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  1. After getting his Due, Slatestout and his Wolf stand on the Dock, watching Hexfields Ship, undamaged as it was, dissapear into the Clouds.To hs Wolf, Slatestout said the Following "Crazy little bugger, eh? Smart, but stubborn.Best Fun i had in a While, wonder when we´ll hear from him again. *He mindlessly nuzzles the Wolf,his Way of Apologizing for letting him not do anything.*Let´s treat ourselves to something, what do you say?" With these Words, Dog and Owner Leave.
  2. Only a raised Thumb indicated that the Being that once was Orion understood.The Garn, now a mere 500m away, doubled his Speed, almost as if he knew what was coming if the Dwarf was to charge at him. And Charge he did. when the Opposing Sides were only 250m Metres away from soaking the Ground in Blood, the Dwarf Jumped, using his Hammer as a Lever to adjust his Direction.In the Air, he prepared to end the Garns life in an unholy Amalganation of Fire and Seismic Force.
  3. "Thanks Bro!Now let´s add some Flames to the Mix."Uttering a Sentence too silent to be heard, in a Lanquage unknown, he raises his Hammer over his Head, both Hands at the Handle, finishing the Incantation while doing so. In a Blink, the Hammer, as well as his Wielder, are set Ablaze.The Words "Hexfield!Can you give me a Boost?!"are the Only Thing that proves that the Figure,now clad in Fire and Fury, is still the Same Orion Slatestout you met at the docks this fatefull day.
  4. "Alright then! Have Fun fighting that son of a gun! That Thing just bit your cannonball in two!Wouldn´t be surprised if it was some crazy Coven´s Experiment! These Idiots have always been up to something!" With these Words, he scrambles out of the basket, cuts the Basket loose from the Second Grappling Hook, and retrieves the Hook. "But Since I can´t get away anyways, i might aswell fight it along with you!"With these Words, he draws his Bow, Aims, and shoots Six Arrows in Rapid sucession.All Aimed at different Spots of the Monster. One was intended to fly into the Creatures Mouth, one at it´s Throat, two at his Legs, and the rest at his Eyes. Knowing that that clearly won´t be enough, he puts away his Bow and draws his Warhammer, Stonebreaker, ready to engage the Wolf in melee, or, use Telekinesis to raise a Wall/Spike in front of him.
  5. As soon as Orion felt the Aura, he felt a Burst Of Adrenaline that had been poised to strike the Secon the Animals were spotted.The Second after the rush hit, he was in action.With the Words "Everyone! Drop your Tools and Retreat!" he Ordered Withdrawal.Looking Upwards, he saw that the Basket had been pulled inwards, so it wasn´t an Option.Shouting once Again, he informs Hexfield of the Aura that´s Approaching with the Words "Hey Hexfield! There´s something Comming down the Mountain! Retract your Machinery and fire up the Engine!" Then he went about saving his own butt. While muttering Words that would have brought him to Jail for a Week, knotted a makeshift Net, that´d fit the two of them from the Rope he got from cutting it of a Grappling Hook.He then attached the end of the misused rope to the one of Another grappling Hook, shot that one upwards,and then prepared to lift himself off the Ground.Pet in Tow.
  6. "Hhm. Now, I don´t know about you, but this seems too easy for me.Call me a Idiot not worthy of Survival for Tempting Destiny, but something tells me that Fate is now Marching with Thunderous Footsteps.And I´m sure we both won´t like where it´s headed."With these Ominous Words, Orion retrieves his Hook and Climbs back down, saying "I´m gonna go check on the Workforce now, see if there´s anything out of Order.". With that, he descends, leaving you to your Thoughts.
  7. After some Quick Thinking Orion says the following "I see three possible Reasons for this happening. 1.the Heartweald WANTS us to know it is watching us.This is due to the Fact that whatever it is that lies beneath is Island has other, more far Subtler options for Observation. This either means that we´re about to uncover something not meant to see the Sunlight,or that something is afoot. 2.That some Crazy Coven/Cult or worst of all, the Baron has taken Interest in you, me, this Particular Plot of Land, or what we are doing/about to uncover, and has somehow gotten these Animals to do their Bidding to further their Plans. 3.That these Animals are either mutated to have less Brain function, or that they were born stupid. As for me, I suggest the Immediate Withrawal from this Location to somewhere else.". After finishing, he walks back to the Side the Animals have been spotted on, and leans over the railing, giving Yvan time to think.
