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  1. @ticklefarte Sorry, I was extremely busy with real life stuff. I'll try and get a post in tonight. Btw, is the identity of the killer pre-determined or are we allowed to accuse whomever of being the murderer?
  2. @Humble Blood @Aliara Mizuki Blackrose @ticklefarte @Linixy @Witch Trials Hii here. I have wanted to join your RP since the beginning, but a sickness (not covid!) mowed me down and I hadn't strength to write or look at a computer screen. Is it too late for me to jump in now?
  3. Damn, hope you're feeling better now. You're forgetting @Aleksei right after you and I think @Sirloin said they won't be active as much for a bit of time. (PS: Sorry for replying so late, two weeks after the deadline you'd set. I was planning to abandon the thread due to RL stuff holding my attention hostage but I'm finally free to RP)
  4. Thanks for all the likes!

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      Np np, I'm really jealous of the number of different characters you've got! (and I left a like on Zoran for patriotic reason, I recognise a Serbian name)

  5. Hey, thanks for the like! 🙂

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      Np, I'm really liking the RP between Natalia and Shikai so far. Brawler woman vs Ninja guy is, like, the coolest fight match-up I can imagine, and they're both already such entertaining characters on their own.

  6. Oi, I notice that the newest ToL thread is months old. I'd like to go on an artefact hunt, but is it difficult to get engagement for such posts?
  7. @HollowCipher @Sirloin @Veir There was shouting and stomping of feet coming from distantmost hallways. The sounds echoed and carried themselves to where she rested, rousing her from the light, dreamless slumber she had fallen in. This commotion wasn't rare for the Dead Peaks prison - every once in awhile some fool would think themselves smart, sneaky or strong enough to break in or out. The guards took all of those attempts seriously, swiftly dealing with whomever tried to free Terrenus's most dangerous. Still, something told Trkozha the guards would appreciate backup now. She heaved herself up, the pile of bones crunching beneath her four mighty paws. She stretched and yawned, gaping both her outer maws and her throat-mouth. Then she shook herself, which agitated the worms. They squirmed and burrowed, excited by the host's sudden activity. It had been some moths since she last moved. Not to mention that they already noticed the vanishing of the Dead Zone. It was a certain catalyst for great change. They gathered the youngest among them in the cavity of the host's pseudo-heart and whispered old tales and shared ancient knowledge, as to prepare them for the upcoming excursion. Their usual milling trough the veins and guts turned into elaborate dancing. Their tiny voices sung of what was fated and many retreated deeper into the bodies, knowing what will soon occur. However, no attempts were made to inform the host herself of the environmental changes. They had a cunning culture and a plan they prepared generations ago; her lack of knowledge was crucial to it. They kept silent around those bodily hallways that led to her ears and brain. She easily mistook the cause of their excitement for something more mundane. Trokozha stepped out of the dead-end hallway she had made into a den. She sniffed and listened, but her attempts to discern the cause of the kerfuffle proved fruitless, as the prison air was stale and the magical hallways muffled all sounds into unrecognizability. Mildly annoyed, but driven by a vague sense of duty, she trudged toward the sounds. *** OOC: Heavily edited this, just for flavour. Still miss the text that got deleted 🙃
  8. This thread reminded me I haven't read a book in over a year. I used to devour books as a child, had read over a hundred by age 12, which my peers considered an astronomical numbers, but somewhere in high school I forgot how to read. Before covid began I picked up 1984 from the city library and I'm way past the return date despite being only 140 pages in after so many months. And it's a good book don't get me wrong, I just can't seem to keep it in my hands long enough to finish reading. I'll be leaving for a weekend trip in some hours so I'll bring it with me, hopefully I'll read the rest of it there. Once I'm back I'd like to re-read some books I loved as a child; Out of Africa by Karen Blixen (which I'll read while loudly cussing out the long-dead author) or Sarah Mlynowski's Magic in Manhattan series which brought me so much joy and also this... this simply godawful romantic fantasy book by Michaela Burdová that I don't think ever got an official English release but which I'll translate as World of Unicorns: Guardians of Good and it is... well nothing I say can top the title, can it? My absolute favourite pastime while I was hospitalised and got bought that thing by my well-meaning mother was mentally rewriting it as I read it over and over again... never even read the rest of the trilogy it belongs to because the reason I read it so often was to process its prose that somehow circled the colour wheel and went from purple to brightens yellow. Two paragraphs! And half a page! Describing! A saddle! And then I couldn't even recall what the bloody thing looked like because the author went on even longer describing the mout it was on and the person riding it! And I love that book! In the way you love your only source of entertainment when you're a young teen hospitalised due to abdominal pains no one ever maged to find the cause of (I might just drop dead someday and they'll still not know what killed me) and you are so bored and scared you'll get operated on you bury your head in a book and ignore the world around you, focusing on the fact that the elven queen who came to aid the human lands and falls in love with the gruff warrior with a mysterious past(as the back of the book summarises him perfectly accurately, although it fails to mention that his personality sometimes abandons gruffness to dip into smug or even daringly cynical) who is in his mid-twenties is somehow, completely fucking conveniently, eighteen years old and tells him so near the begging of the book to make it clear there is no worming out of the eventually dramatic make-out session between big strong gruff mysterious warrior and blushing elven maiden that can telepathically speak to unicorns. Why couldn't she have been a MILF! What would it have cost to for once have the gruff mysterious warrior be banged by an older woman instead of the cast's youngest yet legal female character! I assure you fantasy author #47 your book will age far better if the now mid-aged former fan can pick it up again in twenty years and enjoy overdetailed descriptions of a woman her age having unsafe and anatomically inaccurate bonkage with a gruff young man on the run from his past instead of a whiny princess who can't perform an action without being flanked by two paragraphs describing her youthfulness and beauty.
  9. I've been far less active than I have excuses to be, but I'll try and get around to writing stuff tonight. I've been very stressed and found it hard to focus on a single task long enough to finish typing. Hopefully I'll get my writing juices flowing.

