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  1. Moths drawn to flame

    Lilly stretched out her hands and felt the tall grass brush across her fingertips. The blades were cool but the sun was warm, and these sensations which she had been deprived of for what felt like an eternity suddenly were too much to contain within her small, mortal heart. Her chest felt like it would burst from sheer happiness. From the blue sky above with the glorious sun burning at its center, to the damp earth under her bare feet -- the pleasure she derived from her senses were sensations she had believed to be forever gone. Her eyes closed and she inhaled deeply, filling her lungs with the smell of sweet grass, the perfume of flowers, and the scent of baking bread. And then there were the sounds. At least a hundred songbirds all chirping and whistling to create a delightfully mad orchestra, and beyond the sound of laughter -- rich, unencumbered, and encompassing everything that made this one moment in time so utterly delightful and wonderful. Joshua came into sight. He was no longer the little boy she had been forced to leave behind some five years ago, when he was only eight years old. He now stood a youth, fully set on the path of becoming a remarkably handsome, and from the looks of the leather straps of the backpack set over his shoulder, a remarkably studious young man. He broke the horizon of a slight hill as he climbed up the steadily rising eastern gardens of the DuGrace Castle, clearly coming in from the glittering city that sat below on the shoreline of the great sparkling lake beyond. He lifted his head, a proud pale face peeking up through a curtain of dark hair that nearly fell over his blue eyes. When he caught sight of his mother, he all but froze midstep. She watched him and reflected on the vasty array of sensations that were going through her body. Much like young love, but far more important and more profound, she felt the flutter of butterfly wings in her stomach and the swell of color in her cheeks. Her equally lovely face, for Lilly and her son were incredibly beautiful creatures, was flush and painted with aa blush born from embarrassment, from shame, but also from pure, unabashed joy. There was her son -- there was her bright and radiant boy. He wasted no time after the initial shock wore off. Joshua kicked up dirt and gravel as he dashed forward and ran into his mother’s open arms. They crashed into each other with the full force of an angry and storming ocean and the hard and unforgiving clifeside -- and then they melted into one another with a gentleness that only mother and child could share. Her arms were around his neck, her hands in his hair, her lips pressed to his forehead, and then his brow, and then his eyes. Meanwhile he buried his face into her chest and breathed in deeply. Her smell was familiar and Joshua found that he had longed for this moment without ever having known it. Somehow, he had made peace with his mother’s disappearance some years ago -- but seeing her, hugging her, and hearing her weeping above him seemed to set into motion some emotional gears that had stopped spinning a long time ago. Suddenly, the thought that he had been without his mother for this long made him wrap his arms around her and cling to her with all the strength his skinny arms would allow. “Mom,” he whispered against the soft fabric of her white dress. “Mom, momma…” “Yes, yes,” she replied, rocking her young son back and forth, “Yes, sweet boy.” He had so many questions, but at the same time no real interest in asking and no interest in hearing an answer. She was weeping and he could feel her tears raining down on top of his head, just as he could feel how fast her heart was beating against his cheek, and he could sense the desperation in the way her arms gripped him -- she was happy to be back, and every one of her actions showed that she had never wanted to leave him. That’s all that mattered to him. “It’s a glorious day,” she whispered, but this time she wasn’t speaking to him. Her lips were pressed to his hair, and she was certain that although he was on his way to becoming a fine young man -- she could still catch the faintest traces of that baby perfume that had totally intoxicated her upon his birth. Regardless of his age, he was still her child -- he was still her baby. “The Lord made good on his promise, and now I must make good on mine. It is the age of a new dawn,” she pulled her son away from her breast and regarded the youth with teary-eyes that were filled to the brim with pride, love, and a nearly sinister edge of madness. “He brought me back to you,” she said softly, aware suddenly that she might sound mad if she also looked the part. She had to calm down, and so she forced herself to breathe, and to stop her happy weeping. “The Dawn is Golden, my love -- golden.” Joshua was perplexed. He looked at his mother with wide, innocent eyes and glanced at the blue sky. It wasn’t dawn -- it was the middle of the day and the sun was bright and bold overhead. He didn’t understand what she was saying, and so he looked at her apologetically. Lilly laughed and shook her head. “Nevermind, baby.” She gave him another tight hug. “Let’s go home...I have work to do, and years to catch up on.”
  2. A Rare Bloom

