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  1. She didn’t know how long she was knocked out for, only that it was some time, and when she woke up, she still felt exhausted. Blinking sleep out of her eyes, she sat up, a hand flying up to the rag to keep it in place. Luna felt immediately that the fever had gone down, and she hoped it would stay that way. It was still high, because the feverish feeling hadn’t disappeared, but it was better, and that was something. Her ankle felt less painful too, though she would have to unwrap the bandages to check, and that would be a pain. Her eyes darted around the room, eyeing the bucket of water, and the food, before finally settling on Tibale. Her first thought was one of relief, that he hadn’t abandoned her, and her second though was one of gratefulness. She didn’t know how long it had been but he had stayed with her the whole time, and he hadn’t even known her before the evening. “Thank you so much,” she said quietly, her throat dry from sleep. He had done so much for her, she didn’t know how to thank him. Normally, she would have offered her services as a fighter but not everyone needed it, and anyway, she wouldn’t be fighting for a while after this. She offered money if they couldn’t use her services, but she always felt strange giving money, not knowing how much to give or what it meant to them. Never mind, she could think of that later.
  2. She watched with relief as she branch dropped. Luna could see the energy had been drained from Ainsworth by the spell, but there was nothing she could do about that. With a sigh, she finally relaxed. “Thanks, sorry it took so long to fall. Good job on the spell, that was amazing-“ she froze like Ainsworth when she heard the footsteps, her breathing heavy as her heart started to pound. She cursed silently, trying to banish the pictures of her and Ainsworth being killed by crossbows. She tried to hope Ainsworth had a plan, but she could see in his face that he was hoping she had one. She made eye contact, shaking her head barely perceptibly. Ainsworth wouldn’t have enough energy to run like before, and even then he hadn’t been able to keep up with her. The options seemed limited, and the likelihood of the person not seeing them was close to zero. From their shadow, she could see they had a crossbow, and Luna knew they would alert the others in no time. Her mind went to her blades again. One on one combat she could do, and is she got close enough her wouldn’t be able to use the crossbow. The unfortunate truth was that he almost certain had other weapons on him, so that possibility was useless. She was thinking as fast as she could, hoping for another idea, but none came. Ainsworth seemed to be at a loss, and Luna found herself thinking that they were going to die, but she quickly tried to banish the thought from her head. If she started thinking that already then they had no chance of getting out alive. The shadow moved, slightly closer, and Luna held her breath, unmoving, it made sure she was perfectly ready to pull out a blade if she needed to, aware of everything.
  3. Luna watched as he placed the gold object down. She was impressed. He knew how to gain people’s trust, that was for sure. She didn’t open it, of course. She wouldn’t invade his privacy. She heard him comment on how she would be bedridden already, and she didn’t reply. Keeping her power a secret is useful. Not always, but she needs any advantage she can get. He walked away, and Luna sighed. She was exhausted, and finally she could drop every pretence of being strong that she was putting up. She had made it seem like she was stronger than she was, when it was all she could do not to pass out. The rag on her head didn’t feel cold anymore. She tried to focus on the object to try and keep herself awake, but it was no use. She slipped into a feverish sleep, waking up every so often to see the day passing. Luna’s eyes had dulled, and every time she woke up she felt her forehead again. Every time she touched it she felt that she was burning up, but she was shivering, and then her eyes started to close again. She woke up again when Tibale shook her awake. She was pleased to see he had some medicine, but his warning about the taste was definitely needed. She choked it down, not strong enough to protest, and tried not to throw up. She reached for the glass of water, and just about managed to take a sip, before she set it down again. Luna was ready to thank Tibale again, since she could finally focus on something other than the pain from the wound, but now the fever took over and she was unconscious within minutes.
  4. Luna nodded once Ainsworth confirmed the plan. Well, It wasn’t much of a plan but it was the best that she could do while running for her life with a man she had just met. Still, it seemed like the man might be able to save them even if her plan failed. She was a good shot, but for this you had to be an amazing shot and you would still need luck on your side. She scrambled towards the bushes, then stopped. They were coming closer, and she had no time to do anything but throw. Luna threw the knife as hard as she could, and it cut through the air, till it was only a blur. Then with force, it sunk into the wood. She was about two centimetres off, but the wood was splintering apart from where the knife was. They were so close now, and she needed to decide what to do in just a split second. Throw another knife and possibly make the branch fall, or run into the bushes? She chose run. She slid down behind the bank next to ainsworth, breathing heavily. The branch was still splintering apart, almost there, but she didn’t know if they had time. She glanced towards Ainsworth, to see what he would do. The bolts still flew towards them, she had to duck to avoid being hit by a stray one. He had a bag in his hand, that she recognised. He was going to do magic.