  8. After Several minutes of this, Slatestout orders his Companion to keep Watch, and to alert him on any Happenings. Orion himself Shoots a reusable Grappling Hook up to the Ship, for Quicker acess, and because he doesn´t like this Situation one bit.After swinging himself over the Guardrail, he discusses what to do about the Animals with Hexfield.
  9. Having Finished Armouring up, Slatestout and his trusty Wolf stand mid-deck, Orion Tying a Rope around himself, while his trusty Wolf makes himself comfortable in a Basket Orion had brought along. When they both finish, Slatestout drags the Basket to the Guardrail, slits the other end of the Rope under the Rail, brings it back up, and ties it around the Basket. to the Wolfs Whimpering he replies "Don´t worry. It´ll be over soon.", pats the Wolf on his head, lifts him back over the Rails, and gently lowers him to the ground. He then Unties himself, and decends down the Ladder. When he reaches the Ground, he shouts up to Yvan "You gonna Stay up there or what?", before untying the basket and jogging off, to scout the Perimeter of Operation.
  10. "Hhmpf. Whatever.If you follow my lead, we should be fine.If you excuse me now, I have to get ready for Battle." With that, he walks off to Armour himself, and his Furry Companion up as you fly Towards the Mountain, Looming, like a Dangerous Cliff.
  11. "Do with it what you wish." he points to the Same Map the Fatso looked at. "Do we fly to the Mountain that´s closer to Heavenshire, or the Outsider´s Market?"
  12. "So be it.If you call us Commies, you can do so. As for what you sell,I have spoken too soon.Are we flying to the Mountain that´s between Vitas Village and the Eastern Shalewood, or the One Between it and Port Reach? As for the Emberite being the only Metal here, it is. My Armour and Weapons are made out of it.and, if I may ask, please refrain from reffering to Rath Lux as Backwater Barony.It´ll harm your Buisness in one way or another, if more close minded Indiviuals than me were to hear it.Same goes for Communists."
  13. To Self "Oh Boy.You will be suprised" To the Employer "If I may be so bold, what did you come here for then?Marble is unlikely, as you would build a Quarry, not a factory for that. Rebuilding your Old factory is likely, due to the Labour laws here. or lack thereof. What makes no Snse However, is that you most likely made Luxury Goods, for the Richer amongst the Populace.The People here have no use for those.And Shipping them out to the Wider Continent, or World for that matter, it won´t be much fun.Due to being Items of Luxury it´s likely that they´re made of Materiel that is to be Handeled with Caution.Glass and such.As for Supplementing this "Backwater Barony" you keep calling it, good Luck with that.Here, the Welfare of the Many towers over the Achievements of the Individual. That means, unless you plan on Selling us Automated mining Machines, or Improve the Sewer Systems, it´ll most Likely not be bought by the Populace.The local nobility is a COMPLETELY other Story." With this, he walks away, leaving you in the Company of his Garn, who looks at you with hope in his Eyes. After giving you a while to consider what he said, he returns to you with a Question on his Lips. "Where are we headed?"
  14. Orion is a bit suprised at first, considering that the look Yvan Hexfield gave of was that of a overweight and perhaps dumb Buisnessman, who cared for naught but his Goals, after Inheriting the Company. What he found instead, was a seemingly genuenly caring , although a bit eccentric Man of Competence. After the Ship Launched, he answered the Chef´s Greeting with the Words: "The Pleasure is mine, Yvan Hexfield. I suppose you´re looking for Emberite?" he says that last part while Nuzzeling his Wolf´s head/Snout.
  15. The Wolf Nods with what seems to be a little bit of dissapointment, as he wasn´t given a pat on the back, then trotts along the lengh of the Dock, back to the Land, only to be stopped mid way, by a unknown Figure.On Second Glance, you realize that the figure must be the one who sent the Wolf on his Way in the First Place.The Two of them walk right up to the ship, where the Man stops, his pet following Suit.The man, who you by now identified as a Dwarf with Coallike Skin, and orbs of Lava for eyes, raises his Head, and with a voice that makes you feel like every Bone in your body resonates with it, asks you "I take it that you´re interested, what with the bronze Pouch and all that?"
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