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  1. because the greatest answer to every conflict is a civil discussion and violence. XD
  2. wait what? i thought we are gonna burn some villages while i play you the song of my people? *sad ukulele noise*
  3. because i am a civil person that will not resort to violence if some disagree with me *prepares a chainsaw cannon*
  4. Thank you! I will check it out and hope that there is a vacancy for me to your VCF ^^
  5. *plays my ukulele with excitement* Thank you! Nice! i hope to meet this fellow SCP fan
  6. *takes the cake* Thank you. *fakes cries* yes i do hope my ukulele is doing fine and no harm has fallen over it and thank you for point the not wrong directions
  7. Hello Ladies,Gentlemen ,Apache Helicopters, Trombones and Pots Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Alto "Ukulele" Clef. The SCP-fanatic, SCP-173- worshiper, and mischievous lying bastard "bard". I was forced to join this new world because L has kidnapped my ukulele and threatened me that if i didn't join they will remove a string on my ukulele. nah, i'm just kidding..... Or am i? *plays Vsauce theme song with my ukulele* Anyways, I'm happy to join this new environment. i hope that you can provide me some guidance along the way. Thank you
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