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  1. Just remember, your partner comes second. What must always come first is your HATRED FOR NESTLE.

  2. Afv for today, gonna be with my family celebrating. Happy holidays ❄️☃️❄️

  3. Yuletide to all and merry solstice. May there be good fortune for the remainder of the Holly King’s rule.

  4. Kaia could almost immediately sense the distress that wormed its way into Celestia’s mind, immediately desiring to alleviate it. Placing his hand on her back he spoke “Don’t worry too much my love, I’ve slain dragons in the past. They send good high quality warriors and mages to help us, and I have poisons potent enough to sink them into eternal rest.” He had a confidence in his speech, though was careful to make sure it didn’t border the line of arrogance. “I’ll do well, the wheel of fortune tends to favor me in these things.” He added smiling at Celestia. “A feast it’ll be then.” He really was trying to knock the conversation off of its current path. He didn’t like worrying Celestia or even seeing her in such a state. He would have to hunt down some of the wild beasts of whatever land they’d be venturing to next. Kaia’s nose now twitched, the scent of blood entering it, “Your bleeding dear, or is someone injured?” He figured it would be likely one of the little children that ran about but it was his nature to worry of these things. He had always thought it was odd that he had pursued the bow, becoming an apothecary would certainly have provided the same satisfaction to him.
  5. Don’t buy Cyberpunk if you have a console. It’s pretty much the second worse game I have ever laid my eyes upon, right next to Atari ET.

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    2. Sirloin


      Yeah, I agree the storytelling is great if you can get past all the design flaws. Yeah the bugs can be funny until it overheats your console or corrupts it’s own save files after it crashes.

    3. Trashbender


      Oh yeah, broken saves are absolutely not funny. I'm hoping that they end up patching some of the bigger errors and bugs out, however that works, because there is a lot of them.

    4. Sirloin


      Tbh, it’s the fans fault. They pushed CD to put out the game a lot sooner. There was no time for testing I bet. PC version kicks ass though.

