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  1. @Tyros @Shal @Dray @Myrinda The mercenaries she recruited from the mainland were brought to the city exactly in the timespan she said, a day and a half. Arriving during the night, when most people were already asleep and the airport was mostly empty, she went to such a place to verify personally of the people coming to the island. She inspected them one by one, the mercenaries quite skeptical and displeased by her behavior, but quickly agreed to it after the beaten up the first two that dared to have something to say about that, being too quick to draw their weapons. They were mauled, in front of the other mercenaries, just to be kicked off the ship, and with that, off the island. They quickly understood that they could have made a poor choice to embark on this journey, but as they behaved properly, no such occurrence has happened during the inspection any longer. Being pleased with the men, she was confident enough to show them to Tyros, which mostly disregarded the mercenaries themselves and thanked Frederika, taking them with himself into the dark of the night. The city was a mess, the mercenaries she recruited were raiding the city, causing quite the chaotic situation, under the Baron's command. This was quite displeasing for her, but only in the beginning. Her mind working as it always does, she came up with more ways to exploit the situation, granting herself more 'questionable incomes' all on her own. She just had to maneuver a few strings. Still, another annoying event happened. The mercenaries, not used to the island and the city they were in, happened to find out her shop, seeing it triumphantly overseeing the whole city. They had the bright idea to trample her flowers outside, luckily enough for her, only the ones in front of the shop, which coincidentally are mostly just for the aesthetics, as they have little to no value, if not some mild painkilling. Once they got inside the shop, the ruckus outside getting her attention and calling her to look outside, they saw her standing up in front of them. They quickly realized their big mistake, but that's all they had the time to do, barely a few instants more to look at their lives flow in front of their eyes. Tyros' forces lost two more men, that day, due to 'unknown circumstances'. Hearing about the chaos-turned city around her, she expected another visit from Tyros, hopefully not as annoying as the last one. And he did visit. According themselves on how to handle the situation, she assured herself another deal with the Baron, in exchange for favors. This led up the two to enrich themselves, the baron getting enough to get a new home and a few other things, while she just stacked up more money, saving them for the time being, before thinking a good way to 'invest' them. A couple of days after the Baron's purchase, which he asked advice for to none other than Frederika herself and ending up buying one of her properties at a friendly price, he inspected it and made it so it would please his son. Once he made sure that it would, she went back to the flower shop, taking his son back under his wing, ending up another task from Frederika's list. Being relieved from that, she indulged herself for a little while, savoring her drug and thinking about the most sporadic things, while she was sitting at her table and earning money from her previous doings. But it couldn't be so easy for her, right? A talking, Spirit Cat, friend of Frederika, was coming back and forth from and to her shop. The cat was gathering a different set of information, a set that quickly spiked up the little girl's curiosity. Exchanging more clear information on what was going on through the city for the cat's information, she listened to what it discovered, processing the information with her clouded mind. She didn't express herself about it, wanting more time to think about it. She also discussed with the cat about its order for herbicides, which quite displeased her. "If you really needed that, you could have explained to me why you did and asked me to order it." She said to the cat, almost like lecturing it about friendship, explaining something that even if she wasn't really familiar with, she knows how it's supposed to work. Now, the day has come. The mercenaries gathered at the doors of the city, which she could see from the comfort of her home, looking through the window. She did her part of the plan, there was no need for her to do more, if not reaping what she saw. The Baron has enough cards to play as he thinks he needs, and even if he doesn't know how many cards the enemy has, he's no fool. Meanwhile, she can enjoy having her own cards still facing down on the table, finished playing and observing things unfold.
