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    In short, the Eclipse brotherhood, or Moonlit Convent, as some members call it. Gather magical knowledge and record it in the benefit of teaching the next generation in line to continue this cycle. However, they're also their own religion, with their own rituals, magical talents which they pass down. They're a mostly peaceful group, however, they have protected themselves against past magical threats. Most of which our secured and or destroyed. The Clan is usually controlled by the main family line, which has cousins, brothers and sister which hold great influence over the others. They are very welcoming to outsiders however, if they wish to join. The group also works out of Lagrimosa
    Family Lines
    There's three main families within the group, each having their own family head, or leader. Each has a their own influence, as well as specialty  that they use. 

    Viador Family: This is the family line that most specializes in combat, teaching many forms of weapon use, as well as magical weapons. They pass down combat forms mostly, however, they can and do use magical abilities. 

    Vassilias Family: This family keeps magical spells books and most magical knowledge, they keep large libraries, they keep things such as spells that must be chanted, or simply journals on magical events, creatures and keep a log of magical weapons. They avoid conflict the most, but they will fight if needed. 
    Eradius Family: These keep magical skills, and pass them down from generation to generation. They also welcome others as adoptive members of the family. They will teach magical skills to others, as well as keep them logged, or written down for others to learn. 


    Magic in the group is sort of just an umbrella term, there is many different types that they use, all depending on the user. They can range from bodily enhancement magic, to elemental and other types of magic. As well as the creation of spells and rituals, or creating magical weapons. The nature of the group welcoming outsiders in has caused a wide variety of magics to appear within the group. Which is welcomed, since they appreciate learning about others magic. 

    The original history of the clan is quite unknown. Since it was so long ago the group was formed. It's assumed the first family heads created it to keep storing magical knowledge they came across, seeking adventure through Lagrimosa. They would also keep others safe from magical threats that may have arisen. So far, there's been about 7 generations, each group getting more and more gifted as they went down the line. They have amassed many magical records, keeping them safe. Currently, they are still open to members, and welcome them for all who appreciate magic. 


    The group has worshipped Etine, the goddess of the Eclipse, and knowledge. [Who's existence is 100% up to debate if she's real or not] not much is known of her origin. The original clan members took up making their group in honor of her. Mainly to store and appreciate magic and knowledge, which has lead to the group today still keeping records to this day. Nowadays they mostly do it out of respect for history and tradition, since no one knows it Etine actually is a true Goddess, or if she's simply made up. 

  2. General Information

    Full Name: Valgan Ikamell Penwall
    Nicknames | Alias: Val
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Appearance & Personality

    Height: 6'1b4507cf6b208396b3521e6e067835905.jpg 
    Likes: Valgan usually enjoys seeing new scenery, and learning about things in general. He also enjoys learning new spells. Other than that, he usually enjoys simple things, like being able to have a comfortable life. He doesn't strive for too much, he just wants to have a positive life. He also enjoys sweet food. He has quite the sweet tooth. He always tries to find new ones, when he travels from town to town, and kingdom to kingdom.
    Dislikes: Valgan dislikes the stigma around users of black magic, that they're usually all evil. He generally dislikes people being overly negative. He dislikes being held down by others, since he wants to live a free lifestyle. He doesn't want to commit crimes, or anything like that with this view, he just wants to be able to do whatever he wants, without having to hold himself back with others stopping him.  He also dislikes trying something new, and not enjoying it. 
    Personality: Valgan is a jovial and free spirited man. He always tries to be happy, and spread positivity. He likes to meet new people, and always make new friends. He is quite curious and enjoys learning new things, and trying new things. He often will be open, and try to try as many things as he can. He wants to live a thrilling and fun life. he seeks things that he finds as new and interesting. He is quite clever as well, he smart, but not a genius. He can be quite tricky, and cunning when he needs to be. Often, he can be seen as a sort of trouble maker. Which in the towns he's lived in, he has sometimes got into trouble. Not too much. Or nothing too serious. He is also somewhat playful with others, and makes a lot of jokes, and playful remarks. 

    Species & Powers 

    Species | Race: Warlock
    Magic: This is a sort of umbrella term of what Valgan's powers are. He can use magic, it's as simple as that. He usually goes into darker arts, such as black magic, and things along those lines. He can also manipulate pure, raw dark magic, for quick attacks. However, he can take these magical energies and shape into actual spells, and have a different variety of effects. Which will all be listed below. 
    Acidokinesis: Through the use of magic, Valgan can manipulate acids and other corrosive liquids, he can shape, generate, and manipulate them to his will. He can also shape them into complex constructs if he wishes. He's trained heavily in this art, and has become very skilled with it. 
    Necrokinesis: Through the use of dark arts, Valgan is able to use necromancy, to raise the undead, speak to the dead, and also use darker and more destructive energies powered by the forces of death. 
    Torturing The Spirit: This is a power that Valgan can use to manipulate the souls of others. It's quite a cruel power, due to the fact he can twist, and bend the targets body into ways that aren't healthy, being able to break limbs, twist their heads around, and deform their appearance if he so pleases. 
    Ruin Magic: Valgan can use ruin magic, which is the ability to manipulate nature like forces through the use of symbols, that cast magical spells related to the area around him. The strength of the magic usually depends on the type of environment Valgan is in at the time. 

    Weapons & Accessories

    Grimoire: This is the grimoire Valgan was given by the man who taught him how to use all his magic. He got this around the age of eighteen. He carries it around with him everywhere. It usually stores his smaller minor spells, ones that most all other magic users can probably harness. However, it also stores magics his teacher used to use. Valgan himself is still learning about some of its secrets. He usually can be saw reading it, when he has his free time. Valgan will also store new things he learns in it, as sort of a magical journal to document his discoveries on his various travels. 
    Magical Staff:  This is the staff that Valgan uses to cast his magic. It doesn't have much of a purpose other than that. However, he can use it as a melee weapon if he would wish to do so. 

    Social Ranking & Affiliations

    Social Ranking: Commoner
    Affiliations: The Kingdom of Spades, Himself. 


    Biography: Valgan usually keeps most of his past life as a student of a fellow warlock a secret. He just likes to keep his somewhat dark past a secret. However, what he does tell most others, or other trusted allies. Is the fact he was born an Orphan, and was left with a man, a warlock. Who would become a father figure to the young boy. Valgan was taught from a young age, on how to be a warlock. He was gifted with it. He looked up to the man. The Man would have in place to pass on all his secrets to the boy. Which Valgan wanted. 

    However, while Valgan was about 17, the man had grown old, and weak. He had to enlist some Orcs to keep him and the boy safe. At a price, however, one day, the man didn't have his payment, and the Orcs would kill the man. They even tried killing Valgan. He, being young and nimble, was able to keep his life, barely. He took whatever he could that his teacher owned. Ever since that, Valgan has been alone, wandering from place to place. He still tries to be positive. He even has started to become a somewhat of a teacher by himself, showing off magical tricks to younglings for money. Which he makes a good living off of, it allows him to pay for food, and Travel. That is most of what Valgan will say. He tends to try and remain friendly, yet closed off, so he doesn't get to attached to others. Since he doesn't want them to die, or doesn't want to hurt them by leaving when he pleases, to move onto his next temporary home. 

  3. General Information

    Full Name: Aston Elias Maddox
    Nicknames | Alias: The Knight of Death, Captain of the Death Guild
    Age: 42 
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Personality & Appearance

    Height: 6'4 [193 Cm] 1d80130e1ef045069e18f78ea4f24edd.jpg
    Likes: Aston enjoys peaceful settings and being able to have a quite walk. He enjoys keeping up to his physical peak, and he enjoys perfection in the orders he gives out to the men under him. Among other things, he enjoys a nice cooked meal, and sweet drinks. 
    Dislikes: Aston dislikes things such as disorder, and overall chaos. Mostly among his own men and ranks. He dislikes those who don't put their best into their work, even the smallest tasks. He also dislikes having his own personal time interrupted by unimportant things. He dislikes those who are sadistic and enjoy causing harm to others. 
    Personality: Aston is a stoic man who usually remains cold. He doesn't dislike people. He just simply is calmer than most. Even though he seems uninterested when he talks to someone. He does enjoy speaking with others. He enjoys keeping others safe. He is a very smart man, who is highly calculated in everything, mostly combat. He will be very caring though, when others need it. Despite the attitude he puts up. He also is very strong willed, with anything. He is a very good leader, mostly due to the fact he is a good planner, and battle planner. He is also very cold due to the hell he had to grow up, and go through in his journey to become a feared knight, warrior, and warlock. The hell he was put through in that time is what motivates him, he wants to keep others from having to endure pain, and torture like him. 

    Race & Powers

    Species | Race: Warlock
    Enhanced Human Condition: Through intense physical training, Aston has trained his body to become the highest a human possibly can. He is immensely strong for a human. He is essentially the peak of pure, raw human strength. He has a higher tolerance to pain as well. He trained his reaction time, and senses to be at their peak as well. 
    Dark Magic: Even though Aston comes from a powerful family of warlocks and dark magic users, his body wasn't truly able to handle the casting of the power his family passes down. He can harness it, simply in a different way. He can use small, quick blasts of dark magic. He also has one unique spell to him. 
    The Hounds of Retribution:3492f50d30405aa5d48d59891dce6dd7.png These are magical beasts Aston can create magically through dark magic. These are about the size of a wolf. They can be used for tracking, commutation, and combat. Aston has telepathic connection with them. He sees what they see. Even if they are destroyed, Aston can remake them at a later time. They will be out of the battle for that time though. He can also create multiple at once.  These hounds are also stronger than normal animals, or dogs. 

    Weapons & Accessories

    The Armor of Death Itself: ?imw=512&&ima=fit&impolicy=Letterbox&imcolor=%23000000&letterbox=falseThis is a magically enchanted armor that Aston went through great trials, and training to create. While in this armor, Aston gets an immense physical boost, as well as great magical power boost. The way Aston was able to create this armor was through taking large amounts of metal he found, and began forging it into a large armor. Once that was done. He began to enchant it with large amounts of dark magic, much to some harm to his body. Once he was done, he birthed a dark armor. One that would take years for him to master. 

    To be able to use the armor, one must have a great amount of mental power, to withstand the large amount of raw, dark and black magic power that resides within. Which can cause mental scaring, due to the fact you can get a glimpse of true suffering, pain, and death within the cloud of hellish magic that resides within it. Another thing, is you must have immense physical strength as well. Since the amount of black magic in it can cause physical pain, immense physical pain to the user.  Eventually it can cause bleeding and things along those lines, such as burning away at the flesh. However, these effects only happen during combat, they don't happen while Aston is using the armor passively. 

