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  1. ¥Seeing his flirtatious smirk,Celestia felt a shrill of heat across,her pale facade.Having never been carried in such a manner before,Caused a full.yet timid grin,relaxing herself beneath cooling sheets.Celestia rested her cranium against his chest.¥"y'e are vera strong kaia...heh~ quite decieving... considering your looks...and that smirk...pretty dangerous on you."¥she murmured,breathing in the scent of him,heart beating heavily against her ribcage.¥"y-you were my ...kiss....t'a be honest...till you....I've never been to close with anyone before."
  2. ¥ Yawning,Celestia nustled deeper, Against his body,Sighing happily.while bringing his right-hand against her lips.placing gentle kisses against it.¥"y-you know we could....sleep together..if you desired to? before heading to the market.come morning time."¥She murmured timidly,cheeks a blazing hue of red,While removing her white bathrobe,as it rustled around her body.Lightly being placed beside them she now wore.Only her nightgown,Curls wildly pooling around celestia's body.While she inhaled the scent of wood smoke and his scent as well.Wondering if,he would take her offer.¥
  3. ¥Blushing,celestia grinned.sighing happily,the feel of his palm stroking her curls.And his gentle words relaxed celestia greatly.¥" Kaia....your a fantastic man,that I love spending time with...as well."¥She murmured,gently seating herself onto his lap,nothing sexual.Just the wanting of being closer to him,she rested her back against his chest.As sweat beaded across her neck and shoulders.hand containing with his own.¥
  4. ¥Suprised by his quick actions,and unprepared for the delicate kisses which peppered her throat.Celestia released a moan of pleasure,calling out his name like a prayer.¥"...k-Kaia.....ah~"¥While the feeling of his long,elegant fingers brushing along her chin,causing their kiss to deepen.Made goosebumps arise on her fair skin,Breaths growing ragged at his ministrations.Soon celestia felt drunk with desire and heat,As kaia's teeth lightly teased her bottom lip.cheeks reddening once more,Celestia groaned in pleasure,Hands fisting into his tight,grey shirt.¥"ngh~..."celestia felt her pulse rise,Heart quickly gathering speed,While lashes of white.Lowered to a close.As they kissed.Only scents of wood smoke,faint perfume,and kaia's scent enveloped the room,sounds of clothes rustling from movement.Sighs of pleasure,and loud crackles from the fireplace.Could be heard throughout the darkened room.Though to celestia minutes of their kissing,felt like hours.As ears flickered rapidly to her thoughts and emotions.¥
  5. ¥Blushing,celestia shrugged demurely,though felt shivers race along her skin.¥"get-well I do have...a'h more...timid side kaia...I'm just...try'n to be more forward...a-And thank you...for such compliments....but I...I like your shyness...."¥Celestia murmured,placing small packs along the taught skin of his throat,She pulled back.Dark pink,lips quirked upwards.into a full grin.¥"w-why don't you try...kaia....whatever you decide t'a do....I shall find it ..perfectly fine."¥After saying this,celestia leant backwards,on both hands.As stray,thick,angelic curls fell lazily around her throat,and facade.glimmering in the faint firelight.Purple-Turqouise irises swept along his facade.allowing gentle giggles to escape her throat,While adjusting the nightgown she wore.while straps gently hugged both her shoulders.As wild curls,pooled around the floor,and hips.¥
  6. "....heh~...y-you flatter me'h..."¥She murmured,leaning upwards,celestia gingerly nuzzled his neck.Nose and lips ghosting across his skin,While one hand rested against Kaia's knee.The other,entangled itself within his blond tendrils.¥"K-Kaia....if anything,ye'r far more charming....sweet...and quite adorable when you blush...."¥Celestia murmured,breathing every word,teasingly across his left-ear and throat.Fingers curling into his loose clothing.Sinking teeth into her own,bottom lip.[nervous habit.] celestia glanced away,pulling back slightly.¥"i-i just hope....my forwardness...isn't too brazen for y'e....Kaia."¥Elvin ears,would lower as celestia went quiet.internally thinking,while the scent of wood smoke,and small crackles echoed through their room.¥"...I-I can be less forward if...if needed"
  7. ¥Feeling his lips press more firmly,against her own.Celesria felt chills sweep across both arms,And down her spinal column.His warmth,scent,And arms wrapped around celestia's frame.Like a veil,Causing quiet mewls of pleasure to escape her throat,Letting the left-Hand drift across his clothed chest.Fingers lightly fanning across,tracing every dip,curve and angle.memorizing what he felt like,It was euphoric,almost drug-like.She felt addicted,the more they kissed.or letting her touch him,the more enamored she became.¥"....mm~"¥Pulling back,just a few inches.celestia's facade was scarlet,lips swollen and red from their kissing.Breaths soon came out ragged,though her voice was now airy.and heavily accented.¥"...y-y'e ....are quite good at kissing...Ka'ia .....I-I thank you f'or complimenting me'h."¥She muttered,goosebumps rising across her throat and shoulders.While meeting his gaze.She felt quite addicted.¥
  8. "Oh that is because.dragons with horns.are quite old,vera rare...and vera...vera powerful."¥Celestia quoted.smiling as Dauner put away his gift.into a bag.¥"I'm assuming we are leaving soon?"¥Celestia hedged while packing more of her things.¥
