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  1. As the scathing noise became louder and louder, grinding against his ears, the Runic Knights' mental defenses began to falter, as he began to reach out for the emberheart. However, his golems had other ideas. The golems sheathed their weapons, before the one on the left lifted up the armored knight over its shoulders and rushed to leave the cave, while the other golem slapped the bucket of seeds in the elves hands away, and picked her up, placing her over its shoulder like a sack of potatoes, and the merchant beneath its armpit. It then picked up the same bucket, and ran off after the other construct. As he was forced away from the emberheart, the Runic Knights mind began to clear as he began to regain clarity. Eyes narrowing in anger at the strange magic's attempts to bewitch him, he held a hand open, as the reddened rocks of his fire turret began to push apart from the others, a ball of fire forming. After two seconds, it shot from the turret, hitting a random part of the cave, dealing a minimal amount of damage, though it still seemed to be doing something, as the fading noise spazzed for a moment. the red rocks closed together for a half moment, before forming another fireball, launching it at another section of the cave.
  2. "Come, let us eat so that we can think a way out without our stomachs being empty. I mean there can't be any harm right?" The Runic Knight could tell that the elf's mind had begun to falter to the probable illusions' sway, but somehow, couldn't find the motivation, nor will to call her out on that. Grimacing, he continued to ignore the muffled scathing noises, even as his stomach began to grumble in possible hunger. His eyes widened as the 'Emberheart' was starting to appear delectable, and... salivating to look at... [The Golems continued to move forward, unaffected by the noise, nor illusions. Noticing the state of their creator, the two golems readied themselves at locating the source of the party's plight.]
  3. @500bees Lloyd grunted as another of the many prison guards joined the fates of their fellows, this one in particular having a large head-sized hole where his heart once was. Before the body could collapse, however, the Chimera grabbed the just-cooling body's shoulder and bit down, gulping down its blood, while idly chewing on the meat, chomping down bits of the meat and bone. His time in the prison has done much to his diet, something he wasn't sure if it was a good or bad thing. Once he had sufficiently filled himself up, he released his hold on the prison guard, the body falling onto its back, limp. Licking his lips, he held up both of his arms, hands free and limp. Grunting, he concentrated as eight pools of blood began to flow and condense together in-front of him. Once upon a time, using this spell at his full power would have caused immense stress onto his body, but after living over half a decade in this wretched prison, the stress was no longer apparent to him, allowing him to advance his control over his blood arsenal. The blood pools began to rise into crude pillars, congregating and hardening in some places, forming vague humanoid figures. As the seconds passed, nearing a full minute, the bloody figures began to take form, revealing visible characteristics of themselves. When a total of three minutes had passed, the spell was complete. Standing before him was a total of eight seemingly heavily-armored knights encased in crimson-red armor, a spiked tower shield in their left hand, and a large zweihander in their right. Their pauldrons were covered with wicked spikes, the same being applied to their knuckles, kneecaps, and the tips of their boots. Adorning their Y-visored helmet was a pair of crimson horns, curved upwards. In the shadows of their visored helmets were a pair of ominous white pupiless eyes. The blood golems were still for a moment, before moving animatedly, their bodies mimicking the sound of rusted armor moving after centuries of inactivity. The Chimera grunted as he felt a noticeable drop in the amount of blood in his body. Picking up one of the many corpses littering the ground, he decapitated it, before lifting it up into the air, tilting it until its bleeding neck was directly over him. As blood poured down onto his face, he relished in the smell and feeling of blood, both the ones dripping down his face, and the ones coursing down his throat, refilling his reserves. The beasts within were briefly placated as he continued to gorge on the blood. When no more blood flowed, he tossed the body to the side, slicking his overgrown hair back with some of the excess blood. No doubt he looked little more than a serial killer, but after everything he had experienced, he couldn't care less. Lifting his arm over his shoulder, he pulled out one of the two remaining makeshift skewers he had made from his former cell bars. Having lost most of his makeshift weaponry on the journey to both the guards and the prisoners who sought his weapons for some reason, he only had two of the skewers remaining... Well, it didn't matter if he lost the rest considering what he had within him... . . . He grunted as another of his golems collapsed, hardened blood chunks slowly melting into puddles. He watched as one of the much stronger prison guards swing their club, sending one of his three remaining golems into a wall, quite literally turning into a splatter. Calling his two remaining golems back, he watched as the guard chuckle to himself, before approaching. He never reached his third step. Why? As a result of a non-willing experiment placed upon him, Lloyd