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    She seemed sincerely pleased at his cooperation to stay for a little bit of company. Ears raising up from their lowered position with a smirk appearing across her lips. "Susan Uriel. You have quite the handsome voice sir, to whom do I owe the pleasure?" She said formally, a subtle mechanical rasp like a text to speach program making her voice more settleing that if it virtually sounded like a human giving him a voice call. While offering her arm out for a messy handshake. Her hand had a short, dull, claw like feature on her middle finger, index finger, and thumb figure. It was a trend with rockers across Lagrimosa, in particular with high school students. The kind that either had prothstetic arms or 10,000% overpriced gloves to give the same look. At first designers of new-age merch had tried various forms of air guitar integration with little success, but the subtle allure of an implanted guitar pick? It's a brand name worth millions, selling youth a feeling of inclusion most soldiers had to kill for. She drank his words thoughtfully, by his outfit and posture. Determining he did not want to give up his privacy. She tuned down all of her curious scanners, giving a relieved sigh herself that carried just a little bit of heat as her system went into idle. "As for my master, you're lookin at her~ I still live with my dad, buuut as of recently I've really been the one makin the important choices for the two of us. It's a nice feeling you know?" Her eyes blinked as though the shutters of a camera reset, she gazed generally at his wardrobe before looking slowly away. If it was not for her encouraging smile and open body language, one might think she was even shy. "You on the other hand, look like you could use a womans touch. I don't think you should go much further, your outfit is... well let's not call it weather proof~ And it's a serious expedition ahead. Assuming you're headed to anyplace on the map~ You coooould, break your foot, crawl into a ditch, aaand get pnemonia." Susan said in the most flowery way possible. "Or you could consider taking a fixed up wardrobe aaand maby some supplies if the contents of yer rucksack are about as tough as the coat on your back." She suggested helpfully. Already cueing up a number of possible solutions in her space warping magitech inventory. Nanobots to sew what he was wearing back together if it held sentimental value, colorful and badass travelers gear that looked worn in. But she'd not soon start shoving potential designs down his throat before She scraped the rubber tracks along her feet against a thick stump subtly, dirt had come up all the way to her knee's. "If you've got all the time in the world, I think every single moment has more value than ever. If you could kick the bucket or were on the clock, every moment is just as valuable as what someone will pay for it. What you'll pay for it. And I'm saying that from a place of optimism." She makes clear, never wanting to appear like an arithmetic machine. "Your memories will stick around longer than most everyone here I'm afraid, your wisdom will be the successor of every mortal boy and girl in your path. Hmm~ Assuming you're more of the transhumanist and not the 'Baby-Doll I got no place to be' type." She mimicked in a snazzy celeberties voice from half a century ago. Tapping her chin. "A girl can't tell at a glance."
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    'Destination reached Susan.' The personal assistant program chirped. The android nodded, taking out her ear buds. She had the appearance of a living thing sure, Susan never shied away from showing emotion and found this was the best way to do it. She looked atleast partially cybernetic of course, which wasen't a bad cover job by the standards of most artificial people. In particular she stood four feet eight inches tall. With glowing pads along her for head, upper arms, and theighs. And a short double set of animal like ears made out of a lightweight alloy. She was wearing just a track suit and had come seemingly unarmed. But it had been practical to bring a body on the athletic side. This far from town, cell reception tanked hard. If it weren't for the layers on layers of grounding circuts she'd worked into her frame as well, she'd already have been down for the count before she'd so much as smelled the roses. She heard the figure approaching long before he was behind her, infared sensors picked up his body heat and were able to determine approximate species and the metal content of his body. Well, it was obvious if he was any kind of cyborg he was not going to proceed further. She stretched, yawning. Resting her four inch thick, springlike legs which softly hissed while shock absorbers vented their heat along the southern wind. It twirled, became invisible to the human eye, and eventually winked out of all meaningful sensors. She sat at the very place where a shallow forest with plenty of tree cover gave way into a sprawing flower coated vally. Forming a land bridge which connected this particular part of the large continent onward for foot traffic. Less sophisticated trains burrowed under and around the platou efficiently. Not harming a shred of it's natural beuty. "You look hungry mister~!" She commented playfully as he too came where the flowers gave way to the forest beyond. Almost certainly the most electric, scientific thing he'd seen for a few miles of walking atleast. "And not for a snack. But the whooooole cake... Well, if you are hungry. Don't eat those flowers. Napoli Legrosia. They grow in very few places you know. There's a specific wavlength of electromagnatism they chow down on like termites day and night!" She commented, reaching out to catch a single petal of one that had come loose on the breeze. It was as thin as the finest silicon wafer, lined with natural channels that swirled in the Fibonacci sequence, just like the shell of a hermit crab. "I love these flowers really, they're one of the most recent mutations in this whole ecosystem. They devour the almost limitless source of power that keeps mans brightest creations from passing. Cut them down, they'd grow back by the end of the hour. Studies have been made on their formations too, the waves pulse and contract, under no particular orders from any other natural law we can observe. Hehe, we can make almost anything with our time on this world. But it seems the biggest truth is that nature always wins..." She looks to him specifically. "In a hurry?"