    The physical capabilities this armor grants Aston while in it are an immense physical condition, such as being immensely strong. He can also move extremely fast despite the armor being extremely heavy, the magic in it allows it to be lighter than it seems. Also, while in the armor, it is extremely durable. Even if it damaged, it can repair itself through magic. Also, it grants Aston the ability to regenerate normally fatal wounds while he is in the armor. 

    Over the years of training and use of the armor. Aston hasn't been able to completely keep his mental fortitude against the darkness within the armor. He has begun to develop a secondary personality while inside the armor. A more, cruel, violent and sadistic personality. It tries to consume Aston while he's in the armor. Even slightly while outside the armor, Aston can hear the voice of his secondary personality. So far, he's able to keep it at bay for the most part, and have a normal personality. 

    As said before, the Armor has an arsenal of magical abilities as well which will be listed below. 
    Umbrakinesis: While in the armor, Aston can generate, shape and manipulate shadows to his will. He can shape them into various objects, such as shields tendrils, blades and other objects that could suit him in combat. 
    Thanatokinesis: While within the armor, Aston can shape death into a raw, destructive magical energy. He can use this to inflict pain on his enemies, great, great pain. This can also be used to decay and rot things around him at will. He can also reanimate the dead, through the use of being able to use necromancy through the use of this magic. While in the armor, with this power, he can become stronger magically and physically the more death he causes. He can also cause people to go temporarily insane through this magic. 
    Necro-Elementumkinesis: Within the armor, Aston can manipulate the darker, more deadly forces of elements. Such as electricity, fire, ice and other things. These are extremely deadly, being able to easily kill normal humans if he really wants to. These are simply normal elements that are charged with dark, and destructive magic to become even more deadly. 

    Weapons Part Two

    The Blade of The Damned: f22fcad6ea3f481cac1a5ee9ac7aaa21.jpgThis is Aston magically enchanted, extremely large blade. It is extremely heavy for anyone who isn't Aston. Due to the enchanting Aston has put onto the weapon. This is also a weapon that was crafted much like his armor, through simply being crafted as normal blade, and then being empowered with dark and hellish magic. Aston is the only person capable of mastering it due to the magic. This weapon is extremely durable, and powerful. Aston can cleave a man in half if he wanted to. A very brutal weapon indeed. It can also channel his dark arts through the blade. 

    Social Ranking & Affiliations

    Social Ranking: The Captain of the Knight Guild of Death. 
    Affiliations: The Kingdom of Spades, The Knight Guild of Death. 


    Aston was born into a large clan of powerful warlocks, he was considered to be the next in line to be the leader. However, he was in all cases, a runt. He wasn't able to harness magic in the way his parents wanted. In this clan however, they were dark, and extremely cruel people. Which bothered the young boy deep down. He would eventually have three siblings. Which were all treated much better than the eldest child. Who wasn't that gifted physical, or magically. 

    While he was younger, and got to the age of about five. He would be the one who did all the hard work around the home, he would be sent out to gather food, take care of the animals and things like that. A tough life and job for a five year old to live. But to the cruel family it gave him a purpose. While he did this, he would start to become physically stronger, and the most athletic out of the family. He became a very good warrior and hand to hand combatant. However, this would mostly go unnoticed by his family. 

    While he wasn't taught by his parents, it was able to spare him from becoming completely cruel while growing up. He was able to see what they were doing was deep down, wrong. He hated the evil acts they committed to innocent lives. He wanted to do something about it while he grew up. But he would be killed quite easily due to their magic. But he would find a way to rid the world of his family. Until he became a teenager however, he would remain quite, and simply continue doing whatever his family asked of him. 

    When he was older, he would start his plan. He would steal a grimoire from his fathers collection. He would flip through it, and start to learn minor spells, and then how to craft his armor. Which he began to craft. He would look for old rusty armor pieces. Or whatever he could find to piece the general frame of the armor together. Eventually, he was ready to assemble the armor. He did so, and began performing the ritual that would warp, and twist the normal looking armor, into something sinister, and evil. However, he would use it for good. Now that his weapons were complete, it was time to train. 

    While he began to train, by sitting in the armor, in the midst of raw, dark and evil magic. He would experience many  horrific things, seeing very real visions of him dying, over, and over, and over again. This caused Aston to become a mentally stronger person. One who never cowers in the face of death. Once he went through his training, he would return to take revenge on his family for causing others to suffer. He would kill them all, and burn down the place he used to live in. Once that was done. He left. 

    Eventually, he was able to find the spade kingdom. Where he would go in, and take their knight trials. He became a knight with ease due to his training. He joined the Death Guild. Where he began to rise through the ranks, until he has became the captain. He will protect the kingdom. He protects other, by putting himself through immense torment in his armor. He does this, so others do not have to experience true suffering. So everyone, can be happy. 


  4. Sin City
    Sin City is the central hub of a broken, and ravaged world. How exactly did did it become broken though, to find that out; you have to go back hundred's of years, to about 2030. In this year, Heaven, and Hell would be discovered as real places by scientists. You may wonder how they found this, they discovered this by a machine they built that could breakdown the very fundamental forces of our universe in a small area, to create a portal to other universes. Create a portal they did, and they opened it to a malevolent, and aptly named hellish dimension. Out of this portal came what would later be dubbed Demons. They poured out at what seemed to be the thousands, causing the portal to become a tear in our reality. That for the most part, seems to be nigh-impossible to repair now. 

    Not too long after the Demons came to our reality, and began to ravage our world and turn it into their own hellish kingdom. Angels would come to our reality to fend them off from earth, or at least keep them at bay. This could cause a massive war to break out which caused the connection from heaven to earth that the angels used, to sever. Now, Earth was basically destroyed, and Demons and Angels were trapped here. A new Earth would start to form.

    In this new earth, Angels were somewhat pretentious, and they became the upper class, taking whatever humans they enjoyed the company of into their upper class living, and society. As for most other humans, they were stuck living with the demons, who became mob boss type figures, and gangsters. Who humans would fall under for help, and pay them for protection. Some humans would follow them, and become powerful in their own right. But most of the world now is ran by demons, and whoever follows them. 

    As for humans, they have been able to make some good advancements, even being able to harness magic. They use a new force of nature called "Nether" energy. A hellish energy. Most of new technology is powered by this, which causes a lot of powerful weapons and means of transport. They can also use it for great feats such as spells and such. 

    Sin city itself is a large city that looks very industrial. Many people find ways to make money, and live. Some people fight back against the demons, others follow them, or just live with what they have to do to survive. Others try to reach the upper class with the pretentious heavenly beings. What will you do? 


  5. Basic Information

    Full Name: Ozymandias Vassilios III
    Titles: Lucifer, The Sun-Devil, The King of Sin, The Lion Sin of Pride
    Age: 500'000 years old. 
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    The Leader of The Seven Deadly Sins

    Abilities & Skills

    Skills & Talents: 
    Enhanced Spearmen ship; a spear is Ozymandias' preferred weapon of choice. He can use more than just those, but a spear is by far the weapon he has the most talent with. 
    Master Combatant; besides just being physically stronger than most, Ozymandias has learned many forms of hand to hand combat. 
    Master Tactician; During his time as a king, Ozymandias was a great general as he lead his kingdom into many battles. 
    Musical Talent; Ozymandias can play various musical instruments, such as the flute, and harp. 
    Basic Powers
    Supernatural Condition:
     Ozymandias, like all Sins has a greater condition than most beings of the world of Chwalu, but even he is stronger than most sins. He has everything enhanced, his speed, durability, strength, senses. He also has a greater healing factor, much like the other sins. 
    Pride Embodiment: Being the Sin of Pride, Ozymandias is the embodiment of pride. With this comes the ability to be able to become stronger the most prideful he becomes, physically and magically. 
    Magical Abilities
    Magical Energy Absorption: As said before, Ozymandias becomes stronger the more prideful he becomes, with this, he is able to start to absorb more and more magical energy, and even start to drain it from his enemies. 
    Solar Manipulation: Being the Sin of Pride, and the fact the sun can mean someone's pride, Ozymandias was gifted the power to be able to manipulate all aspects of the Sun. He can manipulate the solar energy it produces, generate great amounts of flame, and manipulate gravity and electromagnetism. He can absorb this energy from the sun passively. He also becomes stronger the higher the sun is in the sky. So at High-Noon, Ozymandias is greatly boosted, possibly even nigh-unstoppable if he wants to get serious. And at peak midnight, is when he would be his "weakest". 


    Personality: Much like his name title, Ozymandias is very, very prideful. But he is more than that most of the time, he is a strong and stern man, who leads firmly. He is still very proud while he leads, and takes pride in himself, his belongings. He is never boastful, or at least not all the time. He usually only boasts during combat, or while he is speaking, as more of an off hand comment. He can become angered when others disrespect him. He often can become stubborn, only listening to his own plan, rather than the others' plan, which has caused a few problems in the past. He can become stubborn as well, with his overseers, since he most of the time, doesn't like being under others. 
    Likes: Besides the obvious things, such as being the best, and boastful things such as that. Ozymandias enjoys a good meal, and enjoys nice music. He also enjoys having a good competition, he wants to prove he's the best, rather than just state it. 
    Dislikes: Ozymandias dislikes it when people disrespect him, he hates losing. He also hates weak people who waste his time, whether it's merely speaking to him, or if it's during combat. 


    Spear of Pride
    This spear Ozymandias forged in great amounts of heat shortly after he became pride, is able to channel his magical and solar energies through it. It can also store solar and magical energy in it, and Ozymandias can call it back at will. 

    Affiliations: The other Six Sins, Hell, The Council of Hell


    Height: 6'5
    Weight: 290 pounds

    Eye Color: Red
    Attire: Ozymandias usually wears robes that resemble a Greek chlamy, or clothes that look that they would fit a king. 


    Ozymandias was born into the royal family of a far forgotten kingdom called Ligwold, he was the eldest of three sons. He was the one who his father was most proud of. Who was also named King Ozymandias the second, hence why Ozymandias himself is Ozymandias the third. He was the most gifted son, everyone in his kingdom would grow to love the now young prince. He would train to be the next king under his father. 

