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  1. Me: *Doting on my girlfriend in class in Navajo so my prof doesn’t immediately realize what’s up*
    Her: *Responds in Navajo*
    Me: *surprised pikachu face since she remembered what I taught her* 

  2. Celestia certainly hadn’t swayed Kaia in one way or another. He felt and continued to feel the same things that she had just described to him, such passion always brought forth the carnal and the primitive desires of the flesh. Though the issue was present, he wouldn’t engage in that till the two had undergone a hand fasting ceremony or some form of marriage if that were to come. This was just a budding romance after all, and none could see into the future with such clarity. Only time would tell. “You are certainly a powerful temptress my love. Your very presence is magic and seems to weave a spell around my very soul. But, allow us to just enjoy the company of one another for now. If the time comes for such things let it be done. But, I’m sure you and I wouldn’t want to have an illegitimate child. Should our betrothal come, let us wait until then.” He knew that having a bastard child could potentially ruin their social standings, though Celestia had no surviving family he still wanted to uphold the honor of the Nddaer family. Having a child out of wedlock would ruin their name. It was a high elf thing. Regardless, he didn’t want to settle down for quite some time. He was young, and still had the flame of adventure lit underneath him. A child would complicate these things, and the prospect of perhaps leaving Celestia on her own with their child should he die was a burden he wasn’t particularly keen on baring. Pushing aside such mental fog Kaia smiled “But until that day comes.” He spoke, cutting himself off by turning to face her again, kissing Celestia and closing his eyes. Her hands passing through his hair sent a pleasant shudder that cascaded down his spine and generated goosebumps along his skin. Kaia then interlaced his fingers with Celestia’s and pulled her ever closer to him in his own embrace.
  3. Hearing Mel, what remained of Vassago’s hosts humanity pleaded at him to not potentially bring harm to her as he took both items. Tying the foam and lantern across his belt with some loose twine. He certainly didn’t listen to it incessant begging though. It simply was there, and it was annoying enough as is. “I suppose I’m a bit young. But, we do what we must to help our loved ones, even if it means risking death. Such is the ultimate act of love.” Vassago thought that would suffice an answer for both questions albeit rhetorical. As for those loved ones, he spoke of he, himself, and him. In all truthfulness, death would be a good thing. But, suicide wasn’t allowed, he had learnt that the hard way and much to the dismay of some guards seeing a child leap from a bridge. It seemed as if he would actually have to try to live. The goddess of justice wouldn’t allow him to escape his fleshy prison so easily. ———————————————————— Upon hearing Mel’s whistle Vassago got up and followed in her tow. Grabbing one of the ration packs, placing them in a small burlap sack that hung across his belt. As the gates opened Vassago took a deep breath, taking to the familiar sensation of a cold nights air filling his lungs, invigorating him for the perils to come. He removed his shield from it's holstered position, and as he walked away from the walls immediate protection it would be a lie to say he wasn't at least a tad nervous. But, it was a good nervous, just enough to keep him in a state of heightened awareness without harming any of his skills. “Well, may the wheel of fortune be on our side.” He knew he had to make plans quickly. If he were to be prepared to take the ercaniron. There were two options he could see. Firstly, he’d have to incapacitate or kill the party. Secondly, he would somehow need get into cavern to take the ore. Well, he was alone and ill equipped to fight that many people so getting into the cavern would have to be what he went with. An explosion would certainly do well, and it just so happened he had a black powder horn to get the job done. The rest he could play by ear.
