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  1. How's your shop doing, friend?

  2. I watched as the other two males went about there bussiness in the apotchary part of my shop and I smiled warmly at the man who now sat elegantly on the chair I brought out for him. "It's no trouble at all, everyone should be kind to the blind and elderly. " I smiled warmly at him. Though I watched him as he seemed to be actually looking at me and I figured that was so vey odd. Then when he said he was from the imperial army both my brows shoot up, I almost gasped from the news . What did the Royal court want with me? Someone who had only moved here a few days ago? But I cleared my throat and straighten my posture and held my self up straight. " you do me a great honor, by visting my shop Master momoku. What is it that you are in need of that you would come to me." I was very curious about what had broughthim here to my shop. @Etched In Stone
  3. I heard a knock at the door and blinked no one ever knocked they knew to walk in and the bells above the door would signal that I was needed. But none the less I excused myself from the gentle men that were at the counter and then I opened the door I was bow to, I made a slight fist and my other hand straight against it and bowed back. I smile as the man who seemed blind but I knew wasn't walked into my shop. "It'sa pleasure meeting you Kenshi, master of momoku, what is it I can do for you?" I asked curious why a man of his stature would come to my humble shop. I noticed everything be wore and the way he moved even though he was blind and the company with him. " welcome to Elysian what can I do for you?" My voice was soft and warm. As I helped him into the shop one of my wards flash for a moment I arched a brow at this man so he was either a demon or half demon. Or it could be one of the swords he wields. Either way his present set off my alarm for a moment. No one could really see it unless they had the sight to see energy or auras. I waved my hand in runic symbol for chair and one appeared "would you like to sit?" I asked curious but he seemed like a nice old man who was probably very tired for walking around so much. "There's a chair a few inch behind you." If he accepted the chair or not I'd tell him about the shop. " well here at Elysian, I sell nothing but the best, weapons ,armor. Even something's that haven't been seen before. My invention . But if you need an apotchary, I am here for that too. I have rare herbs , spices ect, you name it I probably have it in the shop somewhere. " I realized I hadn't introduced myself and smiled "My name is Celina and I am the owner of the Elysian"
  4. I pursed my lips and and bent down pulled out my log book and flipped through the pages at an alarming speed looking for the name. "Nope sorry can't help you there, no one by that name came in." I put the book back away under the counter and continued to watch as both males engaged with one another. It was nice to see warmth and laughter in my shop." You'll have to forgive I'm still fairly new new to this town." "I never judge a person by the clothing they wear, only by what's in there heart." I smiled warmly " so please if you can't find anything just tell me and I'll be happy to help you." I watched as he scanned the shop for whatever it was he might be looking for. I looked down at my own clothing, which were old and now off white an I wore boots "but I see your friend I will be sure to tell him your looking for him. If you just give me your name."
  5. It was then I saw the man from earlier to come the shop and started laughing ratcuiously I blinked a bit confused as it seemed he was addressing the other patron in the shop the one in furs. And I snapped loudly and his cane appeared into my hand left hand and I smiled seeing the way they seemed to engage with each other. "Here is your Cane sword sir, guaranteed to be better then it was ever before. " I handed him the blade and definatly it was better then it was before, it was reforged" please come again soon, if you need anything else." I smiled and then saw how much his face was bursedand cut I gasped "sir your face are you ok? Do you need my help?"
  6. I was already behind the counter and sorting through my inventory, looking for some tarmerac. That when I heard the bell and the gentlemen walked further into the shop and I was about to respond to his greeting as I stood up I hit the back of my head on the edge counter which made and audible thump and me cursing and rubbing my head as I stood up. "Ow, fuck that hurt. "I shook my head and smiled at the man " Hello, welcome to Elysian what can I do for you?" I looked over his attire and blinked I gave a warm smile, it was late and I was waiting for the man from earlier to come pick up his cane. " are you in need of a doctor? Or just herbs or are you needing a Smith?"I blinked I had cleaned up a bit so I looked better.