    He was gone, again. At least this time around he had provided her with a sense of fulfillment that carried her through the heartache and loneliness that his absence left behind. But her young and turbulent mind could not completely comprehend the depth of her issues that stemmed from abandonment, or the fact that there was a little part of her that wondered if his acceptance of her true thirst and instincts was enough to do away with the ugly worm of jealousy that had burrowed deep into her tiny heart. He was gone. Of course he was. Her papa, was gone to try and save her. And so, like the maternal love that Gabriela had so selfishly denied her, the Black Queen of Orisia now sought to deny her the paternal love she had just begun to enjoy. These feelings, with real or imagined sources, were far too big and powerful to be contained within the mental capabilities of a child -- a very strong, and powerful, and blood-thirsty child. So she took to terrorizing the cattle that Raphael had left behind for her, although she promised she wouldn’t. Of the nearly two hundred men and women that her beloved papa had gifted her, a wide sampling of Valcurian blood, she had already done away with nearly two thirds in truly ghastly and grisly ways. Forcing them to suffer for the pain that her perceived abandonment was causing her. And she wasn’t careful about it either. Although Raphael had told her to be cautious, and although he provided a retinue of men, well versed in the art of cleaning up this kind of particular mess, Lucia’s appetite for violence, gore, and attention-seeking was just too much for them to keep up with. Finally, it wasn’t until she was given a firm talking to by Marie that the small, vampyric child finally was forced to reflect on not only her actions but what her father would make of them once he returned -- and worse of all -- what Gabriela would think, and how she would in turn influence Raphael. Convinced, Lucia was absolutely convinced, that Gabriela would manage to get her sent away. The woman after whom she had been molded, would only have to bat her long eyelashes, and stare up into Raphael’s face with those huge, golden eyes of hers while her bottom lip trembled, and just like that he’d do whatever she wanted -- including throwing away his newly acquired daughter. Little Lucia could already taste the tears she would cry when her father informed her that she was going to be sent back to Umbra, while he remained in Orisia with his beloved. And not for the first time did this small child wish that she was older, wiser, and more like the exact replica of Gabriela that she had always meant to be. Full of sorrow and sadness, the child -- appearing no older than seven years of age -- walked through the vast halls of the DuGrace castle. She was the only known living child of the Black Queen of Orisia, whom had been kidnapped and was now off being fought for by an army of suitors, all ready to throw away their lives for her pathetic existence. But, with her departure, Lucia had gained something she had never before had -- power. Not long after Lucis was overthrown by Raphael, she was named the Regent of the Summer Isles, and it was then that Raphael quickly moved her from Umbra back to the Orisia, where she took up residence in Veelos -- the very city that he had adopted as the new capital of the country. She was the little queen, even if he wielded all of the responsibilities. People bowed to her, and they listened to her, and they kept their mouth’s shut about the things she was doing. But not one of them, and not all of them put together, could make up for her growing isolation. So she took to walking the halls alone -- haunting them like the ghost she felt she was slowly, but surely becoming. It was in these aimless and desperate wanderings that she ended up in the Solárium de las Ciencias Flora, a place she knew was one of her mother’s favorite places. Gabriela had always collected plants. From a time long ago, Lucia remembered vividly her glass and metal palaces, all of them dedicated to the care of her collection of rare blooms. This particular structure surpassed all other solariums in size, art, and beauty. She found it comforting -- both the sights and smells. But still her heart was heavy and so she moved slowly and with teary filled eyes through the open corridors of the glass castle, peering without much care or motivation at the strange but beautiful flowers. It wasn’t until she came upon a particular display where a single plant, a thing that did not stand taller than a foot or two from the ground. The mat itself was a dull green color, with a sturdy stem and four individual leaves breaking open from the base of the plant. Crowning the mat was a gorgeous silver lily, with a deep purple center. Where nothing else within the Solárium de las Ciencias Flora had managed to capture her attention, this one single flower did… It looked as lonely as she felt.
  3. A Long, Awaited Reunion

