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  1. Kiki looked at him with bewilderment. The thought of robbing the murderous old lady... not once crossed her mind. "You know, you have some really out there ideas. I mean, you also seem to have had a pretty "out there" life so I get it, but man." She shook her head. Dauner agreed to her dance invitation and the magic swordsman immediately made a request to the violinist. A fast tune began to be played and Dauner offered her a dance. She took one hand of his and placed the other on his shoulder, letting him place his on her hip. She gave him a jolly grin. "Let me show you how us peasant folk dance, noble sir." *** OOC: Feel free to skip ahead to the late evening, when we can get to stargazing.
  2. That caught her a bit off guard, pretty much bolting into a sit. "Oh, story? Stories?" She let out a nervous laugh as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "No, no I don't have any- I mean, I do have but they're not as..." She trailed off a moment, thinking back to everything she'd done in the few years she'd been officially an adventurer. "Ah, what the hell, sure! I have a couple stories, but disclaimer, they won't knock your socks off." "So, first few months as an adventurer, I kept checking the bulletin board of the inn I stayed at. All the stuff that was posted there was mundane and usually taken by civies, but, as it often happens, my money began to run out and I had to take a job. I signed up to help an old lady find her missing doggy. I go to her house; pretty cute little home, with a really glorious, freshly dug out backyard full of sweet-smelling flowers. I snoop around a bit as she's making tea and figure out she's married, but I ask her where the husband is and she tells me he left her some weeks ago! Now, that might seem pretty dramatic for a pair of elderly humans, but her man was an elf she knew for fifty ears. So, she aged like milk while he stayed the same dashing womaniser. He wasn't very fond of her new old looks so he ran off with a younger woman. Dramatic! "Anyways, she tells me how her dog looks and what name it's got and I spend all day searching for it around Nu Martyr, until sundown when I find it fighting with some cats in an alleyway. I bring it back to her home, but for some reason the dog won't go past the front yard gate. I push and pull and eventually get sick of it so I, uh, use some druidic magic to summon some vines and, uh, fling it over the roof into the backyard. I realize now that counts as animal cruelty, and hope the dog's had a better life since then. Anyways, I sneak around the house into the backyard and find the dog whining and digging out a flowerbed. I'm like, "no, bad poochy!" and I pick it up - and it's a damn heavy dog - and I'm about to carry it inside, when I smell something. A rancid smell. Rotten smell. I realize it's coming from the ground and I, being suspicious, use some terraforming magic to bring out whatever it was in the ground that was causing that smell and.... I vomit on the dog." "You see, what the earth spat out was the weeks-old, bloated, burnt corpse of the dashing elf husband and what looked like the remains of some young chick. It all smelt and looked awful. And the dog wouldn't stop whining, which is what the old lady heard and came out the house being all "my Creampuff! you found my liddle baby Creampuff!" - and then she spots the bodies. And let me tell you, I did not expect her to suddenly summon heinous magical might and start casting fireballs at me. I had some experience with magical duels so I made great use of my environment and summoned a pillar of earth, which knocked the bodies straight into grandma, K.O.-ing her. As she's unconscious I run out and scream for the constables until some city guards show up and I tell them what happened and yadda yadda. By next morning, the lady is in jail, the dog is at animal rescue and I go hungry, because they arrested the old lady for double murder before she could pay me for finding her darn mangy dog. Tragic~." "Well, that was just one story, but I think it was more than enough," She got up and stretched, feeling the comforting pop of her back and legs. "I say, we now go have ourselves a little dance party, what does thou say, noble sir Light?"
  3. Kiki whistled. "Damn, you have a backstory for the books. No offense." She got up into a sit. She tucked a strand of wild black hair behind one white ear. "Now, obviously, I never knew your master, but it sounds like he went out on his own terms. That's something admirable. And it sorta proved him right? Had they left him alone, you wouldn't have... "buried their base in flames and rubble". It just really seems like a lot of that could have been avoided had someone decided to stop and think about their actions. Not necessarily you." The strand of hair poked out and she tucked it again with a frustrated exhale. "But yeah, you definitely win the backstory contest. I'm nothing compared to that, just a peasant girl from a pastoral lifestyle, who decided to answer the call to adventure and go out into the big, wide world to seek challenges." She laid back down on the blanket. Now the big clouds were whipped into strange shapes by the winds, and she could swear one of them resembled a great, white dragon. Or maybe a wyrm. "But I like your story. Full of dramatic twists and turns. But tell me, how has life been for you since you arrived here, in Valucre? Surely that bounty didn't follow you here?"