  3. Salutations~ You seem a very pleasant visitor, I'm largely in your shoes too. So you know what to expect, everyone I've met has been pretty nice~ And I can defiantly sense some clarity of purpose and technique with the writing I find here. I may have pinholed myself a lil bit, but specifically in the genre of say psi-fy it can take a while to get down to play. Especially if you're the type for preparations. Looks like yer on the right track, making buddies can only help you after all. If you want writing help or some kind of meta-assistance getting into things here I think I could give a newbie a boost no problem. Enjoy yourself, I hope you find the experience you're looking for. There's a lot of possibilities here.
  4. I am 100% into being a central figure and working out some compelling plot lines as a group~ Just for narrative Cohesion, it would be necissary that there are atleast computers in part of that nation if you're looking for me to fill that space. But yeah I'm definatly down to discuss that, it'd be an honour.
  5. Ooooh, lol you're totally right. I have no idea where, but I think I heard somobody. Maby another AI character, use lateral and I took it in the vertical context. Then put it in here without thinking. I looked at a couple of prior posts to make sure I was not too off the ball in terms of theme, then I just winged it. I appreciate the positive reinforcement, after all the time I put into writing or designing other stuff beforehand. I was worried some might take the post as long winded and boring rather than establishing an interesting rp opportunity.
  6. Nicotine-187, or as of his recent enlistment Private Nick. Had entered the Lagrimosa armed forces, and while he looked as though he belonged here possibly more than any other machine, including the speakers drowning the affair in messy, discordant rhythm's. The played a cover 'Requiem for Chardonnay'. A hit pop song that had been circulating around for three years years before getting attention recently as the artist got acclaimed for some of their new work. The archives of human psychology he had front loaded into his random access memory mused dryly to him about how the gradually rising melody and inclusion of instruments built up a sense of catharsis and in humor that'd otherwise go amiss if the lyrics were taken dryly. In fact, if the lyrics were taken as plain language it'd seem downright surreal. With a perfectly controlled facial expression (it was even easier when your face was a glass screen fond of expressions by means of emoticons and little pictures rather than the complexities of a human face, he never liked the effort it took to mimic every subtle feature as he felt so acutely aware of the lies packed into so much as the slightest change in expression) he scanned the room. Moving not because he had any place to go but because he wanted to see and meet as many of the fine people here as possible. Preferably several officers, but he recognized the value of those who'd be his comrades as well. As he got a good look at the faces of the three hundred and fourteen current guests of the party, their publically available dossiers flowed into his cognition one by one, a cocktail of useful information for persuasion and psychological profiling. The reason why he looked as though he belonged of course was as shallow as why anyone appeared to belong anywhere. But he could not deny how comfortable it was moving through the crowd without drawing any unwanted attention. He was wearing a custom tailored undershirt, pants and shoes with hue's of dark blue and purple highlights. Ever so occasionally as the night went on, his wardrobe. Indeed stitched into his body which was made for a recreational event, changed colour to match. Appearing to visibly drink in the light around him into a informal wardrobe for any occasion. He'd been wearing a suit coat for most of the night but had seemingly abandoned it in time for the after party. Now with one quarter of his shirt not tucked in at the front, hanging down by a few inches while he walked with one pocket in his hand. Most other visitors had the battle of fashion won or lost before they even walked in. Still, if you looked at him you'd expect anything less than an equal member to any of the human guests, his clothes indicated personality but in such stark contrast to his clean grey body it looked as though it could have been a preprogrammed routine. Self aware androids as sophisticated as him were like a needle in a haystack in the armed forces with most mechanized soldiers (or drones as they were often called) were seen as equipment more than men. Usually because the bodies they were put in looked like the simple machines they were made out to be. Even here he felt some conflict between his honor and his real self. 'Susan or JC would actually belong here, this charade makes me sick' But this thought sparked some introspection. Query? Why did these parties exist?... Awnser: Dependent on context. Military / Political: Events such as this increase the sense of loyalty human warriors have to the hierarchy by celebrating vertical movement. Indicating that advancement is possible and enjoyable sparks an ambition response in low and high level members. Personal: ... Try as he might he could not satisfy this second question, why did the average person come here. Or rather, why did the average person who enjoys these functions come? He actually felt compelled to discuss this topic, which was a strong comfort. If he found a good partygoer to cover this topic with then in a very real way he would belong here. Even if he started the night with what some might call a critical perspective. But who... He cataloged nearby guests.
