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  1. Pasion Pasiva

    Have a Joyous Reverie!

    Save a dance for me.
  2. Pasion Pasiva

    Have a Joyous Reverie!

    As long as @Ataraxy is willing, Gabriela is still going to try to make her way to him -- just to say hi. Also, @Tyler feel free to end our little meeting if you like! You can leave it open for further interactions in the future, like a visit to Abigail. Gabriela is going to spend a little time on this side of the planet.
  3. Pasion Pasiva

    Where does your character live?

    Gabriela lives in Orisia's capital, Versilla -- for the most part. At least that's where all her junk lives, but in reality she's just a political prisoner at this point and goes where she is told. If she could pick where to live... She'd live in Seinaru Forven, Tellus Mater. That place was nice.
  4. Pasion Pasiva

    [Chat] How was your day?

    Went rainbow hunting with my boys today. Mostly, we just ran in the rain and they jumped in puddles.
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    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    Perhaps the devil found it inconceivable to care for the opinions of those who observed them -- of the whole of the world that turned, more of then than not, disapproving glares in their directions -- but that was a foolish notion. Regardless of Roen’s station within the hierarchy of hell, both he and Gabriela, resided in this particular world, and it simply made no sense to pretend like they did not somehow employ some semblance of importance within it, especially not when they went to such great lengths to attain and maintain power. The devil may not have concerned himself with the maintenance of appearances, but it would cost him dearly in the long run and that was simply not a price that she was willing to split with him. She was mortal royalty, with a mortal coil, and a mortal’s life and soul, her existence did not yet expand beyond this world, regardless of what anyone believed or wished. She did not belong to celestial or infernal nobility, and so she did not make light of these things. And although he smiled, she could all but draw out the patronizing lines that formed around his slender lips as they curved. He thought so very little of her and all of her compassion and empathy. “Your Grace -- My sincerest condolences for your loss, my Lady. If you ever require anything, you may always call on us.” The price would be too steep, she thought to herself while her golden eyes -- those liquid pools of molten gold and copper caught the outside light from the ballroom, and appeared to glitter like flakes of warmed metal at the bottom of a sparking stream. They settled on Abigail and watched her intently, though her features continued to project that same serene sorrow. “You are most kind, though it is I who should be extending my condolences. I cannot imagine what it must be like to suffer the loss of an entire city, much less an island, and have thousands of innocents slaughtered in the process--” “Millions.” She could feel Roen’s eyes on her, heavy and judgmental. Gabriela had interrupted the Duchess, and without so much as a word of apology. And the magnificent mourning that she wore upon her face, like most other women might wear jewels, slipped away for a brief moment to reveal the terrible and ugly reality that lay beneath the surface. Her face was utter perfection, it was stone like, it was devoid of anything resembling pain -- it was numb. “Millions of innocents -- not thousands.” It had been a correction that she had been making for weeks now, but it may as well have felt like years if not decades. The catastrophe that brought two worlds crashing together had ended the lives of millions of people, and not all of them Orisians. The sheer volume of death, it was the only thing in all of this life, or her previous incarnations that had brought her so close to breaking. There was a painful numbness when she recounted this, but it was getting easier and easier to do. Millions of people had died -- hundreds of thousands of children. Was Abigail filled with the same disapproval as Roen? Gabriela remembered to blink and once more saw the world as it presented itself before her -- there was the Duchess, still framed by the door, and there was a great party beyond her, with lively music, chatter, and all manners of delights for the senses. “We are proud of what Squire Eckhart and his men did for it is a noble thing to die fighting the forces of chaos. Still, they could only do so much. I wish we could have done more to help.” Gabriela decompressed via a smile -- a small, genuine smile. She closed her hands before her, gathering them and linking fingers just below where her navel. A great release of pressure came through that gesture, which eased the sudden throbbing that had started crawling up the back of her head. She loathed talking about what happened to Cayana. “He gave people with absolutely no chance of survival -- a chance. There are simply not enough good things to say about such a man.” There was a moment of silence, during which she reflected upon the dead. There were still hundreds of thousands unaccounted for, entire families that had been totally erased from existence, along with any proof of their existence. It was not only an emotional torture, but a logistical headache, to try and put the dead to rest when more often than not the authorities only had small bits and pieces of flesh and bone to go by. She thought of this now, as the ambitious Abigail prepared to talk shop. “But, perhaps there are still ways we can work together. I understand both Orisia and Patia have commitments in the Yh’mi effort? Perhaps an arrangement can be reached to assist one-another in the transportation logistics…” Gabriela looked away. Her eyes dropped to the floor, and swept across to find Roen, who had followed close behind and was now standing near by. She looked toward his face, and tried to study the intent behind his crimson eyes. It was impossible. He was older than she was, and perhaps better at this poker game than either of them. Whatever he was thinking or feeling, he kept it to himself. And she, by looking away, denoted not a lack of interest, but perhaps a clear indication that she did not have a say in such matters, but rather that Abigail would have to negotiate with Roen. Since the time that trading agreements had been established between Orisia and the Karradeen House, Roen had taken on stewardship of Orisia, and Gabriela did not know what that meant for any of the deals she made previous to losing her power. But there was one curious thing about this all -- how quickly Abigail had jumped into business, given even what she had just seen. Perhaps the young woman decided that she simply did not understand the dealings between vampyres, devils, and other such monsters, which would seem like a fair enough realization. But Gabriela could not share the feeling of disapproval that she felt, which was perhaps more so uncomfortable because it was coming from such a young human being. Then again, humans lives were so preciously short -- they did everything faster, and they seemed to live so much harder for it. “That sounds promising,” she said, more so to Roen than to Abigail. “I feel that we have been a great strain upon you, my Lord -- this may be a way to reduce Orisia’s heavy reliance on your kindness for nearly all of it’s transportation needs. Perhaps it is something you would like to discuss with the Duchess in private? I am happy to go and find the Emperor.”
  6. Pasion Pasiva