had gained the ability to ingest the DNA of a new species through the consumption of their blood. Truly, the experiment has backfired on them spectacularly, considering how the guard was now foaming in the mouth, the poisoned stinger of his manticore tail slowly retracting back to him, having hidden it in the blood and confusion. As he fell to the ground, he made his way to him, watching as he looked at him with a dazed anger. Getting to a knee, he gave him a stare as he created a dagger made from blood. Picking up his head, he had him make eye contact with him as he slit his throat. As his eyes glazed over, he released his hold on his dagger, which splattered into a puddle moments after, and gripped the dead guards' head with both hands. Twisting, he snapped his neck, before digging his fingers into his neck. With a harsh yank, he partially ripped off his head. Grunting, he repeated his previous action, severing the connection between the head and the body. Dropping the head onto the ground, he then gripped the headless body's shoulder, and began feasting on the body, gulping down chunks of meat and blood. Once he was satisfied, he released his hold on the desecrated body, and rose to his feet, his two blood golems making their way to his side. Licking his lips, he wiped a blood-stained hand onto his already-stained prisoner garb. Cracking his neck, Lloyd readied himself before moving on. As he walked down the blood-soaked hall, he listened as the continuous prison riot echoed throughout the complex, noting one source of noise to be closer than he had thought. Walking passed a window, he paused, before backtracking a few steps, and looking out... There, across the sand-covered courtyard, pass the dozens of burning corpses of both prisoners and guards, and the still moving isolated pockets of combatants, there was a frenzied mob of prisoners congregating towards a massive wall, a large hole located near the base of it. Raising an eyebrow, he studied the courtyard, and began to mentally think out which route he would take to reach the hole... Wait, why would he take a different route when there was one in-front of him. With but a mental thought, he took a step back as one of his golems struck the window, the enchanted reinforced glass shattered from the sheer force behind his golems' swing, which also took out part of the wall. Releasing his hold on the golems, he looked out the now gaping hole as the constructs behind him splattered into puddles of blood. Glancing down onto the burning sand-covered ground, he huffed before stepping off the hole, plummeting down to the floor beneath him. Landing on the ground, he grunted as sand flew in all directions, and the sound of his bones cracking was made known. It didn't matter, however, as his blood rapidly repaired his bones, sealing the cracks just as they formed. Frowning at the distance between him and the hole, he sighed before moving. . . . To be honest, he could have sprouted some wings and flown over to the hole, but he just didn't feel the need to. Approaching the hole and the mob that hasn't changed in size when he last some them few minutes of ago prior to running, but he digressed. As he approached, he noticed a man followed by a frenzied crowd of prisoners brutally beating anyone that came for them into a pulp, approach the lone elf. He gave the group a curious glance, before ignoring them, as he desired to proceed through the hole. It was unfortunate of the prisoners and guards that they're in his way. How unfortunate indeed...
  4. The Runic Knight grimaced as the faint echoes suddenly increased into scathing scratches, a painful sensation to his ears. Grimacing at the sound, he heard the merchants' words over the noise. “Azura, Knight – we need to do something. My spirit will only shield me for so long and I think this thing wants to marry me or something.” Nodding, he drew upon some mana and wrote in the air the runes; (ᛗ ᚢ ᚠ ᚠ ᛚ ᛖ) to muffle the sound, (ᛁ ᛚ ᛚ ᚢ ᛋ ᛁ ᛟ ᚾ) to reduce the effects of any illusions in the area, and (ᚱ ᛖ ᛚ ᛠ ᚠ) to bring some form of relief for the mind. Almost immediately, the voices in the trio's mind began to quiet down, and a painkiller-effect began to soothe the mind of any forming headache. The runes for the illusions, however, took form for but a moment, before disappearing entirely, the power behind the voices too strong for the runes to take effect. He frowned. If this was an illusion, then it must be rather powerful to destroy runes designed to stop them. If not, then what were they?
  5. The Rune Knight looked on, as the shadowed creature spoke faint echoes, whatever attempts to ensnare his mind falling short, his mental resistance greatly enhanced. he wasn't quite sure why this was, perhaps it was related to his amnesia... The two golems stepped forward, placing them between the shadowy creature and the others, swords ready, and shields raised.
  6. Perhaps it was due to his continuous exposure to mana, a side-effect of having used runes for so long, but as he watched the mist-like magic flow from the demons' fingers, wrapping itself around him and the merchant, and felt the demon begin to whisper into his ears, he couldn't help but notice how faint and dull the voice seemed, as though the demon was speaking from across a grass field with a harsh wind between us, her voice lost to the wind, only an echo remaining. Drawing his longsword, the knight grunted as he swung, the swing fanning the mist away from him. "Begone foul mist! Your temptations and promises of glory and riches cannot affect me!" He yelled, as his two golems swung their blades down at the demon.
