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  1. Is there a map of the area. I have a lot of ideas for a post, but I'm afraid of a misstep in the fast forward. I just want to be as accurate to the created world as possible.
  2. I will read the thread carefully tonight, so my fast forward can be pretty seamless. Also, a little less powergamey (if necessary). I just don't want to half-ass something. As for aid, I could ask a few people. However, I'm still newish. The list may be short so I cannot promise results.
  3. May I get back in on the replies? Life settled for me after some changes (more in my status update). I apologize about my silence. Life did a few unexpected things. I will eagerly await a reply as I do not wish to interrupt gameflow.
  4. I am sorry about my sudden absence. I had two major life changing situations nearly back to back (I'm fine. Life just blind sided me in good and yet COMPLETELY unexpected ways). And my work enforced a mandatory overtime. So, it limited my time to juggle things. Now that the dust is settling, I will be doing replies in just a moment, and later tonight as my window right now is small.

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      Tonight I will have HOURS to get my nerdiness on.

    2. Walk Among The Abyss

      Walk Among The Abyss

      Super glad all is well!!

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      Thank you. It's been a wild ride. Good at the end of the day.

  5. Tibale is awake. When Luan starts to stir around, he does turn toward her. Tiredness shows in the edges of his eyes, how they look, and when his voice rolls forward. "You don't need to thank me," he says back quietly. Taking the cloth off her forehead, he rewets the cloth. Ringing the fabric free of liquid, he presses the wet one to her forehead. "How do you feel?" he asks. Knowing the fever is still there, Tibale wants details. Maybe she feels a little better? Maybe she feels worse? Her answers show progress in either direction. "Lay back," his voice comes out a little firmer than normal. However, that's just the tiredness showing. Fingers start to pick at, and undo the bandages to ready new ones. The wound is rewrapped after a few moments. And like before, more medicine is offered to her. "You still need your strength," he admits. The irony is not lost on him. His ailments are a little more easily cured. A good rest, and most of his concerns would fade. His price is kept close to the chest. Later they could discuss. "Tell me something about yourself. Don't tell me a lie, but I don't need to know deep truths. Nor do I need to know dark secrets. How much I know depends on how much you tell me," he says laying out terms. The injury tells so many possibilites. And she may want to keep a few secrets. Now, Luna gets to determine how much the spotlight comes down on herself.
  6. Tibale Ager. The only one I have.
  7. I'd fight for humanity against dark things. Not necessarily spread the light like a crusader, but if he saw an opportunity for a freelancer to help. Then he would, without question.
  8. I collect some of the themed Monopoly games. In terms of board games: Lords of Water Deep. Tiny Epic Galaxies. Twilight Imperium (if you can afford it). Settlers of Catan. Alhambra. There's a lot here. My D and D group would take breaks from the campaign. We would experiment with board games.
  9. Secretly, Tibale wonders if Annan is a psychic. It wouldn't surprise him if she is. The way Annan smiles makes him think she knows -something-. And he knows she holds a few bits of information close to the chest. Their next meeting is probably one of them. "I hope we will," Tibale says trying to not betray his suspicions. Giving her a deep bow, Tibale inclines his body toward her while bending the knees. A moment later, he rises up. "Careful hon. You talk about future meetings, and I'll keep watching, waiting. Disappointment will follow until we see each other again. I'll get sad each time I look over my shoulder, and you're not there," he winks at her. Some people consider him charming. Others, maybe a little annoying. She might know the truth. Sometimes suits of armor are more than just bits of metal or leather. Straightening his coat, he gives a simple wave before he makes his way out. He would pay for their meals on the way out.
  10. The Good Things are worth waiting for. Yes, she is right. People can fear waiting too long. Or something going wrong with the waiting. Like life and opportunity passes you by because you're so focused on waiting. "I know they're worth waiting for. I just don't want them to pass me," he admits. This is a matter of perspective. The grass is always greener on the other side, equation. Yet, he keeps all of those thoughts to himself. Tibal looks to see Annan getting ready to call it. "Thank you for the conversation. I hope our paths do cross again," and he gives a small smile. Those words are genuine. Annan is a friend that challenges him. People need that. A friend that's true because they will tell you what you need to hear, and not what you want to. It's something Tibale isn't ungrateful for. When their paths cross, if Annan is against something, or has a point to make, she will make it. And like many of her questions, Tibale suspects she will make him think. These qualities are sometimes rare because people don't like hurting others. Annan would spare his feelings as best as possible, he suspects. "How do I contact you so our paths cross sooner than later?" he asks. Being a nomad, Tibale is sometimes hard to reach. Reaching others is infinitely easier than reaching him.
  11. Honestly, Tibale is enjoying himself. Snagging another piece of bread, he pops it into his mouth. Yes, he is here of his own will. The repetition of his answer makes him wonder her intent. Talking about how he lacks purpose, and fighting because he lacks one. Nail on the head. Those eyes stare into his soul, and he allows it. Not looking away, he just smiles at her words. They hold the weight of honesty. "When. That is the question that haunts me," because there is no answering that. No one knows what can lie ahead. Some people find their purpose quickly. Others take a lot of time to get there. Trying not to dwell on the prospect of a long and question-laden path, Tibale finishes the bread. "Am I keeping you?" he asks. The man doesn't want to be rude. Also, it gives him something else to focus on. A distracting moment so he doesn't feel so vulnerable yet so incomplete. A fear of his is appearing like a shallow person. Someone that isn't fully developed due to lack of either time, or experience. Shallow people can drive people away, eventually.
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