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  1. She listens carefully at the words of the newfound 'friend', paying close attention to its words about this Old Red and the Red River. Apparently there was more than she thought, behind all of this. If what the cat says is true, then the Old Red could really be the Will of the Island. She picks up on the cats intentions. After all, the cat was smart but she knows the face of a liar when she sees one and even if the feline's face is different in everything manner, she still is able to discern that there aren't lies behind the cat's words. With a proud smirk on her face, she replies to the cat. "You are smart as well, for being a cat, Shelly." She tilts her head, like she said something curious. "Mh... It feels like i already used this name." She sighs and shrugs. "Whatever, that will do, Shelly. I'll look forward to our... Heh. Friendship."
  2. Ahhh. That's what the cat wanted. Masking its request of help and making it pass like it is being merciful. A spirit. No matter which kind of spirit it was, it must have some limits regarding how much it can affect reality. The cat in front of her wasn't the one really dictating the rules, it just made itself appear as such. Even now, the cat was still mocking her again, laughing after she ate the mouse. A bold move, that's for sure, but their positions couldn't be switched. They had to collaborate, to achieve anything. Or is that so? Frederika could have gathered more info about the Red River, even if they are hiding meticolously. Meanwhile the cat talked about offering help, without actually giving any, yet. This cat was smarter than it seemed at first, but as she becomes more conscious of the situation, her behaviour changes, as the cat's tail slithers on her face. "You may sleep here, eat from my pantry or bring me more mice... but that's all you can do. If that's it, you picked the wrong girl to annoy. It actually disappoints me that you seemingly expected me to bow down to you... maybe i help my hopes too high from someone that pretends to know a lot about me, or the Red River." You don't hear any hesitation in her words, nor see any in her eyes. "I'm gonna ask you one more time... 'friend'. How do you know anything you say you know, about the Red River?"
  3. She keeps staring at the cat, like she was waiting for it to retract its statement or to begin laughing... until she realized that it wasn't gonna happen. Stopping from putting the bedsheets on again, she looks down to the mouse, resolved to eat it. She takes it with her small hand, moving it to her chest, before looking into the cat's eyes once again, like an unspoken agreement of some sort of contract. In her past, she ate much worse anyways and even if her taste buds aren't used to such tastes any longer, she is still an oni. Her real nature is to eat things such as this, in case of necessity. Taking the mouse to her mouth, she takes her tongue out, putting the rodent over it before it enters her small body. She doesn't much it, deciding to immediately gulp it down in one motion. It shows on her throat, bulging from the animal passing through it, until it disappears into her body once again. She didn't seem disgusted in the slightest, keeping her eye contact with the cat, like she was mocking him for the useless challenge it put her through, but waiting for his reaction before speaking.
  4. Seeing the cat carrying a white mouse on her bed once again, except that this time it was.. strangely pristine, she rolls her eyes, tilting her head backwards, before eyeing the animal once again. "Can you not put that thing over my bed once again?" She replies, clearly annoyed by the cat's behaviour, but not to such an extent to throw away the source of information that has presented before herself. After all she was blind to the true nature of the Will of the Island and only heard stories about the Red River. If what the creature said was true, she would have to accept its request. "What am i supposed to do with that anyways? I tried to bury it already but it seemingly wasn't enough?" Her smirks becomes a soft smug, stamped on her pale skin. "Don't you have any respect for the dead, Cat?"
  5. The bedsheets flew out of the bed, moving it slightly as they get taken out of it. The cat wasn't inside the bedsheets, but it didn't really matter to her. Dropping down the sheets on the floor, she moves to one of the closets in the room, rummaging through it for a few seconds and then taking out new bedsheets, before closing it. Her scythe meanwhile has taken the shape of a ring once more, a sign that she's willing to at least let the cat talk, since it mentioned the Red River and the conversation... weirdly intrigues her. Walking towards the bed and the cat with the new bedsheets folded in her arms, she starts talking once again. "That's true, i can give you that. But now tell me. How do you know that they are part of each other? What makes you think so?" Reached the side of the bed, she starts placing the bedsheets over it, ignoring the fact that the cat is on all four on her mattress, once again showing quite the hostility towards it until it begins providing something more concrete than mere words.
  6. She smiles to the cat, a lot different than her previous demeanor. Her smile seems genuine, while she moves one hand over the top side of the bed, towards her pillow. "I only threw dirt at you because that's what you threw at me. Not even just once, you gave me one of your dead preys...." She chuckles lightly, interrupting herself. "Gifts.. how you call them. Just to get into my property with no invite and not being interested in buying anything from me. That's quite disrespectful~" Grabbing the bedsheets with her hand, she stops completely, resuming her talk. "I have no idea what you're talking about~ You think that the Red River controls the Will of the Island? Pfff. Don't make me laugh." Her hand moves, a quick movement towards the cat, but not directly aiming for it. Instead, she moves her hand and arm over the cat's body, carrying the bedsheets together with her, like she wanted to catch the cat with it, as she gets off the bed and slides to the end of it.