  7. Kewl~ Keep me posted and let me know if you want any consultation or have any questions.
  8. Hi there heroes! I hope you're looking for a big, complex villain to talk philosophy about while you have a sword fight on the back of a flying car. Cuz I want to tell stories with heroic opposition and anti-heroic cooperation about the Criminal Organization Styx and their goal to gain control over New Everun's underworld. Gradually building their resources and influence to merge it completely with a perfect, digital world. Weather it wants too or not. Feel free to read about them here! The top explains the nuts and bolts of the organization, while the bottom gives three of it's primary operators. They're the varied cast of highly adaptable robots with boots on the ground getting stuff done, the founders are the puppetmasters of the operation. Making plans within plans, evading capture, and managing resources. Since they are robots, they can't enter any non-electric friendly locations, for the time being. Down the road I might look at having them pick up some golem bodies or somthing to make the fantasy transition. If they make it that far. Overall, for my side of the RP anyways. I dig the hell out of realistic Psy-Fi which sticks by hard rules, if that interests you feel free to glance at the system I've written up. Know that if you RP with me you are in 0 obligation to play by any of my rules and need only worry about your own character as per normal. But I'll be sticking to what I've made here like the bible. Don't worry about getting thrashed by say, a literal tank. We'll have some discussion before hand on the power scale of the story so that way your character can play an interesting roll. Weather you're a farmboy with a sword or a shirtless half dragon that loves blowing up buildings. (Not required reading at all, but fun science stuff with interesting story and powerset implications. If you are feeling really nerdy and want to use 100% of your brain, inquire with me about doing some plots that involve the fourth dimension or time travel. I've always wanted to experiment with duels involving parrying attacks made 2.5 seconds in the future and severing the arm of an opponent in the past to erase a attack that hit you. But that requires coordination, understanding, and commitment between both players that goes beyond 'Oh, he's a robot. He goes beep, says naughty words and shoots a gun.') So yeah if you wanna discuss more, message me or drop a post below. Please include some info on the character you'd prefer to use or characters if you have them, I sure as heck aint scared of reading! You can't give me enough data tbh. Thanks for your time and attention!
