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  1. Kaede was left in the dimly lit room with an unconscious Eth and a strange throne that had properties that none of them could understand. The dryad made to follow Severin out of the room and towards the blue light, but she knew that leaving Eth sleeping on a suspicious throne wasn’t ideal. Kaede recalled how frightened the fairy was. She had made a promise that they were in this quest together and that they would help each other through the completion of it. Though, Severin had just taken off to follow a hunch, so Kaede wasn’t too sure where everyone stood. Nonetheless, she was resolved to not leave Eth behind. She, too, was curious about what the faint blue light leading out of the room might have been. Severin had mentioned something about life energy and Kaede wondered if the blue light was what he had meant. If the blue light was Eth’s life energy, he soul, would that mean that the fairy was dead? Kaede looked back toward Eth. Despite the ill lit room, she trained her eyes on the fairy’s chest, willing to see it rise and fall. Sure enough, it did; the girl was still alive. Kaede let out a long breath. She was relieved that Eth was merely sleeping, but confusion ate away at her. Was it safe to move Eth if her soul was roaming around? She wanted to ask Severin, but he had left to follow the light. The room was eerily quiet without her companions to keep her company. Though the earth around her was a comforting feeling, she had started to put her trust in Eth and Severin, believing that they all would easily find the remains of the carcass and get out of the quest in one piece. Kaede sighed and walked over to get the not-quite-iron staff that Severin had left behind. She wielded the staff easily and held it as she approached Eth. She supposed that moving Eth to a safe place was the right thing to do. It wasn’t going to be hard for six foot Kaede to lift four foot Eth, but she didn’t know how she was going to do it. Between the wings and the tentacles, Kaede awkwardly positioned herself over Eth, using the staff in one hand for balance, and the other arm to heave the fairy over her shoulder. The fairy draped over her shoulder like an uncomfortable sack of potatoes. The tentacles were strangely cool against her arm and the dryad took care not to touch Eth’s wings. Kaede didn’t have much experience interacting with other creatures outside her forest let alone carrying them. With the fairy removed from the throne, Kaede had to decide what she would do with Eth. Severin took off before he could make a suggestion towards what to do with the sleeping girl. She had thought about leaving Eth in the elevator, but doing so would mean that the fairy would be alone when - if - she awoke. The thought of carring the fairy through the hive while they found the carcass crossed her mind, but that would be troublesome if they were to run into danger. Kaede felt bad, but the elevator would have to do. She had to catch up to Severin in case he ran into trouble. The dryad stared towards the entrance with the goal of placing Eth safely by the elevator.
  2. Yes it does! Thank you! I understand so much better! I suppose #3 would be my personal preference, but then again, I’m flexible if the other two want to complete the quest and be done with it. I haven’t explored many other places of Valucre yet, so if we end it here I’ll be able to focus on exploring more (not really good at multitasking rps).
  3. Since I’m not too familiar with how quests normally work and the completion of them, I am very flexible with either and any option. That being said, I would like to continue this adventure. While #3 sounds fun and I would like to GM with the other two to reach a conclusion, but it sounds like that might take some time and dedication - which I personally don’t mind. Then again, #1 or #2 seems like they might be the easiest options. Sorry that wasn’t too helpful!