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      Thank you for your words, I'm just worried I'll lose interest despite being so enthusiastic to join this place. I just couldn't have predicted how August would go for me IRL and now feel guilty about not being more active despite looking forward to roleplaying.

    3. Phase


      I vanished for the better part of a decade.  Deal with your real life situation, a lot of people are going through a lot right now.  You'll have this place to come back to whenever you need some escapism.

    4. Walk Among The Abyss

      Walk Among The Abyss

      Adding to Phase, I also vanished for close to a decade before my butt itched to write thanks to Coivd - So no rush. I definitely dropped the ball on some fun threads but it's something we deal with. Good news is people will still be here to welcome you back! 

  10. Oh I was waiting for Kronos to respond so I could be the last person in the post order, in case anyone wanted to air their grievances about my character. I will change things on the go if need be. I'll get to writing my post, then. See you.
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    The Tavern

    @Phase @Aliara Mizuki Blackrose @dearest, aureate. She was very, very grateful for the pancakes. They provided an excellent hiding place when she shrunk down to the size of a mouse and crawled under them. She had enough experience with magic jewellery to know that when it starts to glow, a loud "ka-boom" usually follows. But, there was no "ka-boom". In fact, the noise in the tavern remained at the same level of conversational murmuring. She stuck her head out from underneath the stack, spying the table at which she threw the necklace. She caught a glimpse of it - now deep, dark blue -as a fair elf woman put it about her neck. Ah, Baphomet's tits. How foul does one need be to take away a thief's hard work?! She attempted to crawl out beneath her breakfast, but she underestimated its weight. She considered changing size again, but then got a brighter idea. She disappeared under the pancake stack. Some minutes latter, the topmost pancake caved in and Vivia burst out, breathing quick, heavy breaths in-between chews. She tumbled off the stack, still chewing, and onto the counter, her little belly noticeably expanded. She spotted a new person at the elf lady's table, a hooded stranger in dark colours. Oh, great, has a fence already come to buy the jewel off? She sat up muttering, when the long-expected "ka-boom" sounded behind her. Well, it wasn't really an explosion as much as a blast of lights and energy which outlined Vivia's teeny shadow on the wall. She turned around, expecting to see a smoking hole in the tavern, but her jaw dropped agape when she saw, instead, a shirtless green elf floating above the table. Vivia couldn't control herself. Thirteen thousand years and more of aimless wandering about the worlds sharpened her senses of adventure and wonder, as adventure and wonder tended to lead to riches and treasures - and she could tell when a floating magicperson was of the wish-granting variety. Now at the size of a large-sih cat, she jumped off the bar. She ran in-between the legs of the still-babbling bartender and jumped, first on the elfwoman's lap, then on the table. right under the levitating elfman. She stood up on her hooved hindlegs, and, cupping her hands around her mouth, yelled up at him; "Do ya do interest rates?!"
  12. 500bees

