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  1. "Through jest is shown fear." - Emz'can refrain. “You know this is an oddity, right?” He said. She made a quizzical humming noise but didn't stop walking. Hmm? He expounded on the apparent oddity of the situation, but she did not find any of it strange. Perhaps I may have, once upon a time, she added mentally, noting that she was no longer an expert of what was a normal thing to do. All she had rattling around in her mind was impulse, desire and something deeply horrifying that was tagging along and watching it all. He called her a forgotten memory, perhaps that is correct, she thought. She wasn't sure about much, only that she needed to be moving, and that more than anything else she needed a weapon. She looked at her hands for a moment as she walked, as if they had been the ones to speak. She flexed them slowly, seeing the lattice work of almost invisible scars from where she had been put together again. “What if I were an assassin sent to slay you. Or, a murderer with no regards for lives.” At this she stopped walking for a moment, turned, and looked him over slowly. Examining him, his height, his body weight, his weapon, and his posture. "No." She said flatly. "You could not kill me." She said before turning and continuing to walk. "If you had had that goal you would have attempted it already, you have had ample opportunity." She added. “I’ve had this nagging, gnawing thought locked behind a door but the knocking is increasingly louder.” She glanced back at him, and saw that his eyes changed. She wondered what it meant but updated her previous opinion as to whether or not he would be able to kill her; it seems even less likely now, she thought with an absent shrug. He spoke of what sounded like possession. Is that what is wrong with him? “If you’re honest with me, I’m more inclined to assist. I’m in a line of work where trusting strangers ends up with someone’s blood being spilled. All I require is a little, collaboration. Give me enough to quiet this knocking. Tell me that on the other side of the door isn’t death in wait.” She did not understand what he meant; not by collaboration and the strange inflection he had given the word, nor by whether or not death was waiting. "I do not know what you mean." She said. I offered him a purpose to avoid going into Yh'mi, at least for the time being. "I do not know what is coming down the path ahead," she narrowed her eyes, "and I have no certainty of the future." She added. "What will come will come, and if it kills you, it will kill you." She said. "Those lands would kill you far faster, to be sure." She said. "You are not ready for them..." She looked over her shoulder at him. "You do not seem to be afraid of that land..." She observed. A moment of silence before. "A sword and a test of what this body can do." She said. "That must come first."
  2. "Friend and foe are greeted before action is taken." - Esterian refrain “Aye.” He said. She held up her right hand in greeting, palm facing him and a word was stuck in her throat. What is this, she wondered as she looked at her hand for a moment. It had moved almost reflexively, as if the action was ground into her very bones. She lowered the hand without saying anything, rubbing it against her hip as if to try and rub out the mannerism. When he got closer he reached behind is back and produced a map. “The locations are limited and as I am unfamiliar with the lands in this region, I’m open to suggestions as where to proceed.” She turned her head away from Yh'mi and looked off towards the north. "I guess I count myself lucky to have an attractive, multicolored eyed guide accompanying me.” She almost visibly winced in anger at this and his laughter, fortunately she was facing away from Van when it happened. I need to get a patch, she thought, my blind sense is enough to deal with depth issues. She said nothing to this though, she had nothing to say and didn't want to bring attention to it further; despite her best efforts to not talk about it, he seemed to have developed some sort of fascination with her eyes and she hated it.. "There should be a town nearby... The soldiers stationed in Inns'th would not be able to survive if they were not being reinforced from somewhere close by." She said as she slowly dragged her gaze over the ground that led off into the distance. "There." She said, pointing in a direction that was slightly north-eastern; she could see the wear of travel through the grass, though it appeared that not many dared brave a path this close to Yh'mi. I don't blame them, she said, thinking about the thing in her brain. There are terrible terrible things that lie in wait for those who come here, she believed this to be the case. "We will find a town in that direction, I think." She said. "Perhaps I can find a weapon there..." She added. “I’m ready whenever you are.” He said; she started walking. "I suppose I'll need to figure out if I even know how to fight, or if I can do anything at all of use, along the way." She said quietly. She reached up and absently removed the knot from her hair and readjusted it. She let a curtain of bone-white hair fall over her eye and peered out into the world from behind that veil. She redid her hair, tying it back into a more simple ponytail. "Perhaps you can help with that too." She said after a while.