  4. @supernalOkay, so I just posted, but let me know if I took us in a wrong direction with Kaede’s speculation. I assumed that since the Dragon Pulse is a sort of energy that flows naturally through the universe, Kaede would be able to sense a hint of it through his staff and see that there is a difference between the tampered and untampered iron. I’ll fix my post if I’m wrong (or it could just be blamed on Kaede’s incorrect speculation)
  5. Kaede knew that the quest wasn’t going to be easy and that there was a potential danger lurking in the air, but the dryad never expected that it would be so close. The animate Eth was now a limp doll on an iron-like throne. A deep guilt settled into Kaede’s bones as she came to the realization that she was the reason that Eth was like this. She was the one who suggested that they break down the wall and she was the one who had informed them of the strange throne in the room. They had veered off their original quest and now attempted to deal with this mysterious throne in front of them instead of getting the carcass from the queen ant and getting out of the hive. Her eyes darted to Severin, wondering if he was going to start blaming the situation on her. Instead, the man poked and prodded Eth’s lifeless body. His efforts to get some response out of the fairy was met with disappointment. Severin mentioned sedatives and Kaede silently wondered what about the chair could cause the fairy to be unconscious from the moment she touched the chair… except “touch” wasn’t the right word. They had all touched the chair and it wasn’t the material itself that caused her to become unconscious. It was something more. Before Kaede could speculate, Severin started to continue his Alkahestry work. As she watched the man continue with his work, she vaguely wondered if he was worried at all with Eth’s condition. Was it normal for someone to magically become unconscious on a quest? This was Kaede’s first excursion outside her small forest, so she wasn’t too sure. But then again he had said that he didn’t know any common material that knocks a person unconscious. Material… It was true that nothing happened to Severin when he transmuted the material earlier, so whatever was happening wasn’t the fault of the material itself, not completely anyway. Kaede watched as he drew another circle on the iron throne and worked his magic. The dryad took a step back and let Severin do whatever it was that he was doing. She watched him absentmindedly as she thought back to Eth and her condition. However, within moments he was done and proudly held a tall staff that was only a hair shorter than the dryad. At his accomplishment, Kaede couldn’t help but acknowledge his capability. She was surprised at what he could do with a material that was unknown to the both of them. She wondered what else he could do with the throne. She walked over to the staff to inspect it as Severin mentioned something about Eth’s life energy and her soul. Kaede reached out and gingerly touched the staff. The material, though unchanged aside from the form it took now felt different. She could feel Severin’s energy pulsing through it. She wasn’t quite sure if it was merely the lingering buzz of human energy from just completing the transmutation or if it was because he had put his own energy into creating something totally different. She moved over to the throne to run a hand over the cool metal. Kaede was silent for a moment, trying to take in what the man had said along with the conclusion she had come to about the material. “Life energy… soul..? What does that even mean?” She wondered aloud as she crouched down to look at Eth’s unmoving form. She reached out and poked the fairy. Eth’s chest rose and fell, but how could she tell if there was something wrong with her soul? Kaede stood opposite Severin and turned her attention to him, “Something is off about the throne itself,” she speculated. “Though the material isn’t quite iron, I don’t think it is fully the fault of the material. I mean, we both touched the iron-like substance and we are fine - heck, you even transmuted it and nothing happened aside from creating an impressive staff. There is something about the throne that caused her to magically fall asleep and I don’t know if I want to find out the cause, especially if it has something to do with her soul. “Should we try to move her? If she doesn’t wake, perhaps we can leave her in the elevator where she will be safe while we finish the quest? As much as I’d like to have Eth with us, I’m at a loss at what to do. I mean, you seemed to have a handle on the material already,” Kaede gestured at the staff, “maybe it would be best to just move Eth and you can somehow change the rest of the throne into various objects. The material gives off a different energy when you mold it.” Kaede still couldn’t wrap her head around what exactly felt different between the staff and the chair, but she no longer wanted to stay and find out. Her curiosity came to an end the moment the danger became real.
  6. I don't know if I'll have time to post today, but I'll definitely try to get one in tomorrow! So, if @Eth Unidus wants to post first, go ahead! If not, I'll give you guys something tomorrow (my time)!
  7. Hojicha


    Name: Minowa Race: Demon Age: Born 1658AY Looks fairly young Gender: Female _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hair: As white as the snow that covers Athentha - though not nearly as pure Eye color: Warm Brown Skin color: Alabaster Height: 6' Body type: Tall and quite muscular - broad shoulders and obvious muscles even under her clothes Demon Characteristics: Translucent skin, pointed ears, fangs, claws, tail Noticeable attributes: Scars riddle her body like rivers on a map. She also has the Athentha crest (a griffin entwined with two swords) tattooed on her left shoulder blade, though there is a deep scar that cuts though it diagonally. How she got the scar seems to be a secret she is intent on keeping. Clothing: Red and black were two colors that she adorned like a second layer of skin. However, since her occupancy in Rowan, she wears black, tight pants that she tucks her tail into and wears a long black tunic that cuts off at the shoulders and hangs down to her knees. A dark red sash crosses her chest and a maroon head scarf that covers her neck and up to her whole head save her eyes. She uses it to hide her demon characteristics. She also wears elbow-high black gloves that hide her claws. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ History: Grew up in the northern part of Athentha where she spent a good portion of her life dedicated to the military. She had fought in the Athentha-Rowan War and the Athentha-Lyonesse War under Absolon Athentha and after his death, she fought under King Miach. Despite the difficulty the demon had in learning magic techniques under Miach during the years of peace between the nations, she thrived in the Athentha-Yral war and the Athentha-Rowan war, but the demon was at a poor disadvantage in the Athentha-Lyonesse war. Though the war went on for a few years, in the second year at war, she was critically injured. She sought refuge, but no matter where she retreated it was an endless ocean of bodies, blood, and weapons. By some stroke of luck, she had made her way onto an airship, a memory blurred by the pain and blood loss. Perhaps it was days or weeks, but when the airship set course, she found herself landing in Rowan. She had stowed off the ship in the dead of night and hobbled into a forest. Without supplies and proper equipment, it took her a long time to fully recover. She heard rumors of the war and how Athentha was on the losing side for once. Defeated and with nowhere else to go, she stayed in Rowan, living among the Hypericum Petortaum rather than the civilization of the island. Aspirations: None Personality: Quiet, untrusting, short-tempered, calculating, keeps to herself, strangely curious Origins: Northern Athentha _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Magic: Limited - prefers not to use Skills: Combat skills in almost every specialty - can kill in a blink of an eye _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Storyline Order: (Mainly for my purpose only) - Azure Sea (Ongoing) Other: ... _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  8. Hiya! I'm still fairly new, though I have a character in a quest right now... but other than that, I honestly don't know how to jump into water cooler threads. I'm always overwhelmed by everyone's energy, haha! So, anyway~ would it be okay if I joined in this winging-it rp? I have a dryad character (my only character at the moment) I can play, or perhaps I'll create something completely different after reading Rin's lore.