  7. The dirt she thrown earlier seemingly phased through the cat's body, like it wasn't physical, to no surprise of her. The dirt flies to the wall, hitting it before getting on the ground. "You have a twisted idea of friendship." Those are her only words before she sits on the side of the bed, paying attention to not stain her clothes with the dirt. "Maybe i should be advicing you to be careful about your sharp tongue, weird kitten." She chuckles lightly, before continuing. "Oh, sorry~ Seems like i was too late for that. You are a spirit, aren't you~? Why would you be interested in anything that the Red River is doing? And how do you know that they are interested in me?" She keeps staring at the cat, her eyes twitched a bit by its insolence, but still trying to worm out information from it.
  8. She stood there, looking at the air in front of her acting strangely, until the levitating cat appears before her. Still holding her scythe, she looks at it without fear, hearing its mocking words and realizing that if it was hostile, it would have took advantage of his situation in a smarter way. Her voice is cold, veiling a tiny bit of anger due to the mocking the cat has shown. "Your gift was really appropriate for someone such as you. Petty and vile." She stops speaking for a couple of seconds, walking to the bed but keeping her stare on the creature, taking the remaining dirt still on the bed into her hand. "Did you lose your owner, perhaps? I'm not looking for disobedient pets, if that's why you're here." Her voice sounded a bit different, mischievous. A few instants later, you see the dirt she was holding flying towards you.
  9. Following along the traces on the ground, walking upstairs, and barely recognizing her own house due to the different atmosphere all around, she doesn't tell a word. She's focused on sensing her surroundings, slowly walking towards her bedroom. Opening the door proves as easy as usual, the only noise is the air flowing in and out of her body and the almost imperceptible sliding of her weapon behind her dress trying to hide it even if it's bigger than herself. Getting inside the bedroom she doesn't notice anything unusual, taking a careful and deep look all-around before even passing the door frame. Her eyes then meet something on her bed, a white, dirt-stained mouse in the middle of it, dirtying her bed. That clearly was the rat she buried earlier in the day. It should be still there, but it was too late to check now. Still observing the dead rodent on her property, she walks up to the window next to the bed, calmly spreading it open and then moving to the bed. She was never scared of touching dead things, after all she grew a liking to it. She took the dead mouse in her hand, then walking a bit further away, but lining with the window. Taking the hand with the mouse to her chest, without actually dirtying her dress, she starts charging her strength, slowly moving the arm behind and placing her feet steadily, just to throw the mouse outside with all of her strength. The throw is really strong, enough for the shutters of the window to close once again due to the movement of the air, almost breaking the glass inside of them. The mouse is nowhere to be seen, quickly disappearing for her vision, flying who knows where.
  10. It still was the same day of her newest discovery, the day she was lift off the overwatch of the Island's Will. She just made sure that she could grow her creation to make a drug, so to make more profits. There was something strange happening all around her and it wasn't just the Island's Will, this time. There was another force at play, albeit seemingly not opposing her. The newest entry wanted her attention, and it got her full attention as soon as the paw-shaped soil spots started appearing around her, while she still was in her outer garden, the fruit of her just completed work still in front of her. Following the traces left by... something or someone, she sneakily and slowly entered her own house, ready to kick anyone that dared set foot into her shop without invitation. @Shal
  11. That seemed a day like any other. Morning routine, dressing up, making the bed and then having breakfast. Surprisingly enough, she didn't feel like eating much, but still required a good morning tea to ready up for the day to come. She was comfortable in her home, sitting at her table with a cup of tea in her hand, a flower floating in it, surrounded by the little steam that the hot tea lets flow away. Moving the teacup towards her mouth, a finger inside the handle and an hand holding the cup from the other side, a slight twitch manifests in her right hand, like she felt a disturbance far, far away. The cup falls on the little plate beneath, strong enough to spill the contents, but not enough to break. Realizing what has just happened, she narrows her eyes ever so slightly, looking down at the spilled tea and flower. That was a sign, a really bad one at it. Something happened, or was about to, making her quite uneasy as she moves her hand to the handkerchief, before dampening it on the fluids over the table. Drinking the rest of her tea, feeling the air around her become heavier, she decides to stand up and check on her plants on the roof. Maybe taking a lungful of fresh air could help her ease up once again, even if deep down she fully knows that something is severely wrong. Moving upstairs and then on the roof, she's greeted by her usual, luxuriant garden. Taking a look to the plants, she then moves her eyes around the town, noticing that it feels strangely.... calm.