    “...Aside from you, I have met Malaysia and Alukai, and also my granddaughter Anastasia.” It was hard to hear the rest of the words that came babbling past her alluring lips, with that playful curl to them that seemed would turn into a smile at any moment. But knowledge that Kalicity had gained a granddaughter had struck her nearly dumb. She had to wonder, racking her brain as she did, how long it had been since she had last seen Malaysia. The sting of guilt that came with the realization that it had been far, far too long was almost visible, save that Gabriela managed to pull herself together before revealing too much of her sentiments. Instead, she refocused her attention on Kalicity, and presented a polite smile as she continued to listen to the story. It did not surprise her in the least that Alukai was upset, even less so that Colvin had shared his son’s feelings -- the kid had to have gotten his temperment from one of his parents. She had never been a fan of the creature known as Colvin. He had always struck her as -- utterly unfeeling, even when it came to the supposed subject of his most sincere desires. As far as she understood things, Colvin was the most responsible for Kalicity’s disappointment and the deep depression that followed which lead her to her eventual demise. But that was all imagined conjecture, nothing more than a story she put together in her mind from the minimal fragments of reality that she had. “Malaysia has been kind enough to allow me to reside in Vdara. However, I do not have a place to reside here during my stay. I would be honored to stay here in your lovely castle, thank you for your generosity Gabriela..” The Black Queen’s smile became a touch more sincere as she heard Kalicity describe her gratitude for the hospitality. She couldn’t imagine the old Kalicity ever doing such a thing and not because she was rude -- far from it. Rather, because the Dark Goddess had always known intrinsically that she had a home wherever it was that Gabriela resided. Gratitude between them had never been a necessity. “May I ask, is there a reason why you do not know your siblings well, or is that rude to ask on my part?” “Who is to say if it is rude or not,” Gabriela replied with a small shrug of her shoulders. Her golden eyes could no longer hold the familiar visage of her long-dead mother. She looked away and once more regarded her shimmering city by the vast, and calm waters of the Atitlan Lake. For a moment she seemed to have become rather reserved, as if she did not intend to say more -- much less answer the question that had been so blatantly asked. The truth was simply that she was collecting her thoughts. It had been so long since she thought of any of them -- Malaysia, MorceLa’Kai, or Alukai. “I don’t mind it,” she finally said, as if replying to herself. “I just don’t think I can provide you with a very satisfying answer. It wouldn’t be true to say we merely drifted apart. Kalicity was the glue that kept us all together, bound in her -- the matriarch of our family. When she passed away, I suppose all of our differences simply became too strong and we all fell away. I hurt each one of my siblings, or at least they’ll say as much I imagine. To this day I question if I did or didn’t. It’s a tangled web,” she said with a weak smile, “a very tangled web…”
  4. Leadership Roles

    While not nearly as large as Terrenus or Genesaris proper, Orisia is still a vast place rife with opportunities. Interested in owning a piece of the Summer Isles? Below, you’ll find all of the options currently available to you and the requirements for each level of involvement. Be sure to check back frequently, as we will update the list with any changes overtime. It should be noted that all requests will be given their due consideration. As a prerequisite for being considered, you must be willing to adhere to the established lore of the island, which includes a strict limitation on technology and specific guidelines for magic use. This is not a “first come, first serve” ordeal; no request is guaranteed. Board Level City Requirements At least 100 posts in Orisia before acquiring the board, at least 50 of which should be in direct relationship to acquiring the city itself. In order to keep the city, 4 monthly posts will be required. Available Cities Izabal Drakiss Tag Level City Requirements At least 60 posts in Orisia before acquiring the board, at least 30 of which should be in direct relationship to acquiring the city itself. In order to keep the city, 3 monthly posts will be required. Available Cities Coban Antigua Solum Irae Tag Level Village Requirements At least 40 posts in Orisia before acquiring the board, at least 20 of which should be in direct relationship to acquiring the city itself. In order to keep the village, 2 monthly posts will be required. Available Villages The Village of Banha The Ruins of La Cierra The Village of Esquipulas
  5. I have another question! You wouldn't happen to have a nice little outline for quests, would you? Just something super basic I could borrow?

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      Sure! Here's what I use and you can strip it down as much as you want: https://www.valucre.com/topic/24383-terrenus-quest-index/

      Remove the point and point modifiers

      I like the classes but I know not everyone does it's just an easy way for me to go "treat this one more difficult than that one". A good portion of them now are specific to the areas having come out from canonized stuff but when I first started I just threw a bunch of random quest prompts in there since I knew the player would be able to twist them around to suit their needs

      That work? 

  6. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Getting ready to karate-chop...the...doors...
  7. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

  8. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    The opposit. Theyre in a hallway. Does this mean they can't get into a medical bay?
  9. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Marigold didn't kidnap her.
  10. My CMS articles need approving. :laugh::kiss:

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      Ah, checking the log it looks like Acies did it

      So basically when an article gets submitted for approval the content gets published but it's Hidden. You have the ability to hide/unhide in that Orisia section. So after posting it, and getting the message that it needs to be approved, you should be able to go in and then Unhide it and it will be viewable. Give that a whirl next time and let me know if that's not the case

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      Heya -- so I tried what you said with my newest article. It says pending approval and when I select the option to hide or unhide, it shows that it is already unhidden. It needs to be approved by someone higher up than me. 

