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  1. Philosophers have been asking this question since ancient Greece. The most widely held opinion (originating with Socrates and later refined by St. Thomas Aquinas and again by Bertrand Russell) is that "yes, for all dogs are good boys and good boys get belly rubs." So besides the fact that I really don't know how to begin quantifying a creature's magi/bio strengths+weaknesses in a way that you can half them, I think this would all come down to a question of implementation. For example, if she has 32 lives and each life is incredibly difficult to take then...yeah. If she has 32 lives but you're reasonable about taking on damage/shedding skins, then we're in business. Similarly, if you magic pebble does nuke style damage then you have a problem, but if the magic pebble you're spamming is akin a heavy blow from other characters then maybe it works out. The most worrying to me is the magic tapeworms™, which easily become OP/might overstep what your fellow RPers are comfortable with. How does one get de-wormed? Does this make sense/help? Also, I should mention this is a weird RP in the sense that a monster like yours being reasonably OP would be interesting for keeping things spicy. (More on this below.) My main request is that you keep her capped somewhere around the power level where the PCs can push her back enough for them to get through the portal (if it comes to that) and that ultimately she can be handled by NPCs like Lior/"Rose" (since at the end they will be essentially turning this into a prison city and will likely boot your monster since that isn't good for business). @HollowCipher @whimsical @Sirloin @Veir @stuv @Kronos2845 (Wow there are more people than I realized lol but this is kinda what I imagined at the very start of all this, so good!) How do y'all feel about this Alien type scenario being something to keep the plot moving? We can always make an NPC to get *~magic tapewormed~* in the party if nobody wants to volunteer their character for weird alien surrogate parenting. I don't want to dictate a yes if y'all aren't comfortable with it. (I think it could be cool though and definitely on brand for Dead Peaks lol)
  2. This has been on the back of my mind all day lol To elaborate on, (possibly) clarify, and generalize that confusing example I gave (or make it more confusing, let's see) this is kind of how I was thinking about your original post: Making an analogy to program design/control flow The stuff happening during X would be like taking in user input, The state of the world triggering an event on Y is like running the "state of variables in the program" through conditional statements (if, if-else, if-elif-else, etc.) that change what variables will be used going forward/pivot the functions used by the program, Things only being available during Z is like running certain variables through conditional statements + assigning values to constants/creating new variables depending on the outcome of those conditionals. Now, under this paradigm, it's easy to see how you could mix and match these "data structures"/"algorithms" to set up big multi-thread events that sort of "run their coarse" with minimal need for constant tweaking by the DM/organizer. (They'd only need to "intervene" at very specific points which they've pre-determined). Is this kind of what you had in mind? (Except simpler examples closer to what I mentioned above.) Or did I just make absolutely no sense at all? lol
  3. How have large-scale world events worked in the past? I could see this being super effective and fun for multi-thread scale type things. For example (using existing lore): the Safeguard act is being proposed+hashed up by politicians/empire leaders over a span of X. Depending on what people do during this span the safeguard act might vary in certain ways. Now X has gone by, the safeguard act is about to be manifested (or not), another thread is set up. Depending on how this thread goes/is going and how the events during X played out we have established Y, this triggers something like the Terrenus civil war. Now we are in the civil war and civil war-y things are happening. During predetermined period Z of the civil war (e.g. parts of Phase 1,2,3) there are certain canon events/items/interactions that players can do/get/have, but that cannot exist outside this period. Looking forward to seeing how the concept you're playing with gels in your mind 🙂
  4. @supernal What do you think? Does their character's appearance being a cause (or partial cause) of the loci event sound reasonable? @Kronos2845, I don't see how their arrival coinciding with the loci event would be problematic, but I'll leave that to supernal too since I've already performed the summoning ceremony that brings his eyes right here. Also, I imagine that having their appearance be caused by the loci event is also an easily explainable state of affairs (i.e. the opposite of what you suggested, but don't worry about needing to consider it since I'm just throwing it out there). Just a warning that this sort of thing might work well for the normal prisoners/guards during the prison break, but it would fall pretty flat on some of the big wigs in the prison like the warden, Lior, "Rose", etc. (and PCs of course might not respond to it like you'd hope). Not saying "don't do this", just giving you a warning that it might get you into a pickle with some of the NPCs lol. (Should be fine if you're already part of the group and we can cover for you though. Might even be a good way to join the group/get us into a tension point of the story.) Easy and easy! One of the obstacles I wanted to incorporate near the portal is a battle with the Warden that get's interrupted by both Lior and "Rose" (very powerful NPCs). I was also thinking that Raven (the NPC my character has been prison chums