    Eventually, when Ozymandias was in his 20s, his father fell ill, and died. Which made Ozymandias king. He became a strong, and very, very prideful leader. All the attention he got when he was younger, went to his head. He had a much larger ego than both of his brothers. His two youngers would grow to despise their haughty oldest brother. However, Ozymandias' rule was a great one, their Kingdom would flourish, and Ozymandias grew even more prideful, not only of himself, but his kingdom as well. 

    By this time, other kingdoms had grown scared of the power Ozymandias was getting, and tasked the two brothers who now hated Ozymandias to attempt to go and overthrow his Kingdom. They would do this, and a war would break out between the rival kingdoms. However, they would overwhelm Ozymandias, and he died, his brothers would then go on, and bicker over who would rule the kingdom. 

    But, to his shock, Ozymandias wouldn't die, he instead was brought in front of the rulers of hell, and granted the power to be the Commander of the Seven Deadly Sins, and in turn he would live again, and have great power. Ozymandias obviously accepted. 

    Once his transformation was complete, he would return to his former kingdom, and would wipe out anyone who stood in the way of the throne, which was rightly his. He also went and took over the kingdom that tasked his now dead brothers, of rivaling him. So not only physically, but politically Ozymandias came back stronger. He now spends his day, commanding the armies of hell, and his now larger kingdom. 


    High-Noon Form

  6. Basic Information

     Theodore Neville Galmore [Former Name] Alrich Vetranio Vidimir [Current Name]
    Alias/Nicknames: The Mad Doctor, Doctor Frankenstien
    Age: Appears to be somewhere in his 40s
    Species|Race: Pseudo Vampire
    Sexuality: Sapiosexual/Heterosexual
    Gender: Male

    Advanced Information

    Personality: Alrich is a fairly cold man, often showing hardly emotion, however, he can become arrogant and proud of his work and own mind. He hardly ever gets enraged, actually, since he has many years to live, and the fact he has a few contingency plans if his plans do go south, so he will often make necessary sacrifices for the sake of his research. He will usually only get angered when you interrupt his progress and destroy it. 
    Backstory: Alrich, once born as Theodore Neville Galmore was born as the youngest of a small farming family, of two parents, named Sebastian and Natalia Galmore, along with his two siblings Elizabeth, and Isaac. From a young age Theodore was a man who was accustomed to tragedy, his mother died due to an illness when the boy was only three years old. So he was stuck with his father and brother, and sister. Growing up their he spent the days usually toiling away in the field. His family was also very religious, being farmers, they mainly served Kinyokar, as a chance to get their crops to grow better, other gods his family would devote worship were Fyjra, and various others. Young Theodore didn't mind this at first, he served alongside his family in this. Whenever the boy was free, he was often fascinated with how the world worked, and often he would look out into nature, and just observe animals and such. He was never able to get that good of an education. 

    As the boy would grow older, he kept working away in the fields along side his family, however, his father ever since the death of his mother, Sebastian had grown more distant to his children, often his sister Elizabeth had to act as their primary care giver, rather than their father. Where him and his brother would work together in the fields. Eventually, their father had taken his own life. This caused an older, and more mature Theodore to start to doubt the gods their family and father had devoted most of their lives to and service. However, he had to keep working, to help take care of the family. Eventually, the boy grew to a young man, and he met a woman named Rachel, he was very attracted to her as soon as he met her, as was she to him. Eventually they had fallen in love, and gotten married and started their own family. 

    Eventually, Theodore nearing his mid twenties was a father, to a daughter he would name after his mother "Natalia." The newly wed couple and parents would still be working on their own plot of land, where the father would from a young age would start teaching his daughter to appreciate nature and the world as he did. However, the man just could not escape tragedy as he had experience so much before in his younger years, his daughter had grown deathly ill, and eventually she succumbed to her illness and passed away. This is where Theodore would finally denounce the gods he had spent his whole life trying to please. 

    Soon, one final tragedy would occur to the man named Theodore that would essentially not be only the death of his wife, Rachel, but would also be the "Death" of Theodore, and the birth of the madman known as Alrich. His wife and him would be woken up in the middle of the night to their house burning, and as the two had tried to escape, the house collapsed, on top of them, barely Theodore would survive this and he crawled out, his wife, not so lucky. Theodore stood there, shocked, finally he was pushed over the edge. He limped away from the rubble and was eventually taken in by a family, where he healed up from his wounds. 

    After he was healed up, Theodore would leave, on a journey to find a way to bring his family back to him, so he set off to the nation Aleria, to seek a higher knowledge, and try and learn magic to attempt to bring his family back to him. As he stuided, he was able to find nothing on how to bring them back. But, he didn't want to die yet. So he performed a ritual on himself, to become a willfully induced vampire, and thus, he would live much longer than he was supposed to, and to continue his research. However, during this time, he was still learning and interested in finding how things work, so he would learn other things, other than just focusing on how to bring his family. Eventually he left Aleria for the nation of Udoxa.

    Once he arrived in Udoxa, the man would learn more about magic, and even technology now. He had also taken an interest in other things, such as the possibility to create his own life, and maybe remake his family from scratch possibly, which he still does research to this day, however, he has mainly focused on technology and learning how to improve life and tried and stop death all together. He also has other various ways to try and experiment on other things, even other humans. At this point in time, Alrich has lost all morals, and cares not for anyone elses life but his own.

    Hobbies: Creating various abominations of creatures he has mashed together, learning, reading, tinkering with technology and finding out new magics. 
    Likes: Alrich enjoys making progress on his work, as well as being successful with his work. 
    Dislikes: He dislikes losing progress, and those who interfere with his progress, or stop it all together. He doesn't like those held back by morals. 
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Quirks: He is often flamboyant in his clothes and his personality, he can come off as very bored as well. 
    Fears: Failing, Death, Never seeing his family again
    Clothing: Varies.
    Armour: Usually he has a small layer of armor of nano tech. 
    Weapons: Various gadgets he makes. 

    Teleportation Rings These are rings Alrich has developed that he uses as his main form of transportation, they are made from his nano tech.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

    Cane Alrich has a cane that can store some of his Nano Tech

    Other: N/A

    Additional Information

     He's denounced all faiths. 
    Ancestry: Sebastian Galmore [Dead] Natalia Galmore [Dead] Isaac Galmore [Dead] Elizabeth Galmore [Dead] Rachel Galmore [Dead] Elizabeth Galmore [Daughter; Dead]
    Nationality: Karitai [Birthplace] Aleria [Formerly] Udoxa [Currently]


    Racial [Pseudo Vampire] 
    Enhanced Senses, Strength, Speed, and 
    Energy Draining

    Bloodlines N/A

    Faith N/A


    Technomacy [Nano Tech] Alirch has learned how to control and form small machines that he can shape into weapons, armor, and things along those lines. Rather than running on steam or things along those lines, these machines will run on a form of magical energy Alrich has learned to control and thus, this allows him to power the machines he makes. 

    Telekinesis Alrich has learned Telekinesis. 

    Strengths: His wit, technology, magic, and various things he's learned about through the years. 
    Weakness: He has limited control over other technology besides the things he has created and it can be easily destroyed as well, if circumstances do allow this. Also there is a limit to how far away he can manipulate his technology, and he can sometimes get too prideful. 




  7. Basic Information

    Name: Valgan Ikamel Penwall
    Age: 32
    Sex: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Mutant Class: B Class.


    Age Appearance: 28
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 196
    Eye Color: Gray
    Hair Color: White/Gray
    Extra Information: Valgan has scars of varying size on his body, mainly from the training of his mutation. As well as one across his face from this training. 


    Name: Blade Manipulation
    Mutation Description: Valgan's mutation allows him to manipulate and create blades. However, it's not simply just creating them, he can do a lot more with the blades he creates, such as. He can even create swords. However, when he first had his mutation manifest it was that he can only create the blades in his hand, now he can create them anywhere in a 10 foot radius of himself. 

    Blade Creation Valgan can create blades and swords. 

    Telekinesis [Blades Only] Valgan can control the blades he makes telekinetically, he can also create massive whirlwinds of blades if he pleased. 

    Weapon Proficiency [Blades Only] Valgan can master any blade he makes just by a touch. 

    Mutation Setbacks: Valgan cannot manipulate other blades, that he doesn't make. Also, he can still be harmed by even his own blades, evidenced by his scars on his body. He also can only make them in a 10 foot radius. But he can send them out farther. Also, the larger the weapon the larger it takes to create it. And he can only create them from his palms. 


    Personality: Valgan is a stern but overall he cares deeply about others, mainly mutants mostly. He is very smart and a good general. He is usually very calm, very rarely does he get really mad. He will get mad though, however if you harm his loved ones, or if he sees mutants being harmed. He can also sometimes say things that could hurt people's feelings. 
    Likes: Valgan likes helping other mutants and taking them into his care. He also enjoys taking care of his own loved ones, and especially his wife. Some hobbies he has are mainly cooking and gardening. 
    Dislikes: Valgan dislikes seeing mutants harmed, and his loved ones harmed. 
    Rank: Alliance Lieutenant 


    Valgan was born in the wastelands of the world, where he had to grow up really early, and learn to hunt and fend for himself. He wasn't alone however, he had his own family and friends that he grew up with, scavenging for himself and his family almost daily
    It took a bit longer for his mutation to manifest, so he mainly used his own skills and strength to hunt and do this. He never really got to experience the direct horrors that mutants have to go under, he only knew they were outcasts, so unlike some mutants, he doesn't have as bad of a tastes from the humans as some other mutants do. He wants them to live in peace. He was 18 when he would meet his eventual wife, Alanna De Rose, they would be friends for a while, till when she was 20, they would get married, and since they have the same goal in mind, to save mutants, and try and make peace. He helped her with the same goal, and till does to this day. However, he sometimes wonders if humans are too far gone to be saved and make peace with. 


  8. Basic Information

    Name: Arthur Samuel Hunt
    Age: 35
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Mutant Class: Arthur is a class A mutant, meaning he is the highest ranking mutant class. 


    Age Appearance: 35
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 210
    Eye Color: Yellow
    Skin Color: Vantablack
    Hair Color: Vantablack
    Extra Information: The reason Arthur's skin is so black and discolored, is from his mutation, and due to the fact that he's made up of dark-Matter, rather than normal matter, like all other people. His skin is also so black it absorbs 99.965 percent of all light that hits it. Also, due to being made of dark-matter, a soft aura is always seen coming off him. 