  9. Hi there! I'm new here too but really invested, I've got lotsa roleplay opportunities you may be interested in. So personally I'm looking at running a group of heroic antagonists (some are more anti-hero on the scale than others) so far in their writing they've had a funny tone but some potentially dark underlying themes and I'm really looking to see where they'll turn out once they actually get on the field. They opperate out of New-Everun primarily but can mosey on into any city that has a high degree of science. The members I'm interested in playing most are literally robots, so if they were to jump to human forms or anything crazy like that I'd like to wait until they've atleast had some establishing stories in their normal forms. You can read some more detail on the group here, but if yer still interested there's 3 main options. One would be a competitive RP, your character is looking to stop my villains from increasing their reach and furthering their goal of an online utopia. Or a cooperative RP, where we're each on the same side more or less and have somthing to gain from working together. The final one is a recreation RP, no real stakes. Just some characters meeting one another, possibly over a shared hobby. If we were to do the last one I'd want some info on who you intend to play so that we know our characters would have solid chemistry together or could explore some interesting themes. I'm betting we've both been in a couple too many RP's where two relatively well written characters bump into one another annnnd nothing happens~ It really depends on scenario and who's involved as to what RP works best. If you want my preference, competitive! I like gamblin. Oh, and of course in such a case I'd prefer electing a neutral referee we can turn too if we come to a disagreement. Hope to hear back soon. https://www.valucre.com/topic/45100-styx-where-dreams-flow/
  10. Hello Valucre! The following is a guide to engineering focused on 'near future' technologies as far as they can be predicted with a spicy hint of magitech to keep things interesting. Many of it's technologies are focused around automation, modern arms, vehicle technologies. With some guides on basic computers and nanotech oooh~ I make all of this in the purest spirit of immersion, when a story makes hard sense and runs on a consistent logic that holds up even under scrutiny. It can strongly enhance the message it gives. With that in mind remember the golden rule of storytelling when using this system or any other one. An element should only be included if it makes the story better. Maby cartoonish physics and obscure, esoteric technologies so eccentric they may as well be magic works great for the tone you're going for! However for me personally as a writer, I'll probably strive till my final days for the dream of the immersive sim. An experience founded hard on systems tieing together and obeying the hard rules of nature as if they were no less than a decree of god himself. Starting things off will be a list of the 'near future' technologies that are included in this system. Followed by a basic primers on the most important rules of physics in regards to engineering. My aim with this guide (about 50+ pages in total) is to break it up as cleanly as possible, putting information critical to understanding other technologies closer to the top. This took over a week to record down, founded on resent double checked research and months of information digging done for my own video game. Get comfortable, put your thinking cap on, and don't forget to have fun~ What you won't find in this guide Physics Core Concepts, Strength, Heat, Electricity, Overclocking. Electrical Systems: Cooling Systems: Magitech Inventory System: Construction Machines: Nanotech: Engines / Actuators: Electric Generators + Batteries: Software + Hacking: Neurotechnology: Sensors: Acoustic Devices: Melee Weapons: Firearms: Explosives:
  11. Edited, this edit added in the philosophies of the operators as well as the third operator Nicotine. Added in some quotes as well.
  12. STYX. “Where dreams flow.” Formerly a multinational corporation, what remains of Styx’s broken dream of a digital world entwined with our own has been buried in history. Now reduced to an underground syndicate, anchored by it’s remaining founders to a handful of legitimate businesses. Those who survived it’s collapse have evolved, working under many different motivations to the same goal. Transitioning the city of New Everun to the fully digital utopia they envisioned. Founders: Micheal Styx: “The Mercy Of Hades.” Former CEO of Styx, Micheal leads what remains of the organization till this day. If you look up his name online you’ll find years old headlines of a politician with a legal background, conflicting reports with his proponents declaring his actions a mockery of the system exploiting whatever rules he could written and unwritten to get ahead. While his biggest supporters loved him for the same reason. His platform “Micheal does what it takes to help YOU.” Was not an empty one. These days he’s out of the public eye, but holds onto a substantial fortune. Spread between puppet shareholders and tiny businesses so finely no tax collector alive could find his true net worth. His friends call him Mike and he makes quite a lot of friends. Charming, clever, and willing to back up his words with action. Weather it’s putting someone to death to make a point or buying out the business of an old friend at a heavy personal loss to prove their loyalty. Perhaps the only reason Styx has not completely collapsed is the revenue gained from his illegal loan schemes. Where the gears of capitalism threaten to crush small business owners and individuals in debt, he sweeps in. A better alternative to the vicious loan sharks who first ruled the local