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  1. Bye for now friends, shame I could get much character interaction, but hey, her journey has only just begun in the wonderful of Valucre, her travels will continue soon enough.
  2. She heaved a disappointed sigh. This girl who called herself Celeste seemed to have no interest answering her questions, more interested in the goings on of the rest of the room, and everyone else seemed so busy. Hoisting herself up from her spot at the table she made her way to the exit, not paying the winged man any mind as she walked past. "So much for answers." She huffed, leaving the tavern.
  3. "Either something in my coffee this morning was super expired, or I'm not on the right planet because I've never heard of a country named Valucre or Osiria. And you don't know about the blood rankings. How could you of all people not know about the blood rankings. You're a purple blood. Just like how I'm a green blood, y'know, green eyes? And no, I'm not calling you royalty, you're above royalty. You're basically a demi god!" She laughed, thinking to herself for a moment before looking back to Celestia. "I know! What's the queen's name? Everybody knows this!" Her pitch black tail swished back and forward excitedly as she gawked at the girl.
  4. @Aliara Mizuki Blackrose She sat, having been dragged to a table with Celestia. She gestured for the masked guy to follow, he seemed equally as lost as she was. She shrugged, taking a swig of the beverage placed in front of her, she wasn't quite sure about the whole situation. One second she's surrounded by concerned strangers, worried that she'd go berserk at any moment, and the next she's sitting at the same table as them as one sings a tune. She smiled a bit, relaxing as she listened. Waiting for Celestia to finish her song first she asked, "So, I'll ask again, where in Stelia are we? I've never heard of Valucre. And what's with your eyes? Aren't you a purple blood? Aren't you a bit too strong to be visiting with the likes of us?"
  5. @Aliara Mizuki Blackrose Woop looks like we both ended up posting at the same time. U want to change your post or should I? I don't think our posts make sense in tandem bro Edit: eh whatever doesn't matter that much
  6. @stuv @Aliara Mizuki Blackrose Seeing the masked guy walk up she slowly lowered her hand back into her pouch, slowly letting the seeds fall back into her bag, the broken strap firmly gripped in her other hand. "The shiny one, Celestia, how isn't anybody else reacting to her eyes? She can probably level this entire building if she wanted." She looked back and forth from Celestia and the newly approached guy, giving him a look of 'wtf is even going on'.
  7. She shook her head, this wasn't adding up. This purple blood seemed so friendly. "Alright, Celestia I suppose I have you to thank for healing me, you did a pretty good job." She paused, her back still firmly pinned against the wall. "Where in Stelia are we? I've never heard of a 'Valucre' before." She asked quickly, keeping a close eye the mug gu- Kaia as he made his way back to his table. "And how did I get here? Last I remember I was running from the soldiers, fire balls and lightening being shot at me from all angles. And then I saw a bright light."
  8. She flinched, the mug of ale hitting right in it's mark. Quickly seeing how the group reacted, the magic from around her hand swirled to a stop, fist still clenching her handful of seeds. She backed up in an attempt to avoid the pointy eared man who had thrown the mug at her, only stopping when her back hit a corner. "Stay away from me mug guy! Where am I?" She asked trying to sound brave but not really succeeding, the fur on her tail was standing up straight. They didn't seem to mean any harm, but she wasn't taking any chances. This could all be some kind of weird interrogation tactic for all she knew. Then the loud man burst in the room, like she really needed more company.
  9. @Sirloin No problemo at all
  10. It was an odd sensation to say the least, the searing pain covering her body was there one moment, then the next it was almost unnoticeable, if not at all. She squinted her eyes, slowly letting them readjust to the light. Something was off, for one thing, she wasn't face down on a stony ground like she vaguely remembered. Secondly, she found that, for the most part, her wounds were gone, save for the line of stitches where the gash once was. Perking her ears up she could hear talk of elves, witches, and fairies, whatever that means, these were all terms she had never heard before. Slowly she hoisted herself up to a sit, pulling her knees to her chest. "A new.. realm?" Her quiet voice quaked despite her best efforts, this didn't seem like the place the military would frequent, but it would be reckless to make assumptions this early on. It was the only thing that made sense. Glancing around she took in her surroundings, there were quiet a few faces around, some sticking out more than others, for one thing, there was a girl with purple-turquoise eyes. She gasped, this has to be their highest in command. She jumped up off the table, stumbling to keep balance on her tired legs, her left hand grabbed a fistful of seeds from her satchel. The same hand beginning to glow a forest green, just like her eyes and her blood, of which she had yet to notice was coating her overalls. There was no way she could beat a purple blood, but at least she'd go down fighting.
  11. Woot woot! Finally sunk another bit of text in there! Hopefully it helps 😉
  12. The dark haired girl shifted, her dreams being those clearly full of distress. She tried to role onto her side only to recoil, the large gash along her lower right arm being in the way. Deep green blood spilled from the gash, a trail of sorts being left behind, surely. She groaned in her sleep, she could hear faint voices, they seemed concerned. The soldiers had caught her, there was no doubt in her mind of this, but first she needed to gather her strength, she'd have to worry about dealing with the mess she'd gotten herself into later. She was lucky for the most part, her clothes had taken the brunt of the damage, ignoring her arm and the plenty of smaller wounds littering her body, that is. Her overalls were singed and torn around the legs, her green jacket was almost unrecognizable at this point, the remainder hanging from her left. Her small satchel, luckily, was fairly intact, it would need some stitches, sure, as the strap was torn from the bag on one side, but it was salvageable, and most importantly, far from the blood. You have no idea how hard it is to clean blood out of fabric. So there we have it, right side, bloody mess, left side, still has what's left of a jacket attached to it, plus a satchel strap tied around her wrist. She was a royal mess, don't even get me started on her hair, I didn't even know hair could get so matted.
  13. Feel free, just don't be too concerned by the half dead girl on a table. 🤣
  14. @supernal Sweet, I'm looking forward to hopping in at some point, then. Hopefully it'll still be up in about three weeks. I'm going on a bit of a trip in a week and I don't want to hold anybody up if I jumped in now.
  15. How long do you plan to keep the post up and open?
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