  7. The Runic Knight studied the demon guard and at the open tome in its hand. Holding up both hands, index fingers raised, he wrote a vertical pair of runes; {ᛗ ᚢ ᚠ ᚠ ᛚ ᛖ} onto both golems, waiting for the runes to fade before writing a second pair of runes; {ᛁ ᚷ ᚾ ᛟ ᚱ ᛖ}. A moment passed before the golems began to seemingly appear as nothing worth noting, as he directed the animate constructs towards the demon guard, leaving behind silent rumbles as they moved. Gripping their stone broadswords in their right hands, and a stone shield in their other, they readied their blades to slash at the demonic creature. As the golems moved, however, the Runic didn't remain idle as he had directed the pair. The moment they had moved, he had written a vertical set of runes; {ᛁ ᚷ ᚾ ᛟ ᚱ ᛖ} causing a small mound of stone to rise from the ground, another set of runes; {ᚲ ᚨ ᛏ ᚨ ᛚ ᛃ ᛋ ᛏ} which caused the mound to disperse, breaking down into multiple rock chunks, as he wrote a third set; {ᚠ ᛟ ᚲ ᚢ ᛋ} forcing the rock chunks to begin to hover and congregate near each other, vaguely resembling a small stone pillar, as he wrote a final set of runes; {ᚠ ᛁ ᚱ ᛖ}. Once the fourth and final set of runes were made, the hovering rock chunks began to glow red as they began to heat up rapidly. Nodding to himself, he wrote a fifth, yet separate set of runes; {ᛏ ᚢ ᚱ ᚱ ᛖ ᛏ} forcing the reddened chunks to fuse together as the less heated rocks remained hovering around the molten orb. A fire turret has been formed. "..." The knight focused entirely onto the demon, waiting for its reaction.
  8. The Runic Knight caught the five coins, pocketing them almost immediately after. With the coins secured, the knight examined the wreckage, and the cave nearby. After a moment of thinking, he came up with an idea. Holding up a finger in the air, he gathered a bit of mana and compressed the energy into the tip of the appendage. He then crouched, and began to inscribe the runes; ᛋ ᛏ ᚨ ᛏ ᚢ ᛖ in a circular fashion, another set of runes; ᚲ ᚾ ᛁ ᚷ ᚺ ᛏ, which were written around the inner set, and a final third set of runes; ᚨ ᚾ ᛁ ᛗ ᚨ ᛏ ᛖ, these circling around the two. When he finished, he nodded, stopping the flow of mana, getting back to his feet as the runes began to glow. Before him, an earthly pedestal roughly twice his height and width rose from the ground, stray pieces of rocks falling from the rising stone, as a vague outline began to form. And then, as though the wind had a mind of its own, began to cut at the pedestal, cutting away pieces of stone as the statue of a visored knight began to form. When the statue finished completion, dust began to form as stone grinding against each other was heard, as the statue gained animation. Unsheathing its stone sword, it held the blade with both hands as it stared at its creator. The Runic Knight then wrote a vertical set of runes; ᛞ ᛟ ᛈ ᛈ ᛖ ᛚ ᚷ ᚨ ᛜ ᛖ ᚱ, before swinging his arm to the side, the flow of mana stopping. The golem was still for a moment before stone began to shift away from it, somehow not destroying its form, as a complete replica of it stood beside it. Nodding, the Runic Knight turned to the conversing merchant and elf. "Sir merchant, Lady elf, perhaps these golems will provide ample protection as we traverse the cave." The knight offered as the second golem stabbed its stone blade into the ground, resting both hands onto the guard.
  9. The Runic Knight paused as he listened to the merchants' offer. An adventure sounded like it have treasure, and treasure meant gold, which he would require if he wished to move about, and open places that could only be revealed with coin. "Just follow that elf and myself!" He watched as the merchant took off after that elf he was speaking with. Taking a moment to finish off his meal, he waited until he had paid off the meal, before grabbing his longsword and moving to go after the merchant.
  10. So long as the Chimera isn't aggravated, Lloyd Vaecor will probably follow, or at the least, help in the escape of the prison, perhaps in busting down a wall, or shredding any prison guards in the area.
  11. The Runic Knight took a pause as he chewed on a potato wedge, sipping on his ale to flush down the shredded potato. Delicious it was. Though as it were, unless he could get himself a job, the chances that he would come across a place that served delicious food for a good price would become rare. Opening his pouch, he frowned as he stared at the dozen or so copper coins, and six silver coins. There was also a gold coin in there, but he had inscribed a rune onto it that would vibrate when it was near other gold coins, so he kept it in case he ever chanced on such an event... He wondered if there was anyone willing to hire a knight...
  12. Since Lloyd has been imprisoned for half a decade, I wonder if I should have him evolve or something. I mean, he has the genes of several powerful beasts, and I remember reading about how some creatures, if the criteria is fulfilled, they'll undergo an evolution like a Digimon... Maybe I'll have him do that near the end of the thread... It would make for an interesting twist if he enters his primal transformation.
  13. Is there a turn order for the thread? If not, then I'll be posting another to continue the thread.
  14. As a fellow chimera, Lloyd will likely be alright with her, at least, until she attacks him that is. If she does, then he's likely to either rip off one or more of her limbs, or drain her of her blood. If he dons his partial form or full form, he'll likely be able to combat her, if not destroy a few of her skin layers. His primal transformation, however... Also, like Sirloin, if needed, I could also create an NPC that could aid/hinder the escapees.
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