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      Gotcha. Looks like it's been approved already. I'll check out how to get you approval ability this weekend 

  11. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    They had hopes and dreams, fears...a capacity for heartache. It all became so painfully obvious as everyone here cared only to claim the queen in some fashion or another. They had destroyed Xerxes...they had brought hell to his door and threatened an innocent woman and her child with stress and danger all for the sake of love? No...They are obsessed...sick with need. Merigold is too insightful for his own good...
  12. Hello, kitten.

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      I am back, mi amici. <3

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      That's wonderful! How have you been? How's life treating you? EJ will be thrilled that you're back. :smirk:

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      Life is good!  How about you?   And, I've been good.   Getting EJ's discord stuff as we speak. :D

  13. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    I guess I mentally prepare myself for my events and I do my best to clear my plate of other engagements and responsibilities. Not to mention they are open ended events where not everyone is interacting with me, which is true of nearly every event you mentioned. Anyway, I didn't prepare myself this time around, and I suppose, in an attempt to keep from being made fun of -- I'll mention that I did just have a second child. Makes things a little bit harder for me. In fact, Orisia's last big event was held in December, specifically because it was before my due date. Sorry? No, not really sorry. Please, kindly keep your judgmental remarks about what I can or cannot handle to yourself.
  14. Maze Undue [Anima Imperium]

