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  1. "A'ye...your right...my love.."¥She murmured,Relaxing within his embrace,Nuzzling his jawline.Ghosting light kisses against his jaw,while inhaling kaia's intoxicating aroma.Having celestia fully relax against .She knew that acting upon their more basic and carnal desires,may result in a child,which between her teachings by both parent's,And kaia not wanting a child just yet.especially if they produced a child before any form of marriage ceremony.Though even such thoughts,caused a bout of blush.to scorch across porcelain,snow-kissed cheeks.¥"heh~..though...i must say,picturing y'e,wearing a tuxedo....you'd be v'era dashing my kaia."¥Celestia said,with obvious teasing lilt within her vocals.Eyes glimmering mischeviously,as she peered up toward him.¥
  2. ¥Chuckling,she'd raise a golden eyebrow.before rolling her pruple-Turqouise irises,As she watched dauner hand over his knife.Toward kaia,knowing dauner felt that kaia was more suitable in doing such a delicate task.¥"A'ye,I'll assist in cooking th'a meat,once it's been properly cut and de-furred."¥After saying this,Celestia went back into the forest,although not too far,Glancing around.She'd look for wild raspberries,And other non-poisoning edibles.like crowned,dark brown mushrooms,A poisonous mushroom batch,tended to have white or red spots atop its caps.Finding several brown,spotless mushrooms.Celestia also came across,wild blueberries,And even grabbing roses and after tripping into a ditch,becoming slightly dirtier then she already does,coming across sage and thyme plant's.As celestia walked back toward camp,She grabbed a flat,Barked log.After 30 minutes,of using sharp rocks,A rounded small branch.And skinning off the bark,widdling it into a homemade cutting board.She cut the mushrooms,and berries into smaller pieces.before crushing the petals of roses into a fine powder,Mixing it with sage and thyme.Enough to help make a dressing or sauce,With enough water and spare juices from the berries.¥"Well ive made small thing's t'a add into our dinner."¥Celestia gently spoke,while pouring a bit of water,from her animal skin,water bag.onto the mixing powder allowing it to mix perfectly together,Before adding both mushrooms and the berries,As she took the rounded branch,using a sharpened rock.Widdling a hole into the branch,making a semi-medium bowl.Placing her mixture into it,setting it aside for after the meat began getting prepped.Although,Celestia snuck glances toward kaia.with everything going on.they hadn't been able to chat much,But she understood why.and so,Began using both palms to braid her golden and white curls,into a waist length,large braid.Humming a soft tune,as she did so.¥
  3. "Well I have certainly never,been in duch... a large estate before.So...heh~ Well I'd care t'a see anything you wish to show us."¥Celestia replied excitedly,Eyes glimmering with anticipation,while large,elvin ears lightly flickered.both hands clasped together.a wide grin,danced across her dark-pink lips.being riveted at the prospect of seeing many wonders,including hana's coveted garden.Grasping his forearm,with little after thought.¥"Mr.Hana show ,us everything please? whatever ye'r mind is able to conjure.or what you know of!"
  4. ¥With an eye twitching,Celestia just silently hung her cranium,before nodding.¥"....welp,supposed it can't be helped,Welcome...to my little shelter."¥Celestia murmured,while seeing melisah talk with dauner,about the carcass,which is fair.considering the meat needed to be seasoned,dressed and cooked very thouroughly.So the female sorceress made several,good points.Releasing an audible sigh,glancing toward kaia,cheeks turning a faint red.before going back into thought,wondering how the trials will go.¥
  5. ¥Taking a seat within her tent,door now ajar,Celestia waited and watched.for several hours,Until seeing the silhouette of Dauner,returning with a victorious meal in tow.¥"Oi,way t'a go dauner.did y'e make your sleeping area,before grabbing that meal?"¥Celestia teased her friend,While glancing toward kaia.A subtle grin,etching across her dark-pink lips.Before returning to the conversation with dauner.¥"i could help in assissting,on cooking your catch dauner.unless Y'e wish to cook it yourself.?"
