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  1. Hey! I know I haven’t been here long, and that this has probably been ongoing for a while, but I’m interested in joining sometime! If this is still open I mean. I’ll try my best to catch up on the lore!
  2. @Csl Sorry for taking a short break, I hit a bad writers block and I’m not totally all here emotionally. I’ll try to get back at you as soon as I can, sorry!!
  3. stuv

    The Lounge

    "Oh shut up, the guy was really scary okay? I didn't have any time to think. A lot of other stuff was going on too." he waved his hand around, as if swatting away the topic itself, "Anyways, I'm not really liquid right now... " The boy didn't really understand the terms "terminals" or "compendium", having zoned out while he spoke of them, however his eyes followed his gesture mindlessly while hearing the words "information" and "Valucre" sparked his interest. "So... The place I'm in right now. It's Valucre? What country is that in?" The thought of him being in another world is completely foreign to him, the poor boy. Or, well, being in a place between worlds.
  4. stuv

    The Lounge

    The boy jerked his arm in surprise at the sudden flash, feeling for a moment that it was for some alarm that was triggered by him. Alas, he calmed down at the somewhat welcoming sight of the Prognosticator. However wincing in pain at his arm having bumped his shoulder in an uncomfortable spot, he felt relief when the can fell to his hand. ”Right. I knew that.” Snaking his arm out of the machine and clumsily falling back, he scrambled upwards to dust himself off and began cracking open the can. He lifted his cat mask to reveal his face for the first time to anyone, (well, if the Prognosticator really counted as a person, he presumed that it was just some hologram of an AI), and took a whiff of the can’s contents. “So uh, are you like, I dunno. A robot or something?” The boy didn’t seem so frightened of the figure’s sight, have it be very... simple looking. It was just something easier for him to comprehend than everything else he’s seen so far. ”And I definitely wasn’t trying to steal anything. I have money and I was totally gonna pay for it after, I just left my cash in the hands of that bull-dude, yknow.” And with that, he took a swig.
  5. Haha, sorry I guess I should've done so :,) I don't really mind if you two are busy right now! You work very hard to reply to everyone, which I respect!! Thank you for everything you guys do! I'll start replying in a bit, just wait a few!
  6. @Hannapie awww rip dude : ( well in case you ever want to interact with me again, you can always let me know, i’d be happy to get to know your character more!
  7. stuv

    The Lounge

    He didn’t even bother learning the names of anyone from the Tavern. “Not like I wanted to anyways,” he grumbled, “they were all lunatics... that’s for sure.” Perhaps he would head back, maybe when things start to make more sense to him, however the thought is put on hold when the cool air conditioning and the various screen lights got a hold of him. The atmosphere was entirely different from the Tavern, contrasting their more rustic, homey genre to the Lobby’s sleek, neat design. Seeing all of this technology easily made him nervous; he hasn’t really had a good history with... advanced devices. However, there was at least one sight familiar to him. ”Oh hell yeah, snacks.” The vending machines were basically shouting his name. The boy hasn’t had anything to eat or drink, which is strange considering he was just in a tavern which had an abundance of those, but he personally didn’t have any form of currency on him, (besides the stray penny and quarter here and there, but who knows if those are accepted here?) Cartoonishly tip-toeing over to the machines, he looked around to make sure the place was truly empty, right before falling to the ground and shoving one of his arms haphazardly up the dispenser.
  8. Sorry for my character walking out but I felt a little congested lmao. I've been meaning to go into the Lounge anyways. I don't know if anyone would be interested, but I'll be writing a starter there in case anyone would like to come join me! No worries, you don't have to. :,)
  9. stuv

    The Tavern

    @Hannapie With the gesture, the boy followed along behind the cat girl, hoping to find some sort of clearing in whatever realm he’s been thrown into. At first, he had hoped this company could somehow be familiar with what he knows as Earth and the society and laws that govern it, however becomes disappointed when he hears her squawk on and on about some sort of blood-and-eye-color hierarchy. Seeing the girl become so obsessed with this strange topic made the boy shift around a little bit in his position and slump once again. Well, there goes his last hope in someone he can connect to. The boy is normally more patient to haggle an understanding between these sorts of people, but that has been since wearing thin. Lost and perhaps most likely not able to comprehend what’s going on, he feels the best way to deal with the current events would be to get some space. Yeah, clear his head, maybe wake up and have this whole nightmare end. Looking around, he gets the urge to stand up and walk towards a distant entrance to what seems to be a more high-tech room. It’s the only thing that felt most reasonable to him, for the cool lights and the cold atmosphere felt more welcoming to him than this amusement park food stand. The main thing is that to him it looked much quieter. Turning tail, he decides to retreat into what is known as the Lounge.
  10. stuv