    She saw it -- the way Lunara reached for the weapon and the way Agony came from seemingly out of nowhere just in time to encase her in that godforsaken black goop that continuously seemed to convulse all around his being. They were the perfect dancing partners, each elegant and knowing of the other’s body, movements, and the rhythm of their deceit. Even without planning it, their actions complimented one another near perfectly, enough to convince the wounded and laboring queen that Agony was, in this particular instance, some sort of savior. And of course, he did everything in his power to drive the point home. For as the bloodied face of that wicked woman was covered away by thick, ropey curtains of Obtenebra’s essence, that nefarious mass moral decay sought to cement his position as champion. “I will dispose of this threat...” There was a scream then, a horrific cry that made Gabriela’s tortured face tilt upward into the red blinking emergency light. She had to see the grisly sight for herself. Even after the unpleasantness that had led to her confrontation with the strange woman, there was a very stupid and very naive part of Gabriela that believed -- that truly believed -- that if you asked for help sincerely people would not refuse you. She couldn’t have imagined a more perfect moment than this for anyone to show their true colors, and the foolish Black Queen had a knack for putting high hopes on people of very low consequence. And yet, even knowing that the woman had been reaching down to reclaim the very weapon she meant to use to murder her unborn child, Gabriela felt something deep inside of her hardened heart when she saw that black mass, roughly the size of a human woman, suddenly contract and fall into itself. She remembered vividly what it was like to be inside of a cocoon made of Obetenebra’s disgusting slop. The thought of being buried alive and crushed under its weight had crossed her mind at the time. Now the sight of it actually happening to someone else. The sound of that scream would haunt her forever. As would the the confession that came babbling out from Marigold’s trembling lips. She heard him before she saw him… “It was me! I did it! I forced her to flee under the pretense that she’d be released. I did all of this for my own gain. I thought she was too good of a prize. She has nothing to do with this. Don’t make her pay for my transgressions, let me save her child.” Through this all, Lobo stood a loyal and faithful companion. She was below his belly, having taken to resting on her side, rather than remaining on her hands and knees. The massive shadow beast did not so much as budge from his position, not to attach Agony and most certainly not to lift its head in the direction that the firefly he had initially tried to consume suddenly darted, as if it had come and gone out of thin air. He knew who it was, and only the slight shift of his crimson eyes as the small fairy zipped up, up and into the ventilation system, gave away the knowledge. Below him, Gabriela turned to look back out the door. The poor robotic dog that had been gifted to her only the night before continued to shoot sparks, and even trembled now and then, like a living thing might do in the throes of death. Besides him, she now saw that Marigold had taken to his knees, and that from the torn remnants of his once very sharp, white lab coat, a weapon was set and pointed at both Lobo and Agony. “Don’t make her pay for my transgressions, let me save her child.” Oh Marigold, she thought sadly to herself, this is all my fault. “...you receive the help you need for this…doctor…” Pain bloomed in the place where her thighs connected to her hips, and just like a flower -- the pain was vibrant, like the bold colors of tropical blossom. She succumbed to it much faster than the last few times, sinking into the vastness of it as if it were the cold, black waters of the abyss, utterly depthless. She sipped in a shallow breath and held it, and felt herself submerged into sheer agony without any indication of when she might come back up for another breath. Gripping the only thing she could, her small hands clenched fistfuls of Lobo’s shadowy hide, which like cool silk, slipped uselessly through her fingers. She groaned, a throaty and pathetic cry as beads of black sweat gathered on her brow. She rose to the peak of the painful wave, and came down with rapid, tried breaths. When she returned, Lobo was gone -- his gorgeous ruby eyes overtaken and dulled by the signs of possession as he was made a tool for the ominous voice of her cousin. “...I would not be standing here without the full consent of the Terrenus government, who has been made very much aware of this organization’s involvement in the kidnapping of foreign royalty.” No! What have you done… They hate us… They’ll kill us all… Her vision blurred and she felt the top of her rounded belly clench, and then, like a tightly bound corset, the rest of the muscles in her abdomen began to pinch inward, trying to push what was inside down into her hips, down out of her body. She made a blood curdling sound just before her jaw locked and her teeth clenched. Fear had been an important tool in ensuring Gabriela was as pleasant a guest as could have been expected whenever she was *taken* to Patia. Roen made sure to educated her about what the Gaian’s thought regarding Vampyres, and he did a wonderful job of painting the city of Patia as one of the only safe havens for someone like her. Of course, she wouldn’t have ever needed a safe haven if it wasn’t for him in the first place, but it ensured that she always thought long and hard about any attempts at escape. In the long run, Roen’s tactics of manipulation had probably done some good in ensuring that she didn’t become a victim of the rabid bigotry that controlled the lives of many Gaians. But that healthy fear had bled through to other parts of her life, Terrenus would never be seen as a place where she or her child could possibly thrive. “If Gabriela is not returned to me immediately so that her child may be born on Orisian soil, and Roen allowed to follow unimpeded, a fury the likes of which you have never seen shall descend upon you. You and all of your conspirator will be erased from the face of this planet. I will give you thirty seconds--just thirty, to comply. But if you truly wish to call my hand, by all means, take even a second longer.” “Raphael,” she heard herself say -- but the name sounded distant, and her voice unfamiliar. Lobo turned his head toward her, sinking his massive snout toward her face, sniffing at her hairline. Her eyes closed and her head pressed against his nose, she rested there for a moment, although the name was repeated, like a quiet, sincere prayer, “...Raphael.” The fear of being face to face with him again was gone. The worry over the change she had perceived was all but forgotten. The only thing that really mattered anymore was how afraid she was, and how -- mixed with the pain and the worry -- there was a hint of sorrow that was steadily growing. She didn’t want to do this alone. Sleep. Somehow she slept. Somehow, she took a