  6. ¥Sighing,celestia hopes this wasn't such a task.But,Thankfully she'd had experience.being hunted quite a few times through your life,will give you ways.To figure out shelter,food,even rain water to drink.If weather permits such greatful fruits.So,with a thumbs up toward Dauner,smiling in the direction of kaia.Celestia trudged into the thicket,As pine needles and twigs began prodding both feet,She hardly felt it.Running one hand through,her mane of golden and white curls,Chewing a bottom lip.In thought.¥"hmm...let's see.....oh!"¥Seeing large,Nearly human sized leaf's dangling from atop the massive tree's. Celestia climbed and climbed,until reaching a branch.Sitting atop it,She begun the arguos task of collecting several large leaf's,Rolling them up like scrolls,Celestia used the thread part of other leafs,in order to keep them in scroll form.tying 10 of these up,In about 20 minuted.Between grabbing leafs,tying and climbing back down,She began looking for large,dry logs and thick,broken off branches.As time passed,Sweat beginning to form on her neck.Celestia returned,making three piles so as to be more organized.1-pile of dry logs,2.thick,broken off branches and twigs.And 3.The rolled up,nearly human sized leafs.Celestia also collected tons of leaf thread,In order to keep her shelter together.After a few hours,and being covered in dirt,dead leaf's,And occasional mud.She returned,Beginning to form a decent sized log tent.enough room for her to sit up,put her entire body in.And have a small fire pit,The leads and leaf thread,Acted as ties and shielding of rain or the morning sun.As they were carefully tied,Placed like tile.And double checked,The thick branches she also tied together,almost like a rigged boat.but much smaller,enough to form a door.Afterwards,Celestia rested a few moments.She had a few spare leafs to make a rug version for her tent as well. Popping out of her tent.she glanced toward Dauner and kaia,Even melisah.¥"Mr.Kaia,I have finished,Me'h tent.i have not used any magic,Just simple knowledge.what do y'e guys think?"
  7. ¥Seeing everyone either begin undressing.or begin fastening the outfits,Celestia took her uniform of animal furr,slid behind a large tree.And beginning to untie and unbuttoning her tunic,letting it fall away.while chilly breezes swept across,the bare skin.Of her back,while unbuckling,zipping down.And gently pushing down both garments,After several minutes.Celestia emerged,Wearing the thin,uniformed outfit.Though such weather more outfit bothered celestia,As she had worn similar clothing in the past.Plus living mainly within a forested area,Had many benefits.Aside from easy to learn and grabbing of plants and berries,was though her skin was alabaster,giving her a porcelain-doll effect.But weather like this,was quite common around this time of year.so most of any weather here,would be easy to ignore.Approaching everyone,Celestia sat across from Dauner and the woman.Before glancing toward kaia,Awaiting his next instructions.¥
  8. ¥Giggling softly,Celestia replied quietly.¥"hehe~ ay'e kaia.You have my sweet,But...i-i do like hearing such words,escape your lips..."¥Feeling chills run along her spinal column,at just the simplistic brush of kaia's thumb,Leaning forward she'd press her forward against his own.Lightly inhaling kaia's scent,As the closeness of him,caused her pulse to heavily thrum.And heart to slam against the ribcage.Slipping one hand into his golden tresses,threading and intangling it.While letting kaia grasp celestia's other hand.With cheeks reddening,she'd brush lips against his own.¥ "I...love ...you..Kaia...every smile...laugh,And even just holding ye'r hand,within my own...though...t'a be honest...your kissing...and poetry...always leave me.....entagled... with different feelings...one's I've never had...ehe... such as....true joy...abundant..happiness...and...erm....l-lust" ¥Having admitted all of this to kaia.She felt..an emense weight lifted,from atop her petite shoulders,Glanc8ng away.Strands of golden and white curls would veil,her expression.As fangs chewed on her bottom-lip in thought,As to what the wisest move.should be next,having clearly laid all cards on the table,All celestia would do now.would be to wait,And see what kaia's reaction would be.He meant so much,to her.But....having not been with near anyone for such length of time,left the elvin-Witch rather forward,if a tad bold.And she hoped that didn't sway him too much.¥
  9. Haha thanks.But i tried^~^ lol never said it was good
  10. ¥Nodding,Celestia decided to entertain dauner.While smiling toward Kaia.¥"I have a song...me'h parent's use to sing t'a me.When I was,Quite small...."¥As both hands curled into her lap,Celestia glanced toward one hand,Before inhaling.and soon began to sing.in a soft,lyrical tone.¥"Upon the midnight...moon,Spirits and creatures..may roam beneath, it's pale Ray's of light.fayes may dance,and knights of gallantry...may guard,Growing stronger...through battle,forged in Steele.Whenever you step,into this mystical,alluring landscape..know that y'e shall be strong...through whatever you may go through,or should you be alone...the stars shall watch over you..and guide you home...if battles persist..and steel clings to you.take a step and know.many stand behind you."