  5. Luna nodded, not sure how to reply, but still grateful for the respect. She wasn’t comfortable around Tibale, and she doubted that she would be over the next day. Luna took a while to warm up to people. She felt his hand press against her forehead and was immediately aware of her warm skin against his colder hand. She hadn’t felt feverish so far, which was good she hoped. She reached for the painkillers that lay on her bedside, placed one in her mouth and took a sip of water before swallowing and replacing the bottle and glass. It shouldn’t take too long to kick in hopefully. Luna might have more physical endurance than most, thanks to her powers, but this wound would have had most people bedridden about three days ago. She had been lucky. Tibale returned with a wet rag and fresh wraps. She watched carefully as he wrapped up the wound, smiling at his joke. It was plain to see he had some kind of training, including medical basics. Interesting, and certainly very useful. She would have to learn somewhere. Her skillset was more on the beating someone up side, not so much fixing them. He then placed the wet rag on her forehead, and she welcomed the coolness against her feverish skin. “Thank you, I will,” she said again, giving up on regulating the amount she said it. It would be more impolite to not thank him at all. Luna tilted her head backwards slightly so the rag stayed on, then used her hand to keep it there, waiting until Tibale left and returned. She wasn’t a conversation type of person usually, and certainly not when she was in pain.
  6. Yes I am, sorry I’ve just been busy for the last few days. You can write your character first, I want to get a sense of what type of character to create.
  7. “Ainsworth!” She called out seeing her companion with the crossbow fixated on him. She wasn’t sure just how they were going to get out of this alive. Then she saw the shield spell spring up, and she almost sighed in relief. Good. Luna slowed as she saw Ainsworth was still behind, but she followed his suggestion and headed into the trees, near him. She needed to get close to him so she was behind his spell, but the dense trees made it hard, and she was already trying now to trip up. They were slightly behind them, but the bolts kept flying, and she knew it wouldn’t be long until she got hit, or both of them, once Ainsworth’s spell fell. A bolt whizzed by her, then another, then another, too close for comfort. A single millimetre and she would have been hit. Luna kept running, breath starting to run out, as more bolts kept coming. Just as she thought they might be okay, a bolt nicked the edge of her skin, only stinging a little, but she knew it meant they were too close. “Ainsworth!” She shouted, before she spotted him, and ran towards him, having to slow her pace a little. “We need to do something,” she muttered, pulling out her knife and turning around for just long enough to throw it. It was like second nature to her, she almost always hit the spot in normal circumstances but this wasn’t normal, and the knife stuck into a tree. “Shit,” she muttered. One knife down. She only had twelve, and not all of them were easy to access. Best to save them, she told herself. Luna scanned ahead, trying to find something that could help them. Finally, she saw it. A large, heavy branch hung ahead, barely holding on to its tree. If she thew the knife just right, once they were past, it could fall. It could slow them down. The chance was small though. Almost too small. She looked at Ainsworth, trying to decide.
  8. She knew the painkillers had worn off, and the throbbing was at its worst. Luna still tried to let nothing show on her face, but she was surprised when Tibale picked her up, but she had no energy to protest. When he said the words “C’mon Boss,” his plan was evident to her. It seemed Tibale was smart, she thought. She savoured the moments when the pressure was taken off her ankle, gesturing slightly when they reached her room. Her eyes fixated on him as she felt the firmness beneath what she realised wasn’t exactly a coat. He must have had training. Luna wasn’t intimidated - she didn’t often get intimidated - and he probably was able to feel the muscle beneath her own skin, not obvious and defined but certainly there. Luna wasn’t just a random traveller, and it seemed Tibale wasn’t either. He lay her down on the bed and she felt herself relax. Being very close to others made her uncomfortable, even if she knew they were trying to help. She nodded at his words which confirmed what she had thought. “Clever,” she remarked. She wanted to say thank you again but she had said it at least five times since she had met Tibale, and she didn’t want to seem like she had been desperate for help, even though she had been. Still, the word slipped out. She was accustomed to apologising frequently. “Thanks. Um, no, no medicine. I’ve got some painkillers but I’m almost out.” She explained.
  9. No good title suggestions, as for plot what you put sounded good!
  10. Everything he said was sensible. Luna knew that. She knew it would hurt if she walked, but she also knew that looking vulnerable was one of the worst things you could do when travelling by yourself, so the decision was easy. “I’ll walk,” she said. His next offer though, made Luna pause. She was a woman, travelling alone, unarmed save for a few throwing knives and with little money to her name. She needed protection, but she also needed to know her protection was trustworthy. Unfortunately, it seemed like she had no choice. She had her back against the wall and no way out. “I would appreciate that. Thank you.” Her voice was still wary, and she wanted to badly to just try and cope with it herself but that would lead to a lot of suffering. If she didn’t already have a fever from the infection she would soon enough and the infection would only worsen if left untreated. It was too large a wound to let it resolve on its own. His eyes were watching her the whole time, and it made her unsettled, but she was used to this. She returned eye contact, keeping her chin up. Luna tried to push herself up into a standing position, keeping her lips firmly pursed so she didn’t cry out, but all the same the expression of her face showed it all, and she had to collapse back into the chair with a groan.
