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  1. In case you're cool with it, I'm definitely interested! I don't have to be your first choice (or second or third), but if you need another person and you're open to it, I'm always down!
  2. Hey guys! Sorry for taking a hiatus without saying anything, but I'm going to try my best to return. I'm going to set up/fix some things with my profile but overall I'm just glad to be back and a little more free than usual!


    If anyone wants to catch up, feel free! My dms are open. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    1. supernal


      Welcome back 

  3. Aw thank you! Um, dumb question but, where are the threads or how do I find them :,,,)?
  4. I have no clue on how to jump onto the prison escape thing and at this point im too afraid to ask or join anyways :,)

    1. supernal


      You should definitely ask. It expresses your continued interest which I’m sure the OP would appreciate 

  5. stuv

    dia dhuit!

    ooo! i love taxidermy and gore stuff :,) nice to meet you dude, hope we can roleplay sometime!
  6. stuv

    The Lounge

    The boy stepped back from the Prognosticator, seemingly trying to give himself physical space as if it would improve his mindset at the moment. Dozing off into what seems to be another "thinking" trance, he flinches when he hears somebody near him. Out of both fear and habit, the boy pulls his mask back over his face and turns around in a very openly defensive stance, his arms and legs a little more splayed out as if he were to pounce (disregarding the nonlethal and totally off-putting soda can in one of his hands). When he sees the young-looking boy, however, he relaxes some of the tension, however still keeping his wits about him. Considering the people in the Tavern, he doesn't seem like he would trust just about anyone in this realm. "Do you... need something?"
  7. Aww thank you! Anyways, expect a very confused and lost roleplayer while I try to get into that thread's groove! Why is your character in Dead Peaks prison? How long have they been in there? How did your character survive their time in prison before the start of the thread/loci event happened? (examples: Join a gang, Are sufficiently a physical/martial arts/etc. powerhouse to have braved it solo or start their own gang, etc.) Honestly, though my character comes out really shady, he would never purposefully commit a crime heinous enough to deserve to be there. How did he get there you ask? Well, I figured he would have been working with an underground gang for a while beforehand, (it being his first official job in Valucre), and was taken onto another outing to steal something very precious and valuable (sorry for being so vague I'll just figure it out while I go. Perhaps a jewel or artifact of some sort). When they were in the middle of the job, they were caught by the local security force, however they were all able to escape except for Catboy himself, becoming the scapegoat having been caught with the artifact on his person. I'm gonna say he hasn't been there for long, probably for 4-5 weeks. Worming around in prison, I'd vision him to be the kind to just steer away from anything big whilst feeding off the scraps of whats left over, much like a scavenger animal, as well as floating from group to group. Do you have any particular goals you'd like met at the end of the thread? What are they? I have no specific goals, however picking up a couple of friends along the way (both in character and out) sounds good to me! Perhaps to become a better writer as well and get more accustomed to the lore, I'm not so experienced as you can tell. Other than that, hopefully my character learns more about his capabilities and perhaps gains a larger network? Do you have any particular event/action scene/tension point you'd like to take place during our prison break? Nope! As long as the story makes sense and goes with a flow, I have no problem with anything. How do you anticipate your character would "participate" with the other PCs? (examples: team up with folks to try and find the portal + escape, actively try and get in the way of others trying to escape, get in the way by just generally going around killing/going crazy, something else entirely) My character is not an outwardly acting character, and tries to act on both selfish and selfless reasoning but in his own creative way (hence the "chaotic neutral"). He tends to gravitate groups or individuals who tolerate easily and are willing to share their belongings, however becomes handy in situations where sleight of hand or any sort of deceit is needed. In short, he's a hitchhiker, but not necessarily a parasite. A very slippery hitchhiker. Anyways, my character is basically free for you to to experiment and play with! In case you need a certain role in the story that nobody has been really able to fill, (and my character seems to fit somehow), feel free to let me know so I can aid/effect the story's progress! 🙂
  8. Hey! Is it alright if I hop in anytime? It's alright if it's super crowded right now, I promised I was going to join a while ago but my anxiety just got the best of me :,) You could always fit me in where it's right. In case I can't join, I'm not going to put the answers to the character questions just yet so I don't mess with the feed !
  9. stuv

