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  1. "The pressure, it intensifies! The stakes, they are so high! Must overcome, internal pressure! Must Prevail!" Auran * Makes cowboy pun. *BOOM!*
  2. Never underestimate the power of a clown backed into a corner. They have been known to spontaneously combust when under emotional pressure.
  3. Ah, right. Thanks very much I'll read up on this stuffies. Also yeah, intro thread works just fine for me. So Do you then kind of get examples of a large enough player group doing more than detonating a building if there's a discussion with the admins beforehand? But yeah, reading lore.
  4. Just general lore information, I know the different regions have different rules of magic and what's allowed etcetera but does it go from low fantasy to steampunk or are there actually bits that are straight up sci-fi with hovercars etc? I know we can't smash the world up too much without approval from higher up so that we don't just wreck the consistency and the planet but as a rule of thumb how much is too much?
  5. Ah right, character info. Nah, he's not named sharps' that was a typo on my part. The names Bad Bard, Jingles the Bad Bard, at your service. So as for the blurb Jingles got kicked out of bard school for his horrendous puns and the fact that he kept bombing on open stage nights. Reports that he also set a woman on fire in an attempt at making slapstick humor more widely appealing are baseless and unfounded. He's 6'2, pretty well built and of pretty much average amount of athletic capability. (Meaning by the standards of stage-performers who juggle and spend hours on their feet he's about as mobile and swift as a rock.) Now, Jingles is kind of an arrogant little shit who nevertheless like to make people laugh, or at least attempt to. His jokes suck and he initially wants the book both to wish for be the most charming and amusing man to ever exist and because he wants the fame and infamy that comes with grabbing the ledger. He can be kind of mercurial, going from the most helpful and well-meaning guy ever to a legendary dick depending on the situation and what his mood is, etc. So most people that meet Jingles actually think he's very, very charming until he actually tries to be funny or says something rude and politically incorrect. (He does that a lot, so people like him very much until he opens his mouth, basically.) He's normally wearing full-body makeup and temporary tattoos that he's applied himself and he's rarely seen without his hat. He speaks with an accent that's posh english, maybe RP, but also tinged with something Germanic or Scottish that seems to change every few sentences. (Basically what I was going for here was a very refined but also ambiguous accent.) Despite first appearances he's a lot smarter than he looks, (He has a very small amount of knowledge of medicine and a bit of chemistry, what's reasonable for the setting and he speaks fluent goblin.) Very stabby if he gets cornered. He's got a knife and he doesn't really follow any kind of honour code so he'll have no issues simply biting people's throats out if it comes to that. Also he's completely insane and he actually decided to try for bard school to help find an outlet for his psychopathic urges, of which he has many, many, many (like if there was such a thing as a well-meaning clown mad scientist that also didn't really know that much about science yet and was also a cannibalistic psychotic drug enthusiast with repressed sexual urges up the butthole, that'd be jingles.)
  6. Sounds more than fair to me. I assume once we get going we'll probably have more people joining as we go an such.
  7. Sharps: Chuckles evilly, "You think you know my true plan, do you? Whahwahwhahwahw" But yeah like I said, Sharps is undecided about his morality at the moment so maybe Auran just irritates him so much he's like "Then let me be evil!"
  8. I think I'd prefer to start off in the company of someone else, help Sharps get a feel for the tone. I'm not to picky on the context so I'll go with whatever the other players want. Also, now following.
  9. "Also, Rembrandt uses They/Them pronouns, as do I." -- Ah right, I'll try to be aware of that going forward. Double Trouble sticker probably should have tipped me off, I love him. Okay so I'm gonna go head to do some reading on the lore now but is the fantasy prevalence universal or just to this one region? I remember reading something about sci fi walkers and a mob city? So those are all on the same planet but I assume for whatever reason physics differences change depending on the continent you're on? Groovy.
  10. Hmm, both Hmm, if I can pitch in, both sound pretty good honestly. Rembrandt sounds pretty cool, might be able to have a bit of a nice juxtopasition between him the Sharpes the bard bard, you know, the serious guy and the energetic guy but you could always just have mutliple loud weirdos, too. It would be kind of funny if Rembrandt was this super serious ambitious mage character but he's also secretly hilariously enthusiastic about a dumb hobby like collecting rocks shaped like potato chips. By the way, I've been on a few RP sites before (I'm not allowed on Ongoing Worlds anymore) (Kidding) but how does Valucre actually work? Do we kind of just get people together, jump into a thread and go? I know there are a couple shared universes on here but are the threads kept separate from one another or is it all one big mashup? Cheers guys. Looking forward to getting this thing rolling.
  11. Righty, I has now read the thing. So yeah, I think what I was kinda trying (failing on my part) to convey is that this isn't really a character to take seriously, cause, you know, failed jester. I was kind of set on that amazing jingly hat of goodness but I wouldn't mind downgrading to a bard if it suits the narrative better. Basically what I was thinking was to kinda let Jingles The Bad Bard skulk around the main party for a bit only really being of much help as a sidey character or if you need a distraction, (he's good at those.) and then either have his angry, bitter heart redeemed by the power of friendship or actually kind of turn into a bit more serious antagonistic figure and (attempt) to go for the reality-altering wishes. Obviously that's a very drawn out plot thread and when I picture it getting to that point after months or years of gameplay. Not like, clown voice (It's been two days since we started this roleplay and my character isn't getting enough attention, Imma turn everything into butts because waah!" So yeah, somebody that starts out kinda shitty and obnoxiously weak but vaguely and progressively more amusing and either becomes stronger and more heroic or smarter and more villainous. So I'm all for changing the character to fit into the lore-friendly mold because that's only fair but if we wind up doing this could we retcon him to a bard or travelling musician or actor/performer, basically a bard yeah, with a kinda heavy clown-aesthetic? Wears a jingly hat and armour decorated with playing cards, has a dagger with a hilt shaped like a heart, green-tinted smoke bombs, throws enchanted voodoo doll ehads at people, wears white face paint and dyes his hair red to hide his crippling shyness and misery from the world honk honk (I don't have a fetish, I'm normal!) But yeah, I'm mostly thinking a comic relief character that is only really gonna start being relevant to anything pretty far down the line, and then depending on the influence of the party mates I suppose? Not the kind of guy to really take center stage that often unless things turn out that way naturally. Cheers man, appreciate you setting this thing up. honk........ honk honk.
  12. Hmm, right okay I see how the clown thing might be a bit iffy. So I went back and revised this a bit and I was thinking maybe instead of a bounty hunting clown something more along the lines of a particularly untalented and pathetic jester, down on his luck and with more ambition than common sense. Let's call him Pen, The Bad Jester. He's just been kicked out of a tavern for his terrible singing and worse jokes and hears mention of a ledger that can grant wishes, so he decides that he wants himself some of that and embarks on his quest to wish to actually be good at being a jester. Or just bring about the new age of unending darkness and rule the world with an iron rod. Or just sell it to somebody, he hasn't quite decided yet.
  13. Hey there, site noob here, I'm working on a bounty hunter clown that desires gaems. Any room for me?
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