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  1. As Elrick and his volunteer band retreated back to the relative safety of their camp he gathered they had been able to pull roughly half of those over eager souls from the clutch of death. Of those that remained, screams of help turned to screams of pain then faded into silence. Forming a line with the remaining men he looked to the Overseer, while he was surely not his Commander, the man held a position superior to his and to sow division at this time would be foolish. "Overseer! I'll see to those wounded I may be able to return some to the fight!" With that he stepped back from the line, kneeling in the center of those hurt. Many held wounds to severe to be saved but others simply had wounds on their legs or arms that prevented them from fighting. Bowing his head in prayer he called out "Merciful Lord let your healing light wash away the wounds of your servants so that we may struggle on in your name!" As he finished, a warm glow spread from his body, and as the light reached those wounded the blood slowly stopped, and flesh slowly knit together. They were not fully healed, but many could stand the line again and those at death's door were given more time until truer aid could be had. For Elrick's part, sweat dotted his brow and his breath was short as if he had ran 100 miles, still he stood. And with a heavy fatigue in his body he lifted his weapons determined to fight to his last breath. Dawn was a ways off yet and it looked to be a long night ahead...
  2. Sir Elrick swung his warmace in great arcs, feeling the shells of his foes shatter beneath it's weight as he fell back to the defensive line. For now their enemies were not as dangerous as he anticipated but the stench that filled the air made his eyes water and his stomach heave. Hearing a Yelp to the side one of the other knightlings was pinned, desperately holding his blade against the jaws of the foul beast reaching for his throat. "Still yourself!" Elrick cried as he swung his tower shield knocking the beast to the side where it lay twitching, it's legs shattered. Helping his fellow man to his feet he heard the yells from the dark trees. Even as they screamed the sound grew no closer and he could tell they were trapped. Knowing their time was limited he quickly dove into the inner circle were the great fire still roared. Gritting his teeth in pain as the heat sheared his armor he grabbed the largest pieces of burning wood that he could and threw it out to cast light into the darkness. As armor shined and dark shapes could be seen rushing between the trees he brandished his mace "To me! We save who we can!" As he began to slowly advance with a handful of others, he made sure their formation was tight and and began to strike out at the sticky web to allow the divine fire to begin burning it away. As the fire was summoned with his will and faith, so did it burn, those considered for felt it's heat burn and blister while friend felt naught but a warming touch. Knowing to advance to far would only serve to fall prey to the same trap. So he yelled to those caught "This way, or it's your life!" as he shoved those few who made it back into the protection of their perimeter.
  3. Sir Elrick gave a slight nod "Elrick, Commander, and thank you I will not fail you." He could not blame her for not remembering his name but it still felt a bit sore walking away. This soon faded however as it only strengthened his resolve to truly stand out. Once he had finished taking care of the horses he moved towards the outer ring, his back to the fire as he scanned the slowly encroaching darkness. He lacked the ability to see in the dark, and his patron could not grant such miracles to him either. Still he kept vigilant knowing that the Forest was full of evils and it would not take kindly to their intrusion... Time passed, and what little light broke through the canopy was soon lost as if it had never been. The air was stagnant and the trees deathly quiet. He was not a woodsman and help little experience in such a fight but even he knew this would not be a peaceful night. As Maelstrom's voice resounded within his mind he was already prepared for battle. Dropping to one knee he held his warmace in front of him "St. Canessa I call upon you, bless us with your gifts so that we may smite down this evil in your name!" When he finished his prayer, a large wash of light fell over the encampment briefly, those touched by it would feel energy fill their bodies, their swords a armor lighten as their muscles felt the divine touch. For those without, the divine energy fueled them with extra spiritual energy instead. As Sir Elrick felt his own abilities increase he smiled and spoke again even more fervently "Blessed are we that receive your strength! Know that your champion calls upon you again, let your light shine from my weapon so that my enemies may know your wrath!" The top of his warmace glowed with a powerful light and seemed to burn as he stood swinging his shield in front of him and holding his weapon high with ease. Joining his voice with Maelstrom's thoughts he yelled "To arms men! We have our duties set tonight!" Knowing one would be overwhelmed regardless of their does he took a few steps backwards closer to the center of the encampment, Maelstrom to his right and many others rushing to prepare for the fight. Thrusting his warmace into the air it flared brightly casting light into the trees "To me! To your doom!" He yelled, an excited look upon his face as he took his battle stance...