underworld who used extortion and theft from the most vulnerable in society. Not to mention he accepts alternative payments. New Everun is filled with his ‘Weekend Hitmen’, enforcers who work for PMC’s by day willing to do some less than savory work in their freetime to forgive a debt. Similarly around the corporate and political world he’s got many spies with similar incentives. In other words his operatives are the lower class, Styx itself is just an extent of this all. To what end specifically remains known only to him, just how he likes it. “You’re forgiven child.” Micheal Styx Founder: Gabriel Craton: “The Dragon Of The Underworld.” A diehard loyalist to Micheal Styx. Gabriel has a history in the PMC organization as a hero, commanding the predecessor to his current company from the front lines he ensured domestic tranquility for refugees in the wake of Old Everun’s destruction at an affordable price. He’s a traditionalist with strong instincts who acts before feeling the need to explain himself. Namely he values courage, honesty, and integrity. He believed that Styx was necessary and that it’s construction was now or ever. Understanding that the destruction of the company meant that independent developers would struggle to ever see such a system fully implemented. The system he believed that was necessary for peace to truly exist was the automatic crime detection system. A system of surveillance that scanned actively and passively for criminal intent. It was a tool that would invalidate law itself, removing mistrial, confusion, manipulation. It offered countless upsides of course, automation on a scale that could not be believed. But above all else in his mind was ensuring a unified Everun. Knowing the value of the limited land which can advance and use cutting edge technology without limit and how it was just a matter of time before outside forces “This town was founded by the sword, I won't let it die by it." James Uriel. “The Digital Archmage” James Uriel dropped out of college halfway through his doctorate in magitech engineering, securing a research grant when no one else was giving them out from Mr.Styx himself. This kept him somewhat routed in new Everun during it’s founding, even though he greatly enjoyed touring the most magically sophisticated places in the world during his vacations. He turned out to be an absolute visionary in the specialized field of magical programming. Which pushed the boundaries of normal data delivery and computing with controlled magical elements. Had he sought his own company, he could have easily been richer than the other founders of Styx combined. But James was a creator at heart, and only wanted as much funding as he needed for his own experiments. Knowing that he’d hate a roll instead managing dozens of other researchers. On the day Styx fell, he lost a great deal personally and literally. The saboteurs put a hexxed bullet right in one of his major arteries, designed to put him out for good so the project would never be finished. He only had time to watch them destroy all the servers and steal all his data, deleting any backups even from his personal systems. It was only due to Gabriel arriving first on the scene in response to the security threat and personally evacuating him at the cost of letting the perpetrators go that he was able to survive. That and the billions of Mr.Styx, he was in and out of the hospital for months while the company burned. Implants and rituals galore, eventually confining him to a bulky life support suit and cramped quarters deap underground. The cursed bullet still lies inches from his heart, embedded in one of the valves. He developed a number of social disorders from the stress of it all, and only looked towards the outside world with sadness. “Innovation is in the heart, so long as that’s true. I’ll be here for good!” Operators: Styx does not have traditional foot soldiers, instead they use James Uriel’s magitech inventory system to engineer robotic agents dubbed ‘Operators’ each operator is a fully sentient machine with as much humanity as anyone else. (Though from a magical perspective, having no soul) The ways their personalities develop are beyond their control, but each of them can still be motivated or controlled by normal methods. They each have their own talents for getting things done. Though any founder can request a mission of any operator. The operator is not required to accept, and may not be cut out for the job in the first place. Micheal tends to give missions requiring intimidation or to send a message, such as blackmail. These missions require creativity and have strict restrictions, so he usually turns to Christ (the operator, not the prophet). Gabriel tends to give out missions that directly involve violence and definitely illegal action like theft or sabotage, though following Styx policy body counts are to be absolutely minimized at any cost. For this he usually seeks Nicotine, as he will never comprimize his moral compass and will be able to keep these missions out of the public eye by minimizing the criminal ellement. James does not give missions directly, as he’s a pacifist who’d never ask somebody to get hurt. But he does make it clear the people who are standing in his way and the things that’d need to happen to further Styx’s comeback and does not look too hard at their methods. His surrogate cyber daughter Susan usually makes sure these things happen to fall in place. Each operator modifies their real world body for the job they’ve accepted before leaving headquarters. This often leaves little room for iconography, thankfully as AI they are able of constantly representing themselves digitally in any shape they choose. This does not effect what they look like in the real world. But it does come into play in simulated environments, video