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    Anything that interests me is some form of art, or anything that uses your own creativity, like drawing, writing and cooking. I also have an interest in gaming, even if I don't have a budget to buy one. And animation is my biggest interest yet, I'm still my drawing skills but I already know the basics of it, and hopefully one day have a studio of my own.
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    @Csl Thank you so much!
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    Eridianus AMA

    @Csl Quick question, are the Mork'outh a playable race? This idea have been bouncing around my head for a long while now.
  3. Lyka nodded at the hologram, grabbed the two maps the hologram gave him from the bookshelf, and whispered a thanks. He also thought the offer of the hologram for minute, Lyka eventually looked at the hologram and said. "No, I don't think I need anymore assistance." "I SEE, VERY WELL THEN. JUST CALL ME, IF YOU NEEDED ANYMORE QUESTIONS REGARDING VALUCRE." and with just that, the Prognosticator fizzled before disappearing completely. He looked down at the two maps, he folded the Valucre one and put it in one of his pocket, taking a closer look at the Taen map. Humming to himself, he thought. So... This what Taen look like? His eyes scanning the map before landing on the blue mountain, his finger hovering over the drawn arrow pointing at it with the name of it. Yh'mi... Such a strange name... he thought. As the documents said, worldrifts would always appear over those mountains... "What about it Lyka? Should we visit it?" Lyka noted the worried tone of his butterfly, and replied. "Of course, after all the only thing we could get answers is to explore Taen, especially the mountain." The little butterfly only flapped once. He chuckled, folded his map neatly and putting it beside of the other map, the Prognosticator did say that he could take it. "Come on," he took out the jar and brown paper. "We should go." The little butterfly wanted to protest but it, begrudgingly, decide to just went inside the jar, Lyka cover the jar and seal it with the beaded rope. He walked out of the room, look for the door he earlier went through and skip with a smile towards it. There's people chattering to each other, but he didn't give them a glance, his mind was elsewhere. Already thinking what he would do with the discovery. Though, there is one thing his a bit worried about. What would his brothers think?
  4. @Csl Lyka loosen the bite of his thumb look at the hologram, who's not in the slightest concern about his sudden change of demeanor, minutes ago. "I see...", he paused for a minute, "Well then, do you have map of Valucre? More specifically the map of Taen?" The little violet butterfly landed on his shoulder, still glowing.
  5. @Csl "Seems like I was mistaken," Lyka said with a deep voice, "Still, I want to see the hydra's offspring for myself. I want to see how it moves, I want to test some... Experiments on..." "Do you know what it's capable of? Besides the destruction..." His eyes glowing intensely while rubbing his chin, he thought he could never feel this urges again. His little butterfly looked at him, it's wings flapping, rapidly. "Lyka! Calm down!" his little, glowing violet butterfly shouted at him. His eyes widen for a bit, he close his eyes and shook his head, before opening his eyes, not glowing anymore. "Sorry about that, it seems like my curiosity had gotten into me again, don't worry about it, won't happen again." He apologized while scratching his head. He looked around, not really eyeing the hologram, his eyebrows furrowed. Weird, my nature didn't show when I asked the djinn and the bartender... Why now? Lyka contemplates. He felt his chest tightened at the thought, he starts to worry. He bites the tip of his thumb. His violet butterfly glowing, too brightly for his own taste.
  6. @Csl Lyka hummed, while he rub his chin, thinking the choices he could make. He could go to one of the Mork'outh tribes or visit the offspring of the hydra, that had roughly landed in the land. Considering the first choice would be quite difficult, the Mork'Outh wouldn't possibly give him their secrets, so he choice the latter. "I would gladly visit the egg, if it means I can investigate the Realmtide without the employees knowing what I'm doing." "Are you sure? It could dangerous..." Lyka smiled at his butterfly, and said. "Don't worry about it. Besides this would be a great report once we go back home."
