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  1. I can continue posting, but I'm hesitant to move the story along too far while Rembrandt is AFK. There's also not much Skar can do at the moment, we hadn't gotten to the point where we were constructing the church. We could always do random encounters while resting, but that might be more work than it's worth.
  2. I don't mind waiting. You can take as long as you need. We can get back to this whenever ā¤ļø
  3. Thanks for the advice! I definitely understand now, I'll get along with making a new thread pretty soon, methinks. Thanks for your patience, as well šŸ™‚
  4. Ah, that makes sense! I can come up with something for this, I'm sure. Though, I'm not sure how I would politely write out the other members of the quest... I'm also uncertain on how I would add a new member (or multiple) to this quest... I'm tempted to tackle it solo, but it's a 2-4 player quest... AGH! Conundrums!
  5. Thanks for the advice šŸ™‚ ! I am a little unsure about what the next steps might be, could you clarify what you meant by this: Thanks again for all the help you've given me!
  6. This character is way darker than I'd normally play then, but I think considering the setting, it's a pretty awesome match. Also, I've had the idea of Sacromages for a while, and let me just say that no smart person would ever choose to use it. Many magics take as much as they give... Some require minimal components (some just happen for no costs at all, lol). This magic system takes so much more, than what you get from it. Sure, it's often quicker and stronger than other magics. It's still an unimaginably bad choice, for any spellcaster. The funny thing about Skar as a character, is that he truly doesn't fear when it all catches up to him. Most Sacromages either try to cheat their ends (most don't succeed), or simply decide to live powerfully now and suffer the consequences later. Skar embraces all of it. Keep in mind, this will not offer him any protection from his suffering. He doesn't know if it will for sure, but it doesn't matter to him, either way. It might seem like he's played the system or it might seem foolish. It's the latter, that's true. Sacromages will inevitably pay back what they've taken (those that avoid their darkest fate use other magics to do so). Not caring in this life is truly meaningless, because in the next thousands of agonies a Sacromage will suffer through, their mind will deteriorate to the point that their life of power is lost to them, and their existence becomes directionless agony. It's the superlative of a mundane real-world person saying, "I'll get drunk now for fun, even if I have an awful hangover tomorrow"... Except, it's on a scale that spans much further.
  7. Skar walked with Chrysma through the one known bastion of safety in the entire damned region, and actually agreed with the deranged cult-leader that getting out of here, and into literal hell was the superior option! He had been here before, and there honestly wasn't much going on. He had no reason to keep them waiting if they wanted to leave so quickly, so he gave a purposefully small, meek nod to Chrysma and stepped behind them, indicating he was willing to follow them. The two of them had already managed to get their identification checked out, so they had no trouble passing The Wall, and entering Yh'mi proper... Skar didn't have a sense for good vibes like Chrysma did... well, he could probably attain that power, but Sacromages were notoriously picky about how they used their powers... probably only second in lawyer-likeness to Diabolists themselves, who more often than not read through and revised several hundred pages of demonic contract before accepting the terms. Skar didn't really have that patience, and more urgently, he didn't care about his safety nor his life nearly as much as most mages (even dark mages) do. In fact, Skar had known since he started practicing Sacrificial Magic, that when he died, his soul itself would be brutally ripped apart by several entities of unfathomable cruelty... He himself had been the one to suggest it, after all As Skar brooded internally, the two senior cultists had already left Inns'th behind them. The rest of their cult would be following soon. Skar didn't care for how long they traveled, he would stop and set up camp when Chrysma decided it was time. After all... They would be traveling farther south than he ever had... Into lands of unthinkable horror and danger. Along their way, he hoped to become more wicked, or die trying No. That was backwards. He hoped to die.
  8. I'm still here šŸ™‚ I didn't know it was my turn to post (that makes sense, though)... sorry about the wait, I'll write something for Skar šŸ™‚
  9. @Maelstrom @Metty This RP has definitely slowed down a lot from it's original 1/Day pace... It's partially my fault, for not being more consistent in my reminders, I suppose. Would either of you be able to make a response, to move us forward? I'm also okay with agreeing on a slower pace, if you've become busier? Looking forward to hearing from you! - Froggy
  10. Axel held back the urge to swallow, as the first hints of sweat began to bead on his face; They formed as much from stress as they did from his actual exhaustion, which was quickly accumulating a hold over his reactions-- A knife flew towards him. He barely snapped out of his state of lethargy in time, as he heard the familiar whistle of death flying towards him. The rogue dodged clumsily, turning his back to the knife and moving to his side in one motion, as he nearly tripped over his legs. It was helpful to avoid being impaled, but the curved blade still scraped his back through his clothing, cutting a dash. Axel sighed. He was beginning to ponder over his choices, in this bizarre battle. Perhaps this man's seeming kindness that he had originally shown would have been enough to allow Axel to escape the fight with a victory. Then, a thought stampeded it's way to the front of his mind... He didn't have to die here, did he? ... His opponent had told him that it was entirely possible for him to concede the fight rather than lose his life ... It could be a lie, but everything about this was far too out of his ordinary for Axel to get a clear grasp on anything else, so he decided to place his faith. "This battle has been excellent, stranger. However, I believe you outmatch me completely. To my shame, I must concede this battle to you" Axel said to his opponent, bowing his head respectfully. He felt a little silly conceding when he hadn't even begun to bleed... but he knew that magic could kill you before you even knew about it. Even in this odd situation, he had no reason not to value his own life over an unexpected duel.
