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  1. I think it's really funny that you've got: Sharps! Probably could destroy the world with a flick of his wrist! Jah! T h e s u m m o n e r Together, they are the super evil duo! And in the blue corner, you have their opposition: A clown Possibly a space cowboy???????
  2. somehow that doesn't fill me with confidence
  3. Thus, letting the White Hand know there's someone new in the neighborhood
  4. Apologies for the delay. Yshmael would definitely catch Chrysma radiating evil from a mile away lmao And before the cult can do anything, Chrysma has to make their way into the place. Having to pass through the White Hand is a matter of its own! After that I was thinking there might be some ruins that both parties might want to investigate, while the White Hand sends only a small party, the entire cult comes, as a group, to investigate. While yes, it might be a small cult, its members are quite effective.
  5. Rembrandt

    Outreach Team AMA

    Speaking of, how DO languages work? If someone is speaking in a language your character doesn't understand is it just "Sjdfkldsjfkljsdkf"
  6. I see, so he's a big grumpy-dump. I could definitely work in Skar having Chrysma keep a close eye on him. Thanks for making him 19, and I'm excited to see what you come up with!
  7. Thanks for all the info! Here's my thoughts in no particular order: I personally would prefer if he were over 18 because I'd feel a little weird having a member that might be like 14-15-16 you know? The background works, considering they would probably feel his negative energy and be drawn to it. The cult doesn't have any scientific evidence but I mean, when they sacrifice stuff it bursts into a puff of dark magic with a big extravagant process so I m e a n, if he showed any signs of disbelief Chrysma (my OC) would probably train him personally. Honestly that works, considering one of the BIG things of the cult is gathering power, be it through artifacts, spells, etc. The cult isn't JUST about killing people, it's about killing people that have POWER, so they probably wouldn't set a village on fire for the sake of pyromania, but maybe for the sake of activating a hidden power or drawing out the town sorcerer. I would prefer that you didn't steal from the cult, as that would cause a lot of inward tension, and the main tension we want here is between the White Hand and The Hands of Abberoth as we have it set now. As we talk, this might change though. So think of a "probably not" rather than a definite no. And I didn't mean you SHOULDN'T make one, I just meant it wasn't MANDATORY. Go ahead and make a character sheet if you want, I'd love for you to enjoy this as much as possible. One big rule I forgot to mention about this RP: We're here to have fun! The only time we're doing it wrong is if we're going off canon, and/or one or more of us isn't having fun.
  8. @L E V I A T H A N @Froggychum Welcome, let's discuss. I'm not dependent on character sheets, but since this is canon we need to look at our character abilities and such a bit closer. I have a basic understand of Froggy's, but what did you have in mind Leviathan?
  9. That's actually perfect! I'll set up an OOC thread. I should've done that earlier but I forgot. I'll set up an OOC thread so we can talk about what character you'll be using.
  10. I'm fairly sure the gun would be enough to fluster Supernal, as the sheer shock might surprise them (Idk their pronouns lmao)
  11. Auran is an energetic, chaotic good, dragonlike (think Dragonborn from D&D), guy. He tries to be a hero a lot, saving people and running around performing quests, but his ADHDness can often jeopardize his prioritizing abilities. He works well in a team, yet sometimes he can act rashly or irrationally. Despite his chaotic nature, when he sets a goal, he SETS, a GOAL. And he will reach the goal, or die trying.
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