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  1. Tibale is awake. When Luan starts to stir around, he does turn toward her. Tiredness shows in the edges of his eyes, how they look, and when his voice rolls forward. "You don't need to thank me," he says back quietly. Taking the cloth off her forehead, he rewets the cloth. Ringing the fabric free of liquid, he presses the wet one to her forehead. "How do you feel?" he asks. Knowing the fever is still there, Tibale wants details. Maybe she feels a little better? Maybe she feels worse? Her answers show progress in either direction. "Lay back," his voice comes out a little firmer than normal. However, that's just the tiredness showing. Fingers start to pick at, and undo the bandages to ready new ones. The wound is rewrapped after a few moments. And like before, more medicine is offered to her. "You still need your strength," he admits. The irony is not lost on him. His ailments are a little more easily cured. A good rest, and most of his concerns would fade. His price is kept close to the chest. Later they could discuss. "Tell me something about yourself. Don't tell me a lie, but I don't need to know deep truths. Nor do I need to know dark secrets. How much I know depends on how much you tell me," he says laying out terms. The injury tells so many possibilites. And she may want to keep a few secrets. Now, Luna gets to determine how much the spotlight comes down on herself.
  2. Tibale Ager. The only one I have.
  3. Possibly. If I am allowed in.
  4. I'd fight for humanity against dark things. Not necessarily spread the light like a crusader, but if he saw an opportunity for a freelancer to help. Then he would, without question.
  5. I collect some of the themed Monopoly games. In terms of board games: Lords of Water Deep. Tiny Epic Galaxies. Twilight Imperium (if you can afford it). Settlers of Catan. Alhambra. There's a lot here. My D and D group would take breaks from the campaign. We would experiment with board games.
  6. Secretly, Tibale wonders if Annan is a psychic. It wouldn't surprise him if she is. The way Annan smiles makes him think she knows -something-. And he knows she holds a few bits of information close to the chest. Their next meeting is probably one of them. "I hope we will," Tibale says trying to not betray his suspicions. Giving her a deep bow, Tibale inclines his body toward her while bending the knees. A moment later, he rises up. "Careful hon. You talk about future meetings, and I'll keep watching, waiting. Disappointment will follow until we see each other again. I'll get sad each time I look over my shoulder, and you're not there," he winks at her. Some people consider him charming. Others, maybe a little annoying. She might know the truth. Sometimes suits of armor are more than just bits of metal or leather. Straightening his coat, he gives a simple wave before he makes his way out. He would pay for their meals on the way out.
  7. The Good Things are worth waiting for. Yes, she is right. People can fear waiting too long. Or something going wrong with the waiting. Like life and opportunity passes you by because you're so focused on waiting. "I know they're worth waiting for. I just don't want them to pass me," he admits. This is a matter of perspective. The grass is always greener on the other side, equation. Yet, he keeps all of those thoughts to himself. Tibal looks to see Annan getting ready to call it. "Thank you for the conversation. I hope our paths do cross again," and he gives a small smile. Those words are genuine. Annan is a friend that challenges him. People need that. A friend that's true because they will tell you what you need to hear, and not what you want to. It's something Tibale isn't ungrateful for. When their paths cross, if Annan is against something, or has a point to make, she will make it. And like many of her questions, Tibale suspects she will make him think. These qualities are sometimes rare because people don't like hurting others. Annan would spare his feelings as best as possible, he suspects. "How do I contact you so our paths cross sooner than later?" he asks. Being a nomad, Tibale is sometimes hard to reach. Reaching others is infinitely easier than reaching him.
  8. Honestly, Tibale is enjoying himself. Snagging another piece of bread, he pops it into his mouth. Yes, he is here of his own will. The repetition of his answer makes him wonder her intent. Talking about how he lacks purpose, and fighting because he lacks one. Nail on the head. Those eyes stare into his soul, and he allows it. Not looking away, he just smiles at her words. They hold the weight of honesty. "When. That is the question that haunts me," because there is no answering that. No one knows what can lie ahead. Some people find their purpose quickly. Others take a lot of time to get there. Trying not to dwell on the prospect of a long and question-laden path, Tibale finishes the bread. "Am I keeping you?" he asks. The man doesn't want to be rude. Also, it gives him something else to focus on. A distracting moment so he doesn't feel so vulnerable yet so incomplete. A fear of his is appearing like a shallow person. Someone that isn't fully developed due to lack of either time, or experience. Shallow people can drive people away, eventually.
