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  1. Aliester approached the innkeeper and asked her politely to offer him a room for the night, while putting the pouch of silver coins on the counter. He too was tired, but, he still managed to keep himself awake at least until he would go inside a room from the inn.
  2. After thinking for a bit, he decided to call it a day and rest. After all, he may be a dhampir and no ordinary man, but even dhampirs need a break. Therefore, he went to look for an inn where he could sleep. Should he not have that much luck, he will have to find other means to do it, even return to the tavern. He felt something inside him, he knew it was from the cursed blood running in his body, yet, his strong will helped him to overcome that feeling as he continued to walk.
  3. What he learned was unforseen. Could the bandits have lied? That was not likely. Perhaps this dryad is far smarter and less innocent than she appears to be. Now, our young knight is talking with various merchants and people in hopes that he will find a map of the island or, someone to guide him there. But who could possibly know this island from a side to another?
  4. The young knight waved at both of them and replied one last time before leaving. "I will see you later, hopefully, all of you.". Aliester closed the door of the tavern as he went outside. He sighed and looked around for a bit, then his face became serious as he muttered to himself. "Now...It's time to hunt that dryad." He started to walk around the town carefully, one of his hands never letting go of the sheated sword.
  5. Aliester sighed and looked at him, then responded. "If that is your wish...then I have no choice but to accept it. Very well, I will take the reward." The young knight holds the bag of coins in his hands and bows formally. He raises his head and continues. "For now, I will have other matters to attend to, but, I will return here once more after I finish what I need to do." He looked at Witts and smiled a bit, waiting for his response.
  6. Aliester looked at Witts and answered with a calm tone. "I have some news for you. Your daughter is safe and said that she will return in few more days, but first, she needs to learn more from her friend Yvres. Also, she asked that I give you this. " The young knight offered Witts the letter from her daughter and the bouquet of black roses. He remembered what the owner of the shop told him and continued. "The person who gave me the black roses wanted to say hi to you and your daughter and that you have to pay the taxes in time.". Aliester stood still and awaited for Witts's response.
  7. The young knight muttered to himself as he closed the shop's door behind him. "I'll keep that in mind." Now that he got the black roses, Aliester headed towards Witts's tavern in a hurry, knowing the condition in wich he was after he left. Witts seemed to manage his emotions well, yet, in the deepest parts of his heart lie his true feelings. He is desperate to see his daughter, to talk with her, to feel her. But what could possibly calm his soul, his heart? The answer... is love, a force so powerful that all reason becomes blind to it. Blind to all things... even the truth. Now, the young knight has arrived at the tavern and the lights were still on. He opened the door and walked inside, looking around for the Tavernsman.
  8. Aliester shaked his head, giving a sign of yes. He then responded to the owner. "Indeed, that would be all. And, this choice for flowers was made by the one who sent me here. She goes by the name Elaine." He grabbed the change from her along with the bouquet of black roses, and prepared to leave the shop.
  9. One of the new anime's that I heard is : Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! Coming this summer. It's about how a normal man is suddenly transported to an isekai world of sorts in the body of a six years old kid and can use magic. I heard it will have twelve episodes so far but that it will be quite interesting.
  10. The young light looked at the owner of the shop and talked with a calm tone. ''Pardon me for arriving at such an hour, but I need to buy some black roses for someone.'' Aliester took out the silver coins wich Elaine had given him. He is now waiting for her response as he looks around the shop, then again at the owner.
  11. The young knight, seeing that night draws near, started to run towards the town in hopes that he will find the shop that Elaine mentioned open. Thankfully, his speed allowed him to reach the city and now, he only needs to find the shop from where he could buy the black roses. He looked left and right as he wandered in the city, searching for any clues to point him towards the shop.
  12. Aliester, few minutes after the bandits had left the cave, went outside as well. He could go to the Port, buy the black roses and deliver the letter and the flowers to Witts along with his daughter's message. He also, could go after the dryad wich sent bandits to kill him, knowing she is in the Port as well. In the end, the young knight decided that it is best for him to go see Witts before he will go after the dryad. He muttered to himself as he walked towards the Port town. ''I made a promise to both Witts and to his daughter Elaine. I won't turn back now.'' The young knight sheathed his sword and continued on his journey.
  13. The young knight looked at them with the same cold gaze and responded. ''You all better go and not tell anyone about this, not even that dryad, unless you want me to hunt you all down. Now go, before I change my mind.' Aliester still pointed his longsword at them and backed away a bit, leaving enough space for them to exit the cave.
  14. Aliester sighed and looked at all the bandits in front of him. They told him what he needed to know and he had no time to spare anymore. He responded to the leader with a calm voice. ''So, even a bandit like you has at least a bit of honor...Very well, I will spare your friends, however, you will certainly not make it out of here alive. Not without consequences.'' As he said that, the young knight suddenly swinged his sword towards the leader and cut off one of his hands. Then, Aliester had cut the rope holding the bandits together and pointed his sword towards them while awaing for their response.
  15. The young knight turned his gaze for a second towards the bandit wich yelled then back at the leader and responded with a serious expression. "You seem to know a lot more than your palls over there. That dryad has clearly tricked you into doing this. Give me a reason why I should spare your life, or face a quick death.'' Aliester's longsword suddenly pointed at the leader's neck and awaited for the bandit's response. He was now thinking, if it is a coincidence that the dryad sent the adventurers he had troubles with after him or if she watched him from the shadows the entire time, ever since he went inside the tavern.
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