant wings once and soared into the air, plucking the baron from the ground in her talons. The cold breeze ran smooth on her silky feathers as she flew through the air. Her beady eyes scanned the terrain for the cave, and once she found it did she dive down to land near it. She did her best to set Rhean on the ground softly.
  10. "Wounds?" She frantically searched herself to find scratches and burns on her arms and legs. She could not think of anything else to say except, "Oh..." She stood with her head bent down in an attempt to hide her embarrassment for attaining injuries and then lecturing Rhean on being careful. She looked up at the mountain and then back down to the baron. Even though he was different than other humans, he had his limits on her patience, "Fine. But don't think I'm happy to be sharing the cave like you are."
  11. She stops to let herself think. It has been a long while since their first meeting. She easily pictured his features: rough, sharp, and brooding. Simply remembering caused her blush. She looked at him now and saw the complete opposite: fair, smooth, but still brooding. "If you're thinking about changing your appearance again, I suggest something that won't be recognizable. Perhaps I should give you a boil or two~?" The thought made her giggle. "And no. I have nothing. Why not hide out in the mountains while we focus on regrouping?" She finished applying the last of the salves to prevent infection.
  12. "I can also easily kill you the next time you do." She watches him cough blood getting a drop on her cheek, "But you seem quite capable of doing it yourself." She tried to remember the person belonging to the name 'Frederika'. But like many, she didn't bother keeping her in memory. She could only picture flowers and plants. She hears the footsteps of the hunters and watches them pass by. Her desire for solidarity returning at the site of them, wishing that they did not see the two of them and begin conversation.
  13. She took her staff and tapped his head with it. Not enough to render him unconscious but just enough to hurt, "Does that answer your question?" She scanned their surroundings making sure that nothing dangerous was nearby. When she was certain that they were alone in the wilderness she turned back to Rhean. She crouched over him examining his wounds intensely. "You're not regenerating fast enough. You overdid it... as usual." She reached into a small satchel on her side and pulled out some herbs and ointments. She spread the ointment with care around his open wounds, and then forced the herbs into the wound itself ignoring his winces of pain. She began to whisper an enchantment in her old tongue.
  14. She blushed a deep red at the suddenness of his actions. She was too surprised to think for a moment. The decaying corpses around them forced her back to reality, "Some escape tunnel you have here..." She closed her eyes and formed a ball of swirling dark energies in her hand. As the horde grew closer around them she opened her eyes and released the energies forming in her hand. Shadows began to swirl around the duo and from the earth came skinny and hungry imps. As soon as their feet were free from the ground, the imps slashed, and gnawed at the undead. Her focus then returned to the embarrassing circumstances she found herself in.
  15. She entered the library while speaking to the baron, "What kind of a man would bid a woman to enter a room with possible dangers?" A smug smile stretched across her face as she looked at him. She took one final look around the big library. She thought again how much of a shame it was that all these delicate pieces of writing would be lost. Grand tales of heroes and revolutionary works of research and study, all fated to turn to ash. She stepped closer to the stack of books and began poking for hidden passages. After a while a door opened revealing a dark tunnel. "Best hurry now, before you get yourself stabbed again~"
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