few precious seconds of rest and closed her eyes and dreamed. Again she was in her bedroom, and there was a breeze and the smell of orange blossoms -- not from fancy pressed oils -- no, it was real orange blossoms. She smiled in her sleep, at the sounds of a baby cooing at her, and then his laughter. He never laughs. Her smile is more sincere as she presses closer to Lobo. He’s always grim, always gray, always sad -- so, so sad. Gabriela awoke to a strange sensation. A familiar warmth and a pleasant scent. Sleepy golden eyes turn upward again to see past Agony and what’s left of the creature he’s consumed or is still consuming -- she doesn't know and her sight doesn’t linger in order to find out. Instead, beyond him, she sees the object of her awakening. Roen in flesh and blood, after a number of dreams with him, she is nearly moved to tears. The idea of him had been much different than the reality of him. The dream world had softened her, but there were still very real fears that kept her from walking out of this building and he was paramount among them. But now, seeming him -- so very wane and worried -- she couldn’t help but feel an overabundance of sympathy. What a worried papa, she thought before closing her eyes again. He touched her hand, which came as a surprise considering the fact that Lobo was bristling with unspent fury. She could all but sense Raphael’s disgust coursing through the shadow beasts’ veins, thick as blood. Still, somehow, her cousin seemed hellbent on giving her all the support she could need or want. Lobo stepped away, giving Roen some room in which to settle besides Gabriela, who then went from leaning on the wolf to leaning heavily upon the devil. But when his fingers found her own, and when they intertwined, he would not find that familiar cool touch, or that smooth alabaster skin with it’s near stone-like texture -- like polished marble. She was clammy and lukewarm at best. And no sooner had his fingers gripped hers in comfort, and his words whispered to her mind or perhaps that of their unborn child, then another contraction came and the peaceful expression she had worn upon his arrival twisted and became a monstrous grimace of suffering. “You’re in labor,” he said -- and it was the first time she had heard his voice since the night of her coronation, and through the thick fog of pain, she still marveled at it. Against his shoulder she nodded her head. Yes, she was indeed in labor. “I need access to your facilities. Do you have any other medical staff on hand?” Roen was many things, but not this -- whatever this was. Not a leader. Not a protector. Not a fixer of problems. He was passion and lust and desire. He was appetite incarnate. To hear him speak this way and to see him so focused now, it was startling and unnerving, but it was also quickly becoming a great comfort. But there was a problem -- what he was saying, what he was asking for -- it was useless... He looked at her clinically, and she, when she finally could, looked up at him with fear -- but for once -- not fear of him. The hand that lingered upon her belly, she gripped it and held it tight, pulling him closer to her. And then, in a voice that was a whisper, though she knew her words were liable to be heard by one and all, she began softly to speak. “I have to go to Orisia, I can’t have this baby here...my doctors,” she explained, and she glanced apologetically to Marigold. She trusted him. He tried to save her -- he tried so hard. But he wasn’t a vampyre, he didn’t know what she was, he wouldn’t be able to help their child if God forbid...Her jaw clenched and the tears began to form, not from the pain, but from the concern that had finally found an outlet. “I have to go home,” she whimpered a little quieter this time. “Your cousin is in labor. Come inside and bless your nephew.” He was talking to Lobo -- no, he was talking to Raphael. A thought crept in her mind. Lifting a hand she reached for Roen and touched his shirt. She took a handful of it and clung to it as she pulled herself more upright, more level with him. It was quite a sight -- them sitting together there on the metal floor, both in a pool of her black blood and sickly-sweet smelling amniotic fluid. And between them a round belly, round like the earth, round and beautiful like the whole wide world. “I have to marry Raphael, I have to marry him right n--” She clenched up and curled into the devil’s side as another contraction silenced her. They didn’t know -- not Roen, not Marigold, not Agony or even Malice. But Raphael knew. He knew what she had promised in order to ensure that this child was born alive.
  15. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Today I hit a hummingbird with my car. Somehow I managed to see it, and I was lucky to only have been going around 15 miles an hour. But for a little thing like that... Well, I managed to see where it was flung too and because there were no cars coming, I stopped and got off. Amazingly enough, the little guy was still alive but he didn't look well. I've never really been that close to a hummingbird -- it was so small, I mean, so incredibly small. I picked it up because I didn't have the heart to leave it on the road (especially since I saw another car that came after me just barely miss running it over). When I picked it up, it fluttered one of it's wings but then settled back down. It was breathing very heavily. I didn't think it was going to make it, but I still didn't want to leave it out there. So, I took him home with me. Berta, our housekeeper was there when I arrived and for some reason I just started crying when I saw her and I showed her the bird. I just said, "I hit him." She made me feel better and told me I hadn't gone out of my way to hit him, and that it was just an accident. I know that. It just made me feel better to hear someone else say it I guess. It's been a really tough few weeks. Anyway, I left him alone on our counter. I sort of figured he was going to die and that maybe picking him up had been the wrong thing to do. Maybe something was internally broken (outwardly it didn't look like he was hurt -- no bleeding, no weirdly bent limbs). I started feeding Gavin and I forgot about my little buddy, until Owain came into the kitchen. He likes to pull things off the table and counter top. Well, he grabbed a hold of the napkin where my little bird was resting and I freaked out and managed to snatch Owain back before he could pull the bird down to the floor. But then! The little hummingbird just came to life. He flew! He took to the air right there in our living room and zipped around. He landed on one of my mother's orchids and rested for another while. I tried to catch him again but he flew into the living room where I was afraid he might end up hurting himself by trying to fly through the window. He was smart. He didn't! But he did get tangled with the curtain and managed to make his way to the floor. I was able to catch him there, and with a very eager Owain right next to me, we went outside and set the little guy free. He flew away, hopefully to live another day. They are incredible little creatures.