  9. After the initial shock of Severin suddenly throwing the iron rod into the earth, Kaede furrowed her eyebrows at his observation. Now why would a throne not made of the apparent iron be in this room? A million questions buzzed around Kaede’s head as Severin began inspecting the throne further. The question dissipated as Severin suggested a staff or a spear to make out of the non-iron material. “Is it safe?” Kaede wonderEd, caution taking over her tone.. “Would manipulating a material of unknown origin backfire somehow?” A very grim and bloody image came to mind as she speculated the dangers. The dryad shook the image out of her head and continued, “Well, let me try to access it first. Since iron is a meal and thus inorganic, it is difficult for me to access, but because I can tell inorganic material from organic material, I can tell you how many materials this stake is made out of. Just give me a moment; it’s going to take longer than it would when I sense a room.” The girl closed her golden eyes and held the rod carefully in her hands. She took a deep breath and focused on her surroundings. Quickly, the room expanded before her and the soft thrum of the earth resonated within her. She felt the presence of her companions as they connected with the earth and Kaede searched for the iron chair. Curiously, she tried to access the material, but the bulk of it blocked her abilities. It was too large to tap into. She was grateful that Severin had alkahestrist-ed it to pieces. She tried to tune out the buzz of the hive around her and solely focused on taking apart the object in her hands. It was small, so she should have been able to work with the different layers of material. Although she wouldn’t be able to identify them, she should have been able to at least feel the difference. But there was something off about the object. Kaede hadn't encountered anything quite like it. It felt almost alive and moving, but Kaede knew that couldn’t be true. It was similar to knowing that Severin and Eth were in the same room as her. It was an intrusive feeling, but this time not the comfortable kind. After a minute or so, Kaede let out a breath and opened her eyes, “You’re right. This isn’t quite iron.” She smacked her lips together trying to get the weird taste out of her mouth. “I...I don’t know what happened,” Kaede admitted. “I should have been able to unravel this,” she gestured at the rod in her hand, “but there is something… not quite right about it. Like a material that shouldn’t exist, but somehow does. Ah, I can’t put my finger on it.” Kaede stuck the rod upright in the earth, frustrated for not being able to do one simple thing. Letting out an exasperated sigh, “Well? What should w-“ A gasp escaped the dryad as she turned to face Eth and Severin, only the fairy was eerily still. “Eth?” Kaede’s voice shook as something seemed to be happening to her companion.
  10. I actually haven’t thought about Kaede being able to sense magical energies, but it would makes sense if this magic is more of an organically made magic and tied to a sort of element. If it is more of an alchemy type magic, I don’t think Kaede would be able to sense it. But, either way, I think it would be within her ability to notice that the material doesn’t feel like iron.