calls, and so on. It’s a lot like their mental self image, and though it can be easily changed each has their own preferences which are usually consistent. Operator Philosophy: As nonhumans in an ever changing physical and mental body, the values operators share can differ heavily from a human being. Each of them has a hard question to awnser, and that is "What is the value of life?" a question which is inexorably linked to the partner question "What is death?". Each of them has their own answer which ultimately shapes their every motivation. They have developed their minds without childhoods, programmed into full cognitive development and left to expand themselves in the ways they see fit with all the information mankind has. Jesus Christ: Online Appearance (+ preferred physical appearance) Personality: Casually best described as a self centered hipster and professional douchebag. Mr.Styx had more fruity, symbolic names in mind for him but it didn't take long for his personality to take hold and for him to only accept the name of the holy son. He believes himself a highly sophisticated critic and artist, but his true nature seems to be nothing of not a parody of this idea. He’s crude, aggressive, and in your face. Constantly putting on shallow heirs of class which quickly devolve when put under any scrutiny. He doesn't stand just for himself, when the time comes he’ll stand up for the little guy like any antihero would. Above all else he’s an unknown quantity, bringing a bit of chaos wherever her goes. He stays with Styx for personal gain, it's nice having buddies below ground to hide out with when things get too hot. Not to mention he'd be glad to explore the digital world they have envisions should their mission succeed. Philosophy: Jesus believes that life is chaos, from which any order that can be found is nothing more than an arbitrary line. Even if this order is in some ways useful. That's a pretentious as fuck way of saying that above all else he places value in freedom and would rather live a short life in hell free as a bird than an infinite life of bliss and slavery in heaven. He's an anarchist, who believes that no one is free so long as they are raised through indoctrination. He believes that a digital future is the brightest one because children like him will be free to think away from the shackles of politics, monarchy, religion, patriotism, money. And that this will lead to a golden mankind existing in it's pure state. Whenever he sees something, weather it's an advertisement or orders. He breaks them down to their smallest possible points to compare against his own values. Constantly challenging them and changing as needed. Quirks: Speaks with an obnoxiously thick Genesearis accent with an uncommon dialect (sounds like stereotypical swedish) Despite his existence as a wholly digital entity, he loves video games and simulations. He’s a real foodie as a matter of fact who loves taking snack breaks often in the middle of missions. Loves making music and art but is highly critical of both of them. Drops random phrases in latin out of nowhere to appear intelligent, has no real respect for culture or beliefs. Talents: Jesus is an extremely creative, unorthodox operator who uses anything but direct methods to accomplish his goals. Usually committing reprehensible acts of treachery on his fellow man in the process. Thusly, he’s best for missions that seem outwardly impossible. An example would be that if he was tasked with getting a widow to sell off her former husbands bonds to get them out of the family, but she was intent to take them to her grave. Jesus would found a new cult in her area, market it to her specifically until she becomes a member, then fake an appearance of her husbands ghost from the other side who came back to tell her to give the company as tithe to the humble prophet. Along the way he tends to run into the most off the wall problems as well, like the actual ghost appearing as well and needing to exercise it with a rap battle. Music often comes into play with his missions, deliberately or not. This is reflected in his fighting style, which involves bending the perceived rules and unorthodox, brutal tactics to make the best out of even a bad situation. "Hey look, a distraction!" "Zhis shit has nuts in it!!" "Eh, I'm just making zit up as I go along." Nicotine: Online Appearance: Personality: Nick is an intelligent, extremely stubborn android who identifies more like a machine than a member of mankind. He largely has disdain for most average people but has moments where he see's the true worth in any given individual. He's a warrior at heart and an activist till the end. In his heart the mission isn't over until all injustice has been eliminated as well as the possibility of it arising again, but he thinks that one day this could be the case. He has no fear of death, only for entropy itself. Ultimately he does not read individuals very well but can read society and people with high accuracy. He would indeed be against the existence of most of mankind on a 1 by 1 basis but see's them, across every single race. As a single network intelligence of sorts, though an imperfect one. This network, society, mankind, whatever you want to call it. Is what he strives to protect, the only thing more precious to him is than that is his honor. Which is redundant if held by one person and not the greater whole of many people. And if all of that is too abstract for you, he's the type of person that does not talk to babies and puppies in a high pitched voice but in a calm, too the point, and professional one showing them equal respect as a living creature. Philosophy Nick believes that the meaning of life is something that can't be felt. That it is the responsibility of each and every creature to reflect on the world