  4. As Dauner pounced upon the deer it yowled in pain, producing a high pitched shriek as his knife glided through the creatures heart, catching his lungs in the process. Their was no fight from the animal, it knew it’s fate and accepted it the second the blade touched its skin, slumping over into the release of death in an instant. Dauner had been right to avoid the simple approach. But, in the process he had left a slight blood trail. Luckily enough the deer weren’t attuned to the scent of blood. But, come nightfall the coywolves would certainly make an attempt to track the scent of blood. Regardless, the forest had been put on alert, songbirds taking positions in the trees like little centurions, standing guard for any predator that would arrive. If they spotted something they would sound an alarm. Dauner had performed a trick that would work only once. Kaia nearly said something as Melisah invaded Celestia’s shelter. This was a new scenario, but teamwork even if forced was something the Lodge valued so he decided to not fight that battle. That was Celestia’s job, not his. Seeing Dauner emerge from the woods Kaia nearly scowled. It was a stupid stunt to go off into the woods to hunt alone. Though nothing could be done about it now, he might as well take advantage of the moment. “Well, I suppose this is a good time to teach you all some basic anatomy and how to field dress these creatures. Normally we’d do this in the woods so as to not draw predators but here we are.” Kaia was a bit louder than normal trying to draw attention. He was honestly surprised that Dauner hadn’t dressed the creature already. By the look of the wounds, it seemed like he had a knife, and the unorthodox method of killing seemed that he was smart enough to know where to strike. “Fairly obviously you need a knife for this, which Dauner has. You can make one with a shattered rock, a stick and a vine. So, the first step is to slit its throat and drain any remaining blood.” He drew his finger along the carotid artery of the animal. “Then you just disembowel it. Cut a circle slightly larger and adjacent to its anus. Then, pull the skin of its stomach up and cute along its stomach down to its haunches so as to not pierce the entrails. Then you’ll reach into the body cavity and cut through it’s trachea, it’ll be right next to the heart. After that tear the heart out and the rest of the organs will follow. Take the heart as we’ll need that for later.” He was concise and not overly detailed in his wording on purpose. This was a learning experience.
  5. Most lands across Valucre would be considered defiled by Vassago’s mere presence. But not Yh’mi, as a land of eternal corruption and desolation Vassago felt more at home here then anywhere across the lands. Though, something was lacking and his hunger for valuables had gnawed at his soul for far too long. So, when the opportunity to briefly satiate his appetite had arrived he grabbed at it like a drunkard to wine. These were the things the bound demon contemplated as he made his way down the path. None thought of him as a threat, his armor made from leather and with a tower wicker shield across his back and a war scythe in hand, he certainly didn’t appear to be all that much of a threat. After all, what could a human boy of fifteen really do? How he accrued these items you ask? Well, let’s just say a farmer wasn’t having the best day... You fill in the blank. Though he came under the guise of help, Vassago’s intentions were far from innocent. He was here for the corrupted ercaniron to forge himself some proper armaments. As a creature of pure corruption the effects of the corrupted ore certainly wouldn’t bring him any harm. As for his enemies, that would be a different story. The rest he would either sell or use to establish his treasure horde. After this he knew he would need to lay low and flee the city for a while. If he was found out the white hand wouldn’t take too kindly to his misdeeds. Taking his mind from his plans Vassago found himself at the gate to the city and looked for Mel, spotting the knight was easy, she seemed to stick out amongst the rest of the vagabonds that seemed to drag themselves to and fro. They reminded him of the vast slaves he had amassed over the years. Their despair was wonderful, the putrid smell that seemed to emanate from them was something he took great delight in. Approaching Mel he held himself a bit stronger, a bit taller, and with the moxie of a teenager ready to destroy whatever lied in his path. This was not of his own volition though, it seemed to him as if this was some strange mortal mechanism. He thought it would be odd not going by his demonic name. Though it was a necessary precaution, he had heard rumors of paladins roaming and hoped to avoid their attention. It would be an awful shame if someone were to call him Vassago and realize they were in the presence of the prince of greed. Hell, even encountering a gaian would be just his luck. Oh wait, there was one right in front of him, though of course he knew no such thing. Hearing the knight’s questioning he responded in a tone reminiscent of someone who had overcome years of torment from the land. A dead tone, callous and tired yet strong it was. “Yeah I’m here for the mission.” He had decided he would play the part of a native to this horrid land. Part of his time spent over the several millennia of his existence was manipulating humans into pacts with him. Sympathy was a tool he knew well, and Mel seemed to be a good target in his little gambit. She seemed a kind soul by appearance, he would prey upon that. Even if it ultimately meant only a meager reward. At this point he was desperate, he would take anything he could get. Even if it meant becoming a parasite. Overall, he played the part well, a half truth was always better to pull then a complete lie. He looked impoverished because he was, dirt smattered across his face and armor. But, he had upped the anti with his tone and body language. He looked like he had something to prove, some past injustice to make right in his mind. All this rested though on the assumption she was of a decent moral character, that she would take pity on Vassago. ‘Foolish’ he thought, criticizing the woman before she had even introduced herself to him. morality seemed only to bind oneself. Why have honor when you can have gold.