  2. @Tyros@Shal "You are right, Shal. But even he deserves an answer to his question. Plus, seems like that's not a good time to laugh." Her tone suddenly shifted to a very different one. It's clearly annoyed, almost angerful. Her glance is also glacial, looking at the knight in front of her with her deep red eyes, not even blinking, observing his every movement and breath. Being challenged this way in her own home, after the previous work she had done the night before for the baron, surely wasn't welcomed. After a few seconds of agonizing stare to the man, she closes her eyes and exhales profoundly, before opening her eyes again and proceeding to talk. "Alright, Rhean. I'll give you the answer to your question. You better open your ears wide, because i'm not gonna say it twice. You should grant the Dryads the privilege to rule their own land, letting them take matters on their own hands. People there want the island to be closed more than it would be worth, so just shut them off completely. They don't want outsiders? Allow them to decide who enters in their own territory. The hard part is to keep a trade deal with them about food, but you should offer as little goods as possible. The best would be to turn their taxes, which they are still gonna owe you, into food, so that we can still feed the rest of the island. I also heard that a Dryad was slain. We can exploit this, by telling the bandits at the eastern camp that the Dryads are looking for people to kill the crazy fool that did that. With the proper lie, we can have the bandits patrol the roads that go to the village, which would prove useful in two ways. First, it would make it harder for merchants to get to the village, starving the Dryads of useful products. Second, it would make it more difficult for the Dryads to have contacts outside. Not letting them have the possibility to have contacts outside is vital. That's because we are gonna make sure that the Pirates and the Criminals are gonna focus on that village. It's easy prey, after all. Farmers, outside the whole island. Only the Dryads to guard the place... What do you think it's going to happen when the new hallucinogenic bombs are gonna get thrown to them? Mix them with fire and they won't be able to do resist long. When they're gonna ask for help from the Baron, you could aid them and force them to accept any deal you want. That's almost two factions out of the game if you play your cards right." She then continues, after a few seconds of pause. "Next is the Trolls and the Wyldmagi. After reclaiming your throne and stopping their collecting taxes nonsense, you should make two deals with the Wyldmagi. First, you grant them discounts on the buildings in Heavenshire, as long as they prove that they stopped the Trolls from assaulting the merchants along with the surroundings, especially on the roads going from here to Heavenshire. The two factions have been enemies for a long time now, you're basically asking them to keep doing what they always did, offering them an additional reward. Now, the true deal, the second one. Every Wyldmagi can choose to have their tax cut off by around... I'd say 40% of the total, but that's negotiable. Why so? Because you're gonna ask them to share any magical discovery and experiment, with the barony. This is gonna have some serious consequences which you should mind. First, Heavenshire is most likely gonna become a nest for them, which is gonna be awesome for both parties, since the Loci are gonna reshape the whole mana flow, hopefully centering it under the city, which is in the middle of the island. Second, it gives them some power. That's alright, for the moment. They could prove to be a phenomenal defense, in case of need... or it could prove to be your downfall. But do you know what they say? 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.' With time, you could be able to bring them on your side. Meanwhile, the trolls are gonna be dealt with, partially or completely. Once again, it's vital to keep them from allying with anyone, but they are not remarked to be smart, aren't they? The only difficult individual might be their leader." She then sighs, marking another pause. "The most important thing, though, is to keep the Pirates and the Criminals to ally on their own. Especially the Criminals. We cannot let them to grow any further, or they're gonna be a big problem in the future unless you find a way to make the Will of the Island deal with them. We have to make sure to replace the leader of the Criminals with someone that we can 'trust', or that at least can work as a puppet for us. Once the reputation of this individual is good enough and we have investigated enough to know who the leader behind the organization is, all we have to do is making the others lose trust in the leader. How? I could use this." She points to her pipe. "To normal people, that's addictive. Turn the leader of the gang into a drug addict and then starve him. Either he does something really stupid, or the members are gonna take him down themselves. The Pirates are innately exploitable. Feed them a prey to raid and they're gonna be happy for a while. To deal with them, you need a force to repel them, possibly the Wyldmagi, in the future." "Speaking of losing trust, that's what most likely is gonna happen to the Farmers, after they get raided by the Pirates. Make them lose trust in the Dryads and you're gonna have a cheap workforce. Most likely affected by the Will of the Island, but even it can't not make people work to grow food. Otherwise, his toys are gonna die one by one. That's how you keep a child from doing what he wants." "The Enclave... We could use." She interrupts herself. "Well, They could use some cheaper taxes as well. Having a deal with the Dryads is gonna be good, but sooner or later their food is gonna not be enough for the island. Ease the customs on food coming from the mainland, so that merchants can trade that easily. They get more money for themselves and we keep the people." A few seconds of complete silence pass, while she shifts her glance back and fort the man and the cat. "I'm not the one you should ask what laws to make, Rhean. I exploit laws, not make them. Go ask a lawyer or someone else. Now that what had to be said has been said, i'll see you both leave. I excuse your state, Rhean, but that doesn't mean you didn't ruin my morning. Also, i have better things to do." She then stands up from the chair, expecting the two to walk before her, heading to the door of the shop and leave, removing themselves from this situation that pissed her off more than she likes to. Or at least that's what you both catch from the tone of her voice.
