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  1. I KNOW WHAT KHAIPERION IS! I didn't know they had another name. Any word back on that? I think we have enough to start, soon.
  2. I don't know what a Hyperion is haha, but yes, that sound sgreat
  3. Bump. Please remember to actually post to sign up. Three people isn't enough.
  4. Romilly is the cute guy, right? 😛 Xiu may or may not hage a teeeensy crush and try to get his hand in marriage.
  5. Also it reads like they're working together/the Commander is in charge of the CoP... But I might've just misread
  6. He doesn't want competition, and also wants the Cult of Power gone, and the Commander is suspicious.
  7. if anything goes wrong, Xiu is probably going to blame it on the Commander and Cult of Power. That would give him a more legitimate casus belli, and heavier support. 😄
  8. gee, wonder what those are for. If you try to assassinate the Grand Kommandant, Xiu will eat u. Just a heads up 😛
  9. I got an important canon position on the biggest kingdom in Renovatio, and to actually claim it I need at least one page, but would prefer more. I'm opening this up to everyone, and would like an announcement. Sadly IDK how to run threads very well, so if a Storyteller can help with that, that'd be appreciated. I have a rough map outlining different points in the RP, tho, ranging from introductions to the tribute to the Grand Kommandant.
  10. FOR THE GOOD OF THE PEOPLE OF AVYLON! but... uh... on a more serious note? fun. It's a social activity. And to test out concepts and stuff.
  11. come sign up for the Avylonian Coronation! 😄 Foreigners from Renovatio and beyond are welcome. Sadly I can't claim Avylon until I get at least a full page to claim her ;-;




  12. Genre/Location/Renovation Coronation in Nehalen NOTE: When you sign up please state if you are from Nehalen or not. If you're from outside of Renovatio, please state that as well. DRAGONS OR DRAGON REPRESENTATIVES, including NPCs, are extremely welcomed as long as you can figure out a way to fit them into a castle that has presumably been built for humans. For centuries, influence from the nearby Song Archipelago (OOC: think of it as a smallish Eastern Culture land that’ll hopefully peak people’s interests to get more non-Western influence on the board) has influenced the religion and trade of their brethren overseeing the Primacy of Avylon. From the Mountain-Lords ruling within the colonies burrowed into the Xionic Mountains, to the bourgeoisie of the influential Merchant Guild - who wish to form a trade league led by Avylon - there have been few that have not come to be aware of the relationship between the young but unmarried and childless ruler of Avylon and Xiu of the Song Shogunate. The noble clans of Avylon as well as the peasantry have long prayed to a Great Eastern Drake only to find the results were flourishing crops, pleasing weather, successful fishing, and a slight fatigue following prayers save for when one was going into battle that has since intensified upon his landing in Avylon. Transformed from a non-traditional Duchy-esque entity with Songese and Oo'Xora style clans in place of noble houses to a Grand Shogunate overnight, though still firmly within the national borders of the Kingdom of Nehalen, there are presumably changes to come in the following weeks, months, and years that OOCly will look like updated lore pages and user lore pages while in-character these will touch upon the Rise of Avylon mentioned in my plots. With the extinction of the class of Primes that once ruled over the Kingdom, unintended consequences wrought by the Fall of Primes have brought the presence of the ancient and storied Clan Song - so ancient, indeed, that they seem to have existed before the written record - to Nehalen once again. Considered a disturbance of their new order by some, a reckoning from the last whispers of butchered Gods by others, and an interesting opportunity that will bolster the numbers of the kingdom and insure the Kingdom's merchant ships can be escorted by the Songese Dragon Fleet, there are many opinions on the matter. Some have kept them to themselves, while others discuss the matter with close friends. Rumors swirl about the ending of Avylonian contribution to federal military forces, as Songese soldiers appear in large groups in Avylon and the iron-hulled skyships - with enchanted hulls able to traverse sky or sea - of the Songese Dragon Fleets loom over the Xionic Mountains. Avylon is lush with the world's largest reservoir of Dragon’s Tears, an untapped and widely prized black oil that is imbued with the magick of the draconic ancestors that once