  6. “Aura’s you say... I’ll have to make the judgement call against that. I have to keep a level playing field is all. You needn’t call me Mr though Dauner, such formalities serve no purpose.” Kaia spoke almost apologetically. The idea of this exercise had a lot of layers. It was a test of multiple things: Fortitude of the mind and body, problem solving, and a few bonus points based if any form of team work happened. Unfortunately, none of the latter had occurred. Nonetheless, Kaia watched with his psychic eye from a distance in a sort of remote viewing. Just to make sure no one was killed. Dauner caught his eye. There was always someone with something to prove, wasn’t there. Melisah seemed almost the exact opposite, maybe this wouldn’t be as easy as she originally thought it to be. Kaia certainly never said they couldn’t make tools though. As for Celestia, Kaia didn’t worry about her. She knew what she was doing. She had suffered through hat least this aspect already. Kaia can't been afforded the luxury of prebuilt shelter. So, he had to do the exact same thing they were. He sprinted off into the woods in incredible silence in a movement called a foxtrot, it was essentially running but landing toe to heel rather than the normal motion of heel to toe. The result of this motion was near silence and when paired with careful placement of his feet to avoid the dried leaves scattered about the ground created no sound whatsoever. He moved like a phantom, his bow out, just in case. He ended up passing by Celestia and Melisah giving a brief smile to each of them. He was looking for a large blanket of moss. Once he stumbled upon some he dug into the ground bare handed and cut a large square into the earth, rolling it up in the manner of a carpet Kaia threw it over his shoulder and walked out of the woods, picking up pine boughs along the way. Upon his exit Kaia noticed Melisah’s rather fruitless efforts with the grass and approached her. “You’ll end up cutting your hands if you keep pulling on the blades. If you find a sharp rock or chip one you can make a small hand axe that doubles as knife. If you want though you can dig out a rectangle and cut it out of the ground with a stick and form a sort of carpet like I did. Either way works though.” he remained positive despite what he figured was malice emanating from Melisah. Walking roughly three or so meters away, Kaia set the fallen pine boughs in a rectangle to sleep on. He then proceeded to lay the moss across it before venturing off again gathering sticks, placing them into the ground across the middle creating a sort of upside down v shape before using the remaining sticks to stake the two ends into the ground. The remainder of the moss was then horizontally draped over the “tent”, creating flaps. All in all it wasn’t Kaia’s ideal shelter. He preferred an expanded version of a spider hole for stealth. But, that required a shovel and he didn’t want to waste time making one and then digging it out. He went into his shelter and briefly embraced the blanket like heat that the thick moss held. It would do well enough. After emerging he heard Celestia’s call, walking over to her and inspecting the shelter. “Good, now we just need to wait on the other to finish.” His tone was neutral and patient. He was in a place of peace, nature always had that effect on him.
  7. Kaia chuckled “They never informed me that you were a psychic Dauner.” He smiled waiting for the others to return. Kaia seemed it was something necessary for everyone to hear. When they arrived he spoke “Yes, most of your food will be coming from hunting wild game. Though these aren’t by any means your normal animals, they’re different. Far more intelligent and incredibly aggressive. You are just as much prey to them as they are to you. Different than anything you have encountered before.” He was serious, decades of heavy pressure on the local fauna created incredibly intelligent and aggressive creatures as this type were the only to survive the pressure and ultimately reproduce. It was something to consider, venturing into the woods made you a target for the large game. Though, obviously a single deer wouldn’t try to kill you. No, he’d go get the herd and try to find you. “Needless to say when you’re in these woods, watch your back. If they see you kill one of their kin they’ll hunt you and trample you in your sleep if you leave a trail. I saw it happen when I underwent my initiation. It is not a pleasant way to pass into the next realm.” He looked up at Venari with his psychic eye and whispered a small prayer to the owl spirit seemingly forgetting that he was surrounded by the group. “Watch us Venari, keep us in your wing.” Shaking his head lightly Kaia turnt his attention back to the initiates. “Let us begin then, your first task is shelter building. Regardless of who or what you are shelter is necessary for life. So, go out into the woods and collect some brush. Set a shelter up anywhere and in any shape you please. I’d suggest this meadow. But, the woods are an option as well if you’re the kind to tempt fate. It’s a self refining process so, if there’s an issue with it tonight, you can fix it in the morning or when you notice it. Before I forget, don’t go too deep into the woods, that’s where you’ll encounter the wildlife. Though if you see a bunch of animals together get into a tree taller then them. If it’s just one, get out of the woods. They won’t come after you to hard if you didn’t kill any of them.” The first day was more or less an over glorified survival class. Start with the basics and then go from there.
  8. I think I have a character that would suit the role of double-crosser. He’s a demon of greed bound to the body of a mortal, some divine karmic retribution for his evil one could put it. What a better opportunity for him to gain some wealth on the physical plane. If you’re interested in me joining in I can send you his character sheet if you'd like.