with) would be revealed dead or dying at this point...plus there'll be lots of magic boom booms and corpses hanging off figurative chandeliers the entire journey, so you'll have plenty of fodder for this. If you wanted a specific kind of confrontation with these concepts for your character, then I'm sure we could also get that going 🙂 Hmmm, I'm happy to think of stuff if you'd like 🙂 A number would be pretty natural, but we can also easily come up with something based on greek myth as like a secret government "case name" or something. @supernal anything come to mind for you/previous government secret type stuff you've named for the Terrans in the past? No man's land between my response to Kronos and bees... It's not a matter of legality 🙂 You're welcome to play any character you want, including unnaturals. It'd just be a hard sell that an unnatural/unnatural-like being would be working as a guard at this facility. My impression is that the Terrans are pretty devout/extreme about Gaianism, so they just don't play any games in this space. I imagine a good analogy with the real world is: You are proposing a character who got a gig at a tippity top secret facility for the US government, but the character has a suspicious past that could indicate sketchy relations with a foreign power (e.g. terrorists). IRL it basically wouldn't matter how useful this person is or how irreplaceable, they just aren't going to get the clearance they'd need to work/casually enter at that tippity top secret facility. (Not sure if you've ever been involved with the clearance process IRL, but I've literally gotten calls asking about folks I haven't talked to in almost a decade to follow up on their self-reported recreational drug use...that's how intense they are about the vetting for these kinds of places lol) Ahh I see. Yeah, they don't really have an inmate cafeteria. Also, aside from when folks are getting brought out from the pocket dimension for experimentation (which this power would be mucho helpful for), there is almost no interaction between inmates and guards. The prison is set up where the prisoners are basically forced to keep themselves contained. Sorta like a heavily guarded version/intensified sci-fi+fantasy spin on the panopticon idea, i.e. they are compelled to be their own guards to survive/you're only really imprisoned when your mind is/no time to think about freedom when your thoughts are oscillating between wallowing in your suffering and having basic survival needs met/hard-core dog-eat-dog capitalism in prison form type of gist. Happy to see you're excited! And good morning 🙂 haha The sentient chimera route is actually what I was going to suggest! You can even integrate the casserole concept lol Basically could be: you are everybody's favorite chimera, not really seen as a guard/person, but a sentient/intelligent chimera guard. Once the prison break starts, this opens up pretty much everything you've been mentioning + might even give you some avenues of exploring low-key resentment towards a system that kept you from rising in the ranks/being acknowledged even though you had the skills, personality, and attitude for it. All that would change really is the title and probably how some of the other employees see/treat you. (I imagine you'd be confronted with the Gaian/Unnatural equivalent of discrimination/racism which is always an interesting theme to explore.) I would watch the shit out of either a slice-of life+cutsey anime or classic sit-com with a laugh track (a la Friends or Full-House) based on this idea lmao. Basically that show New Girl, but instead of Zooey Deschanel you just have this unexpectedly nice monster thing that does gross stuff that leads to a primo camera pan scenarios lmao
  5. Just the walkway up to the tree-house doors--that's all there was left before we reached Emilio's party, but Pablo stopped walking and just stared from a distance. One, two, maybe five minutes, I really have no way of knowing how long we stood there while Pablo acted like an awkwardly enthusiastic weirdo; time has a way of moving unpredictably when you're self-aware of being a little creepy. Normally I'd tell Pablo to stop, but I was on the job and a good biographer doesn't intervene with his subjects--I'm just a shadow, a fly on the wall, a salad at a barbecue, the raisins in the trail-mix...you get what I'm saying. I just hoped that nobody was watching and tried everything in my power to make this pause a little less strange: forced attempts at looking like I was reading a map, forced attempts at looking like I lost something small on the floor, and even forced attempts at acting like I was just looking for something in my backpack. All the while Pablo just stood there oblivious to his own weirdness with an ear-to-ear grin sprawled on his face, hands near his chest with thumbs tucked under his backpack straps, and his feet restlessly shifting undearneath him--he looked like an over-eager youngster watching the school bus doors swing open on his first day riding with the older kids. He'd been itching for an excuse to come visit Emilio since the day he heard stories about the old adventurer living outside town; in Pablo's eyes the old man was like a hero, a near textbook personification of everything Pablo wanted to be, minus the glitter and glamour of legends. Finally, after Gaia knows how long, we made the final approach. In some bumbling hybrid between a power-walk, skip, and a gallop Pablo left me behind as he sprung towards the tree-house's wide-open doors. I jotted down notes as quickly as I could as he reached the entryway; I needed to be ready to dislodge the enthusiastic wannabe-adventurer from the doorframe if he got stuck (again). Pablo's backpack was almost comically stuffed with his life's possessions; the bag was practically bursting at the seams and had pots and pans dangling off