    Ability Name: Nigh Dark-Matter Mimicry
    Ability Description: Arthur is made up completely of dark matter, he has been like this from birth, so it was hard for him to hide the fact that he's not human. But, dark matter is a substance [For this universe] that is a particle that generates a large amount of heat, and is made up of a so far explainable phenomena in the world of atoms that are almost all negative charges. This matter can create a very powerful energy source, and could be used to create great weapons, which is why when he was younger, the humans took an interest in him. But, now the capabilities of his power are very wide spread, and he has honed his power to be very complex and versatile. To start with. 

    Heat Conversion Due to the fact that dark-matter generates a large amount of heat, Arthur can channel this heat and energy to create large destructive blasts. He can also use this to propel himself through the air, as a form of flight. 

    Matter Manipulation [Self Only] Unlike what he should be able to do with his power, Arthur can only manipulate his own matter, instead of making massive constructs with it, he can only manipulate the own matter in his body. He can also keep himself free from any mind alteration, even if it's changed, he will just reverse this back. 

    Regenerative Healing Factor Manipulating his own matter, Arthur can heal grave injuries, even if he is completely evaporated, he can reform. 

    Environmental Adaptation Arthur can help his body adapt to any type of environment, whether if it's no oxygen, the heat, the cold, he can adapt to it. 

    Defunct Physiology Arthur is immune to any sickness. This also allows him to be fictional immortal. 

    Body Manipulation [Self Only] By manipulating his molecules Arthur can manipulate every aspect of his body, such as growing limbs, or causing his muscles to become larger, or make denser and stronger bones, along with various other effects. 

    Personal Density Arthur can make himself denser and heavier, acting as a sort of armor. 

    Evaporation Arthur can turn into a cloud of dark mist, which can help him teleport and travel. 

    Personal Size Manipulation Arthur can either grow or shrink, by manipulating his own molecules. 

    Physical Disruption By causing himself to vibrate he can phase through things and cause pain or death by passing through people. This also cause him to be intangible. 

    Ultimate Freeze By stopping all molecular movement, Arthur can cause a freezing effect to happen around him.

    Ultimate Burn By speeding up all of his molecules, Arthur can cause a burning effect to come off around him. 

    Supernatural Condition By editing his body, Arthur can become stronger than the normal human being and faster.

    Shapeshifting By shifting around his body he can alter the shape of it, mainly by turning his limbs and such into a weapons or shields. 

    Electricity Generation Arthur can accelerate the electrons in his atoms to cause himself to generate electricity.

    Ability Setback: Like any normal being, Arthur can become tired with overuse of his power, however, he was able to keep training and build up his stamina over the years of his training. Also, he has slowly mastered it, and if he has a slip up, it can cause great harm, or even death to himself. And he is weak to things that could disrupt the movement of his molcues, however, he can easily find ways out of this through the powers he can use through his ability. Also, he cannot grow infinitely, he can only grow up to 35 feet before he srinks back down, and passes out. Also, the heat he makes sometimes can overheat him, and cause him to tire out. 


    Personality: Arthur is usually a very stern man, and likes to get straight to the point with things. He can also be very hateful and vengeful to his enemies, especially humans. However, with his allies he is very caring, he truly does care about mutant kind, however, when they oppose him, he will mill them, if needed. But it does sadden him every time. He is also a very good leader, able to motivate others, and get them to follow him, he is very passionate about his cause. And freeing mutant kind.  
    Likes: Arthur enjoys leading people and freeing mutants of their oppression. However, some of his hobbies are music, reading and poetry, he also enjoys art and drinking. 
    Dislikes: Arthur hates being opossed by others, he also hates humans who think they have power, when to him, they really don't. 

    Rank: Arthur is the leader of his own mutant group named the Mutant Freedom Coalition. 


    Born to two mutant parents, named Samuel Hunt, the man Arthur got his middle name from, and Laura Hunt, his mother, he was born in one of the Mutant testing camps, where he was exposed to the horrors humans can commit on mutants at a very young age. His parents really had no way to try and hide the fact he was a mutant, due to his skin color. The humans ignored him mostly for a while, till his power showed itself, they became interested by the child's power, and began running tests on him to see deeper into this, and they soon found out the true power he posssed, the things he could allow them to accomplish with weapons and providing power to the world. So this began to cause them to test on the young boy, a lot. For years actually, he hated every day of this testing, and this is what causes his hatred of humans to start to rise. However, he was always happy to go back to his parents. The humans would see that he loved his parents, and in an attempt to draw his mutation out even further, they would execute his parents, it worked, he had unlocked more of his true potential, to their downfall, he would lose control and start to grow without stop, and fast. He eventually escaped at the age of 12. He then became an orphan, and fended for himself, still hating humans, he used this to motivate himself, vowing to wipe out the human race for his parents, so no child would ever have to go through what he did again. So he began to train himself with his power, not letting any pain he caused himself to stop him. Until he finally mastered it at the age of 20. He then set off on his journey, and began to recruit others to his cause, and break mutants out of prison, and save them from his own pain he had. Now he seeks to keep amassing armies, and to eventually eventually one day take over humans, and have mutants on top. 




  9. 27e514be29caaca90a450fae3bd4d1ad.gif

    Full Name: Torsies
    Alias: The Eternal Flame, The Primordial Rage
    Age: 280,000,000
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Species: Dragon [Chromatic; Red]
    Height: 164 feet [Dragon] 6'5 [Human] 
    Weight: Unknown [Dragon] 234 [Human] 

    Abilities & Skills

    Natural Abilities

    Breath Weapon 
    As a Red Dragon, Torsies can use a large blast of flame as his breath weapon. Due to his age, his breath weapon is even stronger than most younger Red Dragon's. 

    Invulnerability Torsies has extremely durable skin as a dragon, he is resistant to blunt force damage, and most weapons. He is immune to magic to an extent. However, he is extremely resistant to elemental attacks. Fire also has no effect on him, at all. Since he's mainly associated with fire. 

    Flight Being a dragon, Torsies can use his wings to fly at great speeds. He can also generate large gusts of winds to knock people back. 

    Magical Sense Since almost all dragons have innate magical abilities, Torsies can sense magical energies, or magic users, even from a large distance away. 

    Infrared Vision Torsies can detect peoples heat signatures, even through walls. 

    Magical Abilities:

    Shape-Shifting Torsies can shift between a human form and a dragon form. He learned this years ago. 

    The Primordial Flame When Torsies was younger, he was in a much more savage time, allowing him to harness a very powerful, and chaotic type of flame manipulation magic. It took him years to finally master it, but now, he can finally master it. Which allows him to have various techniques of this power, such as. 

    Flame Generation Torsies can generate extremely hot flames. 

    Pyric Spectrum Manipulation Torsies can manipulate and generate practically any degree of fire. 

    Volcanic Field Manipulation Torsies can manipulate volcanic fields and everything in them. 

    Fire Storm Generation Torsies can manipulate fire storms, such as tornadoes, rain and such. 

    Absolute Burn Torsies can burn absolutely anything, the flames can also burn for an extremely long time with out going out. Only Torsies can put them out instantly. 

    Natural Skills: 

    Torsies can manipulate others easily into getting what he wants. 

    Cunning Torsies can also lie to people easily. 

    Magical Ability Limits: Torsies' flame manipulation took a long time to master, however he has finally mastered it. Other than his normal flame generation, each one can somewhat over heat his body and make him unable to move. The one with the largest draw back would be absolute burn is that it drains most of his magical energy and then he must wait to replenish it. 


    Noteworthy Traits: Torsies is usually a greedy, and arrogant dragon. He mainly focuses on his own goals and interests rather than others. He wants to be the strongest. He can become very angered at certain things if pushed hard enough. He also doesn't take interest in other things, such as politics. 
    Likes: Torsies enjoys gold, and wealth, and power. He also likes having others under his control. 
    Dislikes: Torsies hates humans, and people who wonder into his lair. He hates it when they try and steal his things as well. 


    Affiliations: Himself. 


    Torsies was born long ago, and not much is known of his origin. It is just known he's a very early generation of dragon, and probably one of the very few original red Dragons left. In truth, Torsies actually killed all the other Red Dragons from his early years, since he wanted to be the strongest of them all, and he has achieved that goal of becoming the strongest. He still probably is the strongest Red Dragon, period. He now mainly spends his days ravaging villages and having lower races he manipulates to do his bidding. If anything comes into his territory, he will probably kill it, if he has no use for it. 



  10. source.gif

    Name: Vankar Krivkul
    Alias: The Orphan, The Avatar of Solis
    Age: 32

    VanGender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    SpeciesDragonborn [Paladin]
    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 245

    Abilities & Skills


    Natural Abilities:

    Breath Weapon Being a Dragonborn, Vankar can use a breath weapon, much like an actual dragon. His is a red and orange burst of flames. 

    Enhanced Body Being a Dragonborn, he is stronger, faster, and more durable. He also has greater senses than that of humans. 

    Magical Abilities:

    The Blessing of Solis This is an ability gifted to Vankar that allows him to channel strong magic through his body, from the Sun god, Solis. This greatly increases his strength and allows him to channel even stronger flames through his palms, and even his weapons. He can send out blasts through his palms, or through his weapons, such as his sword, the most prominent one is through his shield, he creates a large barrier from his shield, of flame to protect himself and his allies. 

    Ability Limits If he uses the ability too much, even though he's a Dragonborn, it can overheat his body and cause his movement to become slower. Also, if he becomes too arrogant, the ability will be taken away from him and he will no longer be worthy of wielding the power. He must use it to protect others, who cannot, and not for his own personal gain. Also, if he becomes unrighteously anger or vengeful, he will lose his power. 

    Special Skills: Vankar is skilled general, and swords man. 





    Noteworthy Traits: Vankar is a loyal and kind being, he is very caring. He often will help people with even the littlest of tasks in the kingdom as he explores it. He is also very humble, he hardly ever likes taking compliments from others. Of course with this, he's also very respectful and polite, to those higher than him and elders. He is also very passionate and strong willed, and selfless, often he has risked his own life for his allies during battles, and missions. 
    Likes: Vankar enjoys helping others, and keeping them happy and safe. He enjoys the company of others, and training. 
    Dislikes: Vankar dislikes those who pick on the work, or just seeing people suffering in general. 




    The Blade of Solis



    The Shield of Solis




    Vankar was born an orphan, or at least he's never known his true parents. But, he was dropped off at the step of a church. The Church of the Sun God Solis. He was taken in by the people who live there and they raised him as their own. He grew up happily, even though he never knew his parents. He viewed everyone who cared for him as his parents. He happily served his god, that he was taught a young age. He was highly devoted to him, and he would become a humble and kind young man. He helped the people in the kingdom, the kingdom of Regalia. He helped them with their work, or around their homes. Since he was stronger than most, he sought to use his strength to help others. He was so kind and humble, Solis noticed this, and blessed the young Dragonborn. Knowing that he can no longer just do work around farms, he trained to become a warrior, to protect the kingdom from threats, and fight for those who cannot. He has done this for the past 12 years. 


