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  1. I'm sowwy master.... i thought it was obvious xD @Humble Blood yea i was joking around... like claiming a flag and stuf? sorry
  2. Linixy

    The Tavern

    Linixy had trouble hiding a small grin as he heard the comment from the young boy against the broad-shouldered pirate. it was nothing personal and nothing he wished to get involved in, but he liked the sharpness of the boy's tong, it could be a more dangerous weapon than a sword. When he spoke to Daemon about *his kind* Linixy could no longer keep his laughter in check, knowing what he knew about Daemon. A laud laugh escaped him as he was very interested in Daemon's response. The boy's second question was interesting... for if Daemon were not affected by alcohol, there would be a great chance he was immune to most poisons as well. Linixy, however, was glad alcohol was affecting him. He loved the taste and smell of booze, and the happy state it would put him it. "so Tye, what is your style? Do you use a sword or magic or? Something else? I'm curious, many strange things walk in here."
  3. Linixy watched as he saw Daemon sprint off again. for a moment he thought about following him, but the past had taught him not to bother. As he could not follow Daemon, Linixy turned around to see where his other companions were. He could see Selena walking towards him, shaking more as usual. But Celestia and Gabriel were no were to be found. Linixy gave a silent curse as he realized he should have been a bit more thoughtfully for his fellow companions, he wasn't used working with others. As Selena was the only one currently in his view, he walked towards her, just in time to see Selena bump into someone. "Are you okay Selena? You seem more fragile as usual...are you feeling cold?" Selena shook all over her body, yet her face was blank, it gave her a slightly creepy look now he thought about it. The guards were still working on checking all the people that wanted to get in, people in the line were inpatient, and Linixy could hear some yelling from an angry man. Meanwhile, the City itself was slowly waking up. Bakers opened their shop, and people started there daily routines, slowly filling the streets. Knowing fully well being split would be a terrible idea, Linixy started looking out for the rest of his companions. Hoping they would have learned a bit more than his vague tip. It didn't take Linixy long to spot the wild blond hairs of his favourite elf Celestia, but the bard was a more difficult target to spot. Considering he could throw fireballs, he should be fine though. The sun started rising over the walls bathing the City in the beautiful morning light. Linixy enjoyed the warmth on his face, it was then he began to relax a bit after the long walk. But it was also then Linixy realized he was tired and could use some rest...
  4. How the hell did Gabriel miss that lead xD The only way I could have been more noticeable was if I dressed up in pink
  5. Linixy

    The Tavern

    "Excellent question, I'm not sure if I'm honest...I just woke up here. Meeting the lovely lady Celestia" Linixy gave her a wink with a smile "and the somewhat less lovely Daemon." Linixy was wearing his usual outfit, black trench coat and a black fedora with leather armour underneath his coat. His Bright blue eyes looked at the stranger as he tried to figure something out about Linixy. "Don't worry friend, just hold on to your pouch, and you have nothing to fear from me." Linixy winked at tye and smiled before taking a big gulp from his mug. The tavern was full as always, music was playing in the background and laughing filled the room. Linixy looked up as he heard his name, Daemon was sitting a bit further down the bar. "Oi Daemon! Get your ass over here, seems like Celestia found another soul to drink with. As Linixy turned around yelling at his friend, he saw another peculiar figure, apparently filled with wonder. He was just standing at the entrance, "You there! Don't just stay outside! it's much better in here!" Linixy raised his mug towards him as he invited the stranger in. ( @goldfinch )
  6. Linixy

    The Tavern

    Linixy entered the tavern; he was soaking wet as it was pouring outside. Shaking the water off him, he slowly made his way thru the crowd towards the counter. Vaddok! Would you be so kind as to give me an ale please?" "One ale coming right up Lin!!" Linixy frowned at his newly found nickname. "I already asked you not to call me that old man." he winked, but thanks. As linixy sipped gratefully from his ale, he closed his eye's to enjoy it properly. At that moment, a familiar voice entered his ears. He looked up and saw Celestia sitting with a stranger. He smiled "Of course, she is sitting with a stranger." he thought to himself. He grabbed his ale and walked towards them. "Good day Celestia, how are you doing today? who is your new friend?"
  7. All these people having lives and stuff.... shame on you!!
  8. As the guard guided Linixy and his friends towards a more private location, Linixy smiled at the concern of Celestia. "Don't worry! If he finds us or we find him, the result will remain the same." Linixy did not see the problem in the killer coming to him. It just meant his search would be a lot easier. As the guard guided them further into a dark ally, he suddenly stopped. "Alright here's the deal, I'll tell you what i know, but it will cost ya." out of the blue Linixy threw him a pouch of coins, he might have acquired this while going thru the crowd. As the guard upend up the pouch, he counted the money. "Alright, the guy you are looking for operates at night, going after people that are walking alone. He mostly stays to the outskirts of town. Far Away from the guards or other people that pay to much attention. The Bodies we find are wholly cut open, and even the ribs are cut clean. If you want to find him, I suggest going to the outskirts and go to the Horsehead tavern. Many people claim to have seen him there. Linixy frowned, as this information was not very specific. But it pointed him to a next lead. "Alright, thank you, good sir."
  9. Take all the time you need ^^
  10. @ticklefarte @Witch Trials @Humble Blood I removed one of my messages and posted a new one, i made sure to make it fit with the next message, I seemed to have missed a big part of ticklefarts description. i posted a new one for that reason.
  11. Linixy frowned as he did not understand why these many people were out at this ungodly hour. He saw two of his friends disappear in the crowd, leaving only him, selena and Celestia behind. "well, no time to waste," he winked at Selena and Celestia and went off in the crowd. He talked to several people, but no one could give him a straight answer to his questions. Eventually, he became tired of looking for someone to tell him what he needed to know. He looked around to find the biggest cart in the line. He saw one halfway down the line and went towards it. Reaching the cart Linixy looked at the owner, "You don't mind me standing up your cart for a moment, do you?" without waiting for the answer and the owner wholly baffled, he started climbing on top of the cart, it was loaded with many boxes. Linixy had no idea what was in hem, and it did not really matter to him. Once he managed to get up the cart, he stood up, looking over the line. Linixy brought two fingers to his mouth and let an impressively loud whistle come from them. "Alright, people listen up!" he shouted from the car. "You people are not going anywhere anytime soon, so you might as well listen to what i have to say, right?" Linixy looked around him and saw that he had the attention of almost the entire line. "Alrighty then," he smirked. "I'm looking for someone that could tell me about the murders in this bloody town?" A silence fell over the line as no one was willing to shout an answer. Linixy was almost afraid no one would answer him when he heard one of the guards shouting from the gates. "aha, I'll be with you in a sec! Stay where you are," Linixy shouted back to the guard. With a rather spectacular jump, Linixy jumped off the cart and started making his way thru the line towards the guard. The guard he was looking for stood just beyond the idiots ( guards ), checking the carts going into town. He had done this a hundred times, waiting for them to look the other way and slithering into town. Reaching the guard, he was looking for he reached out his hand. "Pleased to meet you sir! tell me what do you know about this killer?" The guard shook Linixy's hand and whispered, "It's not smart looking so openly for him... you might be next if he heard you" Linixy raised an eyebrow hearing the warning. "well, considering I'm looking for him, that would be rather convenient, don't you think?" The guard frowned as he was not sure how to answer that statement. "Let's go somewhere more private," the guard said.
  12. @Witch Trials don't worry about it 🙂 Life happens, if we like it or not. Hope everything is alright
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