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  1. It hit her like a boulder falling down a mountain. She never noticed how he saw her before their union. She was too busy buried in her own research and desires. Never had it occurred to her that someone else was just as curious as she was. If she knew perhaps she would have grown closer to Rhean much earlier. "I was afraid. I always am afraid. There was a time when I wasn't though. I used to enjoy being social, being able to speak with like minded or opposite minded people. Talking until the sun sets and rises. It was fun." Her voiced sounded painfully nostalgic as she remembered days long gone. "It wasn't abuse from men that made so fearful. It was the sudden, remorseless choice to discard me once their I no longer served their interests. I spoke on personal levels with men, women, and children too, I regarded them as friends! But one small whisper, and they saw fit to throw me away." Now she sounded angrily sorrowful. "It wasn't long after that I found my company to be the best company."
  2. Being so close only added to her fear. As he gently touched her she winced and breathed quickly like a frightened deer unable to run from a hunter. But during his slow caressing her nerves calmed down and she found her body relaxing all over. She looked into his eyes and saw the baron she knew and loved staring back. She was slowly returning to her usual self, "Thank you. I was really afraid just now." Wanting to feel more relaxed, Myrinda moved closer to his body feeling the warmth coming off of him.
  3. The thunderous sounds of the marching unsettled her a little. She had heard it before when serving her time as a court witch, but never had she followed them. She was used to seeing mutilated bodies return home in carts and variously wounded soldiers walking alongside them. Even though she was always curious about everything, something made her uncomfortable this time. She replied to Rhean, keeping her head still while she did, "Just fine." Anxiety started to kick in. She desperately needed something to keep her busy. Tapping her foot and twiddling her thumbs was all she could think of.
  4. She just stood there part afraid and part mesmerized. Conflicting feelings tormented her. She wished to see more of his terrifying form wanting to unlock its secrets and powers, but she also did not want to see her lover in such a state. Not sure of how to feel she simply nodded to him as he left her. She took a look around herself seeing every face that was affected by his sudden outburst of rage. As much as she hated humans, she could not help but feel pity for those still reeling in fear. Perhaps her time spent among them had softened her thick shell? Perhaps she was beginning to remember when she too understood what it felt like to be human? Myrinda didn't know, and almost did not want to know. She followed the baron shortly after her left, leaving the people to tend to themselves. She kept following him to the carriage not saying a word but just staring at the back of his head, thinking. When he started his meeting with some mercenaries she left him alone to discuss battle and searched for the carriage. It gladdened her to see the wagon of her potions close by. She approached it and removed several of them placing them within her robe. After emptying half a crate, she entered her carriage slightly tapping her cheeks with both hands in order to clear her head. She would need a clear mind for the battle that waited ahead.
  5. His sudden outburst surprised her. For a moment she wondered if he was only reacting to the red woman. But the dark aura told her otherwise. It was then she remembered how he was on the journey to becoming a 'Red Priest', the powerful being that wooed her with it's limitless magic. Seeing Rhean now full of rage and seemingly embracing his destiny gladdened her. A smile began to stretch across her face but the screams and torments of the people around them made her feel uneasy. Everyone seemed to feel a fraction of the pain his new form could unleash. Her natural magic kept her partly immune from his power but she could still feel his terror. For the first time she wondered if she had been too ignorant. Watching return back to his normal state filled her with relief. But his obliviousness concerned her. Even Rhean, a man with magical talent, should have been able to realise the situation. As he wrapped his arms around she noticed how he felt different. His loving warmth was now cold. Not even his words raised her spirit. The truth behind them overwhelmed by the display she had just witnessed. All she could say in reply, "Okay..."
  6. She hesitated before answering Rhean, "Well... let's just say they won't go to waste." A small chuckle escaped her. While she was approaching she thought that she could hear another voice. She was unable to recognize it and mistook it for the smith's assistant. But when she saw a woman in a red dress walk out and embrace her baron, she quickly knew she was wrong. Jealousy and anger boiled within her to the point where she lost all rationality. Her mind immediately turned to adultery and gave Rhean a look that would send any man begging for forgiveness. "But you know what? Why don't I give you a sample?" Her words were lined with malice.
  7. She searched in all the places she thought her baron would be. She made the mistake of searching inside the army camp. The numerous stops, whistles, and snarky remarks made her leave as quickly as she arrived. It was then that she felt him calling to her. Faint yet distinct she made her way to the blacksmith. She felt so stupid for not thinking of looking in such a place. As she approached him she felt another presence. It was odd feeling but nothing worth giving attention. She dismissed it as another peasant with magical capabilities within them, untamed and raw. The brilliant armor and golden hair signaled to Myrinda that Rhean was inside the forge. She called out to him while walking closer, "I've finished up on my work!"
  8. Before long, the entire shop was smelling of oil and burning wood. She watched the cauldron bubble away searching for any unforeseen reactions. Satisfied, she threw in the Balewood roots that the storekeeper had prepared, a special ingredient she offered him on their first meeting. She took a sniff of every ingredient before adding it to the pot. This root smelt of ginger mixed with fruit and earth, the magic was ripe. She tossed it in and gave it a hard stir. Some more ingredients were added; fish scales, goat hairs, spider eggs, troll blood, moss, and bone dust. All of them tickled her nose with unique scents ranging from bitterly horrid to sweetly delightful. One by one they were added, the mixture changing hues every time. She let them all come to a boil and left it alone for a few moments. Red vapor spewed from the pot alerting her to the mixture's completion. With the help of the storekeeper they lifted the cauldron off the fire. Almost immediately she began filling various bottles with her creation not wanting to let any of the heat fade away. Her fingers slightly burned when a drop fell upon them but she paid it no mind. Her focus was too intense for pain to break it. It took a while before she was finished with a single division's worth of bottles but by then the cauldron was empty. A good sign however, for what she had in mind was never intended to be used by everyone. She left the shop thanking the storekeeper for his help and leaving him instructions to load all the potions onto a wagon to be sent to mercenaries before the battle begins. With that off her mind she made her way to find Rhean. She was careful enough to hide her face under her hat once again.
