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    The Tavern

    @Csl Lloyd glanced up at the barmaid from his hood, mind processing for but a moment, as he pocketed the returned coins. Information, was what he needed. "Where...is here?" He said after a moment, voice unused for prolonged conversation. After this question was asked, he pulled down his bandages, before digging into his meal, his taste buds bursting as the familiar and comforting taste of a warm cooked meal spread through his mind. Stifling a purr of contentment, he began quietly shoveling spoonfuls of stew, mixed with ripped portions of bread into his waiting jaw, the bandages doing little in hiding away the two extended canines on his upper jaw. He continued to eat, emptying his mug of ale, before finishing off the last of his meal. Sighing in relief, his body hunched forward, arm resting beneath his chin as his body warmed from the mead.
  2. Veir

    The Tavern

    @Csl Lloyd Vaecor grunted in exhaustion as he trekked through the forest, the slaughtered corpse of a hare stored away in his satchel, its blood only partially filling one of his vials. Leaning on his gnarled staff for support, he continued his limp as the three large gashes from his encounter with an armored bear was already closing up, thanks to his enhanced regeneration. As he trekked down the worn leafy path he had walked through many times since his arrival to this world, he soon came upon a strange sight; an inn, in the middle of the forest. 'An inn?' Lloyd wondered as he limped forward. As he neared the inn, his limp quickly turned to walking, his wounds no longer hindering him, as he sighed in relief. Reaching the inn, he noted it to be lacking of any form of decorations, resembling any old inn one would see in one of those old fantasy novels he read back when things made sense. Peering through one of the windows, he spotted nothing out of the ordinary, only several empty chairs and a bar counter, an assortment of alcohol lined up behind it. Looking at the various bottles, He stifled a gulp as he imagined the smell and taste of alcohol. Opening his satchel, he pulled out a small pouch, pulling its string, and shaking out all the coins inside. A number of rusted copper coins covered his hand, sprinkled with a few silver pieces, and a single gold coin... Hopefully it'll be enough. 'Can't imagine the last time I had a good bottle of beer.' He sighed as he pocketed the coins and opened the door to the building. As he entered, the moment he closed the door, his eyes widened as the building itself seemed to expand a hundred-fold, tables multiplying by the tens as individuals of differing size and forms suddenly appeared, occupying the once vacant seats. He was silent and shocked as he took in the inn's interior. When he finally began to move, someone cleared their throat. Turning towards the source, he was directed to a counter where one of the inns' staff was. The inn disallowed the usage of weapons, so if someone wanted to stay inside, they'll have to hand over their weapon until they decide to leave, which they can then retrieve their weapon(s). He grunted, yet nodded all the same. Handing over his gnarled staff, he was given a smile and a strange chip seemingly made of either an unknown wood or stone. Pocketing the chip, he made his way to a vacant table. When one of the barmaids came to take his order, he only had one word to say. "Cheap. Food! Cheap. Ale!" Well four words actually.
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    I really like your character by the way.

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    Lloyd Vaecor

    {Name} [Lloyd Vaecor] {Gender} [Male] {Age} [23] (Arrival) [29] (Current) {Race} [Were-Chimera] <Blood Dragon> (2/7) <Shadow Saber> (2/7) <Behemoth> (2/7) <Lesser Hydra> (1/7) {Alias} [The Chimera] ------------ {Physical} {Height} [6,2 Ft] (Human) [10,4 Ft] (Chimera) [45,9 Ft] (Primal Chimera) {Weight} [218 lbs] (Human) [458 lbs] (Chimera) [4180 lbs] (Primal Chimera) {Physique} [Toned] (Human) [Muscular] (Chimera) {Hair/Fur Color} [Hazel] (Human) [Black/Tanned Brown] (Chimera) {Skin/Scale Color} [Light] (Human) [Maroon] (Chimera) {Eye Color} [Grey] (Human) [Amber] (Chimera) ------------ {Affiliation} [None] {Occupation} [Wanderer] ------------ {History} [Once an ordinary civilian man hailing from another world, he was forcibly abducted by a crazed scientist from another world, and experimented on for an unknown number of years. Over the years of his forced capture, he was experimented on by the crazed scientist, forced to various injections of DNA from the samples of species hailing from other worlds, long thought as myth and fiction from his old world. One day, while the crazed scientist took a leave from his lab to gather more resources for later experiments, one of his captured test subjects managed to escape, freeing the rest of his fellow captives, including him as well. Escaping his cell, he sought to escape the lair of the scientist through the same device that had been used to abduct him and many others.Unfortunately, due to a lack of knowledge regarding the device in question, he input incorrect instructions. When he activated the device, he