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  1. Alright, I'm in for certain! Off to a city-hunt we go (ofc not immediately, need some preparations and introductions first).
  2. I'd like to be the Borg, subclass either Warlord or Vanguard, I'll see once I'm done making my character.
  3. Mark me as interested, I juuuust need a character sheet. Also, what is the in-universe date of this thread's beginning?
  4. Mark me as interested, but I must first prepare a character sheet. The character I have in mind is within limits of human strength, no major magical abilities but is a skilled combatant. The only power of note is that they have something akin to D&D's Stoneskin permanently cast on their face for medical reasons (they're sort of disfigured) but the rest of their body is still soft flesh. Also, what is in-universe starting date? I'd like that character to be free for Valentine's Day and not spelunking in abandoned mines.
  5. Oh I want in. Will this be an opportunity for our characters to date other people's characters? I'd be up for that! Although the character I plan to use might not be one that's easy on the eyes 🤭
  6. OOC: I saw that there was still room for me to squeeze in my character, so here I am 🙂 Vivia scaled the building by finding creases and corners for her to use as handholds and hoofholds. She snuck by windows, peeking through them on occasion to look all glimmer-eyed at the shiny things she'd occasionally spot on a desk or around a wrist. But no, she reprimanded herself, there was a job she had to do. Stealing small shinies would come after. Now, she had to use her skills, sharpened by millennia of thievery, to earn big shinies. She just had to take this seriously. That was the deal. Eventually, she reached the roof. She spotted the quartet already there and approached with caution, hiding behind equipment left behind by construction workers. When a bit of eavesdropping revealed them to be her teammates for the mission, she got up on her hind legs and let the clack of her hooves give her away as she approached. The clacking grew louder as the she-devil enlarged herself, reaching a metre and seventy/five foot seven. That would hopefully put her at eye-level with the other four, which was useful when you wanted others to see you as an equal (even if you still saw them as walking providers of things to steal). She stopped before the four. "H-hiiiii", she said, in a voice as pleasant as nails on chalkboard. "I have a letter here. It's a re-com-end-ation letter." The she-devil produced a piece enveloped paper from the fanny pack she wore. She wasn't very used to wearing things - she lacked genitals and her six nipples were quite inoffensive - but she recently got her hands on a couple useful things which contributed to the whole "being seen as an equal" thing. She wore a kind of cropped black shirt with long sleeves which was tied in the front (and did nothing to cover the before-mentioned inoffensive nipples). Her legs and groin were covered in hair so she had little use for pants, put she still wore dark blue wool thigh and calf coverings. Most importantly, she had a fanny pack she wore across her chest, (but which was a poor substitute for her Bag of Potential Infinity which she had to leave behind, as to not risk losing her centuries worth of accumulated treasure) in which jangled a couple tools she thought would be useful for the mission, letter of recommendation included. "It's from the man-thing called Widge. He says I can join. Because I have experience and skill. That's what he said." Vivia couldn't help but feel a bit proud.
  7. Oh actually, just now noticing the reserved spots. What classes will those people be playing?
  8. Alright, I'll wait for a couple more people to join before picking a role. I wanna be able to fit and balance out the party (although it would be funny if we were five Cool dudes failing all unrelated rolls).
  9. Oooooh I do not like C2077 but I dooo like the genre in general. Is knowledge of the game events/setting required to join?
  10. I forgot about this site during the holidays, but now let me say;

    Happy New Year! Merry Christmas to those who celebrated it on the 25th of last month and 7th of this month! And happy all other holidays!

  11. Where exactly on the world map is this quest taking place? I don't want to get my character off Lagrimosa yet.
  12. How should I go about joining this thread with a character? Any ideas? I can't just stroll up to the two of you out of the blue.
  13. Merry catholic Christmas to whomever celebrates it *pops champagne*

  14. Hi there. I was AFV for awhile due to a multitude of reasons that had the same end result on my creativity and peace of mind, but now I'm back! I'd like to join back in, if that is possible. Ironic ow the two people who started this thread dropped out.
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