  9. Double double toil and trouble fire burn and cauldron bubble.

    Powerful witchery is a brew

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  10. Kaia listened to Celestia’s song as he took the vial of poison back from Melisah, placing into one of the many hidden pockets within his robe. As the group finally reached the meadow, the cart lurched forward for its last time before coming to a halt. Both oxen huffed, deeply exhaling through their noses. Unfortunately for Dauner, no food would be provided tonight. Beyond that meager rations would be supplied every morning. Hunger was a good motivator to learn what is edible and how to hunt. “Well, it appears as though we are here. Your clothing and bracelets are on top of the stones that surround the fire pit. Please dress yourself while I tend to the oxen. When you are done, return here and we will begin.” Kaia had a calm tone and motioned towards the massive fire pit in the center of the meadow. Around it we’re blocks of smooth stone, ordained with all forms of magical symbols carved with the skill of a dwarven mason. To those who’ve worked with spirits these very obviously were runes of invocation, surrounded by these are pictographs of owls, serpents, and a heron. These were the spirits of the Lodge. Sitting atop these stones were robes made of faun skins, still retaining the fur of their previous owners. They weren’t all that different in shape when compared to the robe that Kaia wore. They certainly wouldn’t afford near the same level of comfort as high end rabbit fur. In functionality faun’s skin was thin and would do little to keep the individual warm or cool. It was a test of endurance and skill. Waiting for his “students” to return he took to feeding the oxen, moving them to a place where they could graze without disturbing the process of initiation. The first day would be more simple instruction than anything else. Teaching the basics of fire and shelter building. All the while an intense feeling of being watched permeated the area. It was Layla, taking the form of a massive snake; the spirit coiled around the base of an oak tree, lazily poking her head out to watch the group. Similarly Venari stood several branches above Layla not engaging with her. But, simply observing as well.
  11. I’m gonna pretend that I didn’t understand that 👀
  12. That was the plan. Seemed as though what could be milked is gone.
  13. ”Perhaps, it would seem further testing is in order.” He tried to finish off the conversation there. He didn’t really desire to further potentially bore Melisah with discussions of things as trivial as arrowheads. There were simply to many opinions on the subject. Kaia once more loosed the poisoned arrow from his quiver, carefully removing the vial and placing a stopper into it. He motioned for Melisah to take it. “I’m sure you’ll find this more interesting than discussions on arrowheads.” She seemed to him like someone who’d like poison. Understanding herbology and toxicology certainly were helpful tools. As for Dauner, he outright ignored his request for song. His voice was average. Besides, he knew no songs in a tongue that they all could understand. It would sound like well flowing nonsense to everyone but him and Celestia. Overall, he didn’t want to embarrass himself. He would look strange enough in ritual garbs performing invocations of the Lodge spirits come nightfall. Melisah’s mention of Celestia made his hair stand on his neck, not out of anger. But, out of annoyance. Transparency would be his best option. “You are correct, I am pretty biased towards her because she is my lover. But, as she’ll tell you I’m not the kind to pull punches and the Lodge knows that. If I were to, I wouldn’t be allowed to perform initiations and I would risk my title as well. Yes, I’d like to see her succeed. But, I want to see you and Dauner succeed as well. As for direbears, I haven’t seen the likes of their kind around here for years. Though if such an event were to occur I would most certainly save her. I would save you and Dauner if that were to happen as well.” He figured that would suffice.
  14. ”I mean every drop of every word my love.” He spoke his heart pounding like a roman legion’s march, the cadence was certainly on time and hard enough that he could feel the coursing of his blood. Chances would have it that Celesfia could feel it as well with her hand placed upon his chest. Her whispers gave him a sense of awareness around his body that enveloped him. ”If I am fine wine, then come satisfy your thirst and allow us to become drunk on one another.” Kaia’s eyes transfixed on her own, not out of visual stimuli. But, out of habit. This wasn't to say that it didn't add to the mood though. He placed his free hand upon the Celestia’s which rested upon his chest. ”I have told you that I love you, right?” He said running his thumb across the top of Celestia’s hand. In his mind, being in love and loving someone were two very different things. To be in love conjured feelings of lust and intemperance. Truly loving someone was a conscious effort to improve their life and to become vested in their well being. Not that one was superior to the other. It was merely the feelings of the flesh versus the feelings of the mind, and to experience both simultaneously was as powerful as achieving nirvana. This was just a personal philosophy and nothing more.
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