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  1. The vague blue-ish fairy light would dissapear slowly, as Eth were no longer astral projecting. She would slowly wake up, while being carried by Kaede. In shock, and nervous about what creature were dragging her off, Eth restrained both arm of the giant creature. Afraid of getting attacked, while now awake, she would scream, hoping that her companions were still somewhere to be found, whitin the darkness of the hive. Shortly after, Eth would puke up the green ball of light, that she had received as a gift. Not having eaten for days, her stomach were compleatly empty, revealing the green light that emitted from her orb, as her jaw dislocated, then relocated it self back in place. Now holding the shining orb again, she started to calm down, as she were trying to only focuse on the bright light.
  2. Uhm checkpoints or roll back are kinda confusing 4 me personally. I'm ok with continuing tho, but I were kinda trying 2 create a possibility 4 a quick ending, but I'm flixible so.
  3. As the fay became ethereal, she would attempt to use her fay shift, hoping that this shift in frequency would return her to the world of sound and colors, in reverse to how her magic normally worked. But instead of returning to which she came, she would shine a pale shade of blue, as her magic interfered with this strange reality. Not much else would happen, her magic not having its usual effect. Although not able to secrete Pixie Dust, she seemed to be able to fly just fine without it, for the time being. And she decided to fly around the room, there after leave the room, flying through the intended entrance, believing herself to be invisible. Her companions would not see, nor hear her, but instead be able to vaguely see this blue aura, a light reflection of her, cause by this dimensional disturbance, much alike the shining light emitted from Severin's transmutation circles. Eth would appear confused at first, pressing her hands against her belly, no longer emitting this green light. A short moment of sadness would pass, before she lost all sense of time, before she flew out of the 'throne room' and further into the hive, unaware of anyone else.
  4. Uhm, idk what 2 do, like, dont know if I can interact with anyone, or anything 😕
  5. Mhm, I can mostly scout, as it is rn, but that's y I wanna leave. I mean if I knew the details about the quest, like IC, I would prob have stayed away. But I might also leave soon, like if ma char remains useless, so.
  6. Also it would b fine with me, if yah all just b posting at will <3 like I'm fine with that, and I'll make sure 2 react also, don't worry supernal ;) But rn, ma char actually dont have that many talents, like her skills develop over time, so she don't know much rn. Also I don't have any tool or stuff.., I just got stolen candy, and the cloth I wear, cause im an exile and all that, so.
  7. No no it's fine, I'm just saying that there is no magic 2 it, like nothing ma fairy can do. I will find a way 2 get it out later lol, I don't hope we actually needed the orb, uhm.
  8. Idk if I should mention this ooc, buuuut ma char, strictly speaking, only have 1 spell, 2 if pixie dust is included. She just ate the orb, and apparently swallowed (according to others description), like I just decided 2 follow that idea. Idk how big the orb is, but this char is based on ma self, and I got a hyper mobile jaw, like a lot. Soooo I don't think size matter 2 much, but idk. There is no magic 2 it at least, I mean unless back ally street magic counts, I just wanted 2 mention <3
  9. @squid peanutYou can go ahead an hand wave the rest of your thread, I don't feel like continuing any of that, and I don't think I should be a part of that anymore. It was fun tho, I like ur character <3
  10. Wow.., where did that come from?? Go look at what I wroth, both in the chat, and in this thread, if you don't believe me. You might also want to focus on words, such as masculine and feminine, instead of male and female, dude. But tbh, I think we are done here, if this is gonna be the tone of this debate.
  11. Right, that looked real messy tbh, I'll try not 2 respond past ma bedtime, it were hard 4 myself 2 read tbh.
  12. Uhh.., did not notice if I forgot quotations, ima edit that, so sorry.
  13. Gynther were spinning his spear around, as were he some sort of drunk street performer, an awkward unwashed fire dancer, or perhaps the least disciplined monk of some long gone temple order. While all of these references may be comically describing Gynther's past, what happened next were fare from comically, well maybe in a somewhat dark and sadistic way. As the sniper far in the distance fired his rifle, the old man kept spinning his spear, slightly lowering himself, turning his head, so that the projectile would pass inches from his forehead. Guided by the voices in his head, Gynther moved forward, and seemingly by chance, deflecting projectiles from the 3 rangers, as he jumped into they air, drop kicking the nearest ranger in the throat, while mid air throwing his spear into the heart of the ranger next to him. As Gynther threw his spear, the velocity would send him spinning, while still mid air, he miraculously managed to draw a close combat Vakar weapon, from the remaining ranger. The old man would land crouched on 1 foot, turning on his heal, spinning like a demon, positioning him self right behind who he believed to be the leader. As Gynther placed the Vakar blade agains the throat of his hostage, he would speak to his human shield. "Stand down son, else no one will survive! And dont you try to play tricks on grandpa!" He would spit a little, as he said "I am only holding back, in they name of The Lord!" He said in a dry tone, as he farted loudly with stone face, making some of the elemental warriors laugh, loosing there focus for a moment. Gynther's intensity: 80%
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