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  1. As a fellow philosopher, I can indeed attest that talking dogs do get belly rubs. Diogenes the cynic and his disciples were often called dog philosophers. Thus we have our talking dog, and I’m sure a man who ate essentially nothing but stolen and occasionally spoiled octopus, drank from puddles, and quite literally lived in a wooden barrel would probably appreciate a belly rub. Also I could probably create a monster to combat escapees if need be. Obviously they wouldn’t be fighting Ravanna though, kinda hard to fight yourself.
  2. Kaia had closed his own eyes at this point, absorbing the moment around him. Hearing her offer Kaia opened his eyes, and gave a curt nod. ”I’d be more than happy to share a bed with you.” He stood up, taking Celestia into his arms, carrying her in a bridal style. His deceitful strength shining through as he didn't seem to struggle to lift her. Heaving stone for his mason father had grown his strength over the years. He gently laid Celestia down onto their bed, sheets lightly rippling as she made contact, a slightly flirtatious smirk on his face as he did so. Shortly behind her, he himself got up onto the bed, seated at Celestia’s side.
  3. As she sat down upon his lap he moved his one free hand around Celestia. Just gently holding her where she currently was. He yawned again, this was nice, just himself and Celestia. Even if he was silent he enjoyed where he was. A certain synergy, an aura of warmth resting about him. He briefly placed his chin upon her shoulder before lightly kissing Celestia’s cheek and pulling away. He was content in his mind.
  4. Likewise to him, minutes seemed to feel like eternities in his mind. He pulled back from their kiss. ”I'm glad I get to spend my time with someone such as you Celestia.” He said, his face red with blush from all of the closeness, beads of sweat forming across his brow. Kaia wiped off his forehead. This was good enough for him. He knew if he could see he wouldn’t ever want to take his eyes off of her. But, sadly that wasn't quite the case. The mixture of scent cloudinf his mind like a deep and dense fog. He left himself just running his fingers through her hair. The cracking of the fire inadvertently causing his ears to twitch every few seconds or so.
  5. “I think we all have a timid side lass.” He listened to her and pulled Celestia close to him, delicately kissing along the side of her neck whilst holding her body like a vampire, allowing her to slump over as he worked his way up her neck and eventually onto her lips. He quite enjoyed the physical closeness between the two and he caressed the underside of her chin bringing her into a deeper kiss than he had done previously, his teeth nibbling ever so slightly on her bottom lip in a teasing fashion. He closed his eyes. As his body was once more filled with the familiar sense of euphoria, his entire body deeply shuddering in the process. His free hand gently massaging the back of her neck and shoulders.
  6. Ravanna sat in solemn and arrogant meditation, roughly fifteen or so drab looking males and females bowing down in front of him. Some raked their skin with their fingernails screaming in rage, and others sat in their madness laughing hysterically with glazed over eyes, and some spoke in tongues of rambling nonsense towards their god. Perpetual smiles ridden across all of their faces regardless of the act. Anyone remotely nearby could hear the cacophonous howls and rambling of the men turned beast by Ravanna’s influence. This is what he considered hymns of his praise. He took a deep breath, it was almost as if he could taste it, the chaos He had desired so deeply for so long. The magic within the air rained like a plague of maggots upon him, seeping into him like a rampant infection. What was once a complete magical dead zone had suddenly been transformed into an oasis of power. This would be fun. Silently Ravanna praised Lanka, his goddess for the chaos that would come. Ravanna’s eyes opened and he stretched his long body. His fingernails which looked more like the yellowed claws of a hyena outstretched to silence his flock. They all responded immediately like the brainwashed creatures they were. A smirk pierced his lips and a light cackling was produced. “Listen, my children, my flock of goats and ravens. Our time has come, the opportunity to enact my divine judgement on the filth of this wasteland, to slaughter and bathe in the blood of our captors. For as I have foretold this day would come, is this not enough proof that I am the God of this realm, the God of this petulant wasteland and all others!” A fellow he had heard about came to his mind. Dan, was it. He himself claimed to be a Demi-god, or so he had heard. Perhaps he would play ball with the cult leader if they happened to meet. He yelled his speech out like a barking dog, an empty lie, for it didn’t matter if the day came or not before he died here, they would still follow him, believing they would trust him even on his last legs. It was mere luck that today would come Ravanna pointed with long lengthy claws towards a woman, buried to her neck in the sand. She was the only one who had ever attempted to leave his cult. She sputtered for oxygen under the crushing weight and heat of the sand “Bring me the non-believer, she shall be the first to be judged in my holy war.” The woman screamed. She knew what was about to happen. Three of the men began digging her up. “You Madmen, you fiends. Bastards! The lot of you! Damn you all to the pit!” She spoke cursing Ravanna and his dark ‘flock’, her howls of defiance however quickly turned to sobs, several times she cried out for her own mother, like an infant crying in the night. She felt like an ant, standing before the unholy judgment of an evil