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  1. "hehe~ a'ye,Dauner lover's t'a battle.And....ye'r correct,but still....me'h parent's wouldn't like t'a see me'h covered in such tainted blood,even for a monster like that man.hehe~ Knowing them,they would rather see me'h healthy and living a strong life for them..."£ Celestia paused,As saddened melancholy,expression danced across her visage,Though quickly dashing that away.She'd give the owl a warm smile.¥"Thank you,for such praise,though...I cannot say,that...it wasn't tempting sir.To avenge me'h parent's.....I thought,about doing it.....until seeing the looks upon their faces....it wouldn't be joyous....only sorrow...I feel.."
  2. ¥Seeing the warrior,Celestia.Having took in each peaceful scenery which lay before her,like a painting.Soon,taking slow,cautious steps toward him,While observing the objects which hung around his body and cranium.¥"h-hello? Sir?....Can y'e tell me why I'm here?"¥Celestia asked,using a soft tone.while seating herself a couple feet,in front of him.Tilting her cranium in thought,As ears rapidly flickered.Using inscisors to chew the flesh.Of her lower lip.Wondering what may happen next.¥
  3. ¥Cursing lightly in elvin,Celestia huffed.Not liking the fact,That she couldn't attend with him on this journey,and protect his backside.¥" Hara'thore....ay'e ..tis very true.Of me'h not liking the facts,of you traveling with others...in attempt t'a slay a dragon...I dare say,whomever is hiring you,owe's you and the other's some nice abodes and tons of gold coin."¥Celestia replied,allowing lips to upturn into a ginger gingerResting one palm against his knee,She'd teasingly laugh.Nudging kaia lightly.¥"hehe~ whenever y'e leave...and return...you owe me'h another stroll,mr.Kaia"¥As both ears flickered lightly,And strands of golden-white curls wafted against her facade.there was an certain air of unease and worry,that plaqued Celestia.knowing,with even a strong high-end like kaia.to help aid this group,dragons were hard and rarely slain for many reasons.mostly because of their raw power and scales tougher then any daimond.Each dragon was different,in size,element and ferocity./ Such worries ran amock within her mind,Causing her to sink fangs into the plush skin,Of her bottom lip.till beads of blood soon appeared.Though it went unnoticed by her,While chuckling.¥" Ay'e...a feast,sounds vera' nice..."¥Though celestia seemed calm,she was anything but...Though not wanting to worry him,She played it off.¥
  4. Happy ThanksGiving everyone!! I hope you enjoy today,with those you love! And please keep safe.Again happy thanksgiving to all my friend's on here.^~^

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      thanks for the well wishes hope your day goes good.  Mine sucked ended up staying home cause of a falling out with my mom.  So im just trying to relax by myself now.  Make sure your day goes much better than mine so far.

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      Happy Thanksgiving!

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      @Aliara Mizuki Blackrose

      Happy Holidays!!! i'm sure that you will enjoy time with friends, and/or family.


      I'll catch up with YOU soon about that RP idea.



  5. ¥Celestia shuddered.Taking in deep breaths,as both palms soon began claiming with sweat,trembling.She'd turn away,though many questions and rage coursed along her blood stream.celestia would slowly inhale,Thinking of what both her parent's,would desire to say if they could.She knew that both,would not want her palms covered in another's blood,justified or not.Even though it was tempting,extremely tempting.She place both arm's at her side's.¥"Na'y....i shall....not dirty m'eh hands with his blood.....even...."¥Celestia's voice choked up,as tears streamed down her cheeks in clear and pale gold droplets.¥"my parent's.....didn't save m'eh t'a avenge them.But...to move...forward..this....monster shall get his....wether in this life....or the next....sire."
  6. "Ha...well if y'e do need t'a battle a dragon,know i shall guard your back,And help y'e battle such a foe."¥Celestia replied,resting herself against him as well,as lips upturned into a bright,and warm smile.Having observed kaia training the boy's,caused her to flush with embarrassment at the thought of kaia holding any children of their own.Interlacing one hand with his own,enjoying the warmth.That wafted from his skin,Shuddering at the thought of dragon's.Celestia knew them to be mostly dormant,but.....other's were not...and were always proven to be powerful and hard to kill.but she kept these notes and thoughts within her own mind,while placing ginger kisses against his cheek.¥"hmm what should we do,within the next city.once we've,escorted everyone in?"
  7. ¥Nodding in agreement,Celestia allowed small puffs of laughter to pass her lips,Before leaning up toward kaia's right-ear.nipping the tip of it,before speaking.¥"hehe~ well..m'eh Th'orak'toma...I'd greatly appreciate,y'er v'era capable skill..and hands,in lifting anything too heavy for m'eh"¥With having teased kaia,just slightly.Celestia began walking toward their camp,assisting the elderly and young,in taking down their tent's,rolling up their furred blankets.And gathering any stray babe's guiding the w'ee one's back to their parent's,while always having a warm,and sweet note to her voice,laughing and giggling as young boy's battled with toy swords for her attention.And the girls weaving flowers of red,green,gold,and blue into her thick,wild,And knee length curls of white and gold.¥"heheh...."
  8. "Hello my comrades and occupants,i just wished to apologize for any delays in responding.i recently discovered I'm 2 months pregnant,so my baby takes alot of enerhy from me.that and the stress of covid spreading wider,has not helped much.so i ask for your patience as there might be a day or two or three,i miss."