  3. @Tyros@Shal She was merely thinking about what she just finished saying, spacing out during her own thoughts, when the Baron grabbed the cat sitting on his lap and threw it off the building, over the fence of the roof. This comical scene sets in her mind, making her get a grin on her face, but still rising up. Not long passes that she starts laughing hard, looking at the cat falling down while it mews the last time, conscious that Shal wouldn't die anyway, just enjoying the whole funny scene. A really long time has passed since she laughed so wholeheartedly, and even more from the last time someone saw her doing so. Surely, that's the first time both the Baron and the Spirit Cat has seen her normal, laughing face. Anyone would wonder if the person laughing so much in front of them is actually the same that was there a few seconds ago. There is a clear difference from the idea both of them have of Frederika and the one laughing in front of them. She just seems a girl laughing and enjoying the moment, at all effects. During her laughter, she still listens to the Baron's words, without a reply. She still laughs when the cat comes back, hovering in the air and circling around them. It takes a while for her laughter to die off, as when she would raise her glance to the two, she would start laughing once again. At some point she raised her hand, signaling to wait a bit, as she couldn't hold herself back from laughing more. When she finally calmed down, she ends with a satisfied sigh, leaning back on the chair she sits on, also taking another sip from the pipe in her hand, which seems to be smoking less and less. Feeling like something is wrong, she checks the burner of it, noticing that the herb has completely vanished. She sighs again, this time with a bit of disappointment as smoke comes out together with the sigh. Looking to the baron with eyes that became serious once again, proper for her, she opens her mouth to speak, her tone is slightly mocking, a smug on her face. "Rhean Rhean~ I know you're quite the grumpy and angry guy, but not even tolerating a cat on your lap~? Seems like you're more pissed off than usual. I wonder why." Her eyes look lower, pointing at the man's chest like she saw something inside his heart. "Something surely has happened. *Chuckles* No. It's yet to happen." She stops talking, just to resume a couple of seconds later. "I find it strange that you come to me today, after yesterday's request. Thought you said all you had to say, you know what i mean? So now i ask you. What exactly happened that it brought you to me again so soon?"
  4. @Tyros@Shal She didn't mind the glance of the cat, barely even recognized it, before going upstairs. Before the man started speaking, the cat jumped on his lap. She simply relaxes while the Baron talks, listening to him while having a relaxed expression on her face. "Yes. I did notice that the Loci are somewhat unstable. The reason behind it is unclear to me, but i doubt that it has mortal hands behind it." She leans forward, tilting her head slightly down, raising both her eyes to yours, her demeanor changing to a serious glance. "And you know what that means. The Will of the Island is just gonna become more powerful than it is now, other than the island itself becoming more prosperous in general. And you came to me because..." She tilts her head, grinning a bit while moving the pipe away. "Because the Will of the Island has no idea on how to deal with me~" She ends with a chuckle, going back to leaning on the chair, taking more smoke in. "You know, i was able to introduce a new plant, around~ It's really useful, especially on building houses and such, but it has many more uses. Say, what do you think is gonna happen when people start making different houses, even between the low ranks~?" She snaps her fingers. "Discrimination~ Now, why do you think the Will of the Island needs all that power for~? To keep people united under its tyranny. I started moving things before you even came here, but there is only so much that i, as an outsider, can do." She exhales, smoke mixing with the wind and flowing away over the horizon as a little more powerful blow of the gentle morning breeze hits the three of us. "Before you go on, i must ask you." Her eyes are serious once again. "Did anything that i made so far have the slightest effect on it?"