  11. “Alkahestry,” Kaede whispered to herself, testing the word out in her mouth. It was a strange word, one she couldn’t recall hearing or seeing in her hundred years of life. The dryad, who had surprisingly spoken a lot during their time in the hive, was now quiet for once. From Eth magically stuffing the green orb into her mouth and then suddenly turning invisible to Severin’s blue display of elixirology, Kaede was at a loss for words. Her companions were talented in many ways and Kaede needed a moment to father her thoughts. Severin has explained what other special things he could do with the iron he had obtained from the chair and Kaede tried to think hard about what he had said. Suddenly, Eth reappeared and started talking fervently about alchemy, her past as well and how she could be of use as Severin’s apprentice. The dryad took the time and opportunity to walk over to the iron chair and inspect Severin’s handiwork. Half listening to Eth’s excitement, she traced her fingers around where the throne was now missing pieces. It was a peculiar ability and Kaede wondered what other materials Severin could manipulate. Kaede meanered back to the two just as Eth plopped down on the throne. The dryad looked between Eth and Severin, wondering if now was a good time to comment on the sorcery Severin had just done. Instead, giving them more time to talk, she bent down to pick up an iron spike. Inspecting it, she tried to think of useful objects Severin could turn the iron into, but there weren’t many simple objects she could think of that would help them on the quest. “A weapon maybe? Something to protect ourselves against the ants? Eth is right. Her pixie dust is useful, but I could barely think straight. I mean, once the canisters are empty, we will need another form of protection. Unless you got something in that knapsack of yours that will help?” She looked pointedly at Severin who had constantly been reaching for useful items in his bag. Kaede continued, “Maybe we can even turn one of these spikes into a torch to hold the orb; there is still the red one in the entrance, assuming it’s the same as the green orb. What ideas did you guys have in mind?”
  12. Hey all! I just posted and included the roll outcome in it... I hope it’s not too awkwardly written. But I thought I would post before Eth (if that’s okay), because I mention her.
  13. Kaede flinched as a light appeared at the entrance. Although it was merely a small flame, she had to blink a couple of times before her eyes adjusted to the presence of light. But… there was something else Kaede noticed before Severin had flicked on his light. The dryad was about to speak when Severin exclaimed his awe. As the man spoke, Kaede couldn’t help but snort at the idea that the giant ant queen might be around the corner waiting to sit on her uncomfortably looking throne. But even as Kaede saw the humor in the ridiculous idea, she vaguely wondered how close the queen was. If this truly was made by a foreign force in the hive, then there was some irony in someone placing an iron throne in close vicinity to the queen. “Hmm…” Kaede ventured, “As funny as it would be seeing the ant queen on the throne, I agree; I don’t think the ants made this. Meaning: whoever built this also hid it here for a reason. I doubt they are close, but we should keep our guard up anyway.” She pondered on the thought for a moment before remembering what she saw before Severin sparked the light. “Anyway, while we should still talk about what we should do about the throne, I noticed something a moment ago. Hang on.” Kaede left Severin by the throne as she walked back towards Eth who stood at the entrance of the opening. “See these lights?” She spoke to anyone who was listening as she ducked through the opening they had made. “Technology is something I’m not too familiar with but I do know that lights normally have wires attached to them, don't they? So why don’t these?” She pointed at the red and green light. “Why do you think that is?” Kaede pondered, letting curiosity get the best of her once again. She reached out to the green light, her 6 foot height working to her advantage as she was able to touch the orb of light. She touched it gingerly, taking caution in case the light was hot. Luckily, she found it rather cool - a peculiar finding for an electricity source under the ground. “What if...” she gave a small tug, testing the integrity of the light. Strangely enough, it came off with another small tug. The light popped out of the wall, revealing the orb-like light that seemed to be portable. Strange. It was unusual and for a moment, Kaede was uncertain about what to do. It wasn’t a flame like the light Severin had, but it also wasn’t the hot bulbs she had seen inside taverns and restaurants. The girl cocked her head to the side turning the orb around in her hand. She didn’t want to spend much time figuring out why or what the light was, though she could feel the wonder turn in her gut. Now they needed to decide what to do with the throne. Kaede quickly decided that it was probably safe to take the orb with them - perhaps it would give Eth a little more comfort, too. Eager to get the quest on with, Kaede turned back into the dark cave they had made. It wasn’t much, but it could be useful in the dark room. She walked over to Eth, putting a hand on her shoulder. “Here,” she offered, “maybe this will give you a little more comfort. Plus it might be useful later on.” Kaede started back towards Severin and the iron throne waving Eth along, “Now let's figure out what we are going to do about this throne. It’s obviously not something we can take with us. Is it even worth our time?” She asked, walking up and placing a hand on the cool arm of the throne. She wanted to learn more about the throne and why it was in a dark, hidden room. But she wasn’t sure that standing around the throne admiring the oddity would help them on the quest.
  14. Awesome! I’ll add that part to the next post I write! Also, I wouldn’t mind having more of these sort “intelligent check/perception check” in the future, too! And, yes! Sorry! I’ll add the outcome of the roll next time!
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