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  1. Greetings to everyone,

    Been a while since last time I was here and, to be honest, I missed doing roleplay with you all. So far so good, my account from the discord platform was disabled, thus, I was unable to contact any of the people I know here.
    Thankfully, I have managed to make a new account so that we can talk more details about roleplay.
    Reply to this message for more details.

    With Respect,

    1. Shal


      Your account on Discord was disabled? Do you need help to get back on Our Server?

    2. Aliester Magna

      Aliester Magna

      Yeah, since I did not take notes on the server's address nor managed to find any of you with my new account.

  2. What can I say, I got busy in last few weeks because I gotta split my time with work, family,  posting videos and much more.

    However, I am free for rp every Saturday night (for my time zone) . 

  3. Preparing for the next quest that takes place in a few days. 

  4. Currently thinking for my character to take a ship from Port Reach and Explore the other lands. 


    Now our knight is resting at a campfire. 

    1. Fierach


      Do it. Explore more places.

    2. Aliester Magna

      Aliester Magna

      Of course, I'll have to make a topic and go there~

  5. What can I say?  So far I got motivated to keep up with roleplaying and I'll do my best to offer a good experience for both me and the people who will join me.


    I salute you all and wish you a good day.

    1. Velindrel


      I am looking forward to seeing what you can come up with.

      I am going to watch your career with great interest...hmnhmnhmnnn.....

    2. Aliester Magna

      Aliester Magna

      Thank you very much,   I am looking forward as well for the opportunity to roleplay with others and adapt to the various lands here in Valucre.

  6. Aliester went outside the village and, looked one last time at the village and smiled a bit. The young knight took out the map he had, and, pointed at the port on the other side. "The tavernsman said something about having dinner with them. Since I have nothing better to do, I also will need to rest.". He muttered to himself as he could seen little by little fading in the distance, going towards his destination.
  7. The young knight sighs in relief and sits on the ground as his wounds returned. "It is done...My mission is complete." He muttered to himself as he looked at the sky above him. The young knight picked up his sword and sheathed it, then took out the remaining spikes from his armor. The villagers were safe, for now. But the goddess speaked of a war. A terrible war wich, if he would stay any longer, would force him to take a side. He de ided that it was for the best for him to return to the port. Aliester stands up, then, bows to the villagers as he speaks with them. "Thank you all for helping me and, I am sorry that I couldn't save the other villagers and the priest" The young knight stands still, waiting for their response.
  8. Still shocked by everything that happened before him, Aliester could barely talk as he watched the scenes unfold. He looked at his healed body then back at Vytar and Nela, but he did not dare to stare at the goddess's face.
  9. Aliester knew that he isn't strong enough to stop her, yet, he did not give up. However, not giving up was not enough as his life force is still drained as they keep fighting. "The villagers finally managed to bring the dried wood, but, at this rate, I would need a miracle to survive this.". He muttered to himself while fighting the dryad as few scars from the dryad could be seen on his face.
  10. The young knight swings his sword in a circle like attack, thus defending himself on both sides. He jumps few metters behind the dryad and avoids her vines in time. ''I must not give up. There must be a way to weaked her before the villagers return.'' He transforms into his wolf form and dashes towards her while holding his sword in his mouth. As soon as he gets closer, he throws with his mouth the sword towards the dryad while he arrives in front of her . As the sword goes through one of her legs, when the sword gets to the other side, he transforms back to normal and grabs it, then swings it towards her hands.
  11. Aliester knew how to avoid it as he expected the dryad to try using the land for her advantage. He turned into his mist form as soon as the rock could be seen above him. He returned back to normal few seconds after the rock fell on the ground. Thankfully, no villagers were near him so they weren't harmed, but he knew he had to hold her off as much as he can before they returned with the firewood. The young knight pointed his sword towards the dryad from far way and speaked. "It will soon be over. Your place in this world has come to an end." Aliester stands still, not even trying to approach the dryad.
  12. The young knight stepped back and grabbed his sword back with his free hand while the other one was still holding the cloak. He used his vampiroc speed once more and arrived in time to be in the range of the bladebark spikes. His sword cut most of them but, a few still managed to get stuck in his armor. Thankfully, the spikes did not reach the skin or flesh yet. "I will not allow you to harm anymore innocents." He looked at the villagers and shouted at them. "Once you get the firewood, create a fire circle between me and the dryad." He stood still and took a battle stance while looking at the dryad with his cold gaze.
  13. Sensing that it would be dangerous to get any closer he takes the sword out and jumps back, covering his face with his cloak. "Tch, she is full of tricks." He looked on the ground and saw two rocks nearby. Using his speed, he grabbed them and quickly used a hand and a leg to rub them together and create fire while his other hand holds his cloak against his insects.
  14. The young knight finally understood that he needed to burn her in order to finish what he started. He turned towards the villagers and speaked. "'Everyone, I need any of you that can help to bring torches with fire. This is the only way we can defeat the dryad, by burning her. I will try as much as I can to hold her off." Aliester continued to push the sword deeper, careful so that she won't get to the other villagers.
  15. Aliester knew that it was too late to save the priest, but, maybe the holy water could help against the dryad. He took a bottle of holy water and threw it towards the dryad. The young knight then dashed towards her, and, when he got close enough, Aliester pushed the sword to go deeper into the dryad with one of his legs, while the bottle of holy water at the same time lands on her head, causing the water to spread on her entire body.
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