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  1. Tom's Diner by Suzanne Vega will forever be one of my favorite heartbreak songs. Is there any song that better captures the sheer emotional scale of trying to move on? 

    I love it so much.

    It feels like a jewel in my treasure box of memories. I remember being a kid and loving it and not knowing what the hell it meant, but totally feeling like I understood it on this emotional level. This sort of fast, upbeat, catchy melody paired with the near monotone of her voice as she describes this seemingly uneventful moment in time -- durning which she is fucking drowning -- I felt that ache in my soul. I felt that before I ever fell in love and experienced heartbreak.

  2. Pasion Pasiva

    Lyric Talk -- Literally 2.0

    I am sitting In the morning At the diner On the corner I am waiting At the counter For the man To pour the coffee And he fills it Only halfway And before I even argue He is looking Out the window At somebody Coming in "It is always Nice to see you" Says the man Behind the counter To the woman Who has come in She is shaking Her umbrella And I look The other way As they are kissing Their hellos I'm pretending Not to see them And Instead I pour the milk I open Up the paper There's a story Of an actor Who had died While he was drinking He was no one I had heard of And I'm turning To the horoscope And looking For the funnies When I'm feeling Someone watching me And so I raise my head There's a woman On the outside Looking inside Does she see me? No she does not Really see me Cause she sees Her own reflection And I'm trying Not to notice That she's hitching Up her skirt And while she's Straightening her stockings Her hair Is getting wet Oh, this rain It will continue Through the morning As I'm listening To the bells Of the cathedral I am thinking Of your voice And of the midnight picnic Once upon a time Before the rain began I finish up my coffee It's time to catch the train
  3. Pasion Pasiva

    Lyric Talk -- Literally 2.0

    Back on the train, I ask why did I come again? Can I confess, I've been hanging round your old address? And the years have proved To offer, nothing since you've moved You're long gone, but I can't move on And I miss you
  4. Just want to make sure you're still game for our role play -- if so, I can start a new thread tonight? 

  5. Pasion Pasiva

    Lyric Talk -- Literally 2.0

    And I want to be down And I want to get up And I want to lay low And I want to be loved But a dream makes noise, you better check your head Ambition is mine and it's heavy as lead The sum of any outcome Undone And I want find peace And I want to get through And I want come clean And I want to be true As I turn a page on a life less lived All I have I would gladly give The sum of any outcome Undone I am mine, I am mine again I recognize who it is that I am I am mine, I am mine again Can any one tell me where I've been? I am mine, I am mine again All we've lost is time in the end Waiting for the sum of any outcome Undone
  6. Pasion Pasiva

    In the Forests of the Night

    The young woman, pink-haired and radiant, did not seem willing or perhaps able to give her name. While Zenahriel saw beyond the mortal coil, Gabriela saw only what appeared to be a young woman in a very vulnerable situation. It was the sort of thing that always got her in trouble, nearly the same situation that nearly cost her and her unborn child’s life back in Kadia just a few short months ago. And while the memory was vivid in her mind, she could not help the mounting desire to help the young woman -- or at the very least to find out if she was in good enough condition to help herself. But nothing came from her, not a word more. Had she been attacked? Was she suffering some sort of mental trauma? What horrors had she survived within the forest? Once upon a time, the Ellwood Forest had been such a glorious place, she thought with a heavy heart that was quite visible upon her pinching brows. The forest had been full of some of the island’s most amazing, mythical creatures and densely populated by a vast collection of native and imported flora. None of these things had changed, but since the events of that fateful day -- the night of the masquerade -- everything had changed. In certain parts, the dead still roamed within the boundaries of the fields of deadly poppy flowers. That this girl had come from these depths badly bruised and somewhat mystified seemed like a grand victory, the likes of which she doubted the young woman could ever appreciate. “I can tell you are not from here, my dear. But if you are lost, civilization is that way…” “Follow our trail back to the castle, they’ll lead you right into the stables. There’s a young man there -- Eric. Tell him that the Black Queen sends you there and that you are in need of aid. He’ll see to it that you are taken to a medic, and that you are fed and clothed and given a proper meal and a place to rest.” There was a gentle but firm authority to her voice, the sort of tone that denoted her seriousness in the matter. It left little in the way of choice, especially in the way she tugged on Shade’s reins and pulled him to the side of the path, giving the young woman ample space to continue moving forward along her own journey. For a while, Gabriela lingered, watching until she was certain that the girl would not lose her way. But after she was out of eyesight and earshot, her golden eyes shifted to Zenahriel and regarded him with care. “We should be careful -- not everything that comes out of this forest can be trusted. I have to be careful with you, beloved Raven, for I do not believe Raphael will forgive me if I allow anything to happen to you.” She offered a smile, a weak but genuine expression as she dug her heels ever so gently into Shade’s side and nudged him forward and into the thickening woods. It wouldn’t take long for both Queen and High Lord to disappear into the blackness of night and the shadows of the forest.
  7. Pasion Pasiva

    Lyric Talk -- Literally 2.0

    I don't want to hear sad songs anymore I only want to hear love songs I found my heart up in this place tonight Don't want to sing mad songs anymore Only want to sing your song 'Cause your song's got me feeling like I'm... I'm in love I'm in love I'm in love
  8. Pasion Pasiva