the sides--the cartoonish proportions were only exaggerated by the massive shield strapped to the back of the pack like a gaudy metallic turtle shell. To my surprise, the clumsy lad made it through with minimal clanking of pots grazing the doorframe. "Hello Emilio!" Pablo blurted to a totally empty room in a tone often reserved for the closest of friends. A normal person might take a moment to assess the situation, but not Pablo. To Pablo this just meant our fashionably late entrance wasn't over; Emilio and his guests had moved into the yard and so shall we. Before I could suggest that we wait a moment before inviting ourselves in and walking through this complete stranger's home, Pablo blasted through the house and straight out towards the yard. "Hello Emilio!" Pablo blurted again as soon as he stepped out into the yard, not really worrying about whether Emilio (or anybody else) was actually present this time around. Pablo beelined straight for the crowd with his big smile fixed in place. "Old man Rod, the fishmonger, said that his cousin Marie, the one with the funny lisp, said that her friend Dora, the kinda mean one that makes that good bread, said that you were having strangers over today. So I came!" Pablo said these names like everybody knew who he was talking about, a habit that basically broadcasts the fact that Pablo hasn't fully adjusted to living in a place with more than 50 people. While he made his noisy entrance to clanking of pots, I just gave a polite nod and jotted down notes, clearly trying to do my job with my head low. Unlike Pablo, a painfully honest simpleton, I had enough self-awareness to feel shame...even if this was a gathering of a motley cast of characters that seemed to make even Pablo look socially well-acclimated.
  6. Dupin

    Fake Book Reviews

    Thanks y'all! I added these to the "back cover" for now. I'll be editing/formatting that post at some point to make things fit more aesthetically, but for now this is what y'all contributed towards! (And likely that's what it'll be for a very long time until I feel the urge to play with HTML again.) Thanks again! Also, to anybody else, I am still open for business! If you want to give your best IC Blurbs/Testemonials/Reviews for a random book you'd probably find on the $1 discount rack outside a shop, then please hit me!
  7. My pleasure! This seems like it'll nicely allow us to meld @whimsical in too! Honestly I'm cool with any of these if done reasonably. Also, before I give my two cents, I want to emphasize that my opinion is less important than you being excited to play the character over all. (Unless you just want a temp character for this thread, in which case never mind lol.) With that said here are my thoughts (in the order you gave them): The Regular Guard is obviously the easiest to fit in, so I'll leave that at that. The Corrupt Guard is probably the second easiest to play reasonably. Basically the risk here is that "the nail that sticks out gets hammered"...especially in a super-max prison facility for the worst prisoners and where the Terran empire also does awful inhumane/unethical experiments that they certainly want to keep secret. In particular, the things I would note are: (i) You'd have to be pretty careful that the Terran's (the empire folks running the prison) don't mistake your dragon ways for being an "Unnatural". They're gaians and gaians would basically toss you in with the prisoners/experiment on you/kill you if they suspected something of this nature. (ii) Dragons are pretty rare, and the abilities you're describing sound pretty handy, you'd have to be careful the mad scientist types in the prison don't decide to start experimenting on you/find excuses to. (e.g. the rumors involving melting stuff, the capacity to survive decapitation, and to regenerate quickly). (iii) Security is very tight at Dead Peaks, and the internal review process for guards is probably VERY VERY strict. Corruption would likely not be tolerated and would likely be very closely watched out for (this type of leak could also be used for helping prisoners escape). In this vein, guards are brought to the prison for 7 year shifts and pretty much no movement in or out happens otherwise, so getting the info out would be tough + put you at risk for items (i) and (ii) I just mentioned. (iv) Before the start of this thread the prison was a magic-free zone. So things like transforming, flying, etc. would be extremely limited (a simple way of riding the line of what would've worked is to ask "Is this something like a cat showing its claws, or would this require "magical" body transformations/effects?") The reason the guards can geomance is because of some secret hardwired magitech bone-etching technology thing that the Terrans do before putting them on guard duty at dead peaks. The Horrifying Guard is probably the hardest to pull off. Again the risk is that "the nail that sticks out gets hammered" for the same reasons as the corrupt guard. The particular things I would note: (i) You'd have to be REALLY REALLY that the Terran's don't mistake your parasitic creature for being an "Unnatural". The reason I emphasize the REALLY is because this seems very unnatural-esque to an observer and so any rumors would get you poked, prodded, then likely killed. (ii) I'm guessing that the cafeteria you're mentioning is for the guards, in which case you definitely don't want to have the skin-falling-off-tapeworms associated with your character since that is a great way to find yourself in scenario (i) I just mentioned. (iii) Same note as above about magic/magic free zone. Basically, just be careful with what the character was capable of prior to the start of the thread. Let me know if you have any more questions/if you personally prefer one of these and would like some help finding a way of fitting them into the guard role safely.