  11. As the armored lizardfolk and Axel's time-displaced acquaintance shared some dialogue and introductions, Axel was struck with a sudden pang of restlessness. He had gotten these a few times before... they usually meant he was meant to do something, not that he knew what that meant, or even knew if it was true... Axel had always felt somewhat special, even beyond his true material accomplishments... because his power of sorcerous augery had always looked out for him! As his two party members conversed, Axel stepped in. "Well, it's great to meet you both! I'll admit, I'm interi thested to know how you've heard of this job, thy well-adorned lady," Axel greeted the two others, his usage of the word "adorned" in reference to Arashi could mean many things, one of which may be in reference to her very interesting armor... though perhaps he was being playful? Even the damn slippery fellow himself didn't know! He continued with a small sigh, "But I'm afraid I've gotten an urge to start on up with this quest, yes? The sun is still high in the sky, let us move forward!" he said the second part, in his best impersonation of an inspiring flagbearer or perhaps a navigator. Though his words were dramatic, his movements weren't. Axel simply walked towards their contact... his feet moved almost silently even at this casual gait! His cloak swirled around him and barely swished! This man had some serious rogue skills. As he and his two companions reached Wallace, Axel stopped nearly immediately and rapped his knuckles on the oaken table, practically ripping the man's attention away from his bottle of red wine. Before the man could object, Axel pulled out a chair and sat down with utter grace and confidence despite the bold move. Before Wallace could retort, the rogue continued, "Ah, Wallace I presume?" he stuck out his hand, which the man watched for a moment, unsure of. "You are here acting as a contact for a noble in the city, correct?" Wallace nodded slightly, and Axel gave up on his handshake, letting his hand fall gently to the table, in a comfortable position. Axel leaned back, "Well? That's wonderful!" he exclaimed with overplayed glee, "Because I have been absolutely searching for the master of this job!" he said with a bright smile, flashing his flawless white-toothed grin! Wallace looked unimpressed and slightly irritated, "I saw you just over at the other end of the bar- you came straight here." Axel threw back his head and laughed, "Gods! You must think I drunker than you, yes?" he said with a smirk, causing the man a moment of self-conscious doubt. He leaned forward, "I apologise! I am just very excited to get my foot in this door, if you catch my drift?" he wiggled his eyebrows and smiled. Wallace sighed, "What are you, a damned bard? Act professional, boy!" perhaps the use of boy wasn't appropriate, Wallace seemed to be anywhere from late 20s to late 30s, maybe even in his early 40s, he was well-groomed, despite where he found himself. "Ah, I apologize sir. Introductions first, then?" He stood up, as he did an aura of shadow seemed to surround him for an instant, before vanishing as if it hadn't appeared at all, "I am Axel Voidstar! Thief extraordinaire! I would be honored by your patron to solve his little thief problem!" Wallace raised an eyebrow at that statement, and Axeled chuckled, "I know! How ironic! Don't worry, the thieves' guild doesn't exist, and if they do they have no policy for taking bounties on failure worms!" Axel said, not even trying to hide the existence of a thieves' guild! How bold! Wallace groaned, "Fine, you seem qualified. And your friends?" Axel waved to them, but said one more thing first, "Before they introduce themselves, allow me to stake my claim on those fancy surgical knives, yes? In case they would be in high demand!" Axel gave a bittersweet smile to his allies, as if to silently apologize for ripping the best reward right from under their nos-- "No worries lad, Master Wynnvalir has multiple sets of those knives, if your friend seek the same reward" Wallace informed the group. Axel didn't respond, but instead gave the other two members of this quest the opportunity to speak with Wallace on any matters they wished to discuss.