ruled the world and can be found in bone-rocks within the stones of the land, while the Song have experience using this for a wide variety of feats, including in the use in their iron-hided turtle ships which have long represented a dominant naval force in Renovatio and come with new techniques that have allowed them to bypass the end of the age of black gold in the Song by extracting in a new, more efficient method. A heathen ruler, Xiu encourages dragon worship - something that has been creeping through Avylon - but it has only become more apparent as of late as the inheritance of Avylon brings more attention to the area. Known to be ambitious as well as having something of a reputation as someone who has lived far too long to be a normal human, Xiulan of Song, also known as the the Tigerlily Prince, operates off of the Mandate of Heavens, enabled by the Gods - his ancestors - to have divine rule, albeit one that encourages the nature of humans as innately spiritual creatures. Mysterious, well-educated, and a master statesman, his relative possessed the ability to use the draconic language to some magical effect, was able to understand any language spoken to him as well as garner that same understanding, and was rumored to be able to heat up kettles of water for imported Song teas without the use of a flame. Rumors are flying, and say that Xiulan has lived so long his relative was in fact his descendant while Xiulan retained his youth. The Merchant Guild has picked up other rumors on Xiu's intent to form a merchant fleet, and have sided with him, making the bourgeois an increasingly militarized faction to contend with as they now see him in their best interests - save for a small hick-up with a change in taxes brought by the beginnings of cataloguing every coin, item, person, and tract of land in Avylon. Others can do little to interrupt the line of inheritance established by Avylon without enraging traditionalists who see Xiu as the most immediate next of kin due to the Song cadet branch overseeing the now-former Duchy having gone extinct while increasingly verifiable rumors of Xiu being one of the Dragon Lords begin to peak in the area. The Heavenly Order of the Drakensang has incorporated the Knights of Zen into their membership as a semi-autonomous branch, and samurai have been seen appearing within Avylon for several weeks and months before the Duke’s death with rumors of ninja - a mystical and dangerous group - having representatives within the court continuing to perpetuate the increasingly dominant Songese influences in the area. The draconic races seem to be well aware of what Xiu is, and he has extended invitations to them and their representatives, as well as a number of other non-human races, though he has yet to blatantly confirm the so-called “rumors” of what he is. Perhaps they are only rumors because taking the form of a human for so long is a difficult feat for any dragon, or perhaps they are only rumors because of something much more mundane - they are less believable as truth, and more believable as the seamlessly seeded rumors of a young man in a position of power, a master manipulator, yes, but a young man nonetheless. The crest of the Chrysanthemum has descended upon Avylon, bringing with it the pomp and circumstance of a lush land with a rich culture and bestiary (think a combo area for Japanese, Korean, and Chinese influences). As the fervor of Xiulan of Song's coronation spreads, the energy feeds a blossoming of tigerlillies and chrysanthemums across the lands. An omen… But of what? Is it the coming of a new age for the Song? Formerly, the Shogunate of Song, now the Grand Shogunate of Song and Avylon, was powerful enough to defend against invasion and intimidate others but not necessarily powerful enough to expand. With a population that doubled overnight, and the potential to greatly expand their already impressive fleet of skyships, that is no longer the case and the Songese military is going to grow increasingly dangerous as their technology seeps into Avylon in a new Enlightenment policy that intends to teach magick, new crafts, and expand the skillset of makers, including production centers, and magician alike. Now, the Grand Kommandant wishes to welcome his new subordinate to the lands, and is holding an event in the Tigerlily Prince’s honor with a joint invitation list having gone out far and wide and gifts of silks, porcelain, jade, and more rumored to be brought as tribute to the Grand Kommandant. Fun Trivia Xiu has apparently expressed interest in installing a painting of the Grand Kommandant in a Muse Room representing the most beautiful and fascinating individuals of the land, though with how tight-lipped his upper ranking followers can be this is likely only known because he is seeking out such a painting. Who else will join the Muse Room, and does the Grand Shogun's interests apply to marriage as some insist, despite his apparent hobby of homoerotic art collection? Fun question: is it a rumor, or a strategic leak to gauge reactions? Muse Room: The Grand Kommandant Foreigners: Camelia Sorena Perynut and his daughter Zerrorth Renovations None so far The Nehalenese Grand Kommandant Romilly
  13. I. DESIGNATION Military Organization II. HIERARCHY WARRANT OFFICERS Warrant Officer PETTY OFFICERS Master Chief Petty Officer Chief Petty Officer Senior Petty Officer Petty Officer SEA MEN Leading Seaman Able Seaman Seaman First Class Seaman Second Class JUNIOR OFFICERS Lieutenant Lieutenant Junior Grade Ensign SENIOR OFFICERS Grand Shogun (Commander-in-Chief) Fleet Admiral Admiral Vice Admiral Rear Admiral (upper half) Rear Admiral (lower half) Captain Commander Lieutenant Commander III. DATA LOCATIONS Avylonian Naval Bases Song Isles Naval Bases AFFILIATIONS Allies — Songese Privateers Enemies — Pirates, Harassing Vessels, Kingdom of Ascension Neutral Parties — N/A IV. ESTABLISHMENT Agenda/Current Goals The Songese Dragon Fleet’s goals are to protect the interests of the Grand Shogunate at seas and in the air, fulfill a military logistics role, combat enemy fleets, protect trade in the Nehalen area and beyond with a focus on the Grand Shogunate’s interests, protect against invasion, explore, enable diplomatic transport, protect coastal towns, and transport armies. Accomplishments The Songese Dragon Fleet possesses high levels of advantage compared to other fleets, primarily through iron-clad turtle ships and other vessels propelled by a dragon's blood. The Dragon's Blood is converted into magical energy, and is considered more effective than traditional methods of propulsion. This powers the enchantment on the hull, enabling faster propulsion than competing sea-faring or aerial designs while the propulsion can additionally functional in both settings. The turtle ships can also traverse water, and can use dragonriders and enchanted flying golems as fighters, surveillance, attack, and bombers. The Dragon Fleet uses skyships that don’t rely on the traditional airship mechanism but rather use enchanted floating hulls. The turtle ships of all sizes are also equipped with explosive suicide golems, specially designed and enchanted arrows similar to the rounds fired by their Hwacha, which may also be used on their ships. The Dragon Fleet also uses Panokseon, hyeopseon (primarily used for recon), bigedeo (a small and fast vessel), and geomseon (a miniature version of the turtle ship). The Dragon Fleet is approximately the size of the Korean fleet as it was during the Invasion of Korea in the 1500s and possesses approximately 2,000 vessels. About a third of these vessels are support, reconnaissance, and tender vessels, or fill out the military logistics role in some other way. Only about 15% are turtleships, with all others being smaller vessels. They possess only two with heavy draconic and golem complements, the largest vessels in the fleet, with the larger being Xiulan's own personal flagship - the Drakensang. As is fitting, the turtle ships possess a figurehead that can function as a flamethrower, depositing a devastating Dragon's Breath (a napalm like substance) as needed. With a long and ancient naval tradition, the Dragon Fleet is a terrifying force to behold. It should be noted, however, that the Songese Dragon Fleet’s ships tend to have crews under 30, with the turtleships being the only vessels to possess a crew as large as they do as it is around 200 men strong. Please note that soldiers transported and passengers don’t count as crew. The Songese military has also inherited the former Avylonian navy's airships. Because they have separate technological origins, this makes logistics a bit more difficult and Avylonian airships are unlikely to be able to be repaired if significantly damaged due to the conversion of the majority of airship-focused service facilities to those focused on servicing Skyships. The majority of Avylonian skyships have been converted into automated fireships, and covered in ceramic enchanted to be weightless to add a fragmented element. Operating on a trigger, they are likely to be extremely effective. VI. How to Join & Members Just PM me to join.
  14. Xiulan of Song Title The Beginner Fame Recognition Threads None yet ;-; Other Threads to Keep Track Of Xiu of Song - profile RP
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