  3. "A warrior's weapon is the self, not a sword. A sword is a companion and should be treated and respected as such." - Unknown. There was a cool breeze on the air, and it was something that told her that change was coming. She did not know why this was the case, perhaps it was just intuition that told her this, or maybe there was a degree of prescience that she had that she was unable to account for at the moment, whatever the case was, she was confident that something was coming. Her white hair, loosed from its binds, whipped around her face in the wind as she looked back over towards Inns'th; she could see Van coming, but she had a few minutes before he arrived. She pulled her hair back, coiled it, held it in place and then tied it back. The look left little hair to cover her eye, and gave her a bit of a severe aesthetic; she looked like a mercenary, but her waifish physique suggested that she was anything but that. The lands that stretched off in the distance, beyond Inns'th and out deep into the darkness of the lands that stitched her back together were becoming a memory that threatened to fade into the past. "ymg' ephainafl ah'mglw'nafh" The crushing weight of the words in her mind reminded her that even though she was leaving the lands, she could not abandon them or pretend that they were not a part of her. She was taking everything about that place with her, and it would certainly ensure that she did not forget this. She turned and snapped her palms to her eyes to black out as much sensory input as she could while she recovered from the heaving weight of the Thing a the back of her brain. Of course, she acknowledged. The weight lifted slightly and she straightened, opening her eyes again and looking this time out towards the world beyond Yh'mi. How well could she survive in the land ahead? She felt as if she were more than capable, but was also without any frame of reference, she needed to establish her own abilities again. Thinking I can do something isn't the same as knowing that I can, she told herself. She glanced over her shoulder at Van, notably closer than before. He will be able to help me figure that out, she thought. She waited for him.
  4. ~ Alexis ~ So little! She felt her cheeks flush from the alcohol and realized that her tolerance to the vine hadn't improve much, at all really. Much to her chagrin, she would have to keep track of yet another thing that she didn't particularly like that other people enjoyed so much. She hummed a few bars quietly while the pirate and the wizard exchanged banter, about magic, and things, of the sort of we-probably-know-a-few-things-in-common-but-have-secrets-we-must-guard-with-our-lives-because-reasons. "Look who knows a thing or two." the wizard said with a smile. "Yea, I can take up that sort of handy work. Sleep does not always grace me so easily, so forgive me if I sit around with my eyes closed." She found this to be a bit of an odd thing to say. Waiiiiiiiiit, she narrowed her eyes slightly looking into the fire. Is he going to be watching me sleep? She found this idea less than appealing, but at least she could hide in her bedroll. He had seemed fairly normal during the day, but... She watched him set up his little spell, craning her neck slightly to watch the process and noting the assorted ingredients, spell components, she corrected—she noted the assorted spell components and then blinked as he finished. "The trees ought to wake us before we are happened upon, so do not fret if the leaves sing their song. You will know." What does that even *mean*? She arched an eyebrow and glanced over at the nearest tree. You can't sing, she thought, you don't have lungs. Or a brain. Or a musical instrument. She stiffened. Do trees sing? Is that the best tree to make an instrument out of? Should she be cutting down these trees? She found the idea of doing manual labour, especially at that particular time and under those particular influences to be an objectively dumb idea. It's not dumb, it's... She waited for a moment before shrugging and humming away that thought. "Do either of you need anything..? I have a bedroll on my sack if you can put it to use. I do not see myself lying down. Alleviates some of the burden on the spell." "Nope. Not a thing." She said after a moment of consideration. She puffed her cheeks and blew hair out of her eyes. "I guess that means that we're calling it for the night?" She asked. She got up and stretched, yawning loudly and standing on her tippy-toes to get the maximum stretch possible. Looked around briefly and found the ideal spot, there was a felled tree with a large enough log. She picked up her bed roll and bag, and made her way over towards the log. "Good night boys." She said grinning as she dropped her stuff on the other side of the log, bed roll and all, and then tried to pivot her body over the log, she slipped with a bit of a yelp, landing on her rear hidden from view. At least they didn't see it, she thought. "I'm okay!" she called out, unrolling her makeshift bed for the night while rubbing her sore rear. Classy, she thought. She slipped into the fabric and used her bag as a pillow. It wasn't particularly comfortable, but it wasn't terrible either. God I want a bath, she thought as she pulled her blonde curls in front of her eyes, trying to look at them in the dark. Quietly, she sang to herself. She didn't mind if the others heard her, but she wasn't making the effort to be heard. "They sent me my love o'er the ocean's blue, they told me she'd never return. They sent my love to the far off waves. yet the love always will burn." She felt the softness of the night wrap its arms around her as the song soothed her mind. She remembered when she learned it; she remembered her mother's voice as she sang it to her. "They found my heart in the waves, he'd come for me they said. I'd wait and ponder the waves of blue, and the love will keep me fed." Alex felt the night take her and melodies danced in her mind. ~ Asleep until Morning ~