  6. “That is all you need to do little one. Any weapon.”, the dragon spoke now, just watching as his servant took form. This was an entertaining encounter. Saqahuiel really hadn’t ever stopped to consider its form. In all reality Saqahuiel was a sort of super organism, many consciousnesses controlling one body. Similar to how an octopuses neurons reside strewn about its body or how a man of war was made up of many different creatures. Dauner calling it a defilement really didn’t have much of an effect, it certainly felt emotions, but it saw Dauner in the way humans view ants. In its opinion Dauner was a defilement of draconic blood, believing that humans and dragons never should have mixed to produce humanoids. “I am many, we are legion.”, a different voice rang out for every word in that sentence. Some feminine, others masculine, and others something in between. After issuing his challenge Saqahuiel thought that Dauner would have been more than eager to begin combat, and upon hearing his rebuttal every eye on Saqahuiel’s body and weapons stared Dauner down at every point, blinking in a hypnotic wave. “As you wish, Dauner of dragons.” As it spoke, the orb of fire around it dissipated. Upon Dauner conjuring his weapon Saqahuiel wouldn’t hesitate for a second, darting around Dauner in dizzyingly fast speed more comparable to a blur, forming a lethal dance of swaying blades that attempted to bite Dauner’s flesh in a manner that if they hit would only harm Dauner in a non-lethal way, attempting to slash at tendons and disable its target more than anything. Every piece of Saqahuiel’s body seemed to move in an independent way that was like a pianist playing rythm in one hand and lead in the other. He was a testament to the creative power of the ancient dragons. ________________________________________ Venari had a certain warmness about him, a vibe that threatened to hold you in its joyous embrace. Upon hearing Celestia answer back to him he nodded. She was in a bit of a peculiar situation. “I wish there was something I could do or say to liven your spirits. But, alas, life sometimes is just that. Throughout our existences we drift between the darkness and light. Neither are good or bad, just a duality. What we must remember though is that in the times of the light that the sunset is beautiful. But, that in the times of the darkness that the stars wouldn’t be as they are if it weren’t for its existence.” His words were filled with a sort of indescribable emotion, something that could be best described as the observance of love. Not love in the traditional sense
  7. Vassago was quite surprised, most demons wouldn’t have attacked in such a formation, let alone inhabiting such weak forms. The only thing he was consciously worried about was the pig demon, not out of strength or skill, but of size. If one would perform a swarm tactic such as this it would make sense to have legions of these golemish things. It was a testament to the idiocy of their leader, a weak sorcerer who found themselves drunk on power. It was a story he had seen far too many times. Mortals always seemed to have a tendency to assume that just because they could summon a demon that they could control one and bend it too their will. The result often was like putting a bear on a leash and taking it for a walk while being smothered in honey. This was pitiful. He would be but a play thing when Vassago once more took up his fiendish throne. His soul was destined for the underworld, tainted beyond ascension. Though despite his disappointment in the challenge before him, combat was combat. Raising his blade he took aim, a volley of three bullets sung from his hybridized weapon, the sounds of gunfire and the smell of gunpowder hanging in the air, an invigorating scent in Vassago’s opinion. Two of the five demons that approached him fell to the ground, something like blood oozing from their wounds. Two down, three to go. Overall, the demons that charged after him seemed unfettered by his bullets. But hearing the sound of firecrackers distracting the small horde he knew it was his chance to help get rid of the remaining uglies that bull rushed him. “Ȉ̷̩̦̤̑̊͜͝n̷͓҇̽͢t̴͚̞͇̓͗̚͢͝ọ̶̡̈́̇̿͝ H҈̧̦͈͂̒͝ę̴͖̓̒͠l̸̬̖̱͌͢͡ļ̷͓͍̃̕ I҈̖͓̅̏̕͜ c҉̮҇͗͂͜ả̶̧̭̤͞l̶̛̩̖̞̽̆͜l̸̢̰̏̇̍͠ f̶͕̋̉͌̕͜ơ̵̰͎̳̄͜ŗ̸̳҇́̈t̷̞́̋̕͜h̵̡̦̘͊͡ t̴̡̛̖͌h̵̢͕͈͉̅͛͞e̵͚҇̂͜ l̸̛̦̎̆͂͜è̵͖͢͠ǵ̶̖̱̀͢͞i҉̨̫̙̰͂̇̉͞ơ̸̡͔̄́n̶̦̟̉̒͢͝,҉̧̜͕̙̑́͠ f̴̡̟̽͂́͞r̴̨̗͈̘̎͊͡o̷̧͓̔̕m҈̡͈̂̓͆͠ t̷̨̪̠̮҇͌̋h̷̨̤̽̕ḙ̸̛̳̀́͜ b̸̢̥̤҇͛̓̀ę̵̥̱̖̎̀͡l̴̨̪̭̩̇͑̚͞l̴̡̖͍̠̀́͑͝ẏ̷̠̀̿͜͝ o҉̢͎͚̍̒͡f̸̧̟҇̍̿ t̷̯̮҇͆͜ĥ̶̡͖̌͝ẻ̶̡͈̗͚̓̆͡ s҉̧̗͕̾̄̚͠ȩ̸̳͑͛͝ͅr̴̨̛̩̗̃͋p̶̪͓҇͂͢ę̶̟͂̊̃͞n҈͍҇̂͢t҈̢̛̙̫̱̍ r҈̘̮͓҇̆͒͢i̵̟̐̀͐͜͞ṡ̴̨͎̖̞̕è̵̡̲͚͖͡,̷̢͇̲̾͠h̷̘̯͖́̎͢͝a̶̲͉͂̕͜n̴͉̊̌͂͢͠ͅd̴̡̲̘̓̉͝s҉̣̞͇҇̒͑͜ o̶̧͑̋͞ͅf̴̪̅̽̐͜͡ h҈̲̤҇̊̎̆͢ǎ̴̧͖͓̕d҈̢͖̟̱͐̕ȩ̴̩͉҇̅͋̚s҈̨̗̣͓̎̕” A curse in an ancient demonic tongue was loosed from Vassago. Hanging in the air was a malice like none other, a desire only for destruction and to undo life itself. The scent of the plague hung heavy as arms formed from palpable darkness and swarms of flies burst from the bodies of the remaining demons that charged him, grappling them to the ground, and descending upon them and covering their faces, clawing eyes and slowly eating them alive while tearing them apart, as cries of what could only be described as