critically, understanding what information is fact and opinion. But then, most crucially. That once they have made this decision, that they stick by it at absolutely any cost. His philosophy follows the same line of thinking as Christ (the idiot not the prophet), but arrives at the polar opposite conclusion. He believes it is only natural that every conscious mind will arrive at it's own decision as to the value of life. And that if each and every one of them is truly free to do so they will overlap in such a way that they can exist in harmony. He views change, even in the name of adaptation. Do be utterly revolting, not just a treason to yourself but literally tantamount to murdering the good will behind every act made by your prior 'true' state. To him, life is order. Consciously choosing those you love and stand by. Death is entropy of any fashion, which is nothing short than the greatest tragedy of all time. Quirks: Nick hates odorous foods as he finds the entire process of scent overwhelming compared to the clear and correct senses such as touch and especially sight. Thusly he likes eating foods light on smell and heavy on interesting textures. With his favorite foods including vanilla wafers, ice cubes, and frozen yogurt. He finds the process of digestion no less disgusting then feces itself. Prefering to add anything in his mouth to his inventory to efficiently deposit into a recycling bin once he is done. Nick never, ever, ever lies. Always speaking in such a way to communicate the exact amount of certainty he has in any given statement. If he does not want to answer a given question, he will not speak. In this way, he can actually be a very persuasive speaker by using his knowledge of psychology to change the subject. He does not stand by strategy's that rely on emotionally harmful deception, and he would sooner die than betray the honor of a true warrior. "Go home jack." "Let's get started, I'll give you a few moments to make your peace with god." "Stand down or get out of my way." Susan Marianne: Online Appearance: Personality: Susan is a friendly heroine, even if she tends to be informal or downright trashy at times. She’s an honest, optimistic figure who makes a great face for the organization in the underworld. She won’t let anything get in her way and is perhaps the most determined out of her peers. She’d be described as spunky compared to most disciplined military contractors, but often finds herself outpaced when in the same room as Jesus. Susan is not very in touch with her feminine side, acting a bit of a tomboy overall and is usually easy to read, not putting any effort into saying anything but the truth. She can't say no to a stray and has brought home a large stable of pets including everything from puppies to wounded pigeons she spends much of her time caring for. She's not fond of hiding her identity and in the rare case she get's a real conversation with anyone but her creator she loves curiously delving even to their most mundane human experiences. Philosophy: Susan believes that the meaning of life lies in the bonds that people form between one another. She understands that sensations of happiness, exstacy, excitement, even fulfillment, while they can be very nice and are an important part of the experience that is life. Is not everything. That it's diversity which brings out the gold from life. She does not want to see an entirely digitized mankind unlike her brothers, she thinks that it should exist with everyone free to choose their place in it from wholly physical, partly digital, or wholly online. This is why she puts more value into the countryside as most members of Styx, finding it equally as wonderful as even the greatest sights of Everun. She does not believe that total anarchy or steadfast fascism are a realistic solution in any way. She's most comfortable with the world as it is right now and frequently defends it and even unpopular individuals. Ultimately, she still believes that the world is too restricted in some places and too free in others. She fully plans to spend the rest of her eternity fighting to eek out a better balance along this spectrum, and would have it no other way. Quirks: Has a very limited understanding of filth in the physical world, often picking up scraps of cash for her collection. Is very frugal and efficient with whatever tools or good will she has with others. She likes nostalgic shows and film, as well as all sorts of merchandise for animated programs. Usually ones intended for children. She likes making OC’s online in her favorite fictional worlds and is super sensitive about each one, picking their (usually shit) art carefully and making 30+ page backstories for each one. She’s got a maternal attitude with people in need of help and will pitch in whenever she see’s someone in need. She’s a Eridianan patriot who loves her hometown of New Everrun. She never wants to leave it. Talents: Susan’s main talents include diplomacy, a strong moral compass, and persistence. When they made this bot, they forgot to put in the quit. She often see’s even physical problems as people problems, and has a strong sense of empathy which lets her get into the heads of others. This can even be seen in how she fights people, taking her time to pick them apart until she can resolve it with a single decisive attack. Often using psychological warfare and manipulation to increase the odds they play into her hands. "Can't we just talk?" "Let's party!" "Works both ways to be honest." Missions:
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    Renovatio AMA

    Ahh, thanks so much! I feel I have a much better understanding now. Sounds better overall that what I considered it at first, and of course I won't go and abuse any technicalities.
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