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  1. Sweet. Ophelia, your online clown boyfriend is proud of your acting aspirations and shall root for you from the other side of the planet.
  2. JINGLES IS 200% MOTHERFUCKING LOYAL!!! But yes, you're welcome.
  3. Fuck, she could at least buy him dinner first. 😄
  4. Hmmm. What do you suppose the spiders are getting up to right now? There's still a giant one Jingles needs to deal with apparently. Do you think she thinks about him? .... How lewd. How could you think such a thing?
  5. I always find it weird how Americans casually refer to their weird weather storms so casually. You even give them cute little baby names. Then again, in SA armed hijacking and low-scale terrorism have become common enough to be slapstick. Just know that if you see a guy with a passion gap and baggy clothing, run forest, run.
  6. So in other slightly off-topic news, yesterday I found a haunted hentai video. Me: Has regular insomnia, thinks it's manageable. Not sleeping after the evil naked japanese girl: I'm about to ruin this man's whole career.
  7. Who's turn to post? Still waiting on spider and potion I think?
  8. Damn you Zenthaur, now I have to go watch anime if I want my spider waifu. Otherwise known as a spiderfu.
  9. With regards to the spider queen, are we talking just a huge spider or does she have the body of a woman? Cause I'd not many scruples over that. Myes please.
  10. Hey, no worries mate. I've been there too a couple of times. You just sit back, relax, do some self-care and take care of you, mkay? Nobody will fault you for that much.
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