  5. "When paths branch out The path is unclear. When the path is clear, There are no branches." - Esterian Koan "... Maybe darkness is what I see." He still didn't seem to understand her point. This was not a darkness, this was not a peaceful slumber. This was something else, and this was a thing to be feared. "But you may be right. My knowledge of this land is minimal. I know the Order is blocking the Wall and I do not feel like sneaking around currently." A sense of levity returned to him, but there was still an undertone that he had had that seemed ill-fitted to his character. There was a problematic sense of incoherence in the way he acted, what he said, how others viewed him, and what his mission was. Why is that, she wondered. "I have some business I need to attend to after I grab my effects." He stopped next to her. "I'll take you up on your offer. I'll meet you where you want once I'm finished with a few things." "I'll be outside of town, to the north." She said before adding a quiet "Thank you." Then she watched him go. When he left, she picked at the plate of nuts and berries carefully, testing a few of the items before losing her appetite completely. She pushed the plate of food away from her, and then got up slowly. She looked at the gold coins on the table, picked them up, leaving on on the table, and pocketing the other four. She had no idea what they were worth; how do I not know this? She found a great deal about herself to be fundamentally problematic. She knew how to speak, and knew language, but did not understand what was valuable and of worth in an exchange. She did not understand what she was, though she was that thing. She was not completely human. Is that because of what the lands did? Or is that what I was before I died? She couldn't remember what she was, or who she was before she died. I am Yh'mi. She signed loudly and got to her feet. She didn't know what else there was to say about herself. I am Yh'mi, the land was called this too. Was she a way for the land to know itself? Or did she have a secondary purpose? Or perhaps, whatever it was was a primary purpose and her own consciousness was just an aftereffect of whatever process had stitched her back into a whole. The thing at the back of her mind coiled tightly, almost painfully, at the base of her consciousness and she gently rubbed the back of her neck as if that would assuage the feeling; it did not. She left the tavern and stepped out into the dusty and dark streets. This place was oppressed, the people that were living there did not belong there. She could see it in their eyes as she walked past them on her way to the blacksmith. The wares available were not really to her taste. Broadswords, axes, and maces were the primary fare. They all felt too bulky and clumsy and unwieldy. I need something that is strong but light, she had said. He had made a few suggestions, but explained that there was nothing that he could offer her here. She would need to go out into the lands of Lagrimosa, a new name, to find what she was looking for. Perhaps she might find other people who knew here in those lands, she had to have come from somewhere after all. She thanked the man for his help and then left, making her way towards the edge of town to the north. It was strange to look out into the lands of Lagrimosa and see that there was no sense of foreboding darkness there. Not like Yh'mi. Everything about Yh'mi was steeped in darkness.
  6. "Those who do not fear death deserve what they receive." - Archmagus Spindleweave “Death is inevitable. What does it matter if I die today or years from now? I’d rather die having a thrill than in a boring bed.” She looked at him, her brilliant gold eye, and that deep and dull blue eye, watching him as if he had committed a faux pas of some kind. It was a look of scrutiny and inescapable weight. There was nothing about the look in her eye that suggested an agreement of any kind. Clearly she had a different view of the issue. Of course she had, she had died already; she had been stitched together, piece by piece, her mind pulled apart and woven back together, with something nestled within, like a dark passenger that observed the world through her eyes without saying much, but always watching. "All deaths are not equal." She said, her tone with a weight behind it. "The death that will find you out there will not kill you like a brigand out in the world." She paused, looking with disdain at the plate of meat rather than the flippancy of the statement. "You will spend a thousand years begging for a death in a boring bed." She said. You do not know what it is to have died... You cannot even begin to understand what that feels like. She turned her head away from the food staring at the table through her hair. "I have faith that you'll figure out who you are. You're a survivor from what I can tell." He said after a moment. The gold coins slid across the table and she looked at them. This will not buy what I need... “I do believe my time here is about over. I’ve got to grab some personal belongings, but I’m not leaving much behind I suppose.” She looked up from the coins at the man. “I have the last room at the end of the hall. If there is anything I can assist you with, don’t hesitate to inquire. The invitation stands while I’m in this land. Otherwise, I truly wish you the best of luck.” She sighed, unsure what it was that she even needed help with. "Leave this mystery." She said. "Help me instead." This seemed a good enough way to solve one mystery and prevent him from a stupid and fruitless death. "Once we find out who I am, or who I was... I will return with you to this place, you have my word." She turned her gaze over her shoulder and looked at the door. "I do not think you can survive out there without me." This was presented less as opinion, and more as fact. She knew the land and it was a part of her—and if he was going to be venturing out into those lands, there was probably no one better to take with him.