    [A.N.T.] Miyabi

    Gabriela had changed out of her formal and more militaristic drab. Roen had gently influenced her choice of ensemble for the night, with a not so subtle comment or two about his preference for her fitted jackets, knee-high boots, and the delicate touches of lace and silk that managed to make everything feminine while attempting to look hard. She had nearly been amused, and had even come close to finding him charming in that boyish way of his, when he went on and on about how he remembered her the first time he had seen her. Dainty and lovely, the pinnacle of classic beauty and femininity, the devil had felt more than his loins tighten when he saw her parading about like some sleek little assassin. But he knew her best of all, even before they ever exchanged words, and so he -- and perhaps he alone -- had never underestimated her. So to hear him praise that rugged and utilitarian fashion sense of hers felt like a genuine compliment. Though she did not doubt Raphael’s love -- perverted and macabre as it was -- her dear cousin had a singular fault when it came to trying to make something functional out of their relationship. He had always wanted to change her. At her core, deep within the seat of her soul and her ego, Raphael had never been satisfied with what he found. He wanted her to be all softness, all tenderness, and all that was nurturing and proper for a wife and mother. It was a tragedy because that’s exactly what he had been promised long before her birth and she had ended up being a sore disappointment. Perhaps in this, and this alone, she could appreciate Roen’s sentiments. Certainly, there would never be anyone in the world who would love her for who she really and truly was -- a painfully flawed, broken, and hopeless individual who still managed to be ridiculously stubborn and idealistic. It seemed like a literal headache to love her, and so she could not begin to imagine what moved Roen to feel the things he felt. These were her thoughts as she stood by a large window that overlooked a modest but beautifully kept courtyard. There was a heavy canopy outside the window frame that cast a deep and heavy shadow over the open glass, and kept her safe from the exhausting and burning rays of sunlight just beyond. It afforded her a view of the vibrant blooming flowers and the sound of water trickling over stones from some fountain that was out of sight. She was dressed in a gown of black velvet, a fabric she was not commonly known to wear. The material felt heavy and luxurious, and it provided a warmth she found herself sorely missing since she had left the meeting hall to check on Philippe. But mostly, it was comfortable and elegant. She had been informed that the Draconic Emperor wanted to stop for a visit before she departed to Orisia -- a surprising development, but not the sort of thing she felt like she could get out of. Roen’s wishes had been made undeniably clear. He wanted her to mingle, he wanted her to be charming and sweet, and he wanted her to help win people over to his cause… a cause she still did not fully understand. “I beg your pardon Lady Gabriela…” There was electricity in the air. It felt like the beginnings of a thunderstorm. The crackle in the atmosphere made her nervous and made her stomach churn. Maybe it was the promise of having to fly soon or maybe it was the fact that Roen had still not returned even though Koji’s presence revealed the meeting to be over. Where could he be? “Emperor Datsuzoku…” She turned to regard the man just as he extended his inescapably different arm -- a draconic limb. He extended it but with the same thought began to draw it away, a thing that she would not allow. Fluidly, like a breath of night, she stepped forward and reached out and caught his hand before he could fully retract it. Her hands, small and pale and very cold, wrapped around his fingers gently, not wishing to force the hold. “Hello, so good of you to stop by.” “Forgive my prying, I was hoping to validate the status of your son. I couldn’t help but overhear that something may have been wrong earlier.” Gabriela squeezed his hand and then let go. “It is very kind of you to worry, and so perceptive of you to have noticed. Yes, my son -- our son, he wasn’t feeling well. I am sure you know how these things go,” she glanced at his arm, his strange fingertips covered in rough patches of steel-strong scales, “--the life of a hybrid is never easy, is it?” Her voice was full of concern for her son, and by extension, for him. “But he is well now. Just a small fever. He needed his mother and father, he’s still very young you see… Just a few months old.”
  9. I am hurting. 

  10. Pasion Pasiva

    Lyric Talk -- Literally 2.0

    I keep having these disturbing dreams My final days, the end of me For some odd reason, I get one last wish And every time, I wish for this Take me fast or take me slow I don't really care how I go In the daylight or in the dark Just don't let me die of a broken heart The kind of pain that you just can't take Will send a strong man to his grave There's not a pill that can give you a rest Or fill that hole deep in your chest So, take me fast or take me slow I don't really care how I go In the daylight or in the dark Just don't let me die of a broken heart
  11. Let's have an affaire 😶

    1. Aleksei


      I'm down for this 😤

  12. Pasion Pasiva

    The Valucre Photo Album

    Gone are the days of these kids sitting still for pictures...
  13. Pasion Pasiva

    Lyric Talk -- Literally 2.0

    Another shot of whiskey, can’t stop looking at the door. Wishing you’d come sweeping in the way you did before. And I wonder if I ever cross your mind. For me it happens all the time...
  14. Pasion Pasiva

    Lyric Talk -- Literally 2.0

    And the tears come streaming down your face when you lose something you can’t replace.
  15. Pasion Pasiva

    General chat thread

    Wow, really? I am like horrified because that sounds awful but also hopeful that it might get me out of this... I have a 2 year old and a 9 month old.