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    The Lounge

    Noor was surprised to be able to touch the flower, its soft petals brushing her fingertips. She leaned in closer and inhaled the pleasant scent of the flower. "Magitech...as in magic with technology?" She wondered aloud, "'Luminal illusion entertainment system'...Interesting." She stood up and patted her dress back in place. She nodded, "Yes it would be nice to shake your hand Mister Prognosticator." At that moment, there was a loud growl and Zoozoo jumped in front of them, the mouse between her teeth. Noor looked down and blinked in approval, "Good job, Zoozoo." She leaned down and took the mouse from the cat before it dies. Then turned around and freed it for Zoozoo to run after it again. She faced the Prognosticator and nodded again, "Yes please do inquire them, and if they are busy I can spar with one of yours."
  2. Lanaloo

    The Lounge

    Noor's jaw fell. She blinked several times trying to process what she heard and saw. When Zoozoo realized the figures were looking at her she sat elegantly and held her head high in a picturesque manner. But when the room started changing she stood on her tiptoes and arched her back in fright. The moment she saw the mouse though, her pupils contracted into black slits and her eyes narrowed. She lowered her body slowly. Then, in a flash, she jumped and ran behind the mouse. Noor was still dumbfounded. "This...is so cool! What kind of technology is this?? Does that mean I can walk through you?" she asked with wide eyes. Then she ran around in the grass, she sat down and touched one of the flowers trying to feel it. The sun shone in a beautiful way and she couldn't help but smile widely at the beauty of the seen she was in.
  3. Lanaloo

    The Lounge

    The moment the figure uttered the letter H Zoozoo was already five feet in the air, having jumped in surprise. Noor doubled up with laughter, it has been long since she laughed this much and it felt good. "Hello to you too...! Wow...you look umm. Never mind? How did you get these figures??" Noor gaped. This is so coooool! she thought. She circled around the three figures in aww. Zoozoo also came around to sniff them with great interest. Noor looked at Zoozoo in thought, "What is it Zoozoo? Do they smell good? Because if they smell good to you then they smell bad to me, you like the smell of trash." Zoozoo looked up and glared at Noor as if saying, 'And you like the smell of flowers!! That's horrible!' She then wrinkled her nose and walked away. Noor pursed her lips, "Hmm, interesting, they don't smell bad according to Zoozoo." She went back to her spot and faced the Prognosticator, "Actually I was thinking to see if any of the newcomers wanted to spar, but it would be nice if you could show me how to operate the sparring room and where to get the weapons? On another note, do you happen to have a mouse figure like these three? I want my cat here to do some exercise. Also what can I call you?"
  4. Lanaloo

    The Lounge

    Noor had entered the lounge some time ago when she saw the tavern full, and couldn't make sense of all the different creatures she had never seen before, she had slipped away from the chaos and into the lounge. Her brown/black fluffy cat Zoozoo had followed her with hair puffed up, eyes wide and hissing and growling sounds emitting from her body. Noor had looked at her and laughed, after all it was she who led her into the tavern. "Come on Zoozoo! We are all alone let's check out all the rooms here!!" Noor told the cat. First room she ran into was the sparring room. She tightened the scarf around her head so as not to come in the way, and was thankful she wore a short dress with pants for she can move easier in it. Then she imagined an opponent in front of her and started fight dancing. After Zoozoo had calmed down she followed Noor into the room. She sat with her back to the wall, then got her tongue out and started grooming her long fur which required her to pull her head as far as she can from her body. Mid pull she froze. Noor tensed, "What is it Zoozoo?" she asked. She walked a few steps closer and that's when she heard it. She couldn't make out any words but she could make out sounds. Someone came. "It's okay Zoozoo this isn't a private area, there will be people." She said, then went back to her fictional fight.
  5. Lanaloo

    The Tavern

    Noor stared at her cat, deep in thought. The cat's glowing golden eyes stared back. "So...where is the place Zoozoo?" Noor asked the cat. She said she wanted to go explore the worlds outside earth, so they took her to a guy name Phsyco... She should have stopped then, but no she persisted and went to him. He said he will lead her to a world that will be filled with creatures other than humans, this time she should have really stopped, creatures other than animals and humans?? Hah! But no she was stupid enough to believe and continue! Now what? He said there will be a tavern where she can eat and rest. She went into the portal he created and now she is stuck in the middle of nowhere! At least she had Zoozoo to keep her company. The place was dark and she could barely see a thing. Noor sighed, "I guess we'll have to walk for another hour or two Zoozoo..." she looked at her cat's fluffy brown tail, it was in the form of a question mark. "Zoozoo? You see something?" she looked at her eyes, they were wide open and staring at some kind of sad looking wooden structure. "Oh come on Zoozoo, he said it is a tavern, a tavern! Not a piece of old wood with a roof." Noor walked on, then realized Zoozoo was not following. She turned around and saw Zoozoo still staring at the hut. She pursed her lips then decided to follow her companion instead of the reverse. Zoozoo turned her lion like head toward her, got the message, then turned back to the hut and cat walked toward it in a kingly fashion. Noor rolled her eyes, "This better not be a trap to laugh at me Zoozoo!" Then it hit her, the smell. The smell of freshly made yummy foods. She focused her eyes and true to his word, 'The Tavern' was written on the sign. "Wait Zoozoo!" she called out to her cat. Zoozoo turned around slowly then understood, she sat down and started licking her right black paw. Noor held her vanilla colored scarf and started fixing it on her head to cover her light brown wavy hair. She had taken it off during the walk since the place was empty of people but now since she was going in she needed to cover up. She was wearing a short long-sleeve green dress with black pants to cover her legs. Once done she looked at Zoozoo then tsked, "Your fur is full of dirt." She dusted her down combing her fingers through Zoozoo's long black brown fur. Once done, she stood up and walked in. The moment her eyes fell onto the interior she gasped, How big is this place?? From the outside it looks like it is barely holding itself up! She turned right at the door, looked at the weapons counter, placed her bow and arrows, then followed her nose to the source of the smell. As she walked farther in, she couldn't help but gasp at all the different looking creatures. One in particular caught her eye, a woman from the top and goat from the bottom. "H..hello? I don't want to be mean but what kind of creature are you?" Noor asked the woman. Zoozoo on the other hand, was standing on her tiptoes with her back at an n angle and her hair standing on end.
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