  4. Sir Elrick's hand lowered, he hadn't really envisioned a warm ending to their discussion but he wasn't entirely upset either. Deeds spoke volumes to him and Asher's words held a kernel of truth. His morals would not stay his hand, but good deeds would. As Asher left and stated he would not let him die, Elrick could only smile slightly "To die in service of the light...and serve for eternity at the side of my patron... truly a worthy life." His words were quiet and spoken to himself as he was sure the words were not meant to bring peace. As he heard the order to move out and make camp for the night, he to mounted his horse. Caden gave a low knicker pushing at his hand which he often did when the beast felt it was time to rest for the night. Elrick leaned forward and patted the sturdy neck of his only true companion over several long journeys. "Soon my friend, soon." Giving a light kick he followed the group 200 meters west as instructed and was greeted by a decent sized clearing. Years of experience told him that even as men and women would grow tired, their mounts were no exception. As such it was his duty to ensure proper care was given. He drove a stake near the center of the clearing and pulled tack and bridle from his horse. With practiced movements he brushed the burrs from the mane and checked the hooves for any signs of injury or strain and then gave grain and water. Looking to the others that made up his band he knew that some at least had little experience with steeds. "Should you desire it, I can see to your horses and even teach you how to care for them yourselves." He spoke to those that had so far made little name for themselves but he would happily help the others as well... Even Asher, after all he had sworn upon his honor and while it apparently meant little to him it was everything to Elrick. Besides, a steed should not suffer for the sour feelings of those that ride them. Calling out to Addison he asked "Commander, which of us shall take first watch? If needed, I volunteer my services." @Phoebe His eyes scanned the rest, Asher would no doubt excel as a night sentry and he felt Maelstrom could also rise to the task. But what of the others? He looked to @notmuch_23, he was not familiar with all races but her features were elven and he knew many held exceptional eyesight.
  5. His eyes narrowed as he responded "It is Sir Elrick, fiend. And only the fact that we share employment do I stay my hand from your throat." He grit his teeth, pushing away his rising anger. He could not deny certain zealots purged many that were not evil and he was displeased by it but he had no plans to hear of it from him. "Enough of this..." He breathed out a tense breath and held out his hand "My duties are clear but I am not some unthinking crusader. Maintain the path of light and there is nothing to be concerned of, stray..? And we will have a reckoning." @Praetorian "I swear upon my order that I will neither impede your duties or withhold aid should you have need of it. Assuming of course you hold yourself accordingly." His hand was held waiting, it was obvious he wasn't enjoying this but his oath to serve the Duchesses interest demanded his patience and so it would be. Glancing at @Maelstrom, Elrick shook his head "Ill feelings will rot the soul. It is best we have it out now instead of destroying each other when their backs are turned.... Wouldn't you agree?"
  6. Sir Elrick stood by watching the trees warily as he listened to the conversation around him. Purging this filth with holy fire was the only sensible action in his opinion and he gave a derisive snort as the spirit known as @Maelstrom argued against a small price of trees to purge such evil. "Trees and plants will return when this forest has been purified of this evil taint spirit, we would serve the light and our new Duchess by ridding these lands of such beasts and twisted trees." His voice was calm but it was obvious he would gladly set the grove alight himself if given the order. "To serve the light and your chosen Lord should be your goals. Let others worry of the trees." With these words he turned moving towards Addison, he had already assumed the others did not share his ideals but he struggled to find common ground... He inwardly sighed as he knew quite well how important such bonds would be in the coming trials. Reaching Addison he stopped and gave a small formal nod of his head "Commander Addison, I understand you intend to camp the night here. I noticed a small clearing back along the trail. Perhaps it can be expanded before nightfall for a more defensive position?" He bowed towards Governor Azelhart "I understand the Governor's men carry explosives, we could perhaps make use of some should it please you sir." Stepping back he again addressed Addison "I'll await your orders Commander." Waking away to rejoin the line he sighed inwardly as his eyes fell upon the spirit and nightwalker. Either may be at his back in a fight soon and as wise men say 'keep your enemies close and your friends closer.' Stepping closer to the pair he lifted the visor of his helm to show a lightly bearded face of light brown hair with deep green eyes. His face was stern, but it was a natural look of his that never seemed to go away. "I fear we may have met on poor terms. I'd appreciate the chance to start again. I am Sir Elrick of the order of St. Canessa. Sworn to root out evil in all its forms. At times such duties cause me to forget my manners. I hope you can forgive me." He gave a small bow of his head and while he would make the effort to form bonds it was still obvious Asher @Praetorian waso nly loosely included...