failed to input any form of stabilizing formula, resulting in the portal that formed, to be both random and unstable. Knowing he would only have one attempt at it, he charged through, immediately regretting it, as he unstable energies began to sap at his body, reducing it to meat and bones as it was literally reconstructed from the DNA samples of every creature that was injected into his body. By the time his body was fully reconstructed, the pain had reduced his mind to that of a near rabid and feral beast. Eventually, the fluctuating and unstable energies would eventually eject his remade body into the world of Valucre, within an unknown forest on the continent of Genesaris. Incapable of recollecting his mind due to the sheer pain he had experienced through the portal, his feral and rabid behavior reduced him to behave similar to a beast, which would go on and prove himself as a menace to the local ecosystem. Eventually, however, he would adjust to the pain, and slowly regain portions of his mind, until he mentally recovered, though he lost most, if not all of his memories as a result. After awakening and realizing he lost many of his memories, he opted to head out on a journey to both recover his lost memories, and gain new ones as well, as he learned more of the new world he now walks in.] ------------ {Powers & Abilities} {Inherent} [Bloodline of The Blood Dragon] <The bloodline of the Blood Dragon is known to have the highest potency amongst all dragons. Blood Dragons are known to possess an abnormal regeneration rate, capable of healing from otherwise crippling wounds within moments, and even regrowing lost limbs in mere minutes.> [Flesh of The Shadow Saber] <The skin of a Shadow Saber is capable of rendering even the weakest, and/or slowest, saber near invisible to the sight and smell of those nearby. The sheer lack of presence of the Shadow Saber is so infamous, that there was an monopoly of those dealing in their skin.> [Bones of The Behemoth] <The Behemoth is famed for possessing bones so thick and dense, that it is near impossible to crack, and even if it was, it would regenerate itself through mana. The bones of a Behemoth is an ideal material used when constructing a building, resulting in many Behemoths' being hunted to extinction.> [Muscles of The Lesser Hydra] <Despite being a lesser species of Hydra, the Lesser Hydra is still a member of the Hydra family, hence possessing the ability to regenerate from wounds that are otherwise fatal and incapable of being healed. No injury is capable of being sustained on a molecular level.> ------------ {Human} [Adept Survival Skills] <Lloyd displays a good amount of theoretical and physical knowledge regarding survival, and has experience in surviving in the wilderness, specifically, the forest, mountains, and hills.> [Basic Hand-to-Hand Combat] <Due to a prolonged lack of social contact, excluding his feral state, Lloyd only possesses the most basic knowledge regarding hand-to-hand combat, incapable of blocking most blows, and only capable of inflicting the most basic of combat.> [Basic Swordsmanship] <Due to never needing to learn The Art of The Sword, and only just acquiring one, the amount of knowledge he possesses over the weapon could only be explained in a single word; None.> [Adept Blood Arts] <Perhaps due to the blood theme he possesses as the Chimera, Lloyd instinctively knows several blood-related spells that prove themselves useful in combat.> (Blood Bolt Salvo) <A modification to the standard blood bolt spell, Lloyd consumes a vial of blood to create five bolts of blood, which fires themselves towards the target. Lloyd is capable of consuming another portion of his blood to change the directions of all five bolts once. Any further re-directions would require twice the amount of blood consumed.> (Blood Dagger) <A temporary application of the skill, Blood Construct, Lloyd consumes a vial of blood to temporarily creates a jagged dagger made of blood. After several seconds have passed, the dagger reverts back into blood.> (Blood Ward) <Lloyd consumes a vial of blood to create a red translucent barrier capable of blocking physical attacks, yet incapable of blocking magical attacks.> (Blood Golem) <Consuming around a dozen blood vials, Lloyd is able to create a powerful, yet crude-looking golem made entirely of blood, and encased with armor-like pieces made of hardened blood. Powerful against mages, its bane is are other elementals, though lacks trouble against lesser elementals. Due to his proficiency in the art, Lloyd is capable of maintaining a maximum of three blood golems at a single instance, though doing so places great strain on his body.> (Blood Circle) <A unique, yet highly illegal magic circle drawn entirely from blood. Once linked, Lloyd is capable of inflicting the same amount of damage and pain inflicted upon himself to anyone who enters it. If attuned with another individual, he and the other individual is able to inflict a number of pain against their victim, as the circle is incapable of inflicting damage onto the ones linked to it.