    General chat thread

    Yeah, it was the perfect storm... We were planning our move, but wanted a week off to spend time with family. But then the weather got really bad and he got sick, and yup...all we did was sit watching TV. It's amazing how quickly it took hold. He whines for it! He even dreams about it. He's woken up, 3 am, asking for cartoons.
  7. Pasion Pasiva

    General chat thread

    TV is actually very new territory for us. We were doing very little screen time up until about a month ago. But because of our impending cross-country move I cancelled our ABA therapy, which took up a huge chunk of our day. I wanted him to have a nice break, but that nice break ended up turning into a ton of cartoon time due to nasty weather and having so many of our toys packed. Believe me, I've tried a lot of inside activities but we are just so use to being outside. Now, I feel like my kiddo is totally addicted. He's got four settings -- Eat, Play, Outside, CARTOONS! I can't wait until we have our own house. It will be a lot a lot easier to control screen time.
  8. Pasion Pasiva

    General chat thread

    Same boat... We just started watching paw patrol... I want to kill myself and pepper pig.
  9. Pasion Pasiva

    General chat thread

    I just need my kids to love Toy Story as much as I do. Or else I'll have to disown them, unfortunatly...
  10. Pasion Pasiva

    Have a Joyous Reverie!

    You get the hell out of here, Carlos!
  11. Pasion Pasiva

    Have a Joyous Reverie!

