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  1. Tonight's nightmare:


    I am in the kitchen with my mother. We are talking about something. She's being silly while washing the fishes. Its late, we have to go to bed. She goes to turn off the light, I panic while trying to get the flashlight mode on my phone to work, "Wait, wait -- don't turn off the lights yet!" She laughs and turns off the light. This is a game we've played. It's always lighthearted. But in my dream, I am terrified. At this point, I start to feel like it's a dream. There's no way I can't figure out my phone. I try to calm myself down, I try to figurw out my phone. I see my mother's outine in the dark, she is still being playful, she urges me to go to bed. I walk down the hall and my bedroom door opens, I see Nathan's outline, he asks what we are doing, we are being loud. I don't seem to be surprised that Nathan is there, so I am back to not knowing this is a dream. I walk down the hall to thw bathroom, Nathan follows, I am still desperately trying to figure out my phone, but now all I want is to turn on the bathroom light. The dark is unsettling me. I look up, Nathan is at the door, I see another outline behind him at the end of the hall. It rushes towards me. I am sure its a dream now, but I can't change it. I am trying to turn on the light. I am trying to calm myself down. I am no longer dreaming, but I can't move. Sleep paralysis. I go through my calming down ritual, I repeat the lords prayer, it helps keep me from thinking of the nightmare I just had while I am still stuck in sleep mode. When I wake up and open my eyes, I reach for my phone and turn on the light. My heart is beating hard and fast. Feels like its going to beat right out of my chest 

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