the purest form of agony took hold, human faces bubbling upon the clay like blisters before bursting in bright yellow puss. The skin on Vassago’s hand began to crack and bleed a little. The problem wasn’t the magic he used to fell them, that was a fairly easy thing to pull off and mostly showy tricks of illusion magic. The issue was the source of Vassago’s magic, and the fact that his host’s body currently couldn’t handle him channeling even small amounts of his power without becoming injured in some way. It was well spent in his opinion though. The goal in this act of brutality was mind games. Brutality such as this didn’t go unnoticed, if there were any onlookers of the spectacle or if any demon were to escape, the others would hear of the fate that awaited them. Fear was a grand tool and Vassago had it in his tool chest.
  8. “Hey mister it’s time to get up.” A voice rang in his mind, that of the child whom he shared his body with. Vassago groaned and snapped at him internally the voice quieting down as his body awoke from the meditative state he was in. He had thought the child was done, soul corrupted entirely by the parasite that inhabited his body, left to play with it like a marionette. But, alas, he was wrong. One would initially assume that as a demon Vassago would hesitate to slaughter his own kin. But, this was not the case, gold and glory was all that awaited him in this life and he would amass as much as he possibly could. The plan, well it wasn’t the most intelligent in Vassago’s eyes. If there were no orders to take any prisoners and no worry of incurring the cost of property destruction, why not just place some charges in the mountain and trigger an avalanche. The plane would be pushed off of the mountain and all inhabited exterminated. A quick flyover would tell you if there were any survivors. Why waste time with slaughtering them individually? Maybe he would take the opportunity to incur some human souls today. He always needed fresh slaves in the underworld. Unlike Ashton, the chill in the air was welcomed with open arms on Vassago’s behalf, Hell was a hot place. The change was certainly appreciated. “Finally”, he spoke clutching his war scythe, making haste and getting off the plane immediately after Dia, taking in the cold mountain air. His descent was good enough and he landed on his feet, nothing too special. Though this time his weapon had a little something extra, inside of the spears shaft sat a rifles barrel, it’s magazine and trigger hanging outside. Though this was his main weapon he had an ace in the whole, a little help from the grave if need be. Hearing Dia mention her apparent lack of a lighter he remembered something, reaching into his coat pocket and loosing a self rolled cigarette filled with mugwort. He had planned to use it on the way up for the extra magical boost anyway so it didn’t really hinder any of his plans. Focusing on the tip of the cigarette it began to smoke, a small cherry forming on its surface. “If you want you can light up off of this.” He said motioning for her to take it if she wanted too. It smelled similar to incense and inhaling its smoke brought one noticeably closer to the source of all magic.
  9. Still looking for people? Vassago would kindly betray his kin if it meant any gain on his part.
  10. The notion of combat seemed to puzzle the dragon around the white pillar, while the black one seemed intrigued. Opening its mouth his fangs were bore, electricity jumping across them. “Little one, my strength alone rivals that of the gods. If you wish for combat with me you’ll at least need to prove that you’re strong enough to defeat one of my servants in combat.” As he spoke a strange being appeared where the black heart was, replacing it with its form. It sat in an orb of fire and was incredibly alien. The creature had a humanoid body shape, though it held four faces on its head. Facing Dauner was the face of a human made from what appeared to be porcelain, on the left side of the head was that of a bull, on the right, the face of a lion, and on the back sat the face of a raven. It’s legs ended in hooves like a horse and upon its back it had six wings outstretched with feathers that were white and gleamed like hot coals. Upon it's shoulders sat six arms like that of a Hindu god. In it's hands it clutched scimitars, spears, and wands. The entirety of it's body and weapons were covered in eyes of all sorts, some human and some animal. ”Approach, Dauner of the dragons.” it said, its voice sounded like a multitude of different people, as if multiple consciousnesses resided within the creature's body. It emanated a sense of primordial chaos. The dragon around the black pillar opened its mouth again ”Behold, my strongest and most faithful servant Saqahuiel. Fighting with hands is of the beasts of Valucre, choose your weapon and it will appear before you.” ________________________________________ ”Hello Celestia, I see my owls continue their ways. They have done well choosing you and the boy you know. You’re here to join with the plains, to become one with her for a brief while and establish a connection with her you cannot do in the physical realm. You will feel her heartbeat and her energies and bear witness to her children. Kaia will teach you how to access this connection once you’ve returned to your realm” He spoke gently, like a light breeze, and peace radiated from his body. ”For now, let us sit and talk, Dauner appears to have chosen to duel those who have chosen to appear before him. Headstrong things dragons are, so it may be a while before he arrives as well.” Venari said chuckling lightly as he finished his sentence.”Though there is no right or wrong here, I think you made the correct decision, I'm so very sorry you had to live through such events. No child should have to bear such a burden upon their shoulders.”
