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  1. "WHOO!" Auran yelled, as he slammed a spider into the ground. Huzzah! Another one slammed into its rightful place! Click Ah, that was a pressure plate. Funny, usually those things come with a- "aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WHAT THE FUCK" Auran yelled. He wouldn't have had such a vehement reaction to this fall, trap doors are fairly normal, except for the fact that the trap door rather opened in the ceiling, and he was pulled up obscenely quickly by some magical force. He was pulled up and the trap door sealed under him. He would not be seen for a while. Hopefully he was alive.
  2. I might be like, a while a while. I'm really struggling, I'm kinda abandoning most of my role-plays and functioning on my lowest power setting so to speak. I took on more than I could handle and I'm realizing that now. I've got school and moderation work on other sites and mental health and physical health and... So yea I might have to drop this for a while. Apologies for starting this and realizing that I am not able to keep it up and running.
  3. Thanks for all your support everyone, I will probably be ducking out for a few posts. I'll write an excuse post for Auran to duck out when I can.
  4. sorry my mental health astral projected straight into hell I might be a bit
  5. I really thought that I could do this but?? My mental health decided to astral project straight into hell
  6. hi I'm really sorry it's my turn but Im kinda in mental health crisis rn
  7. and wHAT TIME IS IT?! D20
  8. okay what the fUCK is up with the spiders D20
  9. wha- who saved auran?! D20
  10. Oh Jesus Christ @Pseudonym if it lands on Auran y'all gonna d I E
  11. Sorry for the late response, I've been working through some mental shit
  12. Hi, yeah, it's me, sorry. I know I'm way late on a post but I'm really struggling with like, emotional well-being and mental health. I'm going to have to take a break from being the host of this rp for now, would you all mind waiting a bit? I know we hyped this up so much but I think it was just bad timing for me.
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