  9. The still moments inside the alchemy store reminded her of home. She reminisced over studying old texts and experimenting with dangerous concoctions. She then remembered that Rhean had asked her for some special brews that would tip the tide in his favour should the battle go awry. She quickly thought through the possibilities of how to win the battle. An enhancement potion would certainly be useful but knowing the mercenaries acquiring new found strength the chance of mutiny was higher. Poisons that spread once thrown at the enemy would quickly disperse their ranks but also cause damage onto Rhean's own troops. She thought of different ideas over and over again balancing the benefit with the cost or risk that may ensue. In the end she decided to brew a new concoction. A potion so deadly it would surely cause many a wizard and witch from the academy to drop their jaws. At least that's what she hoped. Theoretically it was possible but she had no idea what could happen practically. She flipped through her notes looking for possible ingredients that could be mixed together, "Alchemist, fetch me all the poisonous and altering recipes you have." She politely asked. As he rummaged through his store, Myrinda felt the ever so present touch of magic. A slight yet scary presence. A small smile spread across her face at her lover watching over her. No doubt the mercenary gang making his blood boil in anger and jealously. She emitted a faint amount of magic back to thank him for his vigilance over her. The storekeeper returned with an armful of dusty parchments. She scanned over each one quickly taking in the various steps. When she felt satisfied she moved over to the brewing station with her assistant standing close by waiting to support her.
  10. If Hell did indeed exist, it would be the place Myrinda found herself currently in. Everywhere she went were more and more unfamiliar faces, people both citizens and mercenaries alike, came across her path. Every time they greeted her she felt sick. She felt their gazes everywhere she went from alchemy stores to her temporary home. Her skin constantly feeling as if something was crawling about with many legs. The only place where she felt comfortable was in her room that she shared with her baron. Before the mercenary fleet arrived, the time spent with him was dreamlike. But now Rhean could only spend a moments with her at a time for he had an army to manage. She didn't mind the distractions from her. She encouraged them for when he was with her, she couldn't think of anything to say or do. She stepped outside her room to once again begin her adventure through the grimey chaos that was Port Reach. The mercenaries made it difficult to get around without being disturbed. More than once she was either trailed or stopped by a group of cocky men hoping for some small courtesies. It was the only times she cursed at her everlasting beauty, and her raven feathered robes. It made her stand out too much, and even when she wore disguises she would get recognized by her face. The realisation came that no matter what she did to hide herself, it would not succeed. The damage has already been done, they would say. Still she tilted her hat to cover her face as she pushed through the mob. Voices and limbs caused her heart to race and her stomach to feel heavy. Eventually she found the sign for the alchemist store and rushed over to her one place of sanctuary. She exhaled out of relief once she was inside, The storekeeper greeted her with a smile of recognition. He was another rare human whom she could tolerate. His academic knowledge and skills with potions resonated with her own. They had their own sort of agreement: she would freely use his ingredients and tools so long as she sold the product to him provided it was safe for him to handle. She sat down at a table with her grimoire opened before her. The door busted open barely keeping itself on its hinges. The same group of men who had stopped her before came for her again. A groan came from her when their leader spoke, "Pleasure to see you again, lassy. We have some business with you~" She rolled her eyes at them and stared back at her grimoire hoping that they would finally get the message. "Oh come on now. Why you always so cold?" The gang chuckled along with their leader who spoke. "Because I don't waste my time on thick headed fools." With that she flicked her wrist at them sending a gush of wind that blew them outside with the door slamming before their faces. She took her newfound time to practice her magic. Nothing major, just small manipulation of her surroundings. The storekeeper hobbled over to her and asked if everything was alright. She simply replied, "Not to worry. They're just part of the daily routine."
  11. She thanked him as she dipped her head repeatedly into the water. The water ran down her feathers like it was silk. She felt that bathing as a bird was simpler than bathing as a human. She dived in several times making sure the rest of her feathers were washed. The water started turning red from the blood. Now that she was clean she could closer inspect her injuries. She peeked over the bucket and watched Rhean bathe himself. His back presenting quite a view.
  12. Rhean could swear that he saw her blush slightly despite being a raven, "Well you're the one who said they wouldn't ask questions if you paid them..." Steam enveloped them when they entered their private bath. She looked around the room hoping to see a smaller bath for her. The closest thing possible was a small bucket. The warmth of the room felt boiling to her small figure. She flopped to the wet marble floor and made her way to the bucket. When she peeked her head inside she found it empty. She cocked her head back and stared at the baron hoping that he understood what she was asking.
  13. She paid no attention to the feelings of disgust from the maids. Why should she? She no longer had any need to adhere to perfection. She cocked her head in all directions several times when they were walking up the stairs, "Bath for one? Gosh, you're so... ugh!" It's not like she was complaining. They were probably already used being in each other's privacy.
  14. Now free of her social anxieties, Myrinda felt free to be her raven self. She pecked at her feathers, shook out dust, and cawed delightfully at anyone that passed by scaring them off along with their putrid scent. "This is nice~" She spoke her thoughts out loud.
  15. "In some ways it's worse." She said just before reaching the gate. She cawed at the men by the gate finding it fun to act like a raven in front of them. Her usual disposition to people somewhat lessened. She went back to pecking at her feathers feeling that itch return. "Does this bath house even cater for birds?" She asked curiously making sure her voice could not be heard to any eavesdroppers.
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