  12. Ah, okay. No worries, then. I'll move us along. I didn't originally read what you wrote as a request, I figured it was an offer: "Also you can skip me this round"
  13. This is probably my fault the quest slowed down... I should've made this post earlier. Basically, if I'm understanding correctly, we're waiting on you right now @Metty, because Otto was inquiring from Arashi their name. It would be awkward to move forward without addressing that. If it was a problem of not having time to post, I understand, but it's been a dozen days since then. Also, I just thought to remind us that the pace of this quest is 1/Day. I don't mind how we interpret that (it could be one post each per day, or just one total post per day). I'm totally still up for this roleplay (if either of you are having trouble with how active it's supposed to be, I don't mind lowering the pace), I'm just a bit worried that nobody has posted (not even here) in quite a while. I should've checked in earlier, but I've been busy, my apologies. Looking forward to hearing back from y'all!
  14. Axel's blow had damaged his enemy... but... his blade felt stiff... Also, Cain's reaction to being wounded filled Axel with the antithesis of confidence, which frustrated him... Uncertainty was one of his least favorite emotions! Along with boredom... shame... that feeling you get when a rich bastard refuses to pay you... he also didn't like being trapped. This man seemed to have a pool of abilities of which Axel could not see a bottom! Hopefully if he did defeat this dark mage, he'd never have to fight him again! Axel believed his chances of winning were rapidly dwindling with the longer this fight went on! The bright side thus far was that he still had a couple tricks up his sleeve, and also of course that the rogue had drawn first blood... at the cost of a sword, it seemed? Besides his remaining combokinetic tricks, and his arguably most powerful ability... which was purely reactive, and incredibly tiring... Axel was down on his luck, and was determined to get his opponent too busy swordfighting him to use any further magic-- But, then the man's right sickle was gone, and instead, his palm was inches from the hooded gentleman's abdomen... before Axel could twist out of the way, or use his other blade to sever the fist, that was now adorned with an odd runic artifact... BLAM! The power of such impressive force, at such close range blew Axel's hair back! It was impossible to dodge! Axel grit his teeth and clenched his muscles, ready to be knocked back and preparing for the pain he knew would come from the heat that roared in his trajectory... momentum began to occur but then- VVVWISH! Axel blinked once... and then sagged internally. A wave of lethargy flowed through him, just as the reality of this world rushed back to meet him. His ability... it had activated on it's own! He was surprised... but not shocked. This wasn't entirely new... His Warp-Dodge seemed to work on an unconscious level... it had saved him from quite a few projectiles or knives he'd never seen coming... One time it had even saved him from being stabbed in his sleep! But... how did it stop an unpreventable attack? Is... that why this exhaustion felt so much worse than normal??? Axel had to take advantage of this opportunity! Wait-- had... had Cain said something? Yes, he had asked a question... was it rhetorical? Wait-- Cain was speaking... again? "I guess you've found your bearings, huh?" That... wha...? He already asked that question! Or... was this warp-dodge ability really this powerful? What had it done? Axel tried not to show too much of his confusion on his face... He had always had a moment of deja vu after this ability activated... but... this was much stronger! Thousands of possibilities rushed through Axel's mind... which just tired him more! Finally, his brain settled on the simplest explanation for what had happened... normally, whenever this ability was activated, Axel was hit... but then he would be unhit... or, rather, he would anomalously cheat out an evasion! But.... this time, in the face of these dire, unique and outlandish circumstances.... the ability had done something different... something that seemed deceptively similar! It had undone the fact that Cain had ever attacked him at all! His heart raced with extreme intensity, and his face lost all sense of composure! This activation had done so much more than usual, but it had extracted an even higher price! The runic thingie was still in Cain's grasp, and everything else seemed to be happening just as it had... but, there had been no force push... Cain had... what had Cain done? Axel thought hard about this, as he entered a fighting stance and moved towards Cain, who had backed up quite far away! Then, Axel Voidstar remembered. He remembered that Cain Rose had not made an attack against him... Everything else was the same... but instead of attacking back, Cain had continued moving backwards and using his other abilities, as if the thought of attacking hadn't even occurred! Axel had only one rapier now, since Cain had taken the other one... how much time had passed, as Axel's brain recoiled? It felt like a dozen seconds... but that wasn't true! Had it really only been two seconds??? Axel shook his head as the last of the fuzziness faded from his mind. He had only one rapier now, his left one... this wasn't ideal... He held it in front of him, crossed diagonally across his chest, the point passing several inches over his right shoulder. His right hand grasped his waist... was he going to draw another weapon? He responded to Cain in a voice that was equally sympathetic as it was filled with worry... "I hope so" he said simply, before leaping back towards Cain off his right foot, with his right knee raised, moving at a similar speed to before... though he was slightly slower due to his exhaustion, the main thing that had been drained from him was his stamina. Which was ironic considering he had wanted to end the fight quickly... it seemed now, that would be happening... one way or another.
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