  7. I blinked and hesitated for moment as he ignored my question then with a flourish of his coat, he turned and left the shop. I shook my head "what an odd man." I arched a brow. The door bell rang as he left the shop. And I turned to leave , I was about to leave and go back out to my smithy when I heard the ringing of the door bell. I turned back around and saw and elderly woman walk in, she seemed tired and weathered with age. I put the sword back down walked around the counter and walked over to her as she milledaround the shop. I placed a hand gently on her shoulder. " miss can help you find something?" She looked up at me a smiled the way you would at grandchild and pinched my cheek. I inwardly sighed an winched for an old board she was sure strong 'yea, I need some herbal remedies, for my roomatisum ' I smiled and pulled away I'm glad I could help. Thought and word of my shop was getting around. I smiled an helped her with the medication and then show she had a case of the shakes and healed her a bit. 'How much do I owe you ' I smiled and waved her offer "no charge, all I want is for you to get better" I smiled she turned and promised to tell Every one about me as she left the shop. I walked back to the counter and picked up the sword and went to my workshop. I walked out the back door and walk down the hallway and out the door, and I write a glyph in the air with magic to open the Smith door. And went to work on the blade. I stuck it in the forge and waited for the colas to become red and hot. I put my gloves back on and the apron back on an set to work. Once the steel was glowing red and I brought down the hammer it rang out and with each strike it sang out to me. It told me about the battles it endured the times it cried out as it got chipped. I understood all the well the scars that this sword bared. I sighed and reinforce the blade, as sweat poured down my forehead and neck. I looked up at the clock and it said end of day. I sighed and put my trade mark brand on the blade and quenched the blade. And put it back in the scabered and put it up on the wrack waiting for the gentlemen to come back.
  8. Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Role play, and welcome to site !
  9. Welcome to the site !

  10. Was I saying that wrong ? I had just moved here so I was still new to they're money system. I saw the sliver and copper he placed on the counter. I pushed the sliver back and kept the 5 coper. " did I say it wrong ?" I asked curiously and a bit confused. " I am new to the area." His eyes were very intense and I didn't back down under his gaze expect leved him with one of my own. But I was glad that he paid me up front. I put the sword back in the cane, and noded " it'll be done by days end, come back to my shop at closing." I looked down at the blade and smiled "I can respect that, having loyalty to a blade that's saved your life. " i ran my fingers over the cane to let it speak to me. "Is there anything else you want ?" I arched a brow "otherwise, I need to tend your fairy. "
  11. I laughed softly the sound of it was like honey whiskey a smile tugged at the edge of my lips. "I guess being a bounty hunter death would be your stalk an trade. " I rubbed my chin thinking about it how he described the blade " yeah I can fix it for you. No problem, could do this repair in my sleep. " I stiffles a yawn ran a hand threw my bangs. I picked it up once more and looked down the blade "but if your looking thin blades, I've made several, there in my smithy. Also as you can see I run am apotchary as well. I guess that fact had escaped him. All the smells of herbs and spices, tea leaves ,incense. The smell in the shop was pleasant , soothing even. Lavander hanging on bits of string from the roof along with sage and other such things. There were also medical charms lining the shelves. I had sandalwood burning in a small.bowl besides the register. The sweat had now dried off from my body "well for a repair 5 jar. I leave it with me I'll get it done. Where will you be staying so I can send messager to get you when it's done."
  12. I had been out back in the smithy, half the day came and went from when in first opened my doors. I barely heard the ringing of the bell to single out that someone had entered my shop well the apcotharcy part atlest. I had been working on various pieces of armor, and at that moment the only thing I heard the ringing of the hammer against the anvil. Crafting thigs was hard sweaty work. I wipped the back of my forehead with my gloved hand. As sweat had started to roll down my neck and forehead. I was about to strike again when flashing lights went off. It was my just in case I didn't hear the bells bell. I put my hammer down and pulled off my gloves and leather apron. I walked out of the smithy an realized my ears were rining then it subsided. I had soot smudges on my face which I didn't know bout. I turned and snapped an the locks fail into place securing my work shop and brushed my hands on my pants I opened the back door and walk down the hall way and into the front part of the shop. Where I heard the booming voice of a man, finally ! A customer. I was wearing boots and pants and tank top that was probably white at some point and my dirty blond hair was pulled back into a high pony tail and my green eyes were pricing color and you could see small elf ear tips and an crescent moon necklace hung about my neck. I was vey short comparative the man at my counter. I was 5'5 in height and had large breast and small waist my stature belied how strong I actually was. " Hello, sir welcome to Elysian. " I gave a warm smile " Names Celina, what do for you ?" I blinked as he produced the walking stick and shook my head picking it up and then weight it on the flat of my hand and sighed who ever made this did a shitty job. It was back end heavy and wafe thin. " sure I can fix this right up you. Would you like to leave this over nite or do you need a rush order ?" It seemed like my flyers had done the trick of attracting people. " also what's a bounty hunter doing all the way out here ?" I asked curiously .
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