  7. Wow just got here and already got a stalker (@Ganu_Candali) hahaha 😄 From 1 newb to another thanks! And welcome to Valucre yourself @Sombersong hope to see ya around. ^^ And last but not least for mention is @Csl appreciate the suggestions and I'll check em out, gotta get the rust off and jump in from there haha. See you all around, and many more I'm sure. 🙂
  8. Hello guys! So obviously as your in the introduction forum I just joined. 😄 I've been rping for several years off and on as life and creativity allows. How long exactly? Well it's double digits now so let's go with that! My love is for pretty much any thing that isn't strictly slice of life, or mundane. If you have a pre-modern, magical, or sci-fi setting I'd probably find some joy in it. Plus many many others of course. I like to give some nice meaty posts to any partner I have but I also end up mirroring them as well so if I get 2 sentences you will probably get the same. 😛 You have been warned. So for the time being I already crashed an RP xD (thanks @Phoebe!) and I gotta get the rust off but if you think I'd be a good fit for an idea don't hesitate to message me! And that's it! Let's have some fun!
  9. It was partially his fault and he knew this, so as others began to mingle and meet their soon to be comrades in arms he maintained his post near the wall in the courtyard. He had arrived earlier having heard rumours of a noble attempting to tame the woods nearby. A monumental task but worthy as it would rid the world of untold evils. As a knight paladin of the St. Canessa he was initiated by his father at the age of 5 to devout himself to the order which valued loyalty and service to a chosen Lord or lady and to destroy all evil that would stand in their way. When he had heard the rumors of the Duchess and her goals he knew what he had to do. However his reserved nature and tendency to observe first prevented him from casually reaching out... He had already filled out what information was asked earlier, his country would be that which the Duchess made, his name Sir Elrick, and should he die in service, any proceeds should be given to his faith so that others may follow in his example. As more men and to his surprise women answered the call he watched them. A giant of metal who he later understood was a spirit, a warrior of the east, and several women. One of which had skin like the night, an intriguing group but he did not feel any immediate kinship with any of them. Many felt as if glory and coin called to them instead of the honor of serving a just cause... Still, he would serve together with any man, woman or beast until they showed themselves to be an enemy. As the woman, his new Commander Addison it seemed, briefed them on their immediate mission he smiled behind his helm. A test of strength and discipline was truly needed to determine who was fit and who was not to serve. As they prepared to leave he made for his own horse which was a large chestnut brown by the name of Caden. A more loyal horse he could not ask for as it was trained as gifted by his Order and it bore the weight of him and his armor with ease. Beside his full plate that had seen obvious use, he kept a large flanged warmace and shield on his back. A man of normal strength would struggle to stand but his great faith and training gave him a divine strength to rival a dozen. Following the company he maintained a rear guard to protect and alert from any ambushes from behind. He was not concerned of men as few would be foolish enough to attack such a heavily armed group, but beasts and those creatures of darkness held no such fear. As they stopped he could hear Commander Addison speaking over the quiet hush of the woods, and even from his position the stench of the wasp eggs filled his nose. Moments later, he saw the ripple of alarm and battle tenseness enter the group as several blades emerged from the trees. His own hand had gripped the pommel of his warmace, willing his faith into conviction should he need to call forth a miracle to enhance his fellows, but as soon as the tension had arose, it faded. Understanding filled him as he heard the commander's words and he relaxed. The Duchess would soon be his charge to protect, but in her absence he should also protect her household as he can. Slowly weaving his way towards the front he nodded in greeting to several as he passed including the armored spirit, the samurai and the women. He pointedly ignored the nightwalker known as Asher, he would tolerate his presence but no creature of the night would gain his trust. He vowed to watch him closely even as he stopped within a few yards of the Commander in case things were not as safe as they appeared...
  10. Hello! So no pressure but I just joined this site due to seeing this thread. Still looking for knights? I'd have to create a character of course and while I'm new here I have rp'd for several years. 🙂
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