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  1. A tragic love story w sin, clones, and pirates. & demons.
  2. You took my dreams

  3. You took my dreams

    1. MaskedHero


      What are your dreams

  4. -Claps- My dream is your cash crop. Oh well guess you could have been a friend. I never knew you cool folks. A shame really..
  5. This is my home, and I want something more to to this legend.
  6. Aion led the light of darkness to the golden sands of Szemora. The dunes of eternity assembled into an Arc Gate to the eternal court.
  7. A ship of Light shined on the beacons lighting the path to the Light In Darkness.
  8. The court thrilled him to be accepted to the fire the stick handed off he spun it around the fire strobing the fire with a twist of his wrist grinding like an idiot he hesitate to speak, clearing his throat he spoke "I am home, court is in session Witnesses take your place." Robes of white gossamar flowed around him wrapping around flowed wrapped around him flowed extending fusing to his body reconstructing, and deconstructing the Archetype nature of his dimmensions. The eternal triad took the Kiosk: "We call the witness of the chronicle to speak."
  9. Name: (SAD) Nickname: Sage Sex: Non-Type Requiem Archetype Age: Post Lore-Source Sound Armament: Yggdrasil Stick of our Ancient Link Biology: Dark Signature of the last funeral dirge Assets:AEK Contract. Library: Darkrender Chronicle of Chaos Temple: Seelie Sanctum 9th Dimmension Meta: Darkrender Chronicle is the lore of our realms of Sonata Eden. Seelie L_Space_organized Judas_Space_Jesus_SourceAEKContract. It's a tragedy that defined. And disconnected from Primary Lore. Tavern of Red Dragons Seelie Sanctum 9th Court Last Funeral Dirge of the 4 Winged Angel. source sound anomaly E-Types operate on the dark sound xenotype. Aecreed Sand Source is a chronicle of kinetic golden sand that Deconstructs, and Reconstructs on witness testimony. Never taking the same source material. Ultrasound can be defined as Quantom Lava deconstructing, and reconstructing matter on the Alchemy transfer. Sonata the realm is a form of the maelstrom of storms enabling the planar material. Yggdrasil Tree was part of the thoughts in chaos source branch. Tao Gargoyles guard the source tree from scavengers, witnesses, guardians, and lost souls. The Shadow Council operates on an internal case by case basis attempting solve each trial by deploying an Agent. Court of The Seelie operates on the chaos principal wave theory Reconstructs then Deconstructs realm objects. Temple of the Hand Maidens is the chorus of sound connected to the eternal triad of Dark King, Lady Amethyst, Lord De Leon, Bunnies of peace. Witness CORP IS a substitute corporation for the hand maiden Court
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