  9. Hearing Annan talk about Yiril makes him warmly smile. How she speaks of Yiril is noble. Every person should have someone that speaks like Annan does Yiril. Humans would call it love, but Tibale keeps this to himself. Then the question comes to him. Closing his eyes, he gives a good thought on it. Moments stretch before he opens his eyes, "Yes. It would make me feel vulnerable, but I can," he admits. To be that open is both rewarding and scary, he suspects. No deep dark secrets linger in his closet. Nor truly heinous actions, but it still leaves one feeling exposed. To know that person sees everything. Your past. Your joys. Your heartaches. Your quirks. Your thoughts. It's a pure form of vulnerability. "I can," he reiterates the same point. And then there is a second question. Like the first, it seems simple on the surface. Yet, digging at it creates a very layered thinking. Also, he does not want to answer this one lightly. "My father used to say, 'I hate bullies' and that's what drove him. I'm sure I have some of that," Tibale admits. To him, this is a big admittance. It's confirming what many members of his family say. Out of the three apples to fall out of Tree Ager, Tibale's apple is the closest to Khalid's tree. No malice lingers. Tibale just always saw himself as a good mixture of both. This admittance is saying there is a 70-30 ratio, or higher. "But, for me there is more. Maybe I'm looking for something?" Is it Death? No. That much he knows. Digging at his mind more. Is he looking for the right mission and coin? No. As long as he can do things comfortable, Tibale doesn't need coffers of money. A person? No. A great side addition, but he is not looking to slay a dragon to save a fair maiden. He doesn't need to be anyone's hero, despite what his demeanor says. And the next concept hits him like a sack of bricks. Tibale chews on the thought. It's right. It's spot on. He just tries weighing it to see if the answer is maybe deeper. Maybe the concept is just an unnecessary side addition. No. It doesn't. Normally, Tibale would keep this part of himself private. Keeping secrets is hard when you've seen inside the other party's head. The one word answer comes out low, barely a whisper. A mixture of shame, vulnerability, and other emotions tie to it. "Purpose," he admits. Not all wander are lost. And sometimes the lost ones are not lost in traditional ways.
  10. Hello! Welcome. This place is great if you love forum RP. It is vast, and filled with opportunity.
  11. There should be something for you here. Also, some amount of people will probably join a plot you wish to run. Just brainstorm on some ideas, look over the lore, and present it. I showed interest in a thread. Rumbling interest caused others to join quick, and now we're having a blast. Shouldn't be too hard, welcome!
  12. Tibale's view on relationships isn't quite two-dimensional. Well, once someone starts digging past the surface. On the surface, yes he can be seen as VERY two-dimensional. Annan's laugh makes him feel like a dumb question comes forward. And then he wonders how true the phrase, "There's no such thing as stupid questions, just stupid people." For a split second, he wonders how Annan sees him. Taking one of the little buns, he eats it slowly. Pausing after his first bite, he does give a nod. The bread's good. It's not a shock, but a pleasant surprise. Annan explains the difference between "loves" and "lovers." Looking toward the people in the place, he just lets his gaze wash over those moving about. Annan may look over what he sees, and it's just people. "Everyone joins someone at some point. Parts and how are just irrelevant. When there is a will, there is a way. It's still a desire to express one's self, how they feel, and what not, when the connection is deep. If it is for superficial reasons, then it's just pleasure," and yes this is his awkward way of saying "love is love." "Loves is a good concept. I like it. I'm not saying love sours. People can love others. I'm wondering what happens when you love someone new, in a way like you love one of the older ones." He is curious if there is a state of polyamory among her people. However, he doesn't voice this. People can change, even if it is not for worse. This causes views to change. When someone new is seen in a pleasant life, he wonders what that does to the Kingyo in Annan's situation. "I do not have a love like Yiril," he thinks Yirl and Anna would be "lovers" by most human standards. His brain is still processing everything. A small detail may still be trying to catch up. "I have a family. I am close with them. Beyond them, there is no one I would die for." He pauses knowing this is a lie. "I would die for many," he begins to correct. "It's to keep them safe. It's a general safety reason. Not because of any personal bond. I do not have a bond like some of yours," and now she may get -something- of his meaning. He is lonely. Her memories do make him realize just how alone one can be. It's part of what he hates about his life, but knows it will probably not change any time soon. Sometimes it is hard to maintain bonds with people when you're always on the move, always looking for a mission. Whether it is the distance, the time away, or something else. Bonds can crumble for the adventuring type. Tibale knows this reality a little too well.