  11. ¥Raising a slender brow,Celestia heard the woman speak.Deciding to give her own reply,She'd reply within a kind mannerism.¥"Listen,I shall not let kaia interfere with any tests or consequences which may occur....not that he would,Kaia right now.Is a teacher first and...me'h beloved second right now.As for such animal's....I can handle a surprisingly amount of things,Grow'n up...the way I did,never gave me'h too many options of leisure.So please,don't assume.That I'm unable to handle me'hself....I've witnessed and been through many things.As we all have,in one form or another...ok? if you have any questions about me...ask ME..."¥Celestia warned,using a kind but serious tone.her irish lilt,more pronounced with each sentence that escaped dark-pink lips.Irises of purple-Turqoiuse met the female's gaze.Before continuing to chat with everyone.¥"So dauner,think we shall do well?...personally I think we might,though I'm quite certain eith every tests and path.it shall become more difficult.."
  12. ¥ Nodding,Celestia obeyed his reply.Of wanting to sit,As the wagon moved rather harshly.Though hearing kaia utter her nickname in elvish,Made celestia's visage turn a deep shade of scarlet.¥"ok dearest,I'll sit..."¥She murmured gently,as chuckles rolled past her supple lips,while one hand remained on his back.¥"hehe~ ...."¥Hearing kaia talk of the woman and dauner,acting upon baser instincts.Made a new flush of red,dance across her cheeks.Coughing quietly,celestia spoke up.Running a left-palm through a few strands of golden and white curls.Gazing toward the starry skyline,inhaling scents of autumn leafs,and dewed grass.¥"hmm...such a peaceful night,though I feel we have a long track ahead of us..."
  13. "Oh I'd love to hear and learn the studies of any plant's you know,hehe~ y'e are v'era passionate and love your work obviously."¥Celestia replied,Giving hana a warm grin.which danced across,her dark-pink lips.Observing his movements,Joy glimmered within the purple-Turqouise irises.Laughing quietly,she'd reply once more.¥ "Thank you,f'ore being so polite with m'eh...but honestly?i may be strong in magic...But what you do,is equally amazing.taking care of so many,different plant's.and knowing what each,individual one needs...is beyond impressive,plus it seems t'a make you v'era happy to discuss....so why,don't you show m'eh around.and tell me about the crysta-roses? Those sound breath taking."¥Celestia murmured,Lowering her body,into a formal curtsy.While nodding toward layla and aria.¥"You guys are coming as well?"¥She queried,As strands of golden-white curls fell along her visage.¥
  14. ¥Inhaling slowly,Celestia did mange.to smile at what kaia replied with,toward the woman.Boldly,Decided to force her opinion.Leaning upwards,Celestia vaulted over the small,wooden sectional.Making her body.get between the leather cladded woman,And kaia.making just enough space.For her wide hips,Golden-White curls swayed heavily in the ponytail.Placing one hand upon kaia's thigh,Leaning near his ear.She'd whisper.¥"Thank you,m'eh love...though,i do hope I'm not intruding..." ¥Placing a gentle kiss upon his jawline.Celestia soon chuckled softly.¥"Dauner....careful....y'e may bite off,more than you can chew."¥Glancing toward the woman.She'd raise a slender brow of golden color,Ears lightly flickering.As lips of dark-pink upturned into a smirk.Letting the leather,cladded female know.she wouldn't bow easily,That behind the irish lilt,And kind demeanour.Was a mage of worth.¥"Careful,Dauner is quite th'a flirtatious male.although.it seems y'e can handle yourself"¥Celestia murmured.bedore rolling her eyes at dauner.who'm was practically drooling.¥
  15. ¥Bristtling at seeing this woman,take a seat.not only next to kaia,but speaking indecent wording,made celestia pause.Inhaling sharply,She felt an odd heat begin swirling.Within her fair,porcelain skin.Eyes shifting from their vibrant purple-Turqouise.Into pure,vividly bright purple.¥"........"¥Feeling the slight pain,of nails extending.Celestia tried remaining calm,Placing both hands within her lap,Though random thorns and vines began appearing in small corners of their carriage,While pointed ears now arose sharply.Keeping one eye trained upon the woman,who now placed a hand near kaia.Making celestia's nails quietly dig into her palm,causing them to imbed into her palm skin.¥"So....d-Dauner....I'm somewhat suprised ye'r here,though.having another familiar visage,is grand t'a see...ehe.."¥Though celestia's visage remained calm and serene.While speaking toward her friend,celestia's smile...was a different mannerism,cold and sharp.like a finely sharpened blade.Though celestia did her best to keep it together.¥
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