  8. Is the invitation still open for more party crashers?
  9. Awesome! Dead Peaks is a good place for a newcomer to get stuck! Lots of ways for it to happen haha. Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help in any way with getting you caught up on things. Looking forward to seeing how you want to tackle this! There is definitely more room and if you want to play a guard then that is no problem at all! Like supernal mentioned, we'd be more than happy to help you fill in any gaps. As a first step I'd suggest giving this and this a read so that you build some confidence about the environment/prison, etc. (Shouldn't be more than like ~2 pages of reading). If you think you'd like to read more, then there are other links on the first post of this thread and I'm happy to point you towards more stuff after that if you want it. Also, for getting us on the same page and making sure that we can guide the story in a direction that is good for you/your character, it would be awesome if you could answer the questions here. (These questions might also be a good exercise for deciding what kind of character you'd like to play if you're still in flux after reading around 🙂.)
  10. Dupin

    Fake Book Reviews

    Hey all! In an attempt to try out some first person/stream of consciousness writing I just made a new character named Pablo. His character sheet and all the posts I write for him will be narrated by "The narrator" as part of a biography that "The narrator" is writing about Pablo. In fact, the character sheet is the book the narrator is writing and I will simply link other threads into the appropriate "Acts"/"Chapters". Long story short, like any self-respecting book, this one will need Testimonials/Blurbs/Critiques for the back cover. Would y'all, the fine folks of Valucre, be able to offer me up your best Testimonials/Blurbs? This is not meant to be a serious "book", narrator, or character by any metric...so please feel free to be funny/silly/whatever! (E.g. "This is without a doubt a book.") Hope y'all have fun with it and looking forward to what y'all come up with!
  11. My pleasure. Honestly, no need to thank me. Thank YOU for joining me. Also, I still need to finish reading your post, but this is such a perfect scenario for a cult leader lol "The time of reckoning is nigh! .... Oh shit, a miracle actually happened." This is definitely still open and we are actually still near the beginning! As I pointed out up above: You probably want to read this and this to get an idea of the setting and what to expect. Also, if you could answer some of the questions here that would be super helpful for getting us on the same page and making sure that we can guide the story in a direction that is good for you.
  12. Critical Acclaim "One of the most influential books on my coffee table. Very flat, for the drinks. Glossy cover, very easy to clean." - Emilio Arellano "I glommed this book, figuring it was a wooden nickel at best, but I wasn't firing on all eight. This little gem is the bees knees. Who knew the dames love a sheik who can read? Now I can finally get rid of my dog." - Jack Ermilo Morro "Pablo is a cutie, and very kind. One of the nicest. most hopeless people, you'll ever meet. Not a very skilled adventurer, he's an excellent punching bag, and the poor fella figured out flight-via-giant- don't take him on your adventuring crew. I would scalp him for his hair, given the chance, though. His biographer, though? The most unbearable, snooty, self-righteous, arrogant, condescending, Suujali fart of a man you'll ever meet. Oh, and his book does to your eyes what shitty cologne does to your nose." -Aethelcília of Aspyn Attribution: The Author of Detective Conan Author's Note: The Narrator's Professional Author Portrait
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