  13. Hearing Daemon's order, despite the conservation and situation at the bar, Tibale almost whips his head around to look at Daemon. "I KNEW IT!" Tibale exclaims loudly. The tone isn't anything of malice. It's one of discovery. Like all he needs is a lightbulb to go off over his head before screaming, "Eureka!" in the same tone. Ever since the Tavern, Tibale really wonders about supernatural eating, drinking habits. The existence of blood wine confirms a theory. Monsters, Demons, and the like, need time to relax. This relaxation sometimes calls for a place they can do so. Spirits for the supernatural just makes sense. The moment of clarity comes, gets stored away, and goes just as quickly as it arrived. "Daemon," Tibale says with a small nod. Just addressing a familiar face for a moment. Plus, it's rude to just cry out something then go back to prior actions. At least address the party in question. "I'd like to see it," Tibale finds himself speaking before thinking. Could this be read wrong? Maybe. Some bar patrons just have the goal of taking someone home, or going to a home. That's not Tibale's intention. Shanna goes through the details of the Grand Library. That has his curiosity. The size of her home has his attention. If someone's home is that vast, there is a story to it. Maybe there is a fleet of personal books there. An armory. A hidden fortune in Shanna's name. This latter thought means Shanna is just a server by choice. Like she is doing it to stay busy, or be humble. Whatever the reason for it, Tibale really wants to see this tower. And sadly, he misses any negative way his statement may hold. To him, it's a thought that comes tumbling out of the lips before his brain kicks in. His mind returns to the prior conversation, "With all of the stories, there is bound to be a grain of truth in them. That's the thing about stories, details grow, and change. Yet there is some form of foundation of truth. With stories like that, it's doing a lot of digging. I may not have enough time to dig like that," with situations like that, it's a massive undertaking. He really doesn't want to tackle such a mountain of a task.
  14. Everything about this place is horrible. Chewing on the information Tibale's mind roams on one particular thing. The people. Those souls enrooted into the Earth, literally, yet none of them aware. He sees sleeping faces peeking out between the plants growing out of their remains. He wonders what -exactly- kills the people. Is it all the sleep? A certain point those plants keep growing before severing a major part of the body? Starvation? The irony of death by starvation is not loss on him. "When this is over, we should say a prayer for those lost. Make sure they're not restless spirits, and bring them peace," Tibale says knowing that is not part of the mission. However, he would extend his stay to help out those. Something about their deaths is truly horrific to him. These thoughts don't show up on his face, but Tibale doesn't seem to be the religious type. He bares no sigil, nor is he talking about faith. So, his comment may seem odd, or come off as very telling. Masks are being provided, and that is a comfort. Tibale has a lot more living to do. Succumbing to eternal sleep before becoming living fertilizer is not on his to-do list. "Have the people been turned into something else besides food?" This needs to be asked. If this group is just one of many, then notes must be left. It's the flaw in people that claim stories about irreputable people that do nothing except kill their victims. If that is the case, how do they -know- this. The information has to come from somewhere. So, Tibale is trying to track details because someone, somewhere, is a survivor among a failed group. Their information could be passed to the next, and hopefully last, group in a seemingly long line. Lost in his thoughts, Tibale notices the sprites yet doesn't really react to them. Well, not until a brilliant shade of green floats next to them. The sprite looks like its ancestors are some form of grasshopper. Four arms look to be holding a pose to help this little sprite achieve a type of nirvana. Long white locks, or what looks to be hair, runs down their head to part of the back. Like someone with long hair trying to look nice without the aid of a ponytail. Their eyes remain closed. Yet, the sprite doesn't float past Tibale. A sprite too deep in meditation would keep floating past everything. To those watching, it's like Tibale has some gravitational field. And planet Tibale pulls a sprite into its orbit. And so the sprite floats next to Tibale in a calm state. Evie's last question causes a smirk to pull at the corner of his mouth. "I'm in agreement with Evie. Once we've done all that is necessary, the ground needs to be destroyed. Utterly," and to him, necessary matters include the mission AND consecrating the place for the lost souls that may still wander.
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