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      Congrats on your pregnancy Aliara!

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      Congratulations lass! May blessings rain down upon you such as the salt is to the sea. Don’t worry about us, we can hold our own for a little bit. 

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      many blessings with your new children and family.

      hope everything continues to bring you a lot of love and light!

  9. ¥After hearing kaia explain everything,especially of how the spirit realm itself,worked.Celestia...was understandably nervous,licking her lips,And saying a small prayer for strength,she'd glance toward dauner,giving him a impish smile.¥"Good luck,Dauner may the various God's be with you."¥having said that,Celestia tilted back,the brass goblet.Drinking it's entire content of tea.Before gently placing away her cup,And relaxing,knowing the effects of kaia's brew would begin to show or activate,rather quickly.¥"I..have one question,how will...we be able to tell,if we've passed the test or not?"¥T'was a fair question.one that didn't need a lengthy explanation,just one that would give them insight,on their test.rather.¥
  10. ¥Hearing the odd noises,which she knew.Was kaia's vocal cords,Celestia sat up,yawning quietly.while adjusting her outfit,as the deer skin had rode upwards or fell down a bit.After making sure her clothing was appropriated,she'd run a right-palm through a wild mane of golden and white curls,Which had came loose and spilled heavily around the body and knees.As she walked out.¥"K-kaia?....i suppose y'e never went to sleep?......and that......"¥She gestured to the paint and outfit,which rested against his body.¥"Is f'ore the next part we're doing?"¥celestia yawned out,making sure to keep both hands,still carefully wrapped in ripped pieces and leafs of deer skin.As they still were burnt and cut.Only red marks,now marred the hybrid's snow-pigmented skin.While smiling toward him,Rather enjoying the wake-up call.as this,everything was important to kaia in this,so,celestia sat,and listened.watching as he did each manuver and thumping of a drum.¥
  11. ¥Allowing soft bubbles of laughter,to escape Celestia's slender throat.Enjoying the warmth of his palm encasing her very own,raising one slender brow.She'd reply in a quiet mannerism.Still relaxing herself against his body.¥"mmm~...hehe.Much as I'd desire t'a stay this way a bit longer....we should check upon the camp,make sure everyone is safe.Then,I'll make us all breakfast,Afterwards.i suppose we shall head out,if we're blessed,per'aps we'll make it toward the town within...mmm...maybe past late noon.or tonight..."¥Allowing lips to upturn into a warm smile,Celestia leant upwards.Pressing her lips against his own,Savoring their kiss.she'd pull back.¥"Good morning m'eh sweet..."
  12. Hey it's fine.Sirloin ^~^ no worries,y'er perfectly alright.life happens,i know you'd post eventually.
  13. ¥Having managed,at some point.To sleepily walk toward her log tent,celestia relaxed,using the large,soft leaf's.Making it form into a blanket,Knowing she deserved the rest,Celestia cared not for bathing tonight,fore in the morning.She'd take a dip into some nearby pond or river.with any luck, that or using rain water,if it decided to rain.would be quite helpful. After several hours of sleep,Celestia somewhat awoke,not fully to comprehend.but enough to reconize items clambering and being tossed aside,shrugging it off.Celestia fell back asleep,thinking it was dauner or kaia sifting through thing's,for whatever they needed.¥
  14. (honestly it was not my intent,I didn't know.even doing simple actions like that,would cause for possible disqualification.) ¥Nodding in understanding,Celestia only smiled.and decided to relax against the grass,for a few moment's.enjoying a cooling breeze,soon though.Celestia dozed off,her left arm being used as a pillow for her cranium.While curls of gold and white,lazily framed and lightly draped across the young,hybrid's silhouette.¥
  15. ¥After falling asleep,within kaia's arms,Celestia had nothing but sweet dreams.As hours passed by,the moon beginning to sink lower,While faint.Morning sunlight,began touching across the darkened sky,Celestia stirred.Awakening,lashes fluttered open.While small yawns,began escaping her dark-pink lips.She felt warm,comfortable,And a scent of forest's with hints of kaia's natural scent.Wafted across her nose,Peering around,Celestia saw.that both of them,had fallen asleep,her against his body,kaia's arms caging around the waist,like a shield.Feeling her cheeks reddening,heartrate increasing,And pulse rising.Celestia wasn't able to move,not that she wanted to.In all honesty,that sleep was the most restful she'd ever had.So,instead.She begun running one hand,through his blond,silken tendrils,While the other.traced light patterns across his broad,slender shoulders.Enjoying this slice of time with him,only morning dew,faint sunlight,And fog.seemed to touch them,nuzzling her visage against his chest,It felt....so natural...like they've slept like this for year's.instead of once or twice...¥
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