> (Blood Leech) <Consuming a vial of blood, Lloyd is able to fire a unique bolt of blood, that upon making contact, forms a strange runic symbol onto the skin of the victim. Whenever it is struck, its caster, Lloyd will leech a small portion of the victims health, and if they perish from it, steals a bit of their original lifespan to extends his own life force by an equal amount.> ------------ {Were-Chimera} [Partial Transformation] <Lloyd is able to take on several minor characteristics of the various magical beasts whose DNA he's been injected with. When he takes upon a partial transformation, his arms begin to take upon the fur and claws of the Shadow Saber, his body taking on the general bone structure of the Behemoth, growing a secondary layer of dragon scales from the Blood Dragon, and the venom-production glands of the Lesser Hydra. In this form, he is capable of utilizing a number of racial, yet inferior skills inherent to each beast.> (Blood Fireball) <Inheriting the fire breath of the Blood Dragon, Lloyd is capable of breathing an inferior version of the Blood Dragon's Fire Breath, taking on the form of a crimson ball of fire. Unlike the magical properties of the dragon fire exclusive to the Blood Dragons, his fire only retains the crimson coloring of its flame, otherwise being the same as normal fire.> (Bloody Refuge) <When he is injured, and his own wounds has forced him to begin bleeding, Lloyd is capable of manipulating his own blood to be absorbed into his scales, allowing him to create a blood rune, specifically made to transport him to another location, leaving behind his scales, which have been manipulated by his blood to take on his form, essentially a decoy. While it allows him a high chance to escape capture and/or death, it forces him to lose one of his primary defenses, and he also becomes physically exhausted, as he still suffers from blood loss.> (Blood Construct) <A vastly inferior usage of the skill of the same name, Lloyd is able to create crude, yet solid tools made from blood, using the iron within its composition to form its shape. Unfortunately, due to its crude manufacturing process, the constructs themselves are highly fragile and have a near-guaranteed chance of shattering with a single use, two if the construct was made with higher-quality blood.> (Blood Reconstruction) <Arguably his greatest skill in this form, Lloyd is able to consume his or someone else's blood to jump-start his own regenerative process. If the blood he has consumed comes from a more powerful individual, or their bloodline is pure, his regenerative process speed increases up to twice its actual speed.> ------------ [Full Transformation] <A form used only sparingly, Lloyd dons a physical characteristics of all the magical beasts his body has been injected with, causing him to take on a mighty and fierce form, one grotesque enough to strike terror, or disgust from others by with a mere sight. In this form, he takes on a humanoid appearance, possessing the body of a Shadow Saber, a sabertooth tiger with fur as dark as the starless night sky with a maned head of its likeliness located where the head would normally be placed, hoofed-legs of the mighty Behemoth, a towering humanoid goat-like demon, with a head of its likeliness, located on the left of the sabertooth head, and finally, the the spinal scales of the Blood Dragon, an ancient vampiric-like dragon with maroon-colored scales, its scales growing from its spine, and extending into both a long prehensile spaded tail, a pair of large leathery wings located beneath his shoulder-blades, and even a head of its likeliness, settling with an extended neck located to the right of the sabertooth head. In this form, he is capable of an assortment of skills, and racial techniques.> (Crimson Fire Breath) <The inherent dragon fire exclusive to the Blood Dragon, Lloyd is capable of breathing a steady stream of crimson fire, possessing the same attribute of standard fire, with the difference of dealing twice as much damage to mages, spreading at an alarming rate when in a mana-rich environment, and dealing up to five times damage to bloodied foes, the fire burning the blood as though it was oil. In order to create this form of fire, he must sacrifice a slight amount of his own blood, with extended usage requiring a bit more blood to fuel it.> (Bloody Scale Volley) <An inherent skill of the Blood Dragon, Lloyd is capable of detaching a number of his scales, and launch them from his body whenever he so desires, the scales themselves drenched in blood, sharpening itself as it flies. If made impact with a surface, the blood quickly shatters the scale, before creating a shockwave, making the scale create a scatter-burst effect, possibly heavily damaging the surface/target. If made impact with a magic spell, it will instead, absorb the mana within the spell, and continue forward, unless the spell is of the water-attribute, which in this case, cancel the attack. This attack has a downside of reducing his defense until his scales regrow, and a bit of physical exhaustion as he suffers from a small, yet sudden loss of blood.> (Blood Construct) <A skill superior to the inferior skill of the same name, Lloyd is capable of creating almost exact copies of whatever tool or weapon he desires, so long as he knows the method to its creation, or its exact appearance. The durability of the construct itself is heavily dependent of the potency and/or the purity of the blood he uses, especially if the blood he is using is magical in nature.