  9. ¥ Chuckling.she gave a soft grin.¥"force of habit...sorry kaia..."¥Celestia murmured,Leaning against him,She allowed her palms,to slip into his blond tendrils.Lightly entangling both hands into it,the silky texture making celestia grin.¥"Your hair...Ti's like satin...beautiful..."¥Murmuring this,between that and firelight which seemed to enhance his beauty to her.Caused goosebumps to rise up,pulse quicken,And heart drumming heavily within her chest.¥".....kaia.....your...very beautiful.."¥After whispering these words,Seating herself in front of him,Celestia leant up.Cupping his face between her small hands.Thumbs stroking across his cheeks.¥"...."¥Finally after hesitating for moments.She decided to grasp courage,And meld her lips against his own,Pressing more firmly against his mouth,She lightly teased his bottom lip with her tongue,cheeks reddening.While both arms slid overtop his shoulders.¥
  10. "..."¥Blinking rapidly,Celestia's facade began to scorch hotly,with blush.ears flickering rather quickly,purple-Turqoiuse irises began trailing over his embodiment,Lingering on his chest,Stomach and arms.Causing a held back sigh,to escape her slender throat.Steam practically bellowing from both ears.Celestia froze,eyes widening.Giving her a Doe-Like appearance.Before quickly turning away,placing small logs within their fireplace.Yanking a match to life,She began to have the fireplace roar to life.¥"a-a-Are y'e hungry kaia? shall I fetch..s-something t'a drink?,sweet? perhaps?."¥Celestia hedged,quariying toward kaia.while lips upturned into a warm grin,though being encased by fire light.Her visage,and golden-white curls wildly fell around the voluptuous embodiment,pooling around her bare feet.Thick,pink/red scars littered across celestia's full arm,and half-portion of that left-hand.branching out like ugly vines,She turned away to wrap it from veiw.¥"j-Just let me'h wrap this...up"
  11. "...heh~ Thank you,Kaia...and no...it's....fine...besides dwelling upon the past,is a useless endeavor.Unless sweet memories coincide with it...."¥Celestia murmured,gently taking their key from kaia's hand.She unlocked the door,guiding him into their room,Leaning upwards,lips of dark pink.Ghosted across his left-ear.Whispering gently.¥"Kaia...I am happy t'a share my past with you,Mother and father,would've...approved of you...court'n me'h."¥Breath warm,Smelling of slight ale and honey.wafted across kaia's ear,And nose.While celestia pulled back,giving him a wide smile of assurance.¥"hehe~ A'ye truly most high elves would kiss,themselves. and whenever I've crossed one...the looks upon their face is quite priceless.eh?"¥ she teased,going to change behind a screen.after several minutes,Celestia came out.shyly wearing a gown of blue and purple,Sphagetti sleeves lightly draped over wide,pale shoulders.The skirt flaring outwards,halting only at the knees.while slipping on a white,pale robe overtop it.¥
  12. "...w-well thank you....kaia for the compliment..."¥Celestia squeaked out,cheeks blazing red.Fore she had never been complimented till meeting him,While being guided by him.toward their room,A sad,but gentle smile edge across her lips of dark pink.¥"....heh~...well...me'h parent's....are long dead..having crossed the spiritual fields of paradise.they...died when t'was vera young..."¥speaking in a quiet tone,she continued.her right-hand lightly grasping his own palm.¥"Villagers....did not..take kindly to mixed couple's,y'e know....my mother was a beautiful and kind sorceress....she healed many sick and injured folk.....my father....heh~ was a boisterous,funny,loud man...though come near his wife or child...you'd see a different kind of frightening....anyway...one day...some of,the more racist....none-mixing kind...came in the midst of night,and placed me and me'h parent's on steaks....lighting them aflame....somehow.....father escaped....and managed to free me.....before I was lost to the flames...only my left arm,and hand,suffered very severe burns.which ...are now like branches of red and pink along the skin....he showed me into a bush... but...right after.....he-he was killed....and my mother....burnt alive...I'm the only half breed of my lineage."
  13. ¥ having braided her thick,gold-white curls into a wild and elegant braid.Celestia hummed gently,Carving a beautiful dragon.using the combination of a knife,and wood.Adding tinged of flames,to represent how dauber could look as a dragon.¥"erm...d-d-Dauner?...I made ....a flame dragon....for you...as what..y'e may look like."¥She quickly stated,her voice quavering with shyness.gingerly handing dauner,his dragon wooden silhouette.Cheeks a faint shade of red,while packing her satchel.¥
  14. ¥Silently,Celestia had slid both arms around one,Of his biceps.Breathing in somewhat heavily.¥"...f-fine....just...nerve wracking is all Dauner..."¥Celestia murmured,keeping within close proximity of him,her snow-kissed skin was ashen nearly.nails sinking lightly into his skin,while giving dauber a gentle smile.¥"..i-i shall be ok ....I promise .."
  15. "w-Well.....i..I think..y'e would be a...wolf.Smart,tactful,agile,and quick.....-"¥Celestia paused,going through the door,Lightly brushing one hand against his wide chest frame,a flush of color deepening against porcelain cheeks.¥"....no-No to mention roquishly beautiful...kaia."¥Celestia tried complimenting him,in the only way.She knew how.While also agreeing with him.¥"A'ye a bed....oof~ ..I'd sleep upon a stack of feathers,if I had to...heh~ though a warm,comfy bed and relaxing soak will do us both quite some good.thank goodness I brought me'h sleep wear..."¥She quoted,Gently looping one arm through his.As they approached the desk.¥"though if yer father was referred t'a be a lion...by y'er mother ...I can see why....such looks must come from them both huh?"
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