  12. "Elaine... The missing girl." She nods to the knight, realizing that he's about to leave, almost like he was eager to do so. "Say hi to her and her father on my stead, if you don't mind." She starts turning around, walking towards the counter until she stops in the middle of the shop, turning her head to the left, her face barely visible behind the black rose she has on her head. "And remind them that this time the taxes are better be paid on time~" Her light footsteps are heard once again as her feet move on the wooden floor, until she disappears behind the door frame on the other side of the counter.
  13. Her eyes move from his eye to the silver coins, quickly counting them inside her little head, aware of the fact that even an outsider knows the value of those. She moves one hand towards them, implicitly asking the knight to give them to her, to which he readily does. Taking the coins in her hands, their skins touch. In a reflex, she draws her hand back slightly, almost unnoticeable, just to snatch the coins from him. Looking back to him once again, she turns around, heading confidently towards one of the shelves on the right side of the shop. "Black roses, is it~? Interesting choice. May i know why this choice?" She asks while taking some of the roses from the shelf, easily getting them as they were at the height of her chest. She then turns back, heading to the counter to prepare the roses. She puts them all together, wrapping them into a wide bouquet. Moving to the other part of the counter, but still on the same side, she puts the coins inside, taking some back, counting the change she owes the customer. Taking the bouquet of black roses in one hand and the change in the other, she heads to the knight, stopping in front of him and looking upwards, tilting her body backwards, just enough for her to look at him due to the difference in heights. "Will this be all~?" She asks the knight, holding the bouquet and change in her hands, ready for him to grab.
  14. The knight meets some towners, most of which look at him just to flee with their glances as they notice that he's an outsider. Still, he was able to approach a couple, a man and a woman, that even if slightly troubled by his doings, directed him to his destination. Both of them paled when the knight mentioned Frederika's name, quickly pointing him towards the big house that sits on the top part of the town. Once again, they quickly left after the knight thanks them, hurrying to distance themselves. Following the towners' directions, he walks through the city, passing in front of the tavern he began his journey in, just to keep going on the rising road. Slowly approaching the majestic home, he wonders if it even is a shop. The building is totally different in architecture and materials, respect to the other ones around the town... almost like it came from somewhere else. It felt out of place, even if it is a really nice house. Knocking on the entrance door, he notices that the place is still open. Getting through the door, a couple of little bells attached to the door signal his arrival. Inside the shop, he gets hit by a multitude of different smells and colors, the shelves that fill the whole room being full of the most various flowers and plants, some even going around the place into the walls and roof, but still seeming perfectly organized. On the other side of the room there is a counter with a few flowers, a bundle of them, albeit not tied together yet. Walking a bit around amazed by the difference between the plants of the island and this particular shop, he doesn't hear the owner arrive. She comes out from the door behind the counter, looking at the knight with her red eyes. Her glance is pretty normal, most probably wondering why someone needs flowers at this late of an hour. "Welcome there, outsider. What kind of flower or plant do you need?" She asks. Her voice was high pitched, befitting her minute figure. She wears a completely black dress, which you've never seen the same style. Her black hair is complemented by a headband with a black rose attached to it, going on the side of her head, a few cloth strands flowing down along her face and neck. Her pale skin is a total contrast with the dress she has, and the dim light inside the shop only accents it. She keeps still, standing in her place while looking at the knight head to toe, observing his movements almost curiously, while waiting for his reply.
  15. The eyes were still observing her from the shadows, looking after her actions, but granting her a power that no one, or maybe just a few, has. She's now able to grow whatever she likes, apparently... and that made her think. She had the possibility to make a drug, in her garden.. which isn't really guarded, if not by her presence. On the other hand, if she had the exclusive control over a drug, she could earn quite a whole lot, selling it as an expensive, refined thing, while it instead takes little to no true effort for her. What was the best way? Keep it exclusive for a high price, selling it only to the few that could afford it as a luxury item, or trying to produce it en masse, after some modifications? She turns the scythe into her ring once again, as the island's will wasn't gonna manifest in any way. She needed a test subject, someone to test if the algae were addictive or just a hallucinogen. Her train of thoughts, although, came to a halt as she noticed some paws forming on the direct surroundings of her feet. She looks down, her eyes fixing them as her mind goes blank, slowly turning her head to follow the tracks and noticing that they lead inside her shop, even with a closed door. Troubled by the presence of these paws, she walks inside the shop, slowly, her feathery footstep being even more careful and soundless than usual, as she sneakily follows the trail to the end, ready to kick anyone that dared set foot into her shop without invitation.
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