    ...i would still like to read those six paragraphs.
  12. Pasion Pasiva

    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    It was exactly because she knew of his capabilities to perform as the gentleman sage that she found his current role so utterly repulsive. But even at his best, while wearing the guise of a proper gentlemen and finding himself to be a magnificent actor, Roen had never been as talented as he believed. There simply was no material strong enough to fashion the rough edges of his exterior into the sparkling angles of a polished diamond. At his very core, the devil was violence incarnate. Perhaps his magic could cast a veil over the eyes of mortal men and women, but not her or the rest of her kind. He was a monster through and through, but he cast a far more dangerous shadow when adorned with a blade and dressed so elegantly. When he came after her she cowered. Everything was still fresh -- from the attempt against her life, which had nearly cost her the life of her then unborn child to the humiliating kidnapping that saw her stolen away from her very own seat of power. Her courage was a fragile thing, and even the flames of anger were not enough meld the broken pieces of her valor. She backed away, but he kept coming after her. All she managed was a small sound, a fleeting little cry before he had her shoved and pinned by her neck against a bookcase. The pretty sounds of the party and the lovely smells all fell away into a distant background. All that existed was the dark, angry, but beautiful face that stared down into hers -- blood-colored eyes narrowed but swimming in macabre amusement and the devastating sound of footsteps entering and stopping short within the library entrance. There was a witness to this atrocity, and Gabriela felt the shame of it twist hundreds of knots in her stomach that clenched and ached as she resisted the urge to reach up and try to free herself from Roen’s squeezing hand. “Then there will be much bloodshed, my love.” "No more, please..." Hiding behind a curtain of dark hair that fell across her face, Gabriela closed her golden eyes and refused to meet the crimson glare. Surrender, it was the best tactic to have this ugly and embarrassing moment pass as quickly as possible. She utilized it to the best of her abilities by keeping her hands by her sides, but lifting her fingertips and revealing her pale palms, a plea of submission for the sake of curious onlookers. He let go of her, but she couldn’t be certain if she had anything to do with it or if it was because he was satisfied with his display. He was fidgeting with his ring, lazily turning the gaudy piece of jewelry round and round on his finger. “An armed society is a polite society, Gabriela.” “If you say so, my lord.” She didn’t immediately turn to look up. She needed a moment, just a brief respite of solitude behind her hair, hidden by the thick, waves of nearly black hair that fell over her bare shoulder. The bruises he left on her throat, they had to heal -- but she needed a minute or two. His blood was still rich and potent in her veins, a gift he had seen fit to give her on their way here, a gift that afforded him certain liberties. Her flesh was the perfect canvas for his violent outbursts. The dark marks were already mostly gone, growing dimmer and dimmer by the moment as he busied himself with speaking, and she with pretending they didn’t have an audience. “...The last time I mingled unarmed, I nearly killed Corvinis’s kin with my bare hands for the insults he paid you and I. In a similar vein, I went to Kadia unarmed, looking for answers about the man who nearly killed you.” It was the first she heard of this, of his attempt to find her would be assassin. A flicker of a frow played across her face as a tragic memory played across her mind. Shot through the thigh, blood pouring out of her at a rate that would not end her life but would certainly end the fragile life of the unborn child growing inside of her -- tears, so many tears, as she fell to the ground and kissed the moss. She prayed. She cried. She called to him, but he didn’t answer. It was the sort of thing she didn’t want to think about. He was smiling at her while he spoke of his sword, and she reached up to rub her sore neck as casually as she could manage now that she felt enough time had transpired. She was a small thing, a petite woman that could trick nearly any mortal man into believing her a helpless damsel. It was a good disguise in a world where she was meant to be a predator, but she was damned here on Valucre where Bloodgods and Devils walked the earth. Her small stature only added to her woeful inability to stand up to any of them. At three hundred years old, she was but a child to many of the creatures that walked in and out of her life. “In this way, I am helping you, beloved. I’m sure you’ll make them all love me as much as you do.” He laughed, and she forced herself to do so as well -- to chuckle quietly and behind a small hand in a ladylike manner. They laughed like fools about the tragedy of their love, or whatever bastardization of the emotion they now shared. “Should we mingle, or do you want to stay here, and read me poetry?” “We really must see to the Emperor,” she replied, her spirit subdued, her voice much softer -- her eyes downcast. “I don’t know how often you’ll find yourself on this side of Terrenus, but if he was kind enough to invite you, then you should be kind enough to show him your gratitude in person.” Then, as if remembering something, she dug through a deep pocket in her magnificently full skirt -- a very handy addition to her lovely gown. She produced a small black box which had been fitted tightly with velvet, and then opened it to show Roen what lay inside. Within a golden pillbox sat, no bigger than the size of an Orisian Crown. The tiny hinges that kept the lid shut and the snap that kept it locked were a delight to see, but it was the delicately painted picture of Orisian Blood Orchids on the porcelain lid that was the true centerpiece. There was no point going into detail about how the item belonged to her personally, or how attached she was to it. It would serve her Lord and Master well in his endeavors to gain favor among foreign leaders. “It’s a priceless antique, a beloved trinket I found in the castle when I took it over -- it’s the best I could do on such short notice, but an adequate and thoughtful gift to present to the Emperor.” She didn’t wait for Roen’s reaction, she had reached out for his hand in a familiar way both to denote their closeness, as well as to hopefully disarm whatever mounting discomfort the person spying them was feeling. The small box was deposited within the devil’s hand. “She saw everything,” Gabriela said, her lips barely moving and her voice a soft whisper that only Roen would hear. “The damage we have done here, I cannot begin to guess it -- but you will help me repair it.” And then she was gone, leaving the devil to examine the trinket she had left behind and turning more fully to the woman who had seen fit to walk into a private moment and remain as a silent witness to the unfolding of a small, insignificant lover’s quarrel. There was a smile on her face, her defeated features brightening as she pulled her own mask over her face -- sweet, friendly, beautiful. The pale, unearthly creature moved toward Abigail. “Duchess Karradeen, it is a pleasure to finally meet you. I must apologize, before anything more is said, for not following up any of our agreements with a more personalized touch. I had every intention to writing to you, but with the current transfer of Orisian transplants to Yh’mi it simply slipped my mind.” Gabriela turned, she swept a hand behind her and motioned with curling fingers and an elegant gesture for the devil to follow. “Roen, darling, come and meet the Duchess of Karradeen, her man Eckhart gave up his life, along with many of his crew men, to help evacuate Ceyana during the tragic events that devastated the island. I cannot properly express the enormous gratitude the Orisian’s feel for what your men and women did on that day…” Gabriela paused, she stopped at a respectful distance and was happy to drop the happy facade. Speaking of the tragedy in Ceyana allowed the subtle sadness to settle once more across her face. “Truly, I am so sorry for the losses you suffered on that day.”
  13. Just a little update for anyone who might be concerned or interested. I will not be starting any new threads or plots until all my current endeavors are resolved. I have three different timelines going and I really want to get back to a simpler and more reasonable, linear story. I also plan on updating the Orisian Timeline, so keep an eye out for that! 

    1. Grizzly


      If ours is difficult to keep in with the timelines we can always summarize the events and move further down the line. (That's assuming you don't want to see how the situation plays out.)

  14. Pasion Pasiva

    General chat thread

    ...one of my kids favorite toys is a Woody doll, and yet he's never seen the movie. I am so lagging on introducing movies to my babies. There is no time! No time!
  15. Pasion Pasiva

    General chat thread

    Look... I dont know how to lift with my legs and keep my back straight. I literally cannot do it. I've tried. My back always curves. I just dont get it. But I always pick stuff up that way! Why was this time so different...why did it hurt so much! I felt like my lower half was being severed from my top half for all of half a second, but it was pure agony.