> (Blood Serpent) <A form of transportation, a racial ability of the Blood Dragon and amplified by the blood of the Lesser Hydra, Lloyd is able to temporarily transmute his entire body into a sky serpent made entirely of blood. The serpent itself is incapable of being utilized offensive, but it makes for a great defense, as due to its element, is unable to be harmed, unless the attacks are blood-focused specifically. Requiring a different source of blood as well as his own, the sky serpent formed, may or may not take on different forms, with a few even capable of inflicting harm onto others, albeit indirectly, or even applying beneficial effects onto his allies.> (Bloody Reconstruction) <A racial ability of the Lesser Hydra, Lloyd is capable of consuming the blood of others or himself to jump-start the regenerative process. If he consumes the blood of someone else, whose blood possesses a potency in magic, or its purity is greater than others of their race/species, then the regeneration speed has the potential to reach a threshold of ten. If he was to drink the blood of those descended to a god, such as a demigod, theoretically, his regeneration speed would increase one-hundred fold.> (Crimson Venom) <A unique venom only capable of being produced by Lloyd, the venom he creates holds the same coloring of blood, yet emits the same aura of an undead. If injected into a biological individual, they will slowly succumb to the venom, their blood slowly transferring to their heart where it will begin clogging their bloodstream, only allowing the bare minimum needed to keep the body going, until all but the heart is pumping the venom. Upon reaching this state, the victim's body slowly melts into a puddle of blood.> ------------ [Primal Transformation] <Perhaps his most powerful form, yet also something he fears of the most, Lloyd is able to don a primal form of his fierce and grotesque Chimera form. In this state, his mind reverts to that of a beast, his body taking upon a massive twelve-meter tall quadrupedal form of similar design. With the main body of a Shadow Saber, the majority of his spine and his waist has been replaced with maroon scales, with the addition of a pair of large leathery wings with dew claws, and scarlet-translucent membranes, and a long prehensile tail that ends with a hook-like claw. Adorning the body is an additional pair of forelegs, with the front pair appearing more of hands than paws, and a frame not unlike that of a muscular human man. In place of a head, a total of three serpent-like heads take its place, each with a long extended neck, and each vaguely resembling that of various creatures. The head on the right resembles a Blood Dragon, possessing their unique three pair of eyes, and twin tongues, the middle head possessing twin enlarged upper fangs of the Shadow Saber, a mane of equally dark fur adorning its head, and finally, the head of the left, possessing the ram-like horns of the behemoth, and its amber-slitted eyes.> (Blood Fire) <The primal fire of the Blood Dragon, the Primal Chimera breathes a dragon fire that while incapable of truly burning its victims, instead, it ravages their body, absorbing any and all of the blood on and within their bodies, reducing them all into bloodless weakened husks incapable of anything except moaning in agony.> (Blood Hail) <A literal hail of blood partially composed of hardened flesh and shattered bones consisting of the desecrated bodies of the deceased, the Primal Chimera, directly manipulates the flow of the deceased, drags their mutilated bodies into the heavens, shred them to fragments, and rain them down to spite its foes.> (Bloody Puppeteer) <The Primal Chimera regurgitates its own blood, spewing a widespread burst of blood, each droplet injecting themselves into the bloodstreams of its victims, directly allowing him to control their physical bodies without them capable of resisting, unless they were powerful practitioners of the Blood Arts.> (Blood Elemental) <Attuned directly to the Primal Element of Blood and The Primordial Aspect of The Bloodstream by the Crazed Scientist, the Primal Chimera is incapable of being permanently harmed as its body will immediately regenerate, and discard wounds, replacing scars, and eliminating the deadliest of poisons, as he reverts himself to his most basic element; blood, therefore reverting every piece of damage he's ever sustained, making each battle against him moot, and in vain.> (Blood Army) <A sacrifice of blood by both him, and his victims, he slaughters his foes before raising them from the grounds to serve as his army, puppeteering their bodies as a puppeteer and his marionette, and calling upon ghastly visages consisting of blood, imitating their behavior and voices through recent encounters.> (Blood Cultivation) <Perhaps his only beneficial ability to others, the Primal Chimera condenses a large portion of his blood within his stomach, regurgitating it as a head-sized orb. Upon purification and ingestion, the one who consumed it, would find themselves more attuned with the racial abilities of their species, allowing them a small chance to potentially awaken as a candidate of godhood as a demigod.