  5. @Tyros @Tyros@Shal While the Baron was looking around at the possible sources of the smells, she started giggling once more. "Oh, what do you know of a lady's heart~? I'm as relaxed as i could ever be, maybe your eyes are just playing a number on yourself~ Or maybe you got confused with your Witch~?" She then inhales from the pipe once more, as the Knight realizes that he's surrounded by the sources he was looking for. He's in her nest, after all, to be surrounded by the strongest element of her was to be expected. She keeps looking at the man while he goes on with his words, wondering what else there could possibly be to discuss. She already started the hunt for the necessary mercenaries he directly asked her, a change about that now would prove... quite the waste of money and time, on her part. This causes her expression to twist, showing a slightly annoyed face towards the business partner, while the cat enters the shop from behind the man, through the door while he didn't seem to notice. Her eyes immediately fix her feline 'friend', which for whatever reason decided to play the part of a normal cat, licking its paw and the usual cat stuff. When the cat headed to the counter, jumping over it just to turn around and look at Tyros, while mewing, she lightly flicks the closest ear of the cat, with her middle finger of the hand she was holding the pipe with. "Shut up, Shally~ Don't you see that adults are discussing very important things~? Sit on the side and just listen~" She then took another breath from the pipe, this time quickly blowing the smoke away, slowly, as she turns to the man once again. "You seem to dislike my flowers, Rhean." She slowly and lightly shakes her head, a grin on her face. "That indicates quite a lot about you~" She turns around with a quick motion, facing the doorframe behind her and slowly walking through it. "Come. Shut your nose close if you don't want to smell more of my flowers. Guess we'll have to discuss on the roof." She leads the way through her home, going upstairs, and then opening the door to her private garden. Even if it's full of flowers, being on the roof as it is, mixed with the lightly blowing wind of the portal city, makes it so the smells are barely recognizable. She sits down at a white circular table, followed by the Baron and the Cat. She occupies one of the two chairs of the table, leaning back on it and putting the pipe in her mouth while looking at the other two, waiting for them to sit down. "Let's come to the point, shall we~? What exactly are the plans that require my special attention~?" She could already guess what they would be, yet she wanted the man to reveal his cards before her, so that she could make sure to not reveal superfluous information.
  6. She's still at her table, moving her lips on the handle of the pipe to inhale the magical smoke that makes her head get lighter and lighter, rediscovering good old sensations and feelings that she forgot for a long time. Her mind flew away to her distant memories, going through her arrival to the island, the slowly making of her business on it, then goes before that, living her travels once again. Discovering plants and earning more was everything that she wanted to do, and achieved, during her travels. The books that are on the shelves, the ones she's so proud and protective of, are just a reminder of that. Her pride. Going backwards even more, she goes through some painful memories, that strangely do not affect her much. Maybe the presence of the drug eased her mind, or just allowed her to see her past from another perspective. After exhaling, she took another mouthful from the pipe, the smoke going down her throat and into her lungs, warming her up even if slightly. When her mind was about to go even further back, she perceives another presence at the door, followed by a knock. As the Baron knocks on the light-brown, wooden door, decorated with a few vines around its borders, the sound echoes inside the building. The man waits and waits, but no one comes to open the door for him. "It's open. Just get inside." She moved from the table she was sitting at, passed through the doorframe and went behind the counter of her shop, waiting for the customer to get in, while she still smokes from the long pipe she holds in her right hand. The Baron gets inside, the smell of the flowers assaulting him from every direction, as he closes the door. Realizing who it is, her expression eases up slightly, ending up in a giggle, the end of the pipe still close to her mouth as the smoke leaves her as she does so. "Didn't expect you to be up so early in the morning~ Thought she'd want more, from you~" Her face changes into a smug, while waiting for the Baron to speak up.
  7. @Tyros Since the last encounter with the Baron, she has been quite busy writing letters to her contacts on the mainland. She needed the mercenaries the Baron asked for, which wouldn't prove to be hard to find thanks to her acquaintances. Still, she had to stay up quite late, the night before. In the early morning, even if the shop was closed since she wanted to sleep in, someone knocked on it. That's when she wakes up, quickly opening her eyes and looking at the wall, her face still resting on the pillow. Wondering whoever it could be, she sits up on her bed, rubs her eyes, and goes to the nearby window, still in only her underwear. Yawning as she opens the window, she's met with a chill morning wind, which almost makes her close the window right away, but she was both curious and pissed on who it was at the door. Leaning from the window, she sees a man with a package in his hand. Has it arrived already? She thinks, remembering that what she ordered recently, directly from the mainland. After signaling the man that she's gonna go open the door soon, she doesn't waste time and heads downstairs, going to the door of her shop and opening it, meeting the man. Taking the package was quick since the man clearly wanted to leave as early as possible. Sometimes, being feared is really satisfying~ Taking the package in the living room, she drops it on the table, decided to not go back to sleep, and instead go for her morning routine. After dressing up, she goes back to the package, opening it and unveiling her new pipe. It's a long, wooden pipe, completely black if it wasn't for the decorations and details which are a clear violet color, decorating the pipe with seven circles along with the handle and three more on the burner, the last one being on the upper border of it, going downwards resembling the petals of a rose going all around the burner. That's just to try the new drug~ After thinking that, she just chuckles. She knows full well that it is a lie. Being immune from plant poisons and collateral effects allowed her to enjoy the drug. Having a few leaves of the Red Belladonna, the name she gave to the drug because of the red color and the beauty of the leaves themselves, resembling the delicacy of a woman, she doesn't hesitate to put some into the pipe, to begin the morning in a new, interesting way. Setting the fire on the pipe, burning the leaves, she starts smoking in the peace and comfort of her own home.