    The Tavern

    @Phase @Csl With no difficulty, Vivia made it to the bard stage. She hopped and grabbed the ledge, hoisting herself over it. Then, she made the fate-tempting move of looking back. But, no one was giving chase. The bouncer by the entrance seemed to be considering it, but he too didn't appear to be in a rush. This lack of... reactions confused her. This was usually the part where pots, pans and curses would be thrown at her. Was the necklace truly so worthless? She thought for a moment. Eh, nothing is truly worthless. There's just Things and People-Who-Want-Things. She just needed to find someone who'd want this Thing in particular. And if she couldn't, there was always the Bag. At half her previous speed, Vivia made it across the stage and made a grand, curved leap off of it. Then, in the seldom-slowing rapids of thought that her mind is, a crystal clear question appeared: Why here? Startled, she fumbled the landing and went rolling across the floor. She stopped, hindlegs over head, not two feet away from the bar. There, the bartender peered over the counter and offered her drink and food. Addled by the last minute's happenings, she couldn't think of a reason to turn him down. She unfurled from her awkward position and in two jumps made it on one of the wooden barstools. She took the necklace out her mouth and put it about her tiny neck, warm jade gem resting on her chest. In her high-pitched, screechy voice, she requested of the bartender; "One glass starwine, two plates pancake. I will pay in the.. uhm.. you take moostrems here--?" Her question about payment (that she actually had no intentions of giving) got cut off by something truly strange happening to the gem. It suddenly shone stronger, nearly blinding her. The center of it sparkled and lights danced about it. Candlelight itself seemed to be sucked in, spiraling, into the shimmering jade... This graceful lightshow went unappreciated by Vivia who, with a screech, tore the necklace off her neck and flung it toward a distant - and unfortunately, occupied - table. @BunnygirlKeiko @Aliara Mizuki Blackrose (and mayhaps @JoriusGeizer_69)
  13. @Kronos2845 might I suggest making one post but hiding the introduction under a spolier tag, as an optional read? @Dupin I'm up in the middle of the night rn, but I'll be up properly in a few hours to post the finalized ideas for my character. I'm indecisive about it as there seem to be many almighty assholes on the loose and I need her to remain enough of a threat. I was thinking making her a tank on legs with ceiling-crawling capabilities and not much agility to drop down on her targets from above, but the opposite of that would have the advantages of quickness and smaller size to vanish in and out of rooms in a pinch. I'm alright with there being targets too tough for her but I want even the stronger characters to be at a risk if not careful in the dark parts of Dead Peaks.
  14. 500bees

    The Tavern

    OOC: Sorry for butting in, I've just been waiting for days to get this character somehow involved in a thread. I'll retreat if I don't fit. The hidden stuff is what I had written as the character's introduction before, it's perfectly ignorable. *** *** A loud bang and a general feeling of doomsday wake Vivia up in the morning. She grabs onto her bag, more willing to part with her life than possessions. But, the tremors don't continue and she listens closely - from outside come the sounds of talking and movement. She remembers her last night's break-in and some unfinished plan she had to rob the place. Her sizeshifting wore off in her sleep and she's now cramped and curled in a wooden box, hidden beneath its contents. She stretches, pushing at the walls. The box cracks open near her head and she peeks outside; she's been placed next to a wooden counter, looking up at a cow-looking lad and a pasty-looking lad fiddle with something on it. Her eyes open wide(r) when the cowperson raises the item. She's been gathering junk, unsure of the worth of things on this plane, but she knew pretty jade jewelry was always worth something to someone. Her body tensed almost instinctively, her magical energy built up and - she grew thrice her current size in an instant, bursting out the box in a shower of junk. She lunged forward, grabbing the necklace and landing over the counter and onto the floor, shrinking back to size as she did so. For a second, she remembered she had no escape plan, but she liked to think improvisation was her strong suit. Necklace in mouth, at full speed on all fours, she scampered in the direction of the bar.
  15. I'm short on time so I'll bullet points this: 32 is an arbitrary number I settled on to explain her strenght and toughness. But now I think she could be nerfed there, as she doesn't need to be titanic, just strong enough to pin down humanoids and survive repeat encounters. I'll drop the number of skins/lives to about half that but she's still a tough nut to crack. Yes the bits of magic she can eject are about as strong as a punch from a particularly muscular lad. She can spam them like a DBZ character but she lacks agility and aim so they can be dodged. I forgot to mention before but the taperworms are super easy to get rid of; they're frail and a surge of anything trough the body (magic, heat, electricity) will kill them, even if it's something not intended to harm their new host like an internal healing spell. It gets a bit trickier once they get in the bones but again, magic gets rid of them. Also they're creatures sustained by magic and couldn't survive outside their original alien host before the loci event. I will nerf or buff or change her further once I go through the participants' info in full. She was always intended to be defeatable via teamwork as to force your group to cooperate (and her to hunt you down one by one). And I'll admit I'm reluctant to kill her off, cue my attempts to increase her survivability. If she doesn't get killed she'd lose interest into her prey once outside and would run off into the wilderness, to mayhaps resurface in another thread in a different skin. Or mayhaps I give you the satisfaction of blowing her up.
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