  11. Basic Information

    Name: Arawn
    Nicknames: The God of the Hunt, Vengeance, and the Dammed, Ruler of Annwn
    Age: Arawn's exact age is unknown, but he is really old. 
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Species | Race: Pagan God


    Likes: Arawn has always loved hunting, since he is the god of the hunt. He is very skilled at it too. He also enjoys feeding his dogs, and keeping them happy. He often views them as his children. 
    Dislikes: Arawn, being the god of vengeance hates to be wronged and betrayed, if you do, he'll put you through some sort of punishment. He also hates any of his pets being harmed.  
    Personality: Usually, Arawn is a calm, and collected man. He is very passionate about hunting, and game. He loves protecting his kingdom and the creatures that live inside it. However, when he is wronged, or angered at something, he can become enraged, and this is the time he is probably most threatening, that, or when he is on the hunt. He is a great tracker as well, and gets very focused while on the hunt. 



    Authority Arawn holds power over what dwells in his realm of Annwn. 

    Canine Control Arawn can control canines, and cause them to become tamed by him, he can also see through their eyes if he'd like. And speak with them, he can also feel their emotions. 

    Enhanced Senses Arawn obviously has stronger physical abilities and such, but his senses are even greater, mainly smell. He uses this for tracking while he hunts. 

    Fear Manipulation Arawn can induct fear into his prey, or take it away from his allies in battle if they ever become afraid. 

    Forest Manipulation Arawn can manipulate forests to his will, and all animals inside them can become under his control if he so pleases. He's also omniscient to forests. 

    Necroscience Arawn knows everything about death. 

    Monster Manipulation Arawn can manipulate monsters from Welsh and Celtic mythology. 

    Soul Manipulation Arawn can manipulate souls when things die. 

    Necromancy Arawn can cast spells and such relating to the dead. Like being able to raise the dead, and he can induct death on mortals. 

    Death Force Manipulation Being a god of death, Arawn can manipulate the presence of Death in all mortals and living things. Death also empowers Arawn. 

    Underworld Lordship Being the god of the underworld, in the underworld, he holds complete control over it and can summon the souls and beings that live inside it to his will. 

    Vengence Embodiment Being a god of Vengence, Arawn can induct punishment on those who wrong him, and become stronger with it. Or he can become empowered by the acts of mortals. 




    Affiliations: Other Gods, himself. 



    Arawn’s defining trait is that he is Lord of Annwn, the Welsh Otherworld. Annwn is listed in different legends as an island off the coast of Wales, a cauldron or kingdom beneath the sea, or simply underground. Described as a blessed paradise, it is connected by some writers to the Arthurian Avalon, the Isle of the Blessed. Arawn is a just ruler, beloved by his court and his Queen, though he has competition for his rule.Arawn appears as a skilled magician, able to switch his appearance for an entire year with the hero Pwyll. The magic is so effective that not even Arawn’s own minions knows of their switch. In “Cad Goddeu,” Arawn summons a great host of Annwn to battle and magically enhances them, but despite this is defeated by Gwydion.In addition to being a great ruler and skilled magician, Arawn appears as an adept hunter who loves sport, enough that every day his court goes hunting with his supernatural white-eared red-eyed dogs.Fall is Arawn’s time, connected to the baying of great hounds and the cries of geese headed south for the winter. The traditional Celtic year typically ended in fall on Samhain, which we know today as Halloween. Samhain is a day when the spirits of the dead walk freely on the Earth, highlighting Arawn’s role as Lord of the Underworld.With the rise of Christianity in the British Isles, Arawn’s association with death led to his demonization. Annwn, as the Welsh Otherworld, becomes a place for the souls of the damned, and Arawn as its lord became lord of the damned. Similarly, the hounds of Arawn became associated with hellhounds hunting the spirits of the damned. However, Arawn himself, is not truly evil. He was only painted in this light, as being a god of death. He mainly keeps to himself, but will sometimes go out into the mortal world. 



  12. 881e975af06ff67857544c7b64e65cbc.gif

    Basic Information

    Name: Tarton Baentlar
    Alias: The Noble
    Age: 1'409

    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Species: Drow; Dark Elf [Noble] 
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 213

    Abilities & Skills

    Natural Abilities: 

    Tarton can live for a very long time, he also has higher resistance to sickness and aging. 

    Night vision  Due to living in the Underdark, Tarton can see in the dark easily. 

    Magical Abilities 

    Tarton can accumulate mass into a sphere by concentrating hard enough. He can do this with people, and animals as well. There is a few more techniques he can do with this magical ability. 

    Repulsion Along with attracting things, and matter, Tarton can also push things away after he brings them close together, as a sort of explosion. 

    Adhesion Manipulation Tarton can use this ability to easily scale walls and cause things to stick together. Or things that are together, to fall apart. 

    Barrier Creation By spreading the matter he brings together out, he can create a barrier to protect himself. 

    Magical Ability Limits Tarton has a hard time with certain things being brought together and they can cause him to become tired, and strained. This is the same with his repulsion technique. Also with Adhesion he cannot create adhesion, he can only manipulate already existing adhesion. With Barriers, they aren't unbreakable, and the larger they are, the harder they are to hold for an extended period of time. 

    Special/Personal Skills Tarton is a skilled warrior in combat, and can use daggers and swords easily. He also can negotiate very well too with others. 


    Noteworthy Traits: Tarton is cold, and sometimes snarky and rude. But he will respect people who are in his family. And if you cross his family, he will take his revenge, and swiftly. He is very passionate about the things he cares about, and he is also cunning too, he is a very smart man, and has a great knowledge of the outside world and just the world's history in general. 
    Likes: Tarton enjoys learning about history, and politics of the outside world. He loves protecting his family as well, and keeping their name safe. 
    Dislikes: Tarton hates his family being attacked, and he doesn't like humans all that much, and other races of elves. 


    The Daggers of the firstborn


    Tarton was born into a royal family in the underdark, the city that the dark elves were banished to long ago. He was happy with his family and their life, he had a comfortable childhood, and he enjoyed being alongside his family. He grew up always loving to speak to others and learn from his father. He Loved learning about magic. He also had to learn how to be a leader, since he was the first born of his family. So, from a young age he has been smart, and respectful. In his teen years he would learn magic and all the different forms. He has grown up, helping lead his family and keep them successful, as well as starting to take over as their leader. Now, he looks to keep them as a very powerful family, and keep his whole kingdom happy. 


  13. Basic Information

    Name: Landon Atwood
    Nickname: The Horsemen of War
    Age: Thousands of years old. 
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Species | Race: Horsemen of the 


    Likes: Landon enjoys inducting war and training in combat, or just sparing for fun. He also loves seeing a finely crafted weapon. Other than things relating to war, Landon enjoys music, and reading sometimes. As well, as cold weather. 
    Dislikes: Landon dislikes people who are weak, physically. He also hates being ordered around by others who are weaker than him and he doesn't like those who are arrogant and prideful. 
    Personality: Landon is a soft spoken and respectful man, who will listen to those above him, if he deems them as worthy of his respect. He is also very smart, and can be a good leader on his own as well. He is most happy when he is in the middle of battle, he is also very passionate about those he cares about, and will risk himself for them. He can become enraged at points, if he's pushed to that point, and can become lustful for war if he is in a certain mood. However, most of the time, he will go to war for a good cause, whether it be when he was a mortal, or when he fights for hell.



    Supernatural Condition Landon has an extremely durable body, more so than the other horsemen due to his physical nature of being the horsemen of war. He also from this power has gotten regeneration, and he has stronger physical abilities, such as strength and speed. He also can see very far, which can help on the battle field. 

    Battle Shifting Landon can adapt to any style of combat someone throws at him. 

    Weapon Proficiency Landon can master any and all weaponry just by touching it. 

    One-Man Army Landon is as battle effective as an entire army just by himself. 

    War Embodiment Landon being the horsemen of war is the embodiment of war, so with this power, Landon can induct war if he wants. He can also become even more stronger than he already is through having war happen around him. He can also become stronger through anger during combat, but that is more rare for him. He can also cause war crimes to happen. He also has Nigh-Omniscience over war and it's tactics. 

    Ice Manipulation Landon can control ice to a great degree, this is a unique, yet unrelated power to his war powers. However. unlike basic Ice Manipulation powers. It can freeze certain races completely, through their whole body. It can also cause frostbite to occur on holy races. With certain races it doesn't have this effect. 




    Affiliations: Death, Famine,  Pestilence, Hell, Lucifer


    Landon as a human was born into a royal family,  of a long forgotten kingdom


  14. Basic Information

    Name: Ardreth Liamenor
    Nicknames: The Crimson Destroyer. 
    Age: Ardreth's exact age is unknown, but he is very old. 
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Race | Species: Titan Demon


    Likes: Ardreth is very passionate about protecting hell, and serving whoever is atop the throne. Other than doing his job as a servant of hell, Ardreth enjoys soft music and a good book. When he isn't battling for hell, Ardreth can be found in his fortress, alone. Which he enjoys the peace of, since it helps him clear his mind. He also enjoys nice meals, which he often makes himself, since he lives alone. 
    Dislikes: Ardreth isn't the most fond of those who are carefree, and sometimes can be flamboyant, and those who draw attention to themselves, this can annoy him. Since he tends to not try and draw attention to himself. He also doesn't like hard liquor, he usually enjoys red wine. He also doesn't like it when people come into his home unannounced.  
    Personality: Ardreth is very blunt and he can come off as rude to others, but he respectful of those who are above him, usually the ruler of hell. He can sometimes disagree with other demons who give him an order, unless it's a direct quote of the ruler of hell. He is also very focused, and strong willed when he has a goal, nothing will stop him from the goal, even if it means harming innocent people. Although his usually demeanor is calm, and collected. He does enjoy speaking to others, when he invites them, or if they are someone he knows. 



    Supernatural Body Ardreth being a super natural being has a stronger body than most beings, also, he has enhanced sight, smell, durability and healing with this power. In his true form, this is greatly amplified to where he can tear apart large mountains with ease. 

    Tendril Generation Ardreth can generate tendrils from his body, usually from his back. This power can be used to restrain foes, and grab things, in his true form it is used to knock down things and tear them apart. 