  8. @Shal@Phosfasium The timing is spot on for everyone in here, as she just finished typing the letters she had to write. Folding them into the letters and then marking them with her ring, leaving the symbol of a black rose on them, she groups them and stands up. Turning to the cat first, she glances down at her. "He's alive, huh? Good thing. If i had to adopt his son, i'd make him work till his back cracks or just throw him somewhere. And apparently Tyros is gonna shit himself for a while~" She chuckles as she imagined him, in a comical way. Turning then to Mozart, she replies back to him. "I'd rather have you not touch my things." She replies in a cold and annoyed tone. Her books contain her personal notes about all the plants she knows. Most of them, she wrote them herself, to remember about each one of them and occasionally look back at them, working as a memoir of her travels and life. That's why she wouldn't let the teacher touch them. She even has her own way to know which ones have been picked lately. Why were they in the shop instead than somewhere else? She's just afraid she'd forget about the qualities of the plants, keeping the books around to be able to doublecheck her memory before selling anything she isn't 100% sure of. "That said, you're free to read any other book you find upstairs on the shelf in the second living room. And you Shally, you can do what a cat would do. But dare throw anything on the ground and break it and you're not gonna get it done with eating a stupid white rat. Got it? Now i have to find my partner in business for reasons you obviously can guess." After that, she passes the door frame leading to the shop, before walking outside and leaving three people in her house.
  9. @Shal@Phosfasium When the cat headed back to the same pot she left her illusion in, she saw no one else around. Still, feeling the presences of people inside the shop, she decides to move inside. After she was the owner's friend right? Besides, this cat is just that. A cat. Used to do whatever it wants and not caring what the consequences are, until they hit them. Walking behind the counter and getting into Frederika's living room, she spots the little girl sitting at the table, a pen in her hand and a sheet of paper under her glance, as she's quickly writing letters over it. The girl has noticed the cat, but it's a priority to get the letters sent, so she keeps ignoring her surroundings. Meanwhile, downstairs, the teacher has all the time he needs to write into his notes.
  10. @Shal@Tyros The cat sees all around the island, sucking on the energies of nature. Its eyes inspect the whole land, until it finds Tyros in a cave, in a mountain not too far from Heavenshire. The baron is sharing the cave with the Witch of the castle, which is currently bathing at the spring nearby. Seems like the baron is making a pot out of the marble rock in his hands. Seeing the loving situation the two ended up in, the cat thinks that it's best to not interfere, relieved of the fact that the baron is alive. @Phosfasium "Illusions are exactly that. Feeling real but not being so. Blame the cat, not me. I don't use illusions very ofter, but when i do, they aren't really illusions." She then proceeded downstairs, with the two following. "Look. I have to find the Baron anyways since i took you two in. Just stay there and rest, in your conditions there is basically nothing you can really do." She sighs, frowning a few seconds later as the boy hits one of the beds to fall asleep. "Also remember that looking like that *She points at the teacher.* you can set foot outside but you won't be able to get here once again. Spare me the annoyance of carrying your ass here once again, please." She turns, chuckling. "Unless i lend you some of my clothes, but they'd not fit you and clash with your looks~" With the door still open, she walks upstairs to write a few letters to people she knows, sending them to look for the Baron wherever he could be.
  11. @Tyros@Myrinda "You know well that not much is gonna be left from these coins, after i'm done recruiting. That's the value of your change~" She then stands up from her chair. "I'll take my leave now. Have letters to write and flowers to take care of, before they wither~ *She chuckles* See you two lovebirds~" She moves from the table and walks up to the door, ready to leave. As her hand goes towards the handle, she stops. "Oh~" She turns around, showing only the profile of her face as her deep red eye looks towards the Baron. "I'd also advice you to come pick your son and his tutor, at my shop, before i decide to close the door of the slave room~" She chuckles evily while facing the door once again, opening it and going away closing it behind her. On the room falls a complete silence as the butler and maid remain completely speechless while looking at the entrance door, wondering what has just happened here in this room in the few past minutes.