    The Lounge

    With the mask off, it's clear to see the young boy is definitely spacing out, (and perhaps, looking closer, the boy may even be drooling in a very unsightly manner) however his stare did reside on the glowing diagrams that shifted and turned, which all seemed to be enough to interest the young boy. All of the words that travelled from the antlered being just seemed to bounce off of him and fall to the floor. He was never really good with any of this sort of stuff, you know, the mind stuff and the thinking or whatever. Of course, he could put two and two together, it would just take too much time. In his trance, he was able to pull out words such as "Valucre" and "planet", so he decided just to go off of what he can while possibly improvising the rest of the script. "Oh cool so uh. Guess this place isn't like, you know uh... yeah" Smooth one. I definitely know what I'm talking about. "I mean, I guess I'm not on Earth, and... Anyone from anywhere can just end up here? And wherever "here" is, it's not... I don't know." He held his head with his free hand while staring hazily at the red soda can, swishing the soda a little and feeling the liquid move about. "Wow, this is some whack ass dream."
  10. I love how I promised I'd come back and I didn't say anything further from that :,) I hate myself so much

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      I forgive you.

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      Mood. At least you're somewhat on the website

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      Life happens (presumably). Welcome back to it!

  11. Hey! I'm gonna try to come back from my break. Sorry, I've been really anxious to come back but I think that if I try hard enough I'll feel comfortable again!

    To those who waited, thank you for being patient with me. I'll get back as quickly as possible!

    1. squid peanut

      squid peanut

      Don't worry!  There's nothing wrong with feeling like you need to take a break or take things slow.  

  12. Hey! I know I haven’t been here long, and that this has probably been ongoing for a while, but I’m interested in joining sometime! If this is still open I mean. I’ll try my best to catch up on the lore!
  13. @Csl Sorry for taking a short break, I hit a bad writers block and I’m not totally all here emotionally. I’ll try to get back at you as soon as I can, sorry!!
  14. stuv

    The Lounge

    "Oh shut up, the guy was really scary okay? I didn't have any time to think. A lot of other stuff was going on too." he waved his hand around, as if swatting away the topic itself, "Anyways, I'm not really liquid right now... " The boy didn't really understand the terms "terminals" or "compendium", having zoned out while he spoke of them, however his eyes followed his gesture mindlessly while hearing the words "information" and "Valucre" sparked his interest. "So... The place I'm in right now. It's Valucre? What country is that in?" The thought of him being in another world is completely foreign to him, the poor boy. Or, well, being in a place between worlds.
  15. stuv

    The Lounge

    The boy jerked his arm in surprise at the sudden flash, feeling for a moment that it was for some alarm that was triggered by him. Alas, he calmed down at the somewhat welcoming sight of the Prognosticator. However wincing in pain at his arm having bumped his shoulder in an uncomfortable spot, he felt relief when the can fell to his hand. ”Right. I knew that.” Snaking his arm out of the machine and clumsily falling back, he scrambled upwards to dust himself off and began cracking open the can. He lifted his cat mask to reveal his face for the first time to anyone, (well, if the Prognosticator really counted as a person, he presumed that it was just some hologram of an AI), and took a whiff of the can’s contents. “So uh, are you like, I dunno. A robot or something?” The boy didn’t seem so frightened of the figure’s sight, have it be very... simple looking. It was just something easier for him to comprehend than everything else he’s seen so far. ”And I definitely wasn’t trying to steal anything. I have money and I was totally gonna pay for it after, I just left my cash in the hands of that bull-dude, yknow.” And with that, he took a swig.
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