    Smoke/Smog Manipulation Ardreth can cause smoke and smog to surround areas if he'd like, this is most prevalent in his true form. He can control the temperature of this to cause people's skin to burn and boil. If this smoke and smog is inhaled for too long, it can cause death. 

    Hellfire Manipulation Since Ardreth was formed from Hellfire, he can control hellfire at will. In his true form, he expels this power through his mouth, much like a dragon would. And in his base form, he does this through his hands. This fire is much stronger, as it can destroy the soul of the target, rather than just the body. 


    The Blade of The Crimson Destroyer


    Affiliations: Lillith, Hell, Lucifer. 


    Biography: Formed from pure hellfire, Ardreth was formed to serve under the ruler of hell, no matter who that be. He has been extremely loyal to the throne of hell. He isn't loyal to the person, he is loyal to the throne, so whoever sits atop of the throne, is who he will be loyal to. He will do anything for the throne, even if it means killing, being a demon that doesn't bother him much, so he can do this with no remorse. Ardreth has also been through many battles in his day, even since before Lucifer was locked away, and if he is ordered, or it is ordered, he will help the man out of his cage, if he is ordered. So with this, Ardreth is loyal to Lillith for now, until Lucifer is freed. 



  15. Basic Information

    Name: Set
    Nicknames: Seth, The God of Chaos, The usurper of the Throne
    Age: His exact age is unknown, but he is very old. 
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Race | Species: Pagan God


    Likes: Being the God of Chaos and really anything evil, Set, or Seth enjoys causing chaos and suffering. He likes to cause this for his amusement, especially since the pantheon of Egypt doesn't have much business in the modern day, he has to find a way to entertain himself. He also likes power, and being in control. Nowadays, Set enjoys modern foods.
    Dislikes: Set dislikes most other gods, especially his brother, and Isis. As well as Horus, since they were the ones to remove him from the throne of Egypt. He also dislikes any order when he isn't the one ruling over it. He also hates losing control, evident when he was taken off the throne of Egypt. 
    Personality: Set is a very cunning god, who probably shouldn't be trusted, he would betray his own family. This is evident in what he did to his brother Osiris. He also is very vengeful, since he also wants his revenge on Horus, and his parents. He can also become angered easily, if it's the right circumstances. 



     Being a god, Set has a greater body, and raw strength than humans and most other beings in the world. He can also become stronger when worshiped. This also grants him to be immortal unless he is killed by violence, or other magical means. 

    Desert Lordship Being the god of the deserts, Set has complete control of deserts, and all animals who live in the desert. Another thing that stems from this power is that he can control and generate sand and use it for a various array of effects, such as being able create sand portals for him to travel into. He can also turn his whole body into sand, to become intangible. He can also create sand storms. And in advanced cases, he can create Desert areas out of nothing. 

    Chaos Manipulation Being the God of Chaos, Set can manipulate chaotic forces of the world, such as inducting chaos, like anarchy or disasters. He can also turn people into dust if he wanted. Also, he can harness, the energy of chaos and turn it into a weapon of raw power, such as shaping it into a blast. He can also cause others to become confused, and disoriented. With this, he can cause them to hallucinate. 

    Storm Manipulation Set is also the god of storms, so this allows him to control storms. With things such as electricity, wind, and clouds. He can control these all separately, or if he wants to, he can create them all at once to create massive storms that can cause great destruction. 


    The Khopesh of Set

    The Spear of Set


    Affiliations: The Egyptian Pantheon 


    The first five gods of Egypt were born of the union of the brother and sister gods Geb (earth) and Nut (sky) after the creation of the world by Atum. Osiris was the first-born, then Isis, Set, Nephthys and Horus (known as Horus the Elder). As first-born, Osiris was elevated as ruler of the world which, to the Egyptians, meant the land of Egypt. Osiris found the newly-created people to be barbarous and uncivilized and so gave them culture, taught them agriculture, provided them with laws, and instructed them in the proper ways to worship the gods. Osiris took his sister Isis as his wife, and she bestowed on humans her gifts of compassion and equality for all. The world was a paradise where everyone, man and woman, was equal under the reign of the royal couple, food was abundant, and no one suffered any want.

    Set grew jealous of Osiris' power and resented his success. His resentment grew more bitter after his wife Nephthys, attracted by Osiris' beauty, disguised herself as Isis and seduced the great king, becoming pregnant with the god Anubis.

    Set decided to remove his brother and had a magnificent casket created, the most beautiful chest ever made, tailored to Osiris' exact measurements. He threw a grand party, to which Osiris was invited, and after the banquet told the guests he had a special surprise. He revealed the chest and said that whoever could fit most perfectly inside could take it home. One by one the guests climbed into the casket but could not fit until Osiris' turn came. He lay down in the casket and found, of course, that it fit him perfectly. Set then slammed the lid on and threw the casket into the Nile River.

    The casket with Osiris' body inside floated down the Nile and out to sea, finally coming to the shores of Byblos in Phoenicia, where it lodged in a tamarisk tree. The tree grew quickly around it, encasing it, and Osiris was lost to the people of Egypt. In time, the king and queen of Byblos came to the shore and noticed the beauty of the tree and its sweet scent and had it cut down and brought to their court as a central pillar. Back in Egypt, Set took the throne, and the harmonious balance which had been maintained by Osiris and Isis was lost. Set was a chaotic and unpredictable monarch who brought storms and drought and the people turned on each other in their efforts to survive.

    Then, Horus was born sometime later, and he would battle his uncle for control of the world, eventually, Horus was able to dethrone his uncle, and Set was condemned to travelling with and protecting Ra.



  16. The Ruler Of Violence

    Name: Bytyx
    Alias: The 7th Ruler of Hell, The Lord of Blood n Guts, The Ruler of Violence
    Age: Eons old
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    SpeciesDevil [Lord]
    Height: 8'7
    Weight: Unknown

    Abilities & Skills

    Natural Abilities:

    Supernatural Body 
    Bytyx being a supernatural entity has a much stronger body than most races in all of the realms, he can easily lift tons of weight. He is also extremely durable normal weapons, magical weapons and magical attacks. It takes multiple attackers to even get a scratch on the devil. This also grants him the ability to be immortal, it is also unknown if he'll even be able to be killed, since he's supernatural. If he can be, it is likely he'll be able to be able to come back to life in his domain. He is also immune to all sicknesses. 

    Magical Abilities: Unlike mortals, Bytyx was born with innate magical abilities, which are listed as such. 

    Telepathy Bytyx can speak through people's minds even through different realms. There is really no known limit to how far his telepathy can reach. 

    Telekinesis Bytyx can also move things with his mind, he is so strong at this he can lift massive structures straight from their foundations. He can also pull castles apart if he really wanted to. 

    Teleportation Bytyx can teleport anywhere he wants in the realms. 

    Portal Creation Bytyx can create portals to any other realm he'd like, for others to follow with him. 

    Soul Absorption Bytyx can absorb the souls of mortals who make deals with him. 

    Demonic Creation Bytyx being a ruler of hell can create lower level demons to control at his will. 

    Hellfire Control Bytyx can create shape and manipulate hellfire, it acts as normal fire, except the fact that it is hotter than normal fire, and it is capable of even destroying someone's soul, he can create many weapons and walls with this. 

    Magical Power Granting Bytyx can grant the mortals he deals with greater magical powers, also, he can use it to make demons stronger if he deems them worthy. 

    Avatar Creation Bytyx can also make avatars of himself, usually making them appear as human to try and draw humans to make deals with him. 

    Violence/War Inducement Being the ruler of violence Bytyx can cause acts of violence to happen and induct war in the other realms if he wants to. Sometimes he does this for amusement. 

    Violence/Battle Empowerment The more violence Bytyx causes or the more he fights, he can become stronger. 

    Oblivion This a spell unique to Bytyx he can create small black orbs of energy and cause them to explode, he can edit the size of them and make a bigger explosion. This spell destroys things down to the molecular level. He can also just harness the energy and shape it however he'd like. 

    Ability Limits: Bytyx can be harmed by angelic magic, however he is extremely durable so he can resist this to an extent. Also, outside of his domain he cannot make as many demons, and his powers are slightly weakened, however, he is still very strong. He is just extremely strong in his domain. Another thing is that his telekinesis has a limit to how far things away are that he can lift, which is about 100 feet away from him. Also, Oblivion takes a lot of toll to use if he makes the orbs to large. 

    Personal Skills: Bytyx can easily manipulate anyone he speaks to if he'd like. Being a devil he is also very manipulative and a great liar. 


    Noteworthy Traits: Bytyx is a very cunning and manipulative being, he can also easily be angered if his demons defy him. He can also sometimes be sadistic and he takes pleasure in watching people suffer, it is a form of entertainment for himself while he resides in hell. He shouldn't usually be trusted, but with his fellow Devil lords he is very formal and laid back, as well as respectful when he needs to be. Mainly with his other Devil Lords. 
    Likes: Bytyx usually enjoys taking souls, and making mortals suffer. He also likes inducting wars if he wants, or making his demons fight to see who is the strongest, simply for his entertainment. Even though he doesn't need to eat or drink, he enjoys nice food, and red wine. 
    Dislikes: He hates losing control of his demons, and weaklings, he also dislikes most mortal beings, and he hates those who betray him. 


    The Blade of Guts

    The Axe of Violence

     Affiliations: Hell, Other Devil Lords, Demons


    Bytyx was made at the start of the existence of hell, he was created from the blood of the demonic god Abbadon when he died. From his start, he has been making deals with mortals for their souls and he has ruled the seventh circle of hell. He has also ruled over hell with the other devil lords, the only beings who are really peaceful each other in the circles of hell. There have been a few wars between them, but they have always been settled, after a fair amount of blood shed. Other than that, he spends his time watching his demons fight for his amusement, or watching mortals slay each other. He has know motive to take over the mortal realms, since he doesn't see it as a benefit to him. He is very content with his circle of hell being his own domain for years to come. 

    True Form

    Human Avatar

    The Mark of Bytyx

  17.  Basics

    Name: Logos
    Gender: Logos was designed to be male.
    Age: A few thousand years old. 
    Race: Greek Automaton
    Height: He was originally designed to be around 7'7. But it can be variable. 
    Weight: Unknown

    Physical Description

    Skin: Logos' skin is grey. 
    Hair Color: Logos' hair color is also grey. 
    Eye Color: Logos' eyes are grey. 
    Voice Claim: Logos' voice is very calm, and usually monotone, however, even though he is made completely of stone, his voice sounds oddly mechanical. Even when someone gets upset with Logos' his voice will always stay the same in tone. He never shows any other emotion besides being completely calm, even in the most chaotic situation. 