  11. Upon hearing Prose’s thunderous voice a fire was lit underneath him, having such a captain would change the dynamic of this from simple work to an adventure all on its own, and when gold coins were flung into the air he could only wonder what kind of riches this woman had bestowed upon herself. In less than a second she became an object of curiosity in Vassago’s eyes. She reminded him of another demon who went by the name of Clauneck, he was a rather unpredictable fellow with a knack for finding gold. Should Prose stumble into the plains of the damned she would certainly be in good company. Vassago slept well that night, dreams of treasure and grog dancing about in his mind. Coming on board the first thing that struck Vassago was the sheer value of such a vessel. Not that he was surprised though, this was a woman whom the night before had thrown gold throughout a saloon. Upon her approach he smiled just enough to be noticeable, though this appeared much more in the matter of a smirk. However, the mention of name briefly worried him, generally speaking if he didn’t have to go by an alias he wouldn’t, no one around looked like a paladin or holy man to him so that relieved him a little of the stress “I am doing well captain, oh my name, Vassago.” Upon saying his name the air around them would chill ever so slightly, his tongue twisting in an unnatural way to say his name. Above all Vassago had a certain excitement about him, the seven seas, open air, riches, and the constant threat of imminent destruction. It was certainly nothing that Vassago hadn’t gone through before. As for work he had been chosen to glass ahead, making sure that the ship didn’t come into harms way without alerting the rest of the crew, and after he set to eating his breakfast that is what he did, climbing along the mast and into the crows nest manning the spyglass mounted their. Now all that was left was to wait.
  12. Yeah that’s my bad, school decided to rear it’s ugly head. Just go ahead and skip me for this round. edit: I pumped one out, sorry for that wait lads and lasses
  13. A disconnect between body and mind, soul and spirit. The alchemical marriage of man and devil. That was Vassago’s existence, after fleeing society to gain complete control over his vessel and host he found himself here. The child’s mind had been mostly devoured, absorbed into the womb of darkness to form a chimera of the two beings. He had put up a decent fight. But in the end Vassago prevailed, the only remnant of the child’s existence was his body and brief flickers of human morality, like a single candlelight in the eternal abyss of hell. Necessity had drawn him here, living amongst the beasts of the wild and nymphs of the forest was doable, but his greed filled desires needed to be quenched. This was a path of conquest so to speak. To establish for himself a stronghold for his power to be channeled past the umbral plains and into this realm after his inevitable demise. His gear was still subpar by his standards and he had yet to find a way to channel his true power or even to call upon the legions of spirits under his command, his experiments with the limit of power this body could hold we're incredibly disappointing. It was like a connection had been cut between him and his fiendish kingdom... Damn that blasted goddess. He’d vowed to one day devour her soul and become a nether god. Entering into the sloon was an unceremonious thing. Nothing fancy or out of place, just a man walking inside leaving his war scythe at the door. The tall ebony male clad in leather armor wasn't an intimidating sight to behold and appeared to be more of a farmer than anything, certainly not a spirit from the other side hellbent on increasing his hoard of various treasures. The flier he had found was certainly enticing, the treasure of the gods, well that was something he certainly had to see for himself. Looking at the piece of paper and the several fellows centered around the shadowy woman rung all sorts of bells in his mind, this was the place, and that was Prose. Approaching her Vassago rolled up the flier and help it limply in his right hand. ”I’m here for work.” his words sounded strange initially, his infernal accent ringing for a word or two before his tongue unconsciously assimilated to the patterns of speech and linguistics of the others in the saloon. It was to the point, he had no desire in beating around the bush.
  14. Chances might have it that tomorrow I won't be active. I have occult matters to attend to. 

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