dragon. After she was dug up she was brought before Ravanna and forced to her knees, with little resistance. Dehydration had slowly crept in and taken her strength like a festering leech. She tried standing several times to escape the judgement of the evil god, this was proving a fools errand, so she gave up. “This is what those who should dare stand in the way of my divine judgement and will shall receive.” She was very obviously going to be made an example of. Quickly Ravanna’s claws gouged into the center of her chest, the audible disgusting, and familiar sound of crunching bone filled the air. She vomited blood, coughing and sputtering, the vessel’s in her eyes bursting from the stress, slicking her iris and sclera with a scarlet glaze. Her body quickly gave out, and with Ravanna tearing her heart out the last strength she had was gone, her body growing limp and falling to the ground. Violently seizing as death and rigor mortis took its hold over her body. Ravanna kicked the body to his worshippers. “Feed my maggots, and regain your strength.” He had a wickedness in his voice that was like the venom of a cobra. Quickly descending onto the corpse, the body was devoured in almost fifteen minutes flat, only wet bones remaining of the once girl. Ravanna himself had devoured the heart of the girl. A certain twisted poetry was there that he liked. Naught remained of the body as he licked the girls blood from his nails and hands, like a prowling lion who had just finished a kill, grooming himself delicately the man had an oddly long and pointed tongue. Adding to the sadistic look upon his face. Having filled his stomach he summoned forth his harp from the void. A dark black thing of wood it was, covered in thorns and with strings of steel rusted from blood. Sharp as razor blades the strings gleamed a sense of hunger emanating from the device. He had a genuine smile upon his face, he had missed his harp in the three years of his being in the wasteland. He worried he wouldn’t have the proficiency with the sadistic instrument that he previously had. The magical working of the tool were simple, play a note, and your fingers would be cut into, blood trickling across the instrument, as it reached the wood it would be consumed by the harps fleshy mouth filled will jagged needle like teeth that sprawled the bottom sector of the instrument forming a kind of well. ”Arise, let us go forth and find the other prisoners, let us grow in number and become great. Let us tear our captors apart in holy vengeance.” He cackled once more his flock who were huddled around the corpse, picking their teeth clean with her bones stood up, tearing pieces of the body to be made into weapons. Now armed with clubs of jawbones and femurs, and with shanks made of ribs. One creative fellow grabbed the spine, making a pseudo garrote from the the chords of her spine. They began their death march, all but Ravanna lurching forward like a pack of zombies. As they walked Ravanna crushed the woman’s skull beneath his heel, the remainder of the gray matter left within her skull spitting out of the ear sockets like jelly. He paid no attention venturing forth.
  7. Ay, done, done, and done. Here’s the answers to your questions. Thanks for the opportunity good sir or sirette or whatever it is you identify as. Ravanna, the bard of chaos Why is your character in Dead Peaks prison? How long have they been in there? How did your character survive their time in prison before the start of the thread/loci event happened? (examples: Join a gang, Are sufficiently a physical/martial arts/etc. powerhouse to have braved it solo or start their own gang, etc.): Ravanna is currently residing within the gates of dead peaks for leading a mass suicide cult in years past, controlled by spells casted by a harp gifted to him by a goddess of chaos (think the pied piper). This was done mainly to appease his own fiendish God, and sedate his sick and twisted megalomanic desires. For this reason he’s called this place home for roughly three years, surviving by controlling a fringe and archaic religious group within the prison. Preying on those who fall into dark places, offering himself as a leader to them. Many prisoners would assume this is a bad idea considering Ravanna’s past. Exemplified by his own deification in his cults eyes. Do you have any particular goals you'd like met at the end of the thread? What are they?: Particularly, Ravanna would like to see his hands grow slick with the blood and entrails of the various guards and prison staff, and for that manner just about anyone who would try to stop him from achieving his goals. Other than this, if his efforts of a takeover are thwarted he’d be perfectly happy with just escaping. Do you have any particular event/action scene/tension point you'd like to take place during our prison break? (I included some of my personal examples in the original post above.): If at all possible, perhaps a combat encounter with the warden of the prison. How do you anticipate your character would "participate" with the other PCs? (examples: team up with folks to try and find the portal + escape, actively try and get in the way of others trying to escape, get in the way by just generally going around killing/going crazy, something else entirely) Ravanna would most likely provide aid to prisoners attempting to escape, but would be more hellbent on attempting a prison takeover as his primary motive, wanting to turn the place on its head to a land of chaos and crime.
  8. Sorry for barging in at what appears to be the last minute from my end, as I do have a question. Are you still looking for characters to join in? I've got a couple of villains up my sleeve that I haven't had an opportunity to play with in a minute and this would be a scenario I’d imagine I could use one quite well in.