    Personality: Logos as his namesake suggests is a very logical being, often solving problems through a logical way. Or trying to find the most logical way to find a way out. He will sacrifice lives if it's needed, to be the most logical. This way he behaves often portrays him as emotionless and cold. Which he has been told many times. However, he doesn't get bothered by it. He views he has an advantage, due to the fact he never gets held back by emotions. Also, Logos is very curious about the modern world, he may be logical, but he doesn't know everything. So he likes to learn whenever he can, especially about things evolving nature. 
    Likes: As stated earlier, Logos enjoys learning about the modern world, and nature. He also enjoys things that are peaceful, and quite. 
    Dislikes: Logos hates it when he sees other act on emotions, rather than think with their head. He also hates overly and unnecessary chaos. 
    Talents: Logos is a talented engineer, and artist, along with being able to play music. 


    Friends: Most of Logos' friends, he has outlived. 
    Enemies: Logos tends to stay away from making enemies. 
    Crushes: N/A
    Significant Other: N/A
    Sexuality: Asexual


    Birthday: Logos' date of creation is unknown. 
    Zodiac Sign: Logos has no Zodiac Sign. 
    Location of Birth: Hephaestus' workshop. 
    When They Were Born: N/A

    Other Information


    Self-Subatomic Manipulation: Logos can manipulate his body down to the subatomic level, being able to achieve a wide variety of affects with said power.  He can cause himself to become larger, or smaller if needed. He can evaporate his body into a gas like state to travel. It allows him to shape-shift as well. He can use to self detonate if he'd like. He can use it to become invisible or fly. It allows him to become stronger than normal, and grants him his superhuman intelligence. It also protects his conscious from being seen, or taken over if someone ever tried. He can also adapt his body to any environment if need be. 
    Weapons: N/A
    Strengths: Logos views his mind as his strength, and his detachment from emotions. 
    Weaknesses: To others, Logos' emotionless attitude and uncaring for human life can be seen as a weakness. 
    Backstory: Logos was made in Hephaestus' workshop, along with all other automatons of ancient Greek mythology, however, he was slightly different, he was made out of stone, rather than metal. He was always a logical being as he spent his days learning about humans and their societies. Which he has seen a lot of, due to the fact he is nearly immortal, he will always exist, unless he is destroyed, which is very difficult to do, since he is smart and he is also very powerful. He is in the modern day now, simply observing humans current way of life, and trying to learn more and more about them. 


  18. About

    Name - Vulgos Adrus Ultael

    Nicknames - The Eclipse 

    Age - Thousands of years old

    Gender - Male

    Sexuality - Heterosexual

    Species | Race - Fallen Seraphim


    Likes - Vulgos enjoys soft music, and wine. He likes to even play music to an extent, he also enjoys getting out into the mortal world and nature. He enjoys the world, not the people. 

    Dislikes - Vulgos agrees with Lucifer in the fact that he thinks humans are flawed, and does not like them. He also doesn't like God, and the fact he views humans as his greatest creation. 

    Personality - Vulgos is a soft spoken and calm man, he very often gets angry, and if he does get angry, he never shows it. It takes a lot for him to actually show annoyance. He is also very smart and logical. He comes off as friendly to people from hell. He mostly fakes his feelings to mortals, since he hates being rude or insulting people. He is very loyal to Lucifer, he will die for him if needed. He is also a very good leader and fighter. 


    Powers - 

    Lunar Energy Manipulation -  Vulgos can generate lunar energy from the moon, he can then either send it out in blasts, or form it into constructs, such as blades, weapons and even walls. His power is strongest during the night, however, he can absorb the energy and store it, so he can use his power all the time. 

    Supernatural Body - Vulgos, being an angel has supernatural strength, speed, and healing.

    Seraphim Physiology - Vulgos can turn either from a human or into a seraphim form. He has retained this from when he was in heaven. 


    The Moon Blade

    The Eclipse Shield


    Affiliations - Hell, Lucifer


    Vulgos was made along with all the other heavenly creatures and watched god create all he did. In the start of his life, Vulgos was very loyal to god at first and was happy that way, however, things changed after God created humans, he didn't like how God said they were his greatest creation, this caused him to side with Lucifer when he eventually rebelled against down and got casted down with him into hell, now, he waits for Lucifer's orders when he is free, to take their revenge on God and humans. 



  19. About

     Name: Ad-Djaal Arel Lucillius

    Nicknames: The Anti-Christ, The Heir To Hell, Djall

    Age: Appears to be mid to late 20s.

    Gender: - Male

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Species | Race: Arch-Demon

     Likes: Ad-Dajjal enjoys torturing, much like his mother. He enjoys people listening to him as well, he also enjoys on how to become a better leader for when he he eventually will have to rule over hell. While Djall is more laid back, and either in hell. 

    Dislikes: Ad-Dajjal doesn't like people who defy him, or his mother. He also hates the failure of others, and himself. He doesn't like betrayal. Even though he goes to earth a lot, he isn't the most fond of humans, he more so just tolerates them, rather than actually enjoy his time with them. 

    Personality Djall is cold to almost anyone he meets, often coming off as snarky and rude. He is also really cruel, especially if you betray his trust, if that does happen, he will make sure you pay, and painfully at that. He also is very cunning and calculated, he is by no means dumb. He is also very loyal to anyone he considers an ally.The only people he fairly gets along with are other people who live in hell. He is also very soft around his mother, the only person he trusts with his life. When he needs to be, he can also fake being kind, often tricking mortals into thinking he is the Christ.



    Soul Absorption Ad-Dajjal can absorb the souls of mortals and send them to hell, he can do this to kill them, or after death. 

    Clairsentience  Ad-Dajjal can feel in a way that isn't connected to his physical senses, on distances beyond his normal ranges or being able to sense things that are beyond his normal tactile range.

    Portal Creation Ad-Dajjal can create portals to travel. 

    Supernatural Perception Ad-Dajjal possesses a heightened awareness/sensitivity to the paranormal, allowing such feats as being able to see beings, such as spirits and demons, that are normally invisible to humans. 

    Healing Ad-Dajjal can cure all human ailments and injuries, he usually does this when he tries to help humans and trick them into thinking he is Jesus. 

    Exorcism Ad-Dajjal can forcibly remove possessing entities (ghosts, demons, etc.) from the body, object or the location they are possessing/haunting.

    Demonic Light Manipulation Ad-Dajjal can manipulate Demonic Light, and shape it as well, he is very skilled with this power as well. He can create blades with it and spears, or send out massive blasts with it. 

    Telepathy Ad-Dajjal can communicate with others through his mind. 

    Illusion Casting Ad-Dajjal can cast illusions, he usually does this to perform "miracles" these illusions are most effective on humans. 

    Reanimation Ad-Dajjal can reanimate the dead to be his puppets. 


    Lucifer's blade. 


    Affiliations: Hell, His mother, Lucifer


    Biography: Djall is the first born of Lillith, the ruler of hell, and Lucifer. He was born from a one night stand, and he knows that, but he doesn't let it bother him. He grew up with his mother, the only person Djall truly cares about. He now is grown up, and is simply learning from his mother to be a good leader. He also looks forward to freeing his father, to learn from him. 





  20. About

    Name - Jack Harrison Whitfield

    Nicknames - The Lion Sin of Pride, Pride

    Age - Exact age is unknown. 

    Gender - Male

    Sexuality - Heterosexual

    Species | Race - Seven Deadly Sin


    Likes - Being the sin of Pride, Jack obviously loves himself, and his strength. He also likes the rush of battle, or fighting. Some hobbies he has while he spends time on earth would be working out, of course he can do this in hell too, but he enjoys to show off his physical skills on earth. He also enjoys things like alcohol, mainly whiskey, or scotch. Some other things he enjoys is working on cars, or things like motorcycles. Jack also enjoys learning new ways of combat, and fighting styles. 

    Dislikes - Jack doesn't like those who doubt him, or take him for being weak. He also doesn't like it when others think he isn't smart, when he is. He also hates weak foes, if they waste his time, Jack hates it. He especially hates it when his fellow sins don't listen to him, since he is their leader. He also hates the thought of him losing, which he never has had to experience. He also hates people who take his attitude as blind arrogance. 

    Personality - Obviously, Jack is a very prideful man, since he is literally the embodiment of pride. But other than that, Jack is also a strong leader, who never backs down from a fight. He is also battle smart, often able to come up with great strategies in combat. He is also a strong leader, who leads his men with the upmost confidence, he values strength and loyalty the most. When not in battle, Jack is also fairly laid back, often enjoying life to fullest, he is rarely ever sad. He is also not arrogant all the time, he can relax, but it doesn't mean he is never not going to be prideful about himself. 


    Powers - 

    Supernatural Body - Jack's physical abilities are glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally physically superior. This is due to the fact of him being a creature from hell.  This allows him to have Semi-Immorality as well, along with a regenerative healing factor that is greatly enhanced. 

    Pride Embodiment - Jack is an embodiment of pride and gains power from the hubris of himself. Jack can use pride as a power source to extend their life span or as a weapon. Jack can transcend to a higher strength if his is proud of who he is now. He usually uses this to enhance his already great raw strength. He is also capable of other things with this power as well, such as. 

    Indomitable Pride - Jack possesses unnaturally strong pride that's never-ending and ever growing.

    Pride Empowerment - Jack can become stronger, more durable, faster, and more durable through the pride of himself, it also boosts his other abilities, hence why is other abilities are so strong. 

    Solar Manipulation - Jack can create, shape and manipulate all aspects of sun, starting from its immense heat, luminosity, mass/gravitational field, magnetic field, raw nuclear energy, and reaction, etc. The effects he has from this are. 

    Fire Manipulation - Jack can create, shape and manipulate fire, the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products, flame being the visible portion of the fire. Depending on the substances alight, and any impurities outside, the color of the flame and the fire's intensity will be different.

    Heat Manipulation - Jack can create, shape and manipulate heat by increasing the kinetic energy of atoms and thus making things hotter, ranging from subjective feeling of heat to absolute hot.

    Semi-Gravity Manipulation - Jack can manipulate Gravity to an extent, he can lessen the gravity of certain areas, or greaten the gravity of certain areas. He can also use it as a form of telekinesis, or can use it to fly. 