  4. It might've been a smidge impolite, but after finishing her cup of water, Kiki laid down on the blanket, resting her head on her crossed arms. The skies were beautiful, the clouds mighty white giants slowly rolling over the vast blue expanse, and a low wind tugged at her hair. It was a wonderful day. "You know what, I'd like to hear about what you did on your world. How did sir Dauner A. Light earn and escape a death sentence?" She stretched her back a little, just enough to hear a crack. She then relaxed back on the blanket, resuming the watching of the skies. "The worst situation I've ever been in was when I herded half our neighbor's flock of sheep off the island's edge. I should mention this was a floating island, so there was no retrieving them once they fell. Ah, mom chased me around the house with a belt until nighttime when she found out, and then I slept in the barn to avoid her." She let out a little giggle. Ah, how nice it was to recall her childhood. She had a good one. ...Then she realized something Dauner said. She rolled onto her side, looking at the man wide-eyed. "Wait, your dad's army? Are you nobility?"
  5. Kiki nibbled on her bread with jam as she listened to Dauner. She let out a little gasp at the mention of the Gualtiero mafia. "Wait, wait, you mean the Gualtiero mafia? From Nu Rosinder?" She whistled. This fella got around. She rolled her eyes at his insistence that his female captors were into him. Yeah. She had realized the man had a bloated sense of self. He was charming, tall, dark and handsome, she'll give him that, but he seriously believed himself to be a top ranked bachelor. "Y'know, there's to need to abridge stuff for me. I'm a newly baked adventurer, I crave stories. They sustain my enthusiasm. Oh, and I was supposed to take part in an escort mission when I got the news I won the weekend getaway to here. Still haven't decided if the change of plans was worth it." She gave Dauner an evil smirk. "It all hangs on your ability to entertain or bore me." She pulled a bottle of water and a plastic cup from the basket, pouring the contents of the former into the later. She gazed at Dauner above the rim of the cup. "...So, give me some more. What was some of the craziest shit you've ever done? You ever been part of a heist? Slew a colossal beast? Not necessarily a dragon, I think that would be... awkward for you?" She took a sip out her cup. "Keep 'em coming, and when that well goes dry, I'll take you to dance. That guy," She pointed a thumb behind herself. "Is riffing some mad tunes on that violin. I wanna see how good is your footwork, Mister Light." She snickered.
  6. Kiki giggled at the sight of her date playing with the children, and she giggled when he returned to the blanket, "You're a childish one, Dauner A. Light," She says that as an observation, not a reprimand. She carefully lifts the lid of the food basket and inspects the foods within, finding them fitting for her taste. She picks up a baguette and and a jar of what is labeled as strawberry jam. She breaks off a bit of the bread and spreads the jam on it with a tiny silver knife. She takes a bite. Delicious! "You know, I still feel as if you're hiding things from me," She speaks after swallowing. "But you seem like a powerful mage, and those types are real used to keeping secrets. I don't blame you for not trusting me. After all, we're still technically strangers to each other." She takes another bite. "Still, I hope we'll stay in contact or at least meet again after this weekend." The piece of bread with jam is swallowed in full and she goes on to prepare another. "But, I also know powerful mages have a lot of good stories. Would you mind telling me some? Like, what was it that happened in Nu Martyr? I live there between jobs. Maybe I was present for the event?"