  9. He listened to Celestia speak, her flirtatiousness causing him to blush further as she crept ever closer to him. ”No, I don't mind your forwardness. Most women seem to be quite the opposite.” Kaia gently held Celestia's chin as she spoke to him, gently pecking her lips before pulling away himself. ”You’re quite good at this aren't you?” as she drug her hands through Kaia’s hair, a long strand went in front of his eye, brushing it past his hands. He oddly felt at the whims of the female in front of him. Not that he minded it, but her behavior brought out a certain submissive side in his psyche. She seemed to take what she wanted and Kaia admired that. He inhaled deeply, the scent of burning wood mixed with Celestia and his scent was intoxicating to him.
  10. He felt her hands travel across his chest, his muscles contracting by instinct. He was slowly becoming more and more infatuated the longer the twos union went on. He quickly fell into a trance, and following the law of chaos, his psychic eye started glowing a neon red. It wasn't something he even noticed as he couldn't see through it. It was nothing besides a dim glow. Kaia noticing and deactivating the spell as it drained him slightly. As Celestia pulled away from their kiss, Kaia was left gasping for air in a jarred and love drunk expression. ”I would care to say the exact opposite, you’re the one who's been leading this show.” he smiled between dizzied breaths, ”Likewise, it's not every day I get the chance with be someone so charming as yourself.”
  11. “Theres no need for apologies lass, especially when it comes to something like that.” he was trying his best to reassure her. She had done nothing wrong in his eyes so there was no need for apology. He allowed her to run her hands through his hair. “Satin?” He said with a puzzled expression. He truly had no idea what satin material was. Standing he Celestia approach him with her torrent of compliments, “You’re quite beautiful yourself Celestia.” He spoke her hands holding his face. As she kissed him he was caught a bit off guard, although he reciprocated back, he knew this would be more intense than the light pecking they had previously done on their walk, he got down to her now seated level bending over to continue their kiss, more or drug down by her arms, a strange euphoria spread throughout his body, and in a similar fashion Kaia brought his hands around her body in a pseudo hugging fashion.
  12. Kaia placed his robe gently upon the frame of the wooden bed, his bow, dagger, sheath, and arrows into the quiver hidden, which was hidden within one of the many inner pockets of his robe. He proceeded into pulling his arms above his head in a stretching motion. He heard her sigh, which attracted his attention, momentarily twitching a small one sided grin upon his face. As flames danced across the logs he ventured over towards the fireplace. “I don’t need anything at the moment. I certainly had my fill at the tavern.” Similarly his ivory face and long, straight blond hair encased the firelight, dancing across it in the various red, yellows, and orange hues of autumn. He quietly listened to the crackle of flame, momentarily falling into a trance of relaxed focus, his body warming up in the droves of the heat the fire produced. “You don’t have to cover your scars, unless your uncomfortable with their sight. It’s not as if I could see them in the first place.” He was making a big assumption here about what she was talking about. But, considering there previous subject he thought he could confidently assume that she was talking about the scars that ran along her arms.
  13. “You’re right, what’s the point of focusing on the negative in life.” Kaia stepped back as Celestia took the key from him, leading him into the room. Hearing her gentle whispers along the back of his ears led a trail of goosebump across his neck and down his spine. “I’m glad they would approve of me, I’m certain mine would as well.” Hearing her comments about his race he smiled and let out a laugh. “You’ve hit the nail on the head lass.” He smiled a bit brighter. He had noticed her disappearance to change making him chuckle again, it’s not like he could see her physical body anyway. After she re-emerged, he subsequently disappeared himself. Emerging with his robe held lightly in his hands, revealing its many inner pockets, and bearing its inner liner of fur similar to that of an Artic Fox. He was now dressed in a something the looked like a white tank top which fit his body a bit too tightly, wearing a pair of greyish shorts. He certainly didn’t have the rippling muscles of a dwarf or orc. His body was more like that of a panther, a deceiving level of strength hidden within himself. He was solid, with barely any body fat upon him. Surprisingly without looking emaciated. It was fairly obvious he subsidies on a diet of primarily meat, furthering his own predator like appearance.
  14. As the young couple made there way up the stairs to the room Kaia now held the key in his hand to Celestia a bit closer then he normally would’ve, listening to the tale of her parents untimely demise, he tried to offer any comfort he could to her. He couldn’t imagine such persecution, the horror that it must’ve been to watch your own parents burned at the stake. Kaia himself resided to the idea that witnessing such an atrocity would drive him insane. “That’s horrible Celestia, I’m sorry that happened and even that I inquired. I can’t imagine what kind of pain the conjuring of such thoughts would bring you. At least they're in a better place. There's no reason to be ashamed of our species. By the God’s even as a high elf I can’t stand vast majority of my species, they’re far to posh and enamored with their appearance for my taste. Holier than art thou fellows.” What pained him the most about Celestia’s story was her mention of scars on her hands. As even if she were to able to push it to the back of her mind, as soon as she were to do something A torrent of fiendish memories would be brought to the mind, a fate one couldn’t escape.
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