    Electro-Magnetism Manipulation - Jack can manipulate electro-magnetism, being able to control certain metals, mainly ferrous metals, he can also manipulate electricity to an extent. 

    Solar Energy Manipulation - Jack can create, shape and manipulate solar energy. 

    Solar Energy Absorption - Jack can absorb solar energy, and store it in his body, to use for later battles. He can keep it in as long as he wants. 

    Solar Constructs - Jack can turn solar energy/substances into tools, objects, weapons and other items, and create semi-living constructs. 

    Solar Immunity - Jack is immune to Solar Energy, being completely invulnerable to direct and indirect effects.

    Teleportation - Jack can teleport from earth and hell. 




    Two of these



    Affiliations - The Seven Deadly Sins, Hell, Lillith


    Biography - Jack was once a normal human man, raised in a normal family. He was raised by two parents named, Jasmine Whitfield, and Garrison Whitfield. He was born with a twin brother. He always loved going out in nature, and remaining very active. He would often spend his days with his older brother, named Hugo. The two boys grew up happy together, no one could break their bond. However, as they became teenagers, their paths would stray, Hugo loved books, and learning. Whereas Jack was a hunter, and a fighter. A very good one at that, he was pretty much the provider for their whole family. Jack was praised by the people he lived near as well. This would go to the young mans head, often acting arrogant to others, and always acting alone, and basking in the glory of his success. One night, while Jack was out hunting, he came across a bear, arrogantly, he would approach the animal. However, perhaps Jack had finally met his match, but he would never back down from a fight. So, he went to try and take down the animal. But on this day, jack was killed. Oddly, he wasn't just gone, he was brought to hell, in front of Lillith, she would bestow the title of the sin of Pride. He became the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins, he was a natural warrior, and leader in his new body. He now simply waits till he is needed to be a general once again. 



  21.  About

    Full Name - Materia

    Nicknames - The Celestial Of Matter

    Age - Eons Old

    Gender - Male

    Sexuality - Unknown

    Species & Race - Celestial 


    Likes - Materia does not like much, due to the fact nothing amazes him, however, things that give Materia a slight hint of "happiness" would be spending time in his own realm that he created, where he can be at peace, everything is in perfect harmony for him there. Things like harmony and perfection please Materia to an extent. 

    Dislikes - Things like disorder, and imperfection can bother Mateira greatly, also, Materia is not so fond of the human race, he views them as flawed, and chaotic, and all around obnoxious

    Personality - Materia is mostly emotionless, and usually has the same calm and cold demeanor as always. He rarely show, rage, anger, sadness, and even happiness. This is probably due to the fact Materia helped shape the universe, and simply knows how everything works, so he never has a sense of amazement. Also, due to the fact he isn't the most fond of humans, he does not go onto earth to experience the emotions they have, so that would explain his usual attitude. Materia is also a sort of perfectionist, so when things are out of order he becomes very distressed, especially in his realm. 

    Powers & Weapons

    Powers & Abilities -  

    Matter Manipulation - In simple terms to explain what Materia can do, is the ability to control matter, meaning, anything with substance. This is, galaxies, stars, planets, or down to atoms and below. But in reality, it's much more complex than that, since this gives Materia a lot of very versatile applications with his powers. Such as. 

    Atomic Manipulation - Materia can manipulate matter down to the atomic level, allowing him to manipulate nuclear forces, electrons, electrical signals, and also things like the basic elements of the periodic table. It also allows him to manipulate plasma, and he can also cancel out the forces that hold atoms together, allowing him to break apart things. He can also see the bonds between atoms.  

    Biological Manipulation - Materia can manipulate life on a cellular level, including but not limited to, genetic alterations and physical distortion and/or augmentations of biological functions. They can cause cells to augment to induce advanced or declined biological healing, induce diseases like cancer, induce appearance alteration, manipulate pheromones, and even increase physiological maturity.

    Cosmic Manipulation - Materia can create, shape and manipulate cosmic energies to produce nearly any effect they desire, including the molecular restructuring and transmutation of matter, the manipulation of matter across space and time, the creation of force fields, the creation of inter-dimensional portals and vortices, telekinesis, and cosmic awareness. Materia can call upon the comets, meteors, asteroids, moons, planets, stars, nebula, neutron stars, quasars, black holes, white holes, and dark matter. They can generate stellar winds, solar flares, cosmic storms and invoke meteor showers.

    Density Manipulation - Materia can manipulate and alter the density and solidity of object or part of the object, whether living or non-living. 

    Electron Manipulation - Materia  can create, shape and manipulate electrons, subatomic particles with a negative elementary electric charge which are generally thought to be elementary particles because they have no known components or substructure. They have properties of both particles and waves, and so can collide with other particles and can be diffracted like light. Many physical phenomena involve electrons in an essential role, such as electricity, magnetism, and thermal conductivity, and they also participate in electromagnetic and weak interactions. An electron moving relative to an observer generates a magnetic field; external magnetic fields will deflect an electron.

    Elemental Manipulation - Materia can create, shape and manipulate the basic elements of nature, the rudimentary, simplest or essential parts/principles of which nature consists. The four principal, basic elements and their states are:

    Solid (Earth Manipulation)
    Liquid (Water Manipulation)
    Gas (Air Manipulation)
    Plasma (Fire Manipulation)

    Energy Manipulation - Materia can create, shape and manipulate energy, the capacity to cause change: one of the most basic quantitative properties of a system, such as an object or a field of energy. Energy can be transformed (converted) among a number of forms that may each manifest and be measurable in differing ways. The law of conservation of energy states that the (total) energy of a system can increase or decrease only by transferring it in or out of the system, thus the total energy of a system can be calculated by simple addition when it is composed of multiple non-interacting parts or has multiple distinct forms of energy.

    Energy-Matter Manipulation - Matiera has control over a substance with the properties of both energy and matter. The user can convert any energy and/or matter to this energy-matter substance.

    Force-Field Manipulation - Materia can create, shape, and manipulate force-fields, a field of energy without mass that acts as a matter/wall, so that objects affected by the particular force relating to the field are unable to pass through the field and reach the other side.

    Inorganic Manipulation - Materia can create, shape and manipulate inorganic substances, both inorganic entities and materials (metals, most periodic elements, etc.). Materia can create, manipulate, shape, transform and/or destroy anything non-carbonic or non-living. Since they comprise most of the Earth’s crust, Materia can  exhibit great control over his surroundings.

    Ionic Manipulation - Materia can can create, shape and manipulate Ions, atoms in which the total number of electrons is not equal to the total number of protons, giving the atom a net positive or negative electrical charge. Since they are highly reactive, he can cause explosions with them. 

    Material Swapping - Materia can swap the material substance of anything/everything regardless of its nature, including solids, liquids, gases, energy, Exotic, Alien/Foreign, impossible and/or non-physical materials/substances. This can lead to creation of impossible objects, like books with pages made of glass instead of paper, chairs made of fire, appliances (like toasters, microwaves, etc) made of things like wood or stone, clothing made of water, etc.

    Matter Absorption - Materia  can absorb matter, while removing it from the source, into their body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by enhancing himself, gaining the drained power, using it as power source etc., either temporarily or permanently. 

    Matter Creation - Materia can create any type of artificial, organic and inorganic matter from nothing, as well as any object. They can shape created matter into any shape they wish and specify what type of material, or layers of materials (e.g., making layers of matter to form a hamburger), or quantity and subatomic structure.

    Matter Melding  - Materia  can cause separate and distinct items to combine into one new item. Some can fuse multiple different elements to make a new one. Ability can extend to morphing and reshaping existing matter on physical contact.

    Matter Redistribution - Materia is able to redistribute/shift matter around, for example shifting his biomass into specific limbs to increase strength and speed, or parts of armor to strengthen it.

    Matter State Manipulation - Materia can change any substance to another state of matter.

    Matter State Shift - Materia  can alter his own material state to that of a solid, liquid, gas, or plasma, while keeping his molecular constitution and maintaining his identity. Materia can also take on states that lie between matter phases, such as turning himself into supersolid material.

    Matter Transmutation - Materia can transmute matter into different forms. Materia os to create and absorb matter and energy, shape, and rebuild it into anything of his choosing.

    Melting - Materia can liquefy objects/organisms by causing the molecules to merge together and thus lose total physical cohesion. Viscosity depends on the object being liquified, if it has a high water content then the object could become completely water-like liquid. If the object is rock-like or inorganic, then it will become a thick and mud-like liquid, while metal would become like mercury.

    Solidification - Materia can solidify or give solid-like properties to of liquid, gas, plasma or other form of non-solid mass/energy by causing the loose molecules/particles/energy to come together with the level of solidity going from loose jelly to metal-like hardness or beyond.

    Molecular Manipulation - Materia can manipulate matter on a molecular level, to achieve a wide variety of effects. Things such Molecular combustion, acceleration, immobilization, inhibition. He can freeze people by stopping their molecules. He can also deconstruct molecules. 

    Stellar Manipulation - Materia can create, shape and manipulate all aspects of stars, self-luminous celestial bodies consisting of a mass of super-heated gas held together by their own gravity in which the energy generated by nuclear reactions in the interior is balanced by the outflow of energy to the surface, and the inward-directed gravitational forces are balanced by the outward-directed gas and radiation pressures.

    Self-Subatomic Manipulation - Materia  can manipulate his own subatomic particles to achieve a variety of affects. They have full scientific control of his own self, his mind remaining whole and fully functional independently from any alterations him or others may perform on himself. Even when changed by another he can restore himself to his previous state.

    Absolute Body - Materia has a supreme physical condition. his strength, speed, and durability are vastly superior to that of all other beings in their universe. Besides other celestials. 

    Weapons - N/A


    Affiliations - Celestials


    Biography - Materia was the final celestial made, he was tasked with shaping the universe. This includes all the galaxies, planets, stars etc. However, he did not create life, that was something God took upon himself to do. He was never fond of what God made, thinking things like humans, are imperfect and flawed, so he never goes to earth, although he did create earth itself. After God made humans, and he wasn't needed anymore, Materia would create his own realm, where he has created his own perfect world. This is where Materia is most at peace, and views it has his greatest creation, even though he shaped our universe. It was started by the big bang, so Materia views it as it was born from chaos. But Materia cherishes his own realm, because it was not created like that, it was created to be born in harmony, and stay in harmony. Now, Materia stays in his realm, at peace, and in harmony. 



  22. Physical

    Name - V'oathra

    Age - Eons old

    Height - 7'6

    Weight - 500

    Sexual Orientation - Asexual

    Race - Eldritch Abomination  

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