  7. @Csl Lyka whispered a thanks to the hologram while grabbing the documents that was represented to him, after that he sat down on the floor, setting down his notebook beside him. And opened one of the documents. He read the documents quite excessively, absorbing the knowledge within the document like a sponge. While also listening to what the hologram would say about the topic and writing notes about it. It seems like he need to buy a new notebook after this. After reading the documents and taking notes about it, he folded his arms towards his chest and try to think, as to what was happening in the picket dimension. Especially the Realmtides. He had heard such phenomenon, though with a different name, and through his seniors and supervisor. But an eldritch being getting thrown out from the portal? He had never heard it before. His only conclusion was that, whatever abomination being thrown, in the pocket dimension, was most likely a failed experiment, or a failed combination by the magic in the Realmtide. After all, sometimes a realm's magic could make an entirely new being from scratch, even if the magic hadn't any form of consciousness. He thought for a minute and asked the hologram. "Has anyone had gotten inside any of the Realmtides?"
  8. @Csl He was about to finish the page he was in when a loud voice greeted him. It startled him, the back of his head was smacked against the shelf he was in. It took him for a few minutes to recover from the pain he felt, he rubbed his head, making his hair a lot more messier and his little butterfly squeaked and was luckily faster, it flapped it's glowing wings and floating above it's owner. He groaned from the pain, that was slowly fading away, his book was reading had fallen on his lap. His ears were ringing from the voice but quickly picked up on the name that voice was introduce itself. Lyka slowly stood up, his legs was numbed from the way his sitting, while he holds the book he was reading. His violet butterfly's wings was still glowing, flapping and it asked. "Are you okay? Your head doesn't hurt anymore?" Lyka nodded, "Don't worry about me,". He looked up to the hologram. "You're the Prognosticator?" He said, with an unimpressive tone. He was used to holograms but not this loud. "If you are the Prognosticator, then," he quickly grab his notebook from the bag, after he set down the book he was holding in one of the shelf. "Quick question, do you know how the pocket dimension in the Taen was formed? The bartender in the tavern mentioned it to me, and I was curious how it form that quickly, since the bartender recommended to me to talk you about it."
  9. After a few minutes of admiring the wildlife and, obviously, man-made creatures, living and hopping about in it's shelter. And, possibly, doing some few sketches said creatures. He straightened his back, trying to stretch himself and moving his shoulders in a backwards rotation. Groaning from the numbness and a bit of pain from his back. Because of him hunching his back to take a proper sketch on one of the creatures living in the fountain, and getting scolded by his violet butterfly, for his bad positioning. After a bit of stretching, he turned his to the right and saw a room with a two wide doors. He quickly walk up to it and, slightly, opened one of the door to see what was inside. Once he saw one of the shelves, he quickly realized that this might be some sort of library. He opened the door, he opened, and stepped inside. Maybe the prognosticator is in here?, he thought to himself as he stepped inside in the room, leaving the door hanging. His little butterfly quickly follow and just perch on his mocha colored hair. The little butterfly was still glowing and just hummed, looking quite tire with all it's flapping. Lyka walked around to one of the shelves, there's obviously books in the shelves. He just snorted. He, for one, never like books that much, the only type of books he like are the ones about an autho's imagination, like adventure tales and such. He thought educational books were kind of boring and he would rather prefer actually seeing, the creature or plants, for himself. Still, the prognosticator might be in this room. After all, the bartender had spoken about the prognosticator, knowing some peculiar texts about the Taen. He might even ask the prognosticator some questions. He hummed, thinking about some questions that he could ask about the prognosticator, he suddenly wanted to read something. A strange urge to read about a some twins going to a mystical adventure, he missed reading that book. And he then said. "Are there any books about adventures i could read?!" Suddenly, a book appeared out of nowhere out from the shelves he was looking at. He yelped from the noise the book made and took a step backwards. His expression was startled at first but quickly recovered from it and examined the book that just plopped out of existence. He picked up the book and began to move it around, trying to read what it is. He opened the book, and after skimming the author's notes, and reading the prologue, he was hooked. He sit down against the floor, not really minding if it's dirty or not except for his bag. He positioned his legs, so that one of it was on the other leg. The little butterfly was startled by the sudden position but quickly slept while it's owner began to read, quietly.
