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  1. Keiko gasped when Charles hit the floor. She panicked, not knowing how to respond to his lack of consciousness. However, someone else was quick to address the problem. Keiko sighed in relief at that. "Sorry, I don't know anyone here, and I don't have any kind of healing ability or skill," she admitted,
  2. Keiko thought about the question for a solid minute or so. She heard Terashi's answer and pouted at it. The way he thought about the scenario didn't seem fair to the bunnygirl. "No matter what the answer is, it's sad that a life was lost, even if this is a hypothetical question and not something that actually happened. But as for the answer, it couldn't have been fate. If the farm boy had given her just a little bit more time for Matilda to explain her side of whatever argument they were having, I'm sure they could have resolved their differences. I don't think luck plays into it, but to answer the question, I'm going to call it that," Keiko explained.
  3. Keiko watched the proceedings, the familiar winged man's comments sounding somewhat depressing. "It sounds like you've been through a lot," she said, though she immediately regretted it. She wasn't sure if she should be drawing attention to herself. That said, the heavy drinker's challenge drew her curiosity as well. She didn't say it, but she considered participating as well.
  4. I was wondering when you'd show up! ❤️ I'm playing Keiko from very early on in her life, so don't feel bad if she doesn't remember you lol xD
  5. Keiko sighed as the other people in the room talked among themselves. She didn't want people to think she craved attention, but she didn't like feeling ignored, either. She finished off her plate and, as she set it aside, a very familiar, very soothing voice met her ears. Turning around in confusion, she saw a man that was familiar to her for reasons she couldn't explain. Where had she seen him before? Her head wasn't hurting, but she just couldn't discern what about him was so familiar. She felt a warmth on her cheeks when he came close, though his focus was on the bartender. Not wanting to intrude, or perhaps too afraid to, she looked away, hoping the anxiety that was slowly building up insider her would calm down on it's own.
  6. When Keiko saw that that everyone had calmed down, she went back to her seat to eat in peace. That said, she did enjoy talking to Kaia and Celestia, when the latter wasn't obsessed with the former, so she was hoping to introduce herself a bit better to the newcomers. If a fight started up again, though, she wouldn't stick around and risk getting hurt, herself. "Sorry I left," she said to everyone in the room, owning up to her meekness.
  7. Keiko would eventually walk out of the room, too timid to stick around between the fighting and the scary new people. The masked guy worried her, but this was a bit much. Fortunately, she had the wherewithal to take her plate with her, and ate in silence, watching the ensuing chaos in hopes that it'd calm down soon and she could go back to her seat.
  8. Keiko jumped back defensively when he pushed her hand away. This saddened her - she only wanted to help him be at ease. She pouted a bit, but she lowered her head so he couldn't see it. This didn't last long - sensitive as her ears were, the guy didn't didn't have to touch them for her to feel his hand on them. She jumped back again, this time giving him a look of fear and worry. She just didn't know what to expect from him at this point. She got that he was freaking out due to his situation, but she couldn't help but be afraid of him. She was defensless in more ways than one - if he attacked her, there wasn't much of anything she could do about it. @stuv
  9. "Thank you for helping them," Keiko said to Celestia with a smile on the bunnygirl's face. It wasn't her problem, really, but seeing someone in pain like that drove Keiko to want to help them. And with her inability to do basically anything in her state, she was grateful that help was administered in her stead. That said, the new male seemed shaken up by all this. Worrying for him, she gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "It's going to be okay," Keiko told him. "Your friend will recover soon, and you're both safe here," she offered, assuming that last part.
  10. Keiko frowned with worry, looking down at the unconscious girl. "Sorry. It's obvious that you're not okay. I just... didn't know what to say, what to ask. I hope she comes out of this okay," Keiko offered, useless in terms of helping either of them. But she cared all the same.
  11. @Hannapie Exactly what I did so I feel you on that.
  12. How you enter this world depends entirely on your creativity. Or your backstory if your character has one already (like mine)
  13. @stuv Keiko noticed your character so you can respond to her if you like. 🙂
  14. "Thank you, that means a lot to me," Keiko said to Kaia before turning a way so Celestia could flirt with him. To her surprise, she found her food and a drink sitting in front of her, but the smell of the drink was filling her with a sense of dread. "Um... thanks, Kaia, but... I don't think I should drink this. " The scent of alcohol brought back memories of the worst kind of nightmares. She'd tried alcohol once before. Never again. @Sirloin Before she could start enjoying her plate of veggies, however, her ears rose up, standing on end. Hearing another male's voice, she turned around to find a man carrying an unconscious woman. "Oh, no! Are you two alright?" she asked, getting up and walking up to them, staying about a foot away from them for safety. @stuv
  15. It makes perfect sense, thank you.
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