  7. "How do we know where our futures will lead us to? Well, by walking the path of course." - Paladin Horotiz, Order of the Fist She wiped the tears away from the corners of her eyes. “I’m not laughing at you this time, I promise. A sour face is one thing but death by meat is another.” She found little humour in this, perhaps that was just a character quirk of his, but she wrote it off as being largely irrelevant. She straightened and continued to peck at fruits and nuts, leaving the new tray of recently arrived food untouched for the remainder of her time there. Once was enough, she thought to herself. “Maybe you’re right. I do not know. Bits and pieces have led me here. So here I am. Maybe it’s not attached to this village, maybe it’s from lands north of here.” She nodded in agreement with this analysis. It seemed far more likely to be the case; there wasn't anything south that would do that. The lands of Yh'mi were not a rich and vast plethora of places and people—it was a desolate and dangerous wasteland of insanity and nightmares. Her body warmed with comfort thinking about this place and should could not understand why. “It doesn’t matter. My days here are almost over. I plan to visit the land beyond the wall. I would like to see this area that I hear horror stories about. Apparently, there is a forest of never-ending mist.” She wondered where he had received his information; it was inaccurate. “Now that would be a sight to see.” This was accurate, but exceptionally flippant. She frowned, pursing her lips and peering out from under her bone-white hair. "That would be unwise. This is not a place suited to exploration... The land will kill you." She said flatly. She found that despite him being a fairly likeable person, despite the looks he apparently received, that his motivations or at least his decision-making process were damaged. Is he suicidal? Does he wish to end his own life? The girl did not know what possible motivations he might have had, but he was not from Yh'mi... He was not of this place. She was. And she knew, better than anyone there how dangerous it could be. This was a knowledge that was steeped into every fibre of her body—down to the core essence of her being. Wrapped around the base of her psyche, the Old Thing uncoiled and laughed. "I wonder where I will go now." She said after a moment, looking around. "There is nothing here for me, not in Inns'th, I guess." She closed her eyes for a moment in thought. Again, her mind returned to the sword. It is clumsy. "Perhaps I need a weapon." She thought out loud. "Perhaps I need to find out who I am and what I am supposed to do with myself..."
  8. One day I'll rule Yh'mi again, then I will squish you all. ALL.OF.YOU.SQUISHSQUISHSQUISH. ❤️
  9. "There's not much fame or fortune For the fortuneteller selling fortunes to the broke." - Hot Hot Heat "Thank you for the conversation. I hope our paths do cross again." She smiled at that as she slipped her feet into her shoes under the table. "How do I contact you so our paths cross sooner than later?" She pulled herself to her feet, leaning slightly on the table as she made sure her feet were comfortably in the shoes. Her copper eyes looked at him and she smiled. "Mister Tibale." She said with a bit of a sly smile. "I suspect that we will run into each other when you least expect it." She said as she straightened slightly and stretched her back. I need a bath, she thought. The feeling of being out of water for so long was a strange one that did not seem to leave her. She was comfortable in the water, and perhaps it would be best for her to at least have a substitute to a river in lieu of the real thing. Although... I suppose there is nothing stopping me from heading out and finding myself a river or lake out there in the world. She paused. Though it is a little dark now. "I will think of you, and I hope that you find your purpose... I think that you will be happier once you find that for yourself, and that once you do, all else will follow." She smiled again. "Good bye, mister Tibale."
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