  10. The first thing he sees, in the lounge, was the fountain in the middle of the room with some woody vegetation that he had never seen before. And then he feel the was the strange magic in the air, maybe this magic was from Valucre? He wondered. He then felt an aura, again, engulfing him. He took out his jar from the bag, being sealed with a brown paper and a short rope with beads. He pulled out one of the ends of the rope, making the tightly cover loose. Then he grabbed the paper and the rope with beads and place it, once again in the bag. The little butterfly flew out of the jar and flapping it's wings beside him. "Where are we?", it said to him. "The lounge," he said, while putting the jar back in the bag, he raised one of his eyebrows as he saw the color of his butterfly wings had changed. "Seems like the magic in here is different, huh?" The butterfly 'hmm' at him, it's wings was slowly turning into a blue color, the pink fading away. "Yes... The magic in here feels different from the Tavern, in here it feels more... Strange, it's much more strange than the Tavern." Lyka nodded at it with a smile on his face. He never felt so excited, this realm is a lot more different than the one he once visited, the other realms, he had visited, was not strange as this one! He walked towards the fountain in a fast speed, that was filled with strange creatures and vegetation. Even there some creatures that aren't made from flesh, it seems like they were made from metallic materials. "You see these?", He asked the butterfly that's flying towards him. "Would you please walk slow?! I can't keep up!", the little violet butterfly, slowly but surely, going closer towards him. "Heh, sorry about that," he scratched the back of his head, he grinned, trying to make himself look innocent. The little butterfly huff at him, it then asked. "Anyway, why are we doing in here?" Lyka smiled at it and replied with an exciting tone. "As you had heard, the bartender says that most of my questions will get answered by the Prognosticator. I want to ask some questions regarding the pocket dimension that was expanding at such a high rate." If the little butterfly's eyes were big, it would obviously roll at him and with an expression of 'really?'. He just smiled.
  11. @Csl He hummed, so it happened a few years ago? It still quite as fast even he was wrong about it's speed. "Well then," he said to the bartender, after taking some more notes, he grab his notebook and feathered pen and putting them in their respective place. "I'm going to the lounge, I still have few questions about the pocket dimension but it seems like you don't have the answers to them." He stood up, while grabbing the jar inside of his big saddle bag, the butterfly flapped it's wings, levitating and flew inside the jar, resting on one of the sticks. He sealed the jar and put it back again in the bag. "Thank you so much for answering my questions, noone had answered me before. Anyway, goodbye!" He waved at the bartender and run towards the Lounge.
  12. @Csl He looked down at the article that was presented to him, he looked at the title and whispered. "A pocket dimension?" He grabbed his feathered pen, in the pocket of his pants, and began to write, once in a while reading the article. He looked up at the bartender and asked. "How did this... Pocket dimension expanded in the first place? And it had only been a few months?" It baffles him really, he heard about some pocket dimension expanding, yes but within this rate of speed? Even his butterfly was confused by it, it's wings dimming a bit.
  13. @Aliara Mizuki Blackrose Lyka got a lot more red than a tomato when the girl mentioned him getting flushed. He nervously coughed, while the girl sat near him and buying him a drink. "You don't have to!" He exclaimed but it was bit too late, the girl had already done it and she offered him the drink. Lyka hesitated to grabbed the drink, but it was a bit of a waste of money to deny now, so he gingerly grabbed the glass and he looked at the yellowish liquid inside of the cup. He slowly raised the glass in front of his mouth and take a small sip of it. "Huh..." That surprised him for a bit, it tastes like nectar, it's quite nice. He never realizes he need sugar more than ever now. The little butterfly's glow seems to dimmed when Lyka drank the drink, neither of them notices though. Lyka continues to drink, a bit faster this time, his little butterfly warned not to choke but he ignore it for a bit. After he finished his drink, he put the glass carefully on the counter and looked at the girl, his face still red but not red as before. "Um, thank you for that. Never knew I needed right now, so, uhh, thanks..." He looked at the opened notebook that was still resting on the counter. The butterfly just flapped as it's pink wings glowed a bit.
  14. @Aliara Mizuki Blackrose "It's, um, Lyka... The name's Ly... Lyka." He said with a stuttered, his face flushed and his breath became uneven. The little pink butterfly flapped it's wings again, glowing a lot more brighter than the last few minutes. "Relax... Take a breath for a few seconds..." The little butterfly said in a soothing tone, still resting on his head. "I'm fine," He murmured at his butterfly, still out of breath. "I am perfectly fine." The little pink butterfly doubts it.
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