> ------------ {Strengths} [Human] (Plain Appearance) <The primary reason behind his abduction, Lloyd possesses a plain appearance from afar, allowing him to remain untraceable, unless he is actively sought after.> (Above-Average Strength) <Due to his multiple forced experimentation's Lloyd is capable of easily dealing with small threats such as small groups of bandits, small packs of wild beasts, etc.> (Blood Arts) <Though not exactly a legal or even moral art, Lloyd demonstrates a proficiency in the art, enough to attract attention of both the good and bad crowd.> [Partial] (Quick Transformation) <The amount of time to transform into his partial chimera form only takes about five seconds, allowing him to quickly re-enter battle.> (Ample Upgrade) <In this form, Lloyd's overall capabilities are doubled, and his active regeneration allows him to recover from wounds faster than others.> [Full] (Juggernaut) <His overall capabilities is five times superior to his partial transformation, meaning not only does it take an even greater threshold of damage to even hurt him, but he recovers from that same damage almost immediately, making each attack inflicted on him, a vain attempt. Not to mention, he is capable of flight, making escape from him highly difficult.> (Multi-Task) <Due to possessing three heads, Lloyd possesses three brains, and thus three minds, each capable of their own thought process making it somewhat difficult to outsmart him, as he'll likely come up with a solution to their plans three times faster than before.> [Primal] (Warning) <Run!> ------------ {Weaknesses} [Human] (Loner) <Due to his lack of communication for years in the wilderness, Lloyd lacks a number of modern social practices, making him lose out on opportunities on gaining allies, forcing him to remain alone.> (Inexperience) <Despite possessing a great amount of power, Lloyd is still just a human, so overpowering him shouldn't be too difficult...right?> (Practitioner of The Dark Arts) <Despite it being somewhat legal, but questionably moral, the Art of Blood is considered a Dark Art, and thus, no fuss will be made if others decide that he must die.> [Partial] (Freak!) <He possesses the body parts of monsters! No doubt he's an enemy of the kingdom and simply nothing more than a beast imitating a human...right?> (Lack of Resistance to Poison) <Despite possessing the DNA of a Lesser Hydra, an otherworldly creature capable of producing poison, he lacks the standard immunity to poison of a regular hydra.> (Fire) <Even if he is capable of regenerating from the worst of wounds, so long as we cauterize them, he shouldn't be able to heal from it...right?> [Full] (An Abomination!) <Its nothing more than a monster imitating the behavior of a human. We must kill it with fire! That'll kill it...right?> [Primal] (Feral) <Incapable of differentiating from friend and foe, nor is he capable of comprehending thought, his mind temporarily reduced to that of a near-mindless beast.> (Insane Strain To Body) <The amount of stress this form causes to the body is enough for anyone to wish for death. Due to this strain, this form can only be maintained for a maximum of five minutes.> ------------ {Equipment} {Ragged Worn Cloak} [A ragged worn cloak that covers almost the entirety of its wearer, leaving only shadowed eyes and their lower face visible. It carries an old enchantment that wards off rain, and provides a small amount of warmth.] {Ragged Robes} [Once, these robes could be considered luxurious. Unfortunately, as time went by, its color has faded and its texture reduced to rags. It still fortunately possesses its original enchantment, which provides a thin layer of mana around its wearer, protecting them from a single blow once every twelve hours.] {Worn Bandages} [A number of yellowing bandages that have been wrapped around the hands, chest, feet, and lower face.] {Leather Breastplate} [A worn breastplate made of leather that covers and protects the upper torso.] {Leather Vambracers} [A pair of worn vambracers made from leather, it provides an ample amount of protection.] {Worn Satchel} [A worn satchel filled with vials of blood and empty bottles, as well as a small knife, and a few other miscellaneous items.] {Beginner's Guide To The Blood Arts} [A beginner's guide to the art of blood magic.] {Gnarled Treant Staff} [A large gnarled staff taken from a deceased treant. It bolsters the bearers' spells, doubling its damage output, while reducing its cost by half.]
  5. On the subject of where to start let me make sure the new member guide has found its way to you!: https://www.valucre.com/lore.html/resources/nux/new-member-guide/

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  6. There's so much information to be found on this site, I don't know where to begin. That said, this site is rather spectacular, its lore and diverse history having such depth. I've only just joined two days prior, but this'll be my first message. Anyways, it's a pleasure to meet you all, and I hope we'll get along well.
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