  7. Kiki didn't feel like she got her questions answered. In fact, she thought his "answers" raised more questions. He was obviously a powerful mage but there was something else beyond it all that he wasn't disclosing. She got up, attempting to display some kind of dominance over the man. She opened her mouth to speak, to ask, to demand precise answers when- When her head snapped forward from the impact of a ball hitting it. "Don't you fucking brats know how to play ball?!" She yelled, then bit her lip upon realizing what she said. Ah. She looked over the kids, some horned and some not, all giggling at her agitation. "Ma'am, can we get our ball back?" A little betailed girl asked her. Kiki glared daggers at the child, who retreated under the pressure. An evil smirk curved the primate's lips. "You kids wanna play ball? Well~," She bent down and picked up her staff. She twirled it a few times, then stabbed the ground with it. "TERRA COLUMNAE" she exclaimed, and suddenly a pillar of earth rose from the ground, sending the ball flying sky-high. Then she added, in almost a whisper, "caeli salto". She extended a hand and with a finger made the air currents bend to her will and in a whirlwind brought the ball down to right before her. Then, after saying "reditus" the pillar of earth retracted and wind went back to blowing the way it did a moment before. The primate put one foot on the ball and flicked her hair back. "You want this, kids?" She asked. The kids nodded, but they looked rather uncomfortable. "It's yours... if you manage to get it back!" She kicked the ball behind her. "Dauner!" OOC: angst is over, time for ball
  8. Kiki could not believe this man, and she could not believe herself. Was he seriously acting so oblivious and was she seriously being charmed by it??? She bit down on her knuckle to stifle a laugh, but didn't succeed, instead nearly choking on her spit. Once the coughing fit passed she rotated herself around on the blanket to face the source of her sour mood. She inhaled, steadied herself and what was supposed to be a simple, tactful inquiry came out as a torrent of questions; "Where did you learn shadowmancy? What the hell did you do to that lady? What did you do with her kid? How do you keep your giant wings invisible? Who's Shelly? Did you and how much did you lie to me? And if you did, why do you feel the need to lie to me?" She paused to catch her breath and think about the next thing to ask him, but faster than she could bite her tongue out came a desperate; "Who are you?" The silence that followed was punctuated by the children, once again, losing control of their toy and the ball hitting Kiki square in the back of the head, which responded to by cursing loudly in Old Cierno.
  9. Grel did not attempt to maintain focus as the redhead's words turned to white noise in his ears. He was thinking about other things, like how would she react if, in a moment of passion, he bit into the mouthful of flesh between her breast and armpit. The hybrid inspected his fingernails, making them change color, and elongated and shortened his fingers from spindly to stubby. He looked around the hall they passed trough, determining that whoever they hired to do interior decoration must've been a blind hobo, and nearly kept walking when Pearl stopped in front of a large painting. The woman depicted in it was... elvish looking. Meaning she was all gentle facial features and light hair and pointy ears. Not his type. And neither was the other one. Sixteen years old? Total jailbait, for whoever got stiffies for women who had as many curves as a square. Still, whenever Pearl turned to face him he would nod or put on a smile. He didn't want his chances with her plummeting because he let show that he didn't like getting long history lessons from someone he viewed as another potential number to add to his body count. And besides, it seemed all this talking made her happy. So he would just need to keep her yapping and she would eventually fall into his grasp. Easy enough. Before his quarters she offered to stop calling him Nutmeg, and he thanked the stars for that. "It was Spinel, Commander. Like the gem." He said, taking her arm and planting a kiss on her knuckles. He winked at her, a smile curving his lips. "And don't worry, if I ever find myself in need of a strong, war-weary woman to save me during my stay here, I'll come knocking at your door. I still have to pry those battle tales out your lips, but the history you shared with me today will keep me sated until tomorrow." With that, he entered his room, giving the woman a small wave as he closed the door. "See you tomorrow, Commander~!"
  10. Kiki didn't realize she was holding her breath until she exhaled upon seeing Dauner harmlessly play with the children. She avoided looking him in the eye as he approached. To his greeting she did not respond, turning around. "I see some of us had a good night," she muttered to herself. Char seemed to notice her apparent enmity and looked from man to werewoman, trying to deduce what happened between the pair of them. In the end, it was none her business. "Well, I hope you will find the food and setup enjoyable. Farewell, and have a fun Lovers' Day!" Char said, then bowed and left the pair alone. There was an awkward silence following her departure that Kiki didn't care to fill. She sat down on the blanket in silence, gathering her knees up to her torso and hugging her legs, resting her chin on top of her knees. She was intent to not speak a word to her date, hoping receiving the silent treatment would wizen him up. It might've been a empty hope.
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