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  1. I am a parent now! ❤️

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    Things are so busy. Also I miss sleep.

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  2. ~ Alexis ~ She found her new compatriots seated at a table; is that what they are now? Compatriots? They seemed to have already ordered food and drink and she stopped a server with a hand on their arm, asked for a plate of food with a side of bread, smiled at the young man who's cheeks flushed. What a cute boy, she thought, her gaze following him as he wandered off quickly. She shrugged lightly after a moment and then finished her trek to the table and sat down. Her hair, which hung in thick but damp ringlets seemed fuller and more healthy than it had on the road and her skin shone with the health and shine of youth. She smiled at the two men, ignoring the comment that Yate made about her smell. Clearly the years at sea have killed his sense of smell, she didn't visibly frown, but she made a mental note to do that later when in private. Saulorkass wasn't wrong to note that Late was, at the very least, not smelling like roses himself. "What will you have to eat, Alex?" The wizard asked, but she held up a hand when he started beckoning. "I've already ordered some food." She said, practically salivating at the idea of putting actual food in her stomach as opposed to dried strips of jerky and the occasional apple. "That cute boy..." She looked around the tavern, turning her body in her chair slightly to see if she could spot him, "hm, where is he." She turned a bit more and felt her spine crack a couple of times. Her eyes fluttered a bit when it happened, god that felt good, she thought to herself. It wouldn't be the first time she'd gotten an out-of-no-where-realignment-of-her-spine, and they were moments to be savoured. She rolled her neck a bit and sighed loudly. "Either way..." she shrugged. "I have food coming, thanks." She said smiling brightly. And it wouldn't be long before it showed up. "What are the two of you talking about?" She asked, her eyes surveying the table. A-h-a, she thought as she spotted a basket of bread near the middle of the table. She stood up, leaning on an elbow as she stretched to hook a finger into the basket, which she unceremoniously dragged in her direction. She grabbed a bun, popped it into her mouth and held it with her teeth as she grabbed a second one and put it on the table in front of her before pushing the basket back and sitting down. She finished the half-started bite and chewed for a moment.
  3. *Yh'mi and Van wander off to have a fight* *End*
  4. Welcome. I hope you find something to your liking. ^_^
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  6. Welcome. I hope you find something to your tastes.
  7. Welcome. I hope you find something that piques your interests. ^_^
  8. ~ Alexis ~ She practically rushed the counter, fishing through her bag for money. "One room, must have bath. And salts. And those little flower petal things that people sprinkle into bathtubs to make them classy and stuff." The innkeeper smiled a bit and nodded. He told her that the room was ready and that her bath would be prepared momentarily. Alex nodded and smiled, thanking the man and then taking the key from him. She flipped it in her hand and looked at the number; 3. She glanced back over at the tavern where Yate and Saulorkass were sitting. She couldn't hear what they were saying, but she could tell that what had been a vaguely awkward and somewhat questionable beginning had smoothed out somewhat and warmed up, maybe thawed is a better term? Thawed it is. "Miss?" The man said, snapping her out of her reverie. "Your room and bath are ready." She clapped excitedly. ~ She stared up at the ceiling, her eyes unblinking as her back rested against the bottom of the tub. The water between her eyes and air caused distortions in her vision. She had been underwater for almost twenty minutes now and she could feel that the water had now cooled somewhat, from really quite hot to that's a little bit better to yeah, safe to open my eyes and finally reaching well isn't that nice. She blinked and breathed in deep, letting the water filter through her lungs. It felt like it had been ages, but in reality had only been a few days. While there was a little saltiness to this water, which is fine, there was also a soft sweetness from the petals. Her legs hung over the side of the tub, it wasn't big enough for her to fully stretch out, but that was fine. She shuffled her body around and brought her legs into the tub, using them to push herself into a sitting position. She blinked out the water and spit the water from her lungs. She smiled, satisfied, feeling her body refresh itself. Where her body was wet, the soft a delicate diamond shine of scales covered her skin. It gave her the appearance of being a jewel, but not a fish she cautioned. It was nice to be in the water, it was nice to have clean hair, and it was delightful to have a good soak. She stood up, satisfied that she had achieved maximum relaxation, and felt the water roll over and off her skin. She looked at her hands, the shimmering faded quickly as the water fell away. She stepped out of the tub and looked at herself in the mirror, leaning in close and admiring the soft freckles that ran over the nose and under her eyes. Hm, this is what all that sun is doing to me. She grabbed a nearby towel and started to towel her hair as she walked into the bedroom. Her bed was clean, and her pack sat on the bed. She wrapped the towel around her head as she reached down and emptied the contents of the bag on the bed. She picked up the little wooden box and her knife and she pried the box open. "Would you look at that." She said in wonder as she pulled a small little necklace from the box. It looked, and probably is, cheap, but she found it cute. She put the necklace on the bed and retrieved what looked like a little whistle, which she blew on to test. It made a little chirp as she puffed her cheeks. The wood has warped from the water. A shame. A few gold coins and other knickknacks that she put in her own bag and then tossed the box into a little garbage can nearby. She picked up her clothes again, and walked into the bathroom again. She put the clothing down and looked at herself again in the mirror. She wasn't vain, but her appearance had changed a fair bit since she had last seen herself fully naked. Her ribs were almost showing and her muscles were taut and lean. She looked almost wiry and had lost some of the softness she had before she had left for her travels. She didn't mind, but she felt... sharp? She puffed her cheek. I need food. Alex got dressed and then tossed her towel on the floor. I wonder what trouble those two have gotten into? She left the room. I wonder if they left? She went down to the tavern to see if she could find them. OOC: Alex has been away for about a half-hour.
  9. "There is no safety when the soul is a masked character." - Hamu Refrain. She looked up at him but didn't say anything. A friend, he says. The thing at the back of her mind coiled up against her brain and she could feel the burbling laughter that echoed out from the cavernous depths of her mind. Is this how people act? Is this atypical? She obviously did not know the answer to these questions yet, but she hoped that this was normal. Though, she found the idea of not being hard on herself to be a strange call; am I being hard on myself? I don't know if I am. The idea that he enjoyed danger was one thing, but the idea that Yh'mi was just 'dangerous' was nonsense. Yh'mi wasn't part of this world, it didn't exist in a state where just dying was the end of things. She knew, knew, the there were far more horrible and dark things in the shadows of those lands that most people could imagine. The things of nightmare that crept into the minds of the sleeping stemmed from Yh'mi, it was a nightmare. She said nothing though for a while after he spoke. “Anything you’d like to add or question? Now’s the time for it?” She looked up, her gold eye peering out at him from under her white hair. "Fight me." She said after a moment. "No more delays." She said. She turned her gaze sideways, peering past the walls and in the direction of the lands of her birth. There is something happening, she thought. "We will need to return to Yh'mi." She said after another moment. "Both your mission and..." She paused, her nose wrinkling slightly as she tried to figure out what the best words were. "... something else." She frowned. "There is something that will transpire and if you must hunt for that person, then we need to go soon. There is something happening." She pushed her fingertips against her temple for a moment before her eyes retuned to Van. "Fight me." She repeated.
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