  12. @Tyros She looks at the coins over the table, taking them in her little hands to make sure that they are indeed real. Then looking at him while grouping the money but not taking them yet. "We do have such a weapon and you know it better than me~ *She chuckles* Albeit using the Will of the Island against them might prove tricky even for you~" Laying back on her chair while giving a motion with her hand to scorn her own words, she resumes. "Forget that. It would just fire back against us in due time." Still laying back on the chair, she stares at the ceiling, thinking once more. "Fine. Let's solve one thing at a time." That just makes you owe me something i can use next time. She thought. "I need a day and a half to gather enough mercenaries. Luckily, the mainland as well as any other place in this world, is filled with ruthless psychos. I'll be happy with the poor change from these, for the moment." She then grabs the coins, putting them into one of her pockets.
  13. @Tyros Observing the Baron's reaction, she took a few seconds to think about his words. Vytar becoming a goddess was a new thing for her, yet she wasn't scared about it. She did see the darkness around the knight, even if it lasted mere moments. She also moves her eyes to the shattered glass when it breaks, still silent and thinking. "I didn't say when. I just said that i'm gonna own those lands. Still, Vytar is gonna be a big problem." She stops, still looking at the man with feminine appearance while thinking. Declaring war to the dryads would have made all the soil on the island worse, meaning that she wouldn't be able to keep the production high as it is right now. That also means that people are gonna lack food and primary resources, other than having fewer jobs around. The economical implications of the dryads couldn't be underestimated and she knows that. the mere fact that the dryad proclaimed herself a goddess... changed things, and not slightly at all. "Nevermind. I'll take the five percent and your help against the dryads, for another time. Going to war with them would not only be silly, but disastrous."
  14. @Shal@Phosfasium When Shal was leaving, she trailed the cat with her eyes, while it thought it wasn't been seen. Moving her eyes on the teacher again, she listens to his side of the story, still laying against the counter and with her folded arms on her chest. As the last thing, she looks at the man's back, observing the broken suit but not knowing the reason for such a thing. "Of course the cat has illusions. It's a spirit after all. However, it's weird that you've been affected by them to this extent." Moving away from the counter and going behind it, stopping under the door frame, she turns her head to a side, looking back at the two. "I'll keep you safe from whoever might have followed you, but don't expect the comforts you had at the palace. I have only one good bed and making you sleep there is out of the question. You'll have to do with the basement. Other than that you're free to do anything you want in here, except break my stuff. If you do, you're gonna stay in the basement in a not really pleasant way, if you know what i mean~" She signals the two to come along, with a head movement. Once the two advance, following her, they pass through her living room, noticing the table in the middle of the room, which sinks into the ground. It seems belonging to a much different culture than the island's. Going downstairs, they are met with a blacksmith's workshop, as well as some kind of lab on the two sides, another set of stairs going down even more in front of them, exactly where Frederika walks. Getting to the deepest floor in her home, she opens a really heavy looking metallic door. Even if the door seems heavy, judging by the thick profile and the material used, she moves it normally like any other door. Inside the room you see a few beds with sheets and pillows, together to what seem like torture toys. "Here. Just make sure to not accidentally close the door. Guess you two are tired now." She moves aside, waiting for them to enter the room.
  15. @Tyros@Myrinda She was again sipping on her tea when Tyros begun to talk. She almost spits out the last tea she'd drink at that table, out of laughter in response to the Baron's words. Coughing a little bit before speaking up, while setting the teacup back on the teacup holder. "Willing to form a connection? Tsk. No. I'm merely interested to know how i can exploit it. If that requires me to have a connection, then i'd have to value the gains and the risks, but i doubt i'd be foolish enough to join that thing. I'm an outsider useful to everything and everyone than has anything of value, and for the time being i plan to be just that." The baron kept talking, while she moves her glance to the Witch for a few instants, noticing that she didn't bother to reply back to her and acknowledging her own position instead. A smart move, she would think if she didn't know that the Witch's intentions were different from listening to the conversation. Her little movements and behaviour didn't escape Frederika's sight. She decided to completely ignore the woman as this last had no interest, nor anything to bring to the conversation any further. "What i achieved recently is none of your interest, Tyros. You'll soon enough notice it by yourself. *A grin forms on her face as her cheeks puff up a little bit, narrowing her eyes* I wonder what your reaction is gonna be~ But let's come to business~ I'd love to get another five percent... but that depends on what the later payment consists of~ Let's say... *She tilts her head up, slightly, looking up while thinking* What about you give me a part of the farmer's guild soil~? I'll keep them employed as they already are, if that worries you... but i'll get the ownership of those~"
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