  11. Luna saw Ainsworth reach into his pockets to find whatever she could, and then as she hear his muttering of ‘shit’ she pulled her knife out, feeling more confident now that she had a blade in her hand. That was, until the bolt of the crossbow hit the tree and the yell rose up. Luna didn’t need to be told by Ainsworth. She ran, sprinting away as fast as she could, but out of the corner of her eye she could see more people with crossbows rising up out of the shadows, firing away. The bolts hissed through the air, and Luna ran faster, feet pounding on the ground, making sure Ainsworth kept up with her. The crossbow people were nearing. She could feel it as the bolts whizzed by with increasing power. Her knives were useless. She knew that now. They were outnumbered and her weapons were insignificant. Luna couldn’t see a way out of it, unless Ainsworth had some tricks up his sleeve. She looked back, and regretted it a split second later, as a bolt shot straight past her arm, missing her by mere millimetres. It shook Luna to the core, and she knew looking back wasn’t an option. She looked around, trying to locate Ainsworth as she ran.
  12. Luna’s eyes scanned the man quickly, suspicious. Her travels had taught her not to trust anyone, and though she knew she had no choice it was hard to let the suspicion go. It gnawed at her as she sat there, trying not to let her mind fade away in the haze of the painkiller and the actual pain. The man was respectful. Very respectful. It surprised her, his good manners. You didn’t often find that out in a random beaten up Tavern. She lifted her chin, trying to equal out their heights as much as she could while she was stuck in the chair. Tibale. That’s what he said his name was. A full first name. That was rare. More respect. She had to say that she respected him for his good manners. For not taking advantage of a woman who could barely even hobble downstairs. “I will, of course. Thank you again.” The tone she used was respectful and even, not betraying a hint of what she felt behind her facade. Now came the big question. Should she tell him her name? It seemed rude not to, after everything Tibale had helped her with and he had after all told her his first name. So, she gave in. “Luna. Thank you for your assistance, Tibale.” She nodded, before her eyes darted back down to her ankle. The stinging of the alcohol was gone, and her mind immediately darted to when she had gotten the wound. She remembered the fear. She shock. The blood. The pain. She was so grateful she was sitting here, not bleeding out on that abandoned road. She was thankful to Tibale, for helping her clean it.
  13. “That’s cool!” Luna said genuinely very interested. “I doubt I’ll be going back to Union city soon since I’m planning to settle down a bit but thank you very much for the offer,” she smiled gratefully at Ainsworth. She had to squint her eyes slightly as the sun peeled through the leaves into her eyes, and was just as startled as Ainsworth when the branch snapped behind them. “I’m jumpy too, for some reason,” she frowned. She trusted her instincts, and currently her instincts were telling her that something wasn’t right. Ainsworth seemed to think so too, and that was only confirmed when he started to speak again, making Luna’s heart pound harder against her rib cage. She glanced behind her. “Somethings not right,” She said, her hands clenching at her sides nervously. What was that? That shadow.. Luna could have sworn it was someone holding a crossbow. “I really hope so,” she said, blinking again to try to clear the image out of her head. Her fingers reached down to her knives, fingertips gently brushing the handle of one, ready, just in case. No matter how hard she tried, the figure with the crossbow didn’t disappear. Luna rubbed her eyes, and turned back. Still there. Not just that, but it.. it was moving. “Ainsworth-“
  14. Luna was taken aback as the man placed her on a chair and lifted her up, and the pain she didn’t even realise she had been feeling disappeared for a brief blissful moment. Was this good or bad, she asked herself, but she knew she had no choice. She couldn’t refuse this man’s help. As he set her leg down on the table, the throbbing pain returned, unwelcome but familiar. Fixating her bright eyes on the man, she reluctantly took the gloves, and placed them between her teeth, Sterling herself for it. Luna was determined not to flinch. The man looked like he was well travelled with good quality clothes that were well worn, but still obviously had been expensive once upon a time. She still didn’t have much time to actually look closer at his face, because he started to pour the alchohol on the wound, and Luna but down as hard as she could, feeling the burning weave it’s way into the rest of the pain, becoming a blurry haze of pain until it slowly eased. Luna tried to relax, but the throbbing was making it hard to focus on much. She knew the painkiller was wearing off because it the throbbing was getting stronger, not just because of the alcohol. The woman still forced herself to look up at the man, trying not to grimace. In normal circumstances she would have likely whipped out her knives and frightened the living daylights out of him, but not today. “Thank you,” she said quietly, attempting a smile.
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