    The Tavern

    "What the fuck." "What the fuuck." Yeah, he really didn't have the mental capacity to respond to anything that has happened in the past few minutes. Anyways, he hasn't necessarily had the guts to move from the seat that he occupied, and there really wasn't a reason to move from it anyways. As the events occurred, his head moved around and watched, as would a curious feline have done. In hopes of gaining at least one person's trust in this whack house, the boy decided to approach the cat girl slowly. "Hey man, take it easy. It would be a lot easier if you chill out a little. To be honest, I don't think any of these fre-, uh, people are gonna hurt you. I mean, the shiny girl kinda helped you out, y'know." Hypocritical? Yes, but he's hoping she could probably learn from his mistakes and, perhaps, they could probably clear their heads together.
  11. @Sirloin No worries dude, take your time!
  12. stuv

    The Tavern

    @Aliara Mizuki Blackrose @BunnygirlKeiko @Sirloin Celestia's motherly tone and calm demeanor, along with the other knowing elf's words, seemed to have helped the boy consider calming down, and the fidgety rabbit seemed to entertain him as well. "Right, elves and witches are real now I guess. And this is like some kinda, I don't know, new realm to me or some shit." His tone was defeated. He rubbed his head and decided to stand up quickly, itching the back of his neck. As he stumbled over to find a chair and pulled it out, he sat with the back of the chair on his chest, resting his hands and chin on the top. "A drink would be nice, thank you. Just get me anything, I prefer something cold and sweet." With another heavy sigh, as if he hasn't sighed enough already, he looked over to the poor bunny girl, trying to decide whether he wanted to continue to mess with her or not. He definitely enjoyed playing around with people to his enjoyment, even if he was being an asshole, but the girl seemed very soft. A little too soft, like a wounded chick you would want to protect out of pity. The two elves seemed to dance around in his imagination, wondering if this new "realm" consisted of more fantastical creatures, like unicorns and vampires. He snuffed at that thought. While he continued to ponder, the hollow eyes of his mask just peered towards Keiko's direction unknowingly.
  13. stuv

    The Tavern

    @Aliara Mizuki Blackrose @BunnygirlKeiko @Hannapie "No, you know what? None of this is okay!" His arms raised in protest, swatting away the rabbit girl's hand. Despite all of comfort and concern he's receiving, he decides to express himself like an infant. "I have no fucking clue where I am, or literally who any of you guys are! And, well,", he squinted at Celestia, "you're way to sparkly for a normal human being, and bunny girl here is... well I'm sure those ears aren't some sort of costume, it wouldn't be possible for a costume to move like that." Tempted to reach up and grab one of Keiko's ears just to prove his point, he lifted his hand. For some instinctual reason, he figured the action to be both rude and intrusive, however he had his hand hesitate for too long to retract it, so he just waved it in front of her ears. "And don't you think it's a little weird for someone to be bleeding well, I don't know, green." Whatever weird sorts of things Valucre had in preparation for him, he definitely wasn't ready for any of it; he technically wasn't even in Valucre yet.
  14. stuv

    The Tavern

    "Right. Hahaaa. Yeah alright alright." A muffled "what the fuck" was tossed to the side when he took off the hefty burden and began shuffling through it. All sorts of things were in there, a lot of things he didn't necessarily want to be apart from, however taking out all of the so-called "weapons" in his storage sounded like a much more difficult feat to bother rather than just handing the whole bag to the minotaur. With a heavy sigh, the boy reached his hand deep into the backpack and fished out a couple of small objects and shoved them rather clumsily into his pockets before presenting the bag to the large beast man in a very salesman-like fashion, hoping to get at least a snort from him. "Here you go, m'lady. Don't try and slip some things from me for yourself, I have a complete mental list of all my shit in here." He said, adding the little gesture of tapping his head with a finger knowingly. "Oh, and handle with care, won't you dear? There's some fragiles in there." And with a couple of reassuring pats on his backpack, he handed it over. Turning around, he hissed in air while looking the girl up and down. Yikes, now that's gotta hurt. He considering turning around and asking for his backpack again, knowing there could be some things in there that could possibly help her, not until Celestia began, well, working her magic. Though it wasn't visible, his eyes widened in what could be either fear or wonder. Either way, besides the giant cow man, he feels as if he completely lost his mind with green light coming from her hands that, by looking around them, he could only decide that they were the the only source of light, no gimmicks or tricks visible. What made this worse is watching the... green blood slowly seeping back into her cuts, which appeared to fade right before his eyes. "What, the fuck.." were the only words he could mutter before sinking onto the ground as if defeated. He's never seen weirder shit in his life, and feels as though he has completely lost it. His gloved hands wrapped around his mask and head in both panic and astonishment, letting himself sit down and wonder what exactly he ingested that would cause his brain to conjure up these events. Sadly, he was thoroughly convinced that even with the help of certain substances he was not creative enough to have thought up everything that has happened. "Right, aha, thank you..." was all he could come up with while he continued to shiver on the ground.
  15. @ohophelia I'm fine with it on my end! I don't know about the others who are currently roleplaying though. To be honest, I think the Tavern of Legend is always open in general lmao, just enter when you feel most comfortable, but I'm no staff member.
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