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  1. Aine stepped forward into the middle of a square next to Mumble. She looked to her companion and immediately felt regret, her teleportation was portal based so it was soposed to be smooth but apparently cyclopys are not ment to pass threw portals. Before the could she was dragged off to a store front, she tried to speak once more but was dragged of again, then again before resigning to just fallow behind. She smild and laughed at the antics of her new partner, that reminded her of the village children. Once that finaly stopped and sat on a bench she slumped for a moment before straining and holding up her hand to stop Mumble from speaking as she took a deep breath and laughed "If there is something you need or even just like, just say so. I'm a lady, it's within my job description to provided if I can." She gave a warm smile then leaned back as if resting. "I think our first order of business should be finding lodging, then food. I'd like to go back to the lady selling fruit and buy some for later. And I'd like to get you a cloak or somthing for our travels to protect you from the weather".
  2. lady Aine tucked the trunk back into the other relm and turned to face Mumble and looked at the map "let's go, do you want to walk or teleport?" She said to Mumble. Offering her arm ready to set off.
  3. "Very well" Aine said with a flourish. "Let's do it. If you will give me the cordentents I will teleport us there, but first you go get your sword, I'll meet you outside." She gave a warm smile and patted Mumbles sholder in what was unfortunately obvious as a foren gesture to Aine. She then turnd and walked out and to the door. Once outside she pulled a chest into the realm and set it on the ground. She opend the chest to reveal armore and weapons. Aine pulled her sword out of the chest and hooked it at her side. She then contemplated before starting on arm gards and slipping two daggers in each and four in each boot. Before hearing Mumble aproch.
  4. Aine replied to the barman "I only have gold, here are two pieces " she set two lumps of god on the counter and tied her sack before producing a back traveling cloak and puting it on as she turned. Aine soon found Mumble and she greeted her "hey, our tab is settled and the barman said he had feeling we'd like it in Genesarius. What have you found for us my dear?"
  5. @Csl Aine finished her meat and ail before stalking the plates. She waited to catch the eye of the barman and when she did she waved him over. "Thank you so much for the food and drink, the Ail especially was delicious. How much do I owe you for all of this?" She asked pulling once more out her pouch that was full of gold and diamonds. Once she paid she intended to go find Mumble so that could start ther adventure.
  6. Aine dipped her head for a moment before looking at Mumble " I hoped you had a destination in mind. Well let's do this, after I pay well go check out the lobby and and or the Quest board. And as for the mercinarys," Aine looked around to see if anyone was watching befor slinging a dagger out of it's storage in the bubble realm and handing it to Mumble. It was a diamond blade with an iron handle that had a rose at the hilt and vines that wrapped around the handle and bottom of the blade. "It's a ceremonial dagger, it says you are under my protection, it isnt much and I highly doubt it cary's any weight in this realm but you have it and it and it's yours forever. " she wisperd, then raising her voice to normal volume she said "if you can find a guide well falow them. Ether way we'll stick together and should more join us we'll welcome them. Now, befor we go, do you want anything else to eat?"
  7. Aine laughed "as you said Food is Food, and as for Alcohol where I come from it's not very common, we have taverns but inside you can order from two types if alcohol and 5 types of milkshakes" she took the creature and made it seemingly vanish as she put it with the bread and fruits she stashed earlier in the pocket realm. Aine turned to Mumble and lifted her pint " to friendship and adventure!" She toasted. Aine looked around the room "the question now..." she continued "is do we wait around for more companions or set off, and ether way where do we go?"
  8. lady Aine smild wearily, it had been a while since she smiled this much, and re stowed her pouch telling the bar man " It would appear I'm not done yet" before digging into her meat. When Mumble returns she pushed the plate of fruit between them. " No, I arrived shortly before you. Like you I just appeared here but I showed up in the rafters. I'm a realm traveler so this isn't far from my normal." She took a swig of ail " Order somthing then let's talk I have two questionsand a proposition, first wold you like me to take care of that? (She motioned to the creature in Mumble's lap). Second, is it edible? And finally, wherever we are would you like to explore it together? Also, I hope your not opposed to rare meat, especially after the demonstration I just did I need the pretence and iorn." She smiled, at ease in the cyclops company.
  9. @Maddie23 lady Aine looked up from the ground and into the eye of the girl. "I'll be alright." She took the Cyclops hand " My name is Aine, lady Aine. sorry if I scared you, you where hurt and I'm a lady my instinct is to help [she chuckled] I'm a healer, I used healing magic on you. The price of healing magic is the energy of the user. [She smiled] Do you mind helping me to the bar? I already ordered some food, I can order more if youd like some or some Ail. One thing, thay have a no weapons rule."
  10. @Maddie23 Before Aine Got an answer she hurd a commotion behind her. She watched the scene unfold then she dropped the bag if gold and diamonds on the counter and turned running to the injured Girl, the cyclops. She stopped short infront of the cyclops, took note of how she was bracing for a fight. After a quick internal debate she put her hands up in a sighn of openness before stepping back and disappearing only to reappear behind the cyclops. She put her left hand on the cyclops back and used her healing magic to heal her eye and other injuries. After doing so, lady Aine sunk to one knee in exhaustion.
  11. Aine laughed lightly for a moment before stating, " I'm not entirely sure where I am heading, I must see where fate takes me. I tend to go where I am needed. I'm not from around hear, I come from a place called Ru'aun, it's a closed realm so I'd like to hear your tail of you've Hurd of it. As for stories, I'm a realm traveler therefore we wold be here many years if I where to tell you mine, plus there are the pesky classified details in most that take away the fun of sharing. You know governments and there secrets." She took a swig of Ale. " I am honestly never shue where to start when telling my tails. And I doubt youd beleve me if I I tired, I wouldn't belev my self if I didn't have others to coraberate. " then her food came and she gave a shy smile at the girls descust, "I'm afrade we don't alwase get to chose our diets my dear" she said, not relising she was making a pun. She took the bread and put it in another realm like she had her sword along with the uncut pieces of fruit. " how much?" She asked indicating to the plates and ale and pulling out a small pouch from seemingly no where.
  12. In response to the nice sayter she smiled and said "that would be wise" and she turns and made ther way to the counter where she greeted the bartender and requested "Hello, I'd like to order a pint of aile, a plate of meet as rarer as you'll serve it to me, and do you have bread and or fruit?"
  13. "Hello, I am quite fine, thank you. I do that quite often, most find it amusing..." she paused relising there was a place to drop of her weapon and desided it wold be rude and manybe even agenst the rules to have it at her hip so she unhooked it from her waist and stashed it in a realm/space bubble. " My apalogys at entering armed, I've put it away. My name is Aine, lady Aine, how shall I adress you? And of you don't mind me asking, where are we? It doesn't seem familiar to me. " Aine had established she was in ether a tavern or an inn, she wasn't shure where though, only that she was stuck here for the time being.
  14. Hair: mousy, Waist length, copery brown hair Eyes: deep gray Height: 5,4 Weight: 136 pounds Build: thin but muscular. Skin: very pail with freckles Body Mods: single piercing in the lobe both ears. She is wearing a white slip dress under a gray second dress that is open in the front with the top laced in a v from the collar to where a shirt wold end, and quarter length fitted sleeves.
  15. lady Aine found herself standing in the rafters of what sounded like a tavern. She desided to "bite the bullet" as the americans had said and flung herself backwards towards the floor where she expertly rolled her landing into a crouch and rose to her feet. She then proceeded to look around trying to sence her surroundings.
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