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  1. My house is under contract. We signed the selling agreement on father's day, which is hilarious to me because I'm spiteful and mean. We close on July 21st. 

    I just want to say that I am very grateful for this space. For Valucre. I cannot stress how hard the past year has been, and I've generally stopped using Val as a place to vent after coming across comments that questioned my ability as a parent and even went so far as state that I was the sort of person who didn't deserve to be a mother. This was a long time ago, but these comments by someone totally irrelevant to me have stuck with me. It's probably because it's the same sentiment that my husband is constantly pushing on me. I wish people knew that it isn't as easy as they think it is to get a divorce and get custody of children when you are up against a highly intelligent and moderately wealthy individual, who believes in their heart that they too have their kids best interest at heart. It's just not black and white. Not to mention a total lack of family support, or rather support that looks like, "I know you think he's trying to hurt you, and if you're really that *unhappy* I guess you could leave him, BUT those poor boys will miss their daddy so much. I mean, maybe just don't drink anything he pours for you...maybe...but just in case anything does happen maybe you should have a testament or something that states your preference for the boys to stay with us rather than their father, you know, just in case." 

    Yup. That was a real conversation I had with my mother. 

    Anyway, I almost lost Val when things got really bad and dark. Oddly enough, this is where I made my stand. I don't have to be as present as I use to be. I don't have to give the things I don't have to give -- time, commitment, inspiration, writing. But this is still my little safe place. And I'm just really grateful because this last year would have been so much harder without this little corner on the internet. I know I can't fully explain it, or maybe it comes off as whining or attention-seeking, but this place means a lot me. So thank you for those of you who have been patient, and kind, and so gentle with me. I feel like there just might be a light at the end of this tunnel and a way out of this darkness I've been living in for years now.

    Thank you. 

    1. Twitterpated


      Children will miss any parent that is scant regardless of why. Yes it's a hard choice to make to go through something like divorce or debate custody of children,  and I admire your bravery for not using your kids as an excuse to remain unhappy. 

      Best wishes dear, stay safe. If you ever need to vent I'm always open for folks to vent to. And of course, no matter the rate of activity, if you ever want to write something, I'll gladly oblige you either way. 

      Mothers... the toughest creatures in existence. 💯

    2. Pasion Pasiva

      Pasion Pasiva

      I would love to get back to writing. We have so much unfinished business! 

    3. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      Have you ever spent a day reversing your steps as though you were living in another dimension with time going backwards?

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