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    I really like all things art! My main focus is digital animation, but I also enjoy filming, writing, and fashion.

    Hobbies include drawing, watching stuff on Youtube, playing video games, practicing violin, and napping for 2+ hours. I really like birds, 60s rock, and my friends. :)
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  1. Holy crap, I'm going to miss this place. Most especially, I'm gonna miss the whole connectedness the site's lore had since we mainly existed on a planet together, all of which was ingeniously created by many talented individuals. The way this site ran, the format, and just everything in general will forever have a place in my heart.

    Props to the people who put it all together and kept it running, especially all the stress that's been put onto them. Credits to those who helped support this site via all means possible, because Valucre definitely deserved all of it! And most of all, thank you Supernal for guiding me through this place, I'd be totally lost without you dude.

    I know I haven't been here for long, but I do know that Valucre felt like another home to me.


    Not sure if anyone is interested to hear, but I am joining the migration! Hoping for all sorts of new horizons and experiences ahead, hope to see you guys there too! I'll be going by the same username, and I'll be bringing my character with me >:] (I have a thread with some fellas that we need to get to!)

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    2. Dabi


      Do you think PG would a way to move one character through the different settings and retain character development in each setting? I just can let go of the desire to stay connected with the other worlds. Been a great ride, and am definitely gonna miss Val the planet  and Val the site.

      Oh, I'm gonna be taking a huge chunk of the planet with me though. Can't leave empty handed now, can I?

    3. Csl


      @Dabi Both of those questions are answered in the Migrant Guide. You may post in PGRP's help forum for clarification. Please note that you cannot port over Valucre settings that you have not created.